The Human Doormat

WARNING: This is extreme. I know, most of my stuff is pretty extreme. But this is uber-extreme. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Priya Mansion gate sounded. Priya was about to walk into the house. There was sufficient warning of this, so the five other slaves and I quickly improvised a plan. “You cover her feet.” I said, pointing to the smallest of the slaves. “And you help her with her boots. We both will cover the right, and these two will cover the left.” Every day since we were hired, she was disappointed with the jobs we did, the respect we showed for her entrance, but by golly we were ready for anything today.

Priya stepped in. One of the slaves leapt for her feet and quickly took off her boot. She stepped her tired, sweaty feet on the second slave and wiped herself on his face and body. With her eyes barely open, she tossed her car keys to the left. I dived forward to catch them in the air, as did the other slave covering the left. He managed to catch it just before it hit the ground. Unimaginable punishments would ensue if any of us allowed her things to drop to the floor.

She took her bag off her shoulder and threw it to the right. The other two slaves dived to catch her school bag before it hit the ground. I felt a moment of divine perfection, for we had done the job! With utmost perfection, too. I smiled and enjoyed the moment, the reward for perfect planning, but saw that Priya was frowning at the slave underneath her feet.

“Did you just touch my legs?” Priya asked. The slave, who bore her weight on his face, took back his hands and kept them under his back. “Ewww. Your ugly hands touched my divine legs. I feel like I stepped into a puddle of poop.” Priya followed up with a foot wipe vertically across his face and then to his chest. “Now your body surface is all uneven. God! I can’t believe your incompetence. Look at the other slaves. They all had much tougher jobs to do. You just had to lie down, stick out your tongue and ensure that my feet were clean.”

“But they are clean now, Goddess.” The slave cried.

Priya shook her head. “I don’t even care if they are clean now. You have single handedly made my foot washing experience so unpleasant.” She stormed away towards her storage room.

“Priya, I will be a better doormat for you. I promise. Please try me out again.” He cried, but Priya was busy in the other room.

The five of us slaves frowned at him. Everything was going perfect, until he screwed up the simple job- lie down, lick the bottom of her feet. The simplest, easiest and best job of them all. But the imbecile had to bring his hands up and touch her divine legs. He deserved the worst possible punishment.

Priya came back into the room carrying an extremely large, heavy device in her hands. She made for the plug-point, stuck the plug inside and powered it on- it was a gigantic chain-saw! “Come here!” she ordered the slave.

“Please, Priya. I’m sorry. I won’t ever touch your legs on duty. Never ever for the rest of my miserable life.” The slave cried, falling to Priya’s feet. “Please forgive me.”

“You expect me to forgive you?” Priya asked. “Your job was to be my human doormat, but you basically groped my legs. That doesn’t even count as something a slave can be forgiven for.”

“Priya!” The slave begged.

Priya caught his hand and twisted it behind his back. “These hands of yours. They are getting in your way of being a good doormat for me.”

“They won’t anymore, Priya.”

“That’s right they won’t.” Priya said. She turned to me and the other slaves. “I want four of you to catch hold of his limbs.”

We crawled towards the trapped slave and caught his hands and legs. I caught his left hand. Priya crushed down his shoulders, raised his hand and guided the chainsaw right to the ball of his shoulder. Drops of fresh red blood spattered all over the mansion. As she guided the chainsaw deeper, bits of the slave’s skin and bone flew apart. Less than a minute of the carnage passed, after which the slave’s hand separated from the rest of his body and came into my hands.

I shuddered at the sight of what I was holding in my hands- another live human’s hand!

The doormat slave lay unconscious on the floor, blood oozing out of his shoulder. “You! Dispose of that hand.” Priya ordered me. I disappeared from the scene, holding the slave’s detached left hand.

She turned on the chainsaw again, cut through the slave’s other hand and had us dispose of the organ. Priya’s eyes then fell on the slave’s leg. “What does a human doormat need a leg for?” she said. She caught the slave’s lifeless legs and ran her electric chainsaw through them, dangerously close to his delicate area. Soon, the slave was completely detached of all his limbs.

“No hands and legs.” Priya said, wiping sweat off her forehead. “This guy is finally a good doormat, don’t you think?”

We slaves nodded, picking up his legs from the carnage.

“Good.” Priya said, walking away into the kitchen. “Clean up my mess, slaves,” she ordered. “Then throw him in front of my door when he wakes up.”

Priya walked in to her mansion’s toilet with her head hung low and slowly shut the bolt behind her. I was present in her toilet, cleaning up her commode with my tongue like a slave should, along with two other slaves. We looked at each other, confused, when she walked in. None of us had ever seen her sad or depressed before, we didn’t think such a state even existed in a divine girl like her. I didn’t have the right to talk to her, but at that moment I thought, “Screw it.” I leapt for her feet and hugged her knees. “Priya, you seem to be in trouble. What’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s a catastrophe.” Priya said. “I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“Rahul did something to you?” I asked.

“No, you idiot.” She raised her hand to hit me but she was much too weak to even pull that off. “The worst case scenario has happened now.”

“What would that be, dear Goddess?” one slave asked, reaching for her other leg.

“I’m sick!” Priya said, falling on the commode seat and burying her beautiful head in her hands. “I exercise. I eat smart. I do everything possible. Somehow, I still get sick. Grrrr.” she was thoroughly angry with herself.

“A fever or something?” I asked.

“Nope.” Priya said. “I think it’s an upset stomach.”

“Priya, we’re here to take care of you,” the third slave spoke. “Please don’t cry. We hate to see an icon like you crying.”

“Oh, alright!” Priya wiped off some tears from her eyes. “It’s just that I stank up my whole study room with one fart.” She shook her head. “My whole life, I’ve never had to smell my own fart, I’ve always had some slave or the other to absorb the smell for me. And today it comes out like an explosion in my stomach. I couldn’t even control it.”

My mouth began to water from the sad description. “We’ll help you through it, Priya.” I said.

“Yeah, thanks.” Priya stood up. She took down her panties and handed it to me. “Hey slave, check whether there’s any shit in that.”

I opened up the panties and looked at the bottom center- there wasn’t any visible stain. So I held it up to my nose to smell it- it certainly wasn’t her shit smell. “This is clean, Priya.”

“Good.” Priya said. “You see, I can’t even make out whether I’m about to fart or poop now so it’s a good thing you slaves are here. I want just one of you to offer me your face to sit on. That way, I can continue my studies while you have to eat my shit or absorb my fart smell as and when it comes out.”

“I will do it, Priya.” I raised my hands. But the other slaves raised their hands, too. “We’re ready for anything, Priya.”

“It looks like we’re in for a contest.” Priya said, turning around and showing us her naked buttocks. “I’m going to let my butt decide which one of you gets the job. Each of you will take turns kissing it until I fart on your face. The first slave who gets poop on his face, wins.”

We slaves nodded. This was the best contest, ever! Usually we’d have to compete for her farts but in this case we would be getting those to our faces even if we didn’t win.

She snapped her fingers. “Trial one.”

The slaves instantaneously decided that I should go first. “Each time I snap my fingers, you will present your face to my butt crack.” I grabbed her thighs and pushed my face into the beautiful darkness. She let out a gust of stinky wind to my face. The sound it made while coming out wasn’t the normal healthy version of herself- it had a more bubbly, liquid feel to it. Once I had every drop of it on me, I crawled before her and showed her my face. “Failure.” she said. There was no liquid on my face but it surely felt like it. I crawled to the back of the line, praying I would get another shot. She snapped her fingers and called upon the second slave. “Trial two.” He didn’t have any luck, either.

Priya went on for a dozen trials, delivering four beautiful heavy farts to each of our faces, but her stomach seemed particularly shy. She did one more eventless round with us and was about to give up. “One more round and that’s it.” She brought my face into her butt and began the round with a nasty, wet fart. My heart skipped a beat, for I felt her goo on my face. “Apparently, you’re the winner!” she said.

“Thank you, Priya.” I swallowed the poop and cleaned up my face.

“You have been my portable toilet before, haven’t you?”

“You have blessed me with the opportunity before, yes Priya.” I said.

“Good. Some kind of born shit-eater for me.” Priya walked out of the toilet. I followed her in all eagerness to her room.

“Your face, over there!” She pointed to the edge of her steel chair. I stuck my head through the backrest of the chair and looked up to the Goddess. “Open your mouth, you idiot. What are you waiting for, an invitation?” She growled.

“I’m so sorry, Priya.” I said, opening my mouth wide. She slowly placed herself on my face, allowing her explosive buttocks to spread over me and her butt-hole was right above my mouth. I kissed it with my lips, to seal them shut for the Goddess. She should not have to smell even a single molecule of her own fart.

“Get ready.” she said, before letting out an explosive fart to my mouth. “Fart or poo?” she asked. I raised my forefinger in answer. “Oh, how about this one?” she asked, letting a violent explosion of wind into my mouth. I raised two fingers this time as I swallowed some of her excrement. “Haha. Are you sure you can keep up with me?” I raised my thumbs up. “Oh, you think so? Let me see.” She tightened her stomach and let out a burst of material into my mouth. I closed my eyes and allowed them straight down my throat like a well-trained human toilet. But the explosions were so humongous that my mouth was soon filled to capacity. Priya got up and noticed that I was struggling. “If you don’t eat that in the next two seconds, I will fire you.” I opened up my throat as far as it would, and took the most massive single swallow ever. “Hmm, good shit-eater.”

She sat back on my face and sat cross-legged, angling herself to go deeper into my existence. “You know what? Shit is supposed to cause amoeba poisoning and stuff. But you are alive, even after being my shit-eater for five whole months.” Priya rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “I guess that a loser you was created just to digest whatever a winner like me doesn’t digest.” She laughed, picked up her textbooks and began to study. She farted and pooped almost every moment of her study session. I was challenged to my upper limits as I accepted every drop of divinity that poured into my lucky mouth with closed eyes, joined hands and an open, willing mouth. I prayed for the Goddess to get well soon, but not too soon.


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