It was 4 p.m. on a bright Saturday afternoon. I was playing a shooter on my xbox, with no plans of going outside and was about to go to into the bathroom for the usual self-fulfillment when my phone began to beep. It was an unknown number, but I had a feeling I knew who … Continue reading

Guest Story: Natural-Born Superiors

Osa and Tyra are two deadly superior women with unprecedented hatred of the male sex. Both are out to wretchedly degrade, severely humiliate and mercilessly end men’s lives.   Arnold Layne would be more than euphoric to receive your mails at   “Don’t be worried! It’s a handy plan; piece of cake. We’ll enter … Continue reading

recruit 4

Of course Priya is sitting back and laughing at me, while her boyfriend’s feet mash my face like a rotten tomato. I cannot beg him for mercy, because his socks are in my mouth. Thick socks that were designed for sports, in my mouth. I feel the very tough texture of his feet rub against … Continue reading

Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 3

Ladies and gentlemen, the awesome Arnold Layne is back with the third part of “the past that wouldn’t die”. Enjoy! Lethal Adele is Back! Adele is once again back, more ferocious, deadlier and crueleras she retakes an island occupied by whitemalesupremacists. Not meant for the squeamish, the story is rich in a lot of blood … Continue reading

recruit 3

“Good boy.” Priya gets off my back and gestures Rahul to take over. I need those 96 points, and I am willing to do anything. Rahul’s ugly voice began to order me around. “Stick out your hands,” he says. I turn my palms up and place my hands on the floor for my punishment. He … Continue reading

recruit 2

Take a seat. Of course Rahul will take a seat. That’s all he lives for, is taking a seat on Priya’s couch. And of course he doesn’t head straight for the couch. He heads towards Priya, waits for her to turn her breasts at him, grabs her thighs with his dark, ugly hands and lightly … Continue reading


(Sorry for the hiatus again, things got busy. Here’s a new writing style I’m trying out, let me know what you think!) She knows I’m staring at her. Of course I’m staring at her. She’s perfect in every way from every angle. Her long legs are rested on the tea-table, fully exposed beneath her tiny … Continue reading

Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, the incredible Arnold Layne with the second part of “The past that wouldn’t die.” The past that wouldn’t die – Part 2 (These are my darkest fantasies. I put them on paper. Hope you like it. Feel free to e-email me on:   I returned home one evening at 7.00 p.m. … Continue reading

Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 1

Introducing a guest story from Arnold Layne!

The Slave Network – 2

The narrator meets the divine Mistress and finds out about her strange business model.

The Slave Network – 1

A short prologue for “slave network”. Main story begins next week…

Forgiveness is for the meek

Abraham stirred lightly before returning to sleep. He smiled as he thought about last night, sleeping with the woman of his dreams, Priya. It had taken him six years of planned effort to get to that stage. She was incredible, worth every moment of that effort. Last night was by far the best of his … Continue reading

May the winner win

Rajat sat at Priya’s feet, close to his suitcase consisting of all the money he’d ever made in his life, encashed. Thirty million rupees filled up the suitcase which, even Priya had to admit, was a lot of money. His life was a perfect success; he’d built one of the largest video game companies in … Continue reading

Mistress Sharada

I watched the clock as the minute hand slid down to 12:29. Less than a minute remained. For the rejection session. Today morning, I had dared to ask out the prettiest girl in college, Sharada. Literally every straight guy in college had a crush on her. From somewhere I’d heard the saying that if you … Continue reading

Office Crush 2

I had a ton of tasks left undone, and it was still 7 PM. At the peak of the stress, Priya came up to my desk and sat on it with her sandals resting on my leg; her other leg lingering over the keyboard. “I want to go home.” She said. “But you’ve done nothing … Continue reading

Office Crush

It was obvious from the first day she started in my company that I had a thing for her. She was the gorgeous new girl Priya, a fair skinned Bangalore chick with long wavy hair, a pleasant round face and a figure that God personally sculpted as an example of the perfect feminine form. Most … Continue reading

The evil babysitter – 7

“You must be feeling quite special now, aren’t you?” Priya asked the boy she’d just farted upon. “I never give little eight year old kids such a privilege.” “It was wonderful, Priya.” The little boy exclaimed. “When I grow up, I will spend all my life just smelling your farts until I die for you.” … Continue reading

Appraisal Meeting – 1

New series :)

The evil babysitter – 6

“You boys are way too young to even be thinking of smelling my farts.” Priya said, taking a seat on her couch. “But I guess it is good that your lives are brought on the right track.” “Someday we will even gobble up your shit and die for you, Goddess Priya.” The boys responded. “Maybe, … Continue reading

The evil babysitter – 5

“Hello, my little slaves.” Priya greeted the professor’s kids, all of whom had arrived at her house as per her new babysitting agreement with the professor. The boys looked up to her, wide eyed and awe struck, still believing that their babysitter was a goddess. “I suppose you boys have finished your homework already?” “Oh … Continue reading


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