Priya’s Human Couch

I tried to move, but the ropes were much too tight. Priya had my hands tied together behind my back and my legs tied to my stomach, then threw me into a large metallic trunk like a worthless piece of luggage. To make matters worse, she had stuffed two more slaves into the box with me, completely bound and gagged. We pushed each other violently, fighting for the little room and the sparse air that was available for three full-sized humans. My legs hurt from being folded too tight, from having spent the past few hours on cold, unforgiving steel, crushed down under the body weight of two other slaves. There was little to do but bow my head down and accept that this was, indeed, what my life had come to – the knees of other slaves crushing into my back.

We heard some footsteps drawing closer, definitely not from a single person. The three of us looked up to the lid, with high hopes of it opening up but all we heard was some noises of metallic chain being wrapped around the trunk. In an instant, all my hopes of ever getting out were crushed. Then the trunk vibrated from the squalid noise of being dragged across the sandy ground, probably in front of Priya’s house. This was followed by a jarring noise of being dragged across a metallic surface. A couple of silent minutes followed. Then, we heard an engine revving up for movement- the three of us were being transported somewhere.

The truck or whatever drove on for some twenty minutes at varying speeds, pushing us slaves back and forth over each other in our little trunk. It then came to a stop, followed by ugly noises of the trunk being dragged down, back to the floor. We even heard the truck driving away into the distance. Soon, there was the hope-inducing noise of a chain being unlocked. The lid flew open and a flood of light pierced the three of us. We felt Priya’s skilled hands coming into the trunk and swiftly untying our ropes, letting us out of the box one by one.

“Welcome to my new home!” Priya smiled. “I trust your transportation here was thoroughly and utterly painful.”

I climbed out of the metallic box, knelt in the floor of her new house and kissed her feet. Every moment alive, in her presence was worth living for and dying for; certainly worth the excruciating transport she’d put us through. I stepped back to allow the two other slaves to kiss her beautiful feet. This gave me a few moments to look around the new house- it was spacious and tremendously breathtaking, with beautiful chandeliers, high ceilings, centralized air conditioning, circular stair cases, marble flooring and oodles of spacious rooms for the silliest little things, such as a cloak room, a gymnasium, an arcade game room, a meditation room, a home theater room. I hadn’t seen houses like these even in the most well produced movies; it was literally designed and built solely for the Goddess’s pleasure. But much of the house was empty and overly bright from the lack of furnishings.

“How beautiful is my new place?” Priya laughed at us gaping slaves. I began to clap my hands and kiss the ground, and the other slaves followed suite. “Thank you, thank you. I know,” she blushed and turned the other way. “It’ll take a lot many slaves to take care of this house for me,” she said. “I’m thinking one for each room. So I think I’ll need a dozen more slaves just like you guys.”

She suddenly caught my neck and slapped my face. “That doesn’t mean you can afford to be incompetent. I have hundreds of candidates waiting for the very opportunity that you’ve been granted.” I nodded and prayed to her. “Yes, you will be good and competent and hard-working. And you’ll probably have to exert yourselves more than ever from now on. Big house, only three slaves!” she said, letting me back to my kneel.

“Anyway, I need to get to my studies.” Surprising. A game room, a beautiful garden in front of the house, a plasma television in the living room, and all she could think of was her studies. Being topper of a tough medical course wasn’t easy, even for a girl as smart as her. “You,” she pointed to one of the other slaves, “bring me my textbooks from the library upstairs!” The slave disappeared up the stairs. “You both,” she pointed to me and the other slave, “bring me snacks and juice from the kitchen.”

We both went into the kitchen to fetch her stuff and knelt before her on the couch. She opened her textbook, flipped a few pages and began to read, while we attended to her legs. “Grrrr,” she looked with bubbling anger at a large window in front of her. “I hate how so much light is coming in from there. Slaves, I need all of you to turn this couch around for me. Pick it up, turn it around.”

We attempted to pick up the heavy couch together, but were unable to move it even by an inch. “Tsk tsk. Pathetic losers,” Priya said, shaking her head.

“Alright. I want all three of you to go climb up that window and block the light for me. Let me see how well the three of you team up to form a human curtain.”

The three of us dashed towards the wall. I wanted to suggest that she study in some other room, but I had no right to speak. Besides, she had an evil smile on her face, indicating that we were only there for her entertainment. I climbed up the window ledge and stood before the glass, still as a statue. The window was less than six feet tall, so I could cover it vertically. Horizontally, however, the three of us couldn’t even cover it halfway.

“Useless. I’ll do that when I have four more slaves.” Priya said. “Get down from there, I thought of something else.” And we got down.

“The three of you are going to form a human couch for me,” Priya said, standing up and making a few steps towards the wall. She was now facing her couch. “You, the fat slave,” she pointed to me, “get down behind my ass. On your hands and knees, now!”

I crawled towards her and sat with my hands and knees on the floor. She sat down on my back and opened up her book. “Wow, much better!” she said. “Now you,” she pointed to one of the others, “serve as my back support. Grab my back and massage me.” The slave obeyed.

“Have any of you losers heard of the couch that electronically massages people who sit on it?” She laughed. “Who needs technology when you have live human slaves around you at all times?”

She flipped some pages and marked a few things on her book with her pencil. Priya went on for a few minutes before realizing that she had one other slave to order around. “You, get down to my feet. You’re going to serve as my foot stool. Come on, let me place my feet on your neck.” The slave was down on his hands and knees, almost kissing the floor. The divine feet handed on his neck. “Foot stool cum foot massager!” she said with an evil grin.

The slave picked up Priya’s legs, placed one on each shoulder and began massaging her. “Good!” she said. She sat on my back for a few lengthy hours, while I had to lay completely still with her body weight crushing down on my back. Occasionally, she would snap her fingers and ask for food or drink, but those orders were handled by the other slaves. I felt like I was back to square one, in much the same position I was back in the metal trunk. But this pain felt so different from that; this pain kept me happy and smiling for hours.


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