Priya’s Erection Contest

Priya’s little whip broke its way into my spine as I tried to crawl towards her couch, along with two other slaves. “Faster!” she said, raising her legs and bringing it down upon one of the other slaves who drifted too far from the herd. She was trying to control the three of us like she would, cattle. It was a long way from the dungeon to the couch in her new house, which meant tons of punishment unless we ran on our hands and knees, and simultaneously maintain a straight line.

We approached her couch and noticed that a tall, muscular man was seated on it, dressed in a plain cream-colored shirt made of a rich, shiny silk and formal trousers. He was so majestic and confident, he could only be one man- Rahul, Priya’s boyfriend. I felt somewhat happy that she was with him- he was a spectacular man. “At this time I’ve only got these three losers in my dungeon,” she said.

“Oh, no problem.” Rahul said.

“Cool.” Priya pointed to the floor in front of the couch. “All three of you, kneel next to each other in a straight line, here!” and we did. She then began to circle around us in a circle as she talked. “I suppose you all know who that beautiful man is.” We nodded. “He’s the King of the world and he is your Master Rahul. I want to see all of you salute to his greatness!”

We raised our hands and bowed down before our Master, touched our foreheads to his beautiful leather shoes and knelt again. “That’s good. I’m your Queen and he’s your King. Tonight, the King and I are going to have sex and we are going to select one of you losers as our sexual slave.”

Priya stood over us and turned herself around. Her hands reached up to her skirt and the next moment, they dropped to the floor. As her butt-kissing slave, I had seen them a million times but they seemed to magically get bigger and juicier each time I saw them. I grabbed my cock and turned it away from the royal couple, ashamed. Priya looked at me and laughed. “Hey, loser! Show it to me, let me see!”

I slowly took my hand off and let it stretch forward, long and hard as it made its way toward the Mistress like a lurking snake. “Well, that’s a good thing. Because we are going to have an erection contest to decide which of you gets to be our slave.”

I instantly began to picture the hottest moments of my life with her, to make my cock longer and harder- being her sexual slave was the best possible job in the world! But Priya had a more systematic approach planned out for us. “Each of you will get two minutes to produce the biggest possible erection for us. During your two minutes, you can make a wish. Anything that could help you produce a bigger erection. I may or may not grant it to you, so keep it simple and reasonable. At the end, I will measure each of your erections with this foot-long scale.” The three of us nodded.

“Alright,” she jumped towards me for I was first in line, “you can go first. Tell me what you want.”

“Your Majesty, I wish to kiss your breasts!”

“Fuck off! Nothing above my butt level,” she said, slapping my face hard. “Try again!”

I could feel my cock hardening. “Please slap me ten more times!” I closed my eyes and turned up to her. She gave me exactly what I asked for- ten nasty strikes to my face. I reeled from the pain for a moment and heard the words “one minute left” from her boyfriend. Grabbing her thighs, I made my second wish, “Priya, please let me smell your butt!”

“Granted!” Priya turned around and caught my head with one hand, then pushed my head into herself for the most delicious smother.

As I enjoyed the feeling and the intoxicating smell and the darkness, I almost forgot the purpose of it all, but I grabbed my penis and yanked it hard. “Two minutes up,” Rahul informed and Priya stepped away from me. She fetched her wooden scale and measured the size of my erection.

“Ten inches!” Priya said. “Whew, that’s huge! Do you slaves think you can beat that?” she asked the others. They nodded.

“Let me see, then.” She stood over one of the other slaves. “Your time starts now!”

The slave protruded his penis and laid it flat on the ground. He then let it go, held himself up using both his hands and kissed Priya’s knees. Dangerously convenient, his cock would keep expanding, supported on the floor while he kissed her knees.

“Ewwww,” Priya said, once she realized what he was doing. “That’s just nasty. You’re dirtying my floor!” She brought down her fist on his head like a jack hammer and pounded his head repeatedly. “Don’t you slaves try to cheat with me around!”

“I’m sorry!” the slave said, straightening himself up. “Priya, can I lie on the floor and face up?”

“Should be okay I’d think.” Priya said.

The slave lied down and caught his cock in hand. “Your majesty, please sit on my face!”

“With pleasure!” Priya said, bringing her buttocks down to his face and smothering him with her delightful naked balls. My heart sunk down to my core, I hadn’t thought of that. There was no way that my stupid wish for a butt kiss and ten slaps could match with this genius.

Soon, the two minutes were up. Priya brought her scale and measured his dick. “Nine and a half inches!” she said, smiling at me. “You’re still the highest scoring candidate.”

I wrapped my arms around myself, shy but pleased with the small victory. But the game wasn’t over yet. Priya walked over to the third slave and began his timer. “What would you like?”

“Mistress, please pull me into your ass and make me lick it!”

“Simple and boring strategy, but it just might work. Who knows?” Priya sat herself on the couch and pulled the slave into her naked buttocks. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick every nook and corner of her butt while constantly tugging on his manhood to perform well. He spent the two minutes that way.

My heart began to pound as Priya brought her scale to measure him. She checked the length and tossed away her scale. “You won,” she said, pointing to me. I joined my hands and leapt forward to kiss her feet.

Rahul stood up and tossed me a condom. “Open that up. And be quick about it, slave!” I bit open the pack and held the icky latex in my hands. By then, Rahul’s pants were down. “Now, put it on me.” The other slaves giggled a bit as I went to the burly man with his condom. It wasn’t much of a victory, after all. I opened up the condom and wrapped his gigantic cock with it- his was much larger than my stupid ten inches. I felt some respect for the gigantic cock and the man’s overall charisma and charm. After all, the Goddess had chosen him among millions of suitors.

He then walked over to one side of the couch and stood over the armrest. “Now get over here, from under my legs.” The order sounded ridiculously gay, and the other slaves hit their heads to the floor, laughing quietly. Priya was having a good time, too. “And feel my penis on top of your head!” He laughed hard as he finished his own order, fully aware of how he was sounding.

“You guys haven’t seen the best part, yet. Just wait for it.” Priya said.

I crawled behind the gigantic boyfriend of hers and stuck my head between his thighs. His penis rested on my head like a crown. I cringed a bit as it slithered across my scalp. It was easily the grossest moment of life, ever.

Priya jumped onto the couch and sat on her knees, spreading her legs wide apart. Rahul caught my head in a tight grasp, then plunged me into Priya’s buttocks. I landed into her cunt and stuck out my tongue, cleaning up every inch that I had access to. Hard, clean and full licks all over her delicious vagina. Rahul then landed on my head from behind, thrusting me deeper inside. The smother was incredibly air-tight, as Rahul thrust me forward and the bendy Mistress thrust me backwards. I felt like I was in heaven between the royal couple; I’d lost track of where my stomach, hands and legs were. For all I cared, they might have even separated from me in the awkward tangle. All I needed was my head. The couple smothered me left and right, back and forth for a few more precious minutes before casting me off towards the other slaves. “You can get lost now, we don’t need you anymore!” Rahul said.

I slowly recovered from the nasty throw and knelt with the other slaves, who weren’t laughing as much this time. I got to have the last laugh on this occasion. The royal couple had sex. Good, solid, sex with loud moaning and screaming and every kind of pleasure that supreme beings like them deserved to have in their lives. Meanwhile we slaves just gaped at the beauty and tenderness of it all. We barely deserved to even watch something so beautiful…


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