Breaking Point – 8

Warning: When I write these femdom stories, I find great pleasure in putting the dominant, Priya, above God. I’m not trying to be controversial or anything, this is just the kind of thinking I whack off to. So please be forewarned- If you are a Hindu who gets offended by anti-religious themes, do not read this episode. DO NOT. NO READING. STOP, PLEASE have the decency to point your browser elsewhere. Also, this story involves the ultimate form of humiliation- scat/human toilet(eating excrements.) Do not go any further if you aren’t cool with any of these things.

I felt Priya’s index fingers drilling into my ears, and she used her other fingers to rotate my head upwards. That was when I got to see her, from the vantage point of her navel. Her slim, curvaceous hourglass structure was all I could see from this point, she was wearing a black blouse top with the number ‘8’ on written on the right breast. I opened my eyes wider to peer a bit harder at the top to realize that it was a feminine basketball t-shirt. The bright blue sky behind her was a total blur, but the pearls of sweat all over her body glimmering in the sunlight weren’t. I tried to turn to the right and left, to figure out where the hell I was, but she was holding me much too close to her body. The next thing I tried was looking down, and realized that for some unfathomable reason that was impossible. Soon, it all hit me- my body was missing completely- my head was all that what was left of me, and the thing Priya was holding in her hand wasn’t just my head was my full spherical body. I was a basketball!

Priya turned her spectacled eyes to a point far beyond my horizons, because she was looking at something or someone even more gigantic. She shifted her hand to my bottom, holding me in one hand while using the sweat band on the other hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She shook her head in despair and said, “Rahul, I’m just not cut out for basketball.”

A deep voice answered from behind. “Throw it here, I’ll show you.” That’s when my world began to spin around, as Priya raised my body in her hand until I was at her shoulder. The sandy ground was less than five feet away, but that distance rapidly decreased, and the individual grains of sand, with their edges, exposed like tentacles, welcomed me to hell with blistering pokes to my surprisingly resilient skin. I spun around, and bounced into a much larger pair of hands than the one that threw me to the floor. “Watch carefully,” the voice said, spinning me around in his hand before lodging me into the air, towards a white wooden board. I hit my head, rather my body, to the edge of a black square within the board before passing through a net and landing on the merciless ground with a nasty thud. “See how easy that was?” the male voice said. “You just have to hit the edge of that square.”

“Hmm,” a girl’s hand rolled me over, and picked me up in those familiar, warm hands. “Okay, let me try that.” Priya’s voice said. She switched me to her left hand, made a pacey step towards the white board and switched me to her right hand. She launched me very gracefully, with a singular focus on the black edge of the rectangle, and soon enough that was where I landed. I soon passed through the net again for another shattering land on the floor, a couple more bounces before ending back in Priya’s hands. She walked me over to the man and placed me at his feet. She then stepped her white sports shoes on my body and kissed the man, sounding high as a kite. “You are such a good sportsman and such a good coach. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Me neither,” Rahul said. They both giggled and embraced. Their lips converged and met each other’s, letting out soft smooching noises and dropping a bit of drool on me.

Suddenly, Priya stepped her weight off my body and brought down her buttocks on me, like I was her spherical chair. That’s when I realized that it was all a dream, but that there was a pair of tight buttocks on my face for real, smothering the breath out of me. “Wake up, shit boy. You remember what you promised to do for me in the morning, don’t you?” her voice asked, but the blackness smothering me wouldn’t even let me breathe, much less speak. I could feel the nylon surface of her jogging shorts as my tongue fell upon the tight, fleshy balls that were grinding me into the pillows and denying my very breath. Suddenly, the balls stopped moving in circles. They paused, raised a couple of inches only to squat down much harder, bringing my nose right into the gap between the butt cheeks. A thunderous gust of wind sputtered its way out of the gap, filling up my face with fresh, stinky vapors and heavy gas. The smothering resumed, ensuring that every molecule of the stinking gas went straight into my lungs. Even as I expanded my nose to suck the gas in for her, I could hear her giggling hard. “I wish I could wake you up like this every day,” she said. “The fresh residues of my morning jog. It has that nice sweatiness to the aroma, don’t you think?”

I stretched my hands to the sides and tried to break out of the entrapment. I felt Priya’s bare legs, with their toned tightness stretching from the sides of my chest up like a gigantic tower. Moving my hands further north, I groped her knees which were bent almost 360 degrees, forming a perfect squat that ended with the buttocks right on my face. I tried to push the balls away from my face, but they were settled on with her full weight. All I could pull off was a couple of inches distance, so I could breaths and ask her some fundamental questions. “Where am I?”

“We’re in your bedroom, dummy.” Priya said.

“But how did you get in?”

“You had left your clothes in my house the other day, so I took your house keys from your pockets.” Priya said. “I knew I would need it the first few times, to get you into the groove.”

“Please, Priya.” I began to cry. “I can’t see anything, I can’t breathe. Please give me two minutes to get ready for the job.”

“No.” I felt Priya’s buttocks smother into my face even harder than they had before. “Gnnnnn…” she grunted, tightening her buttocks and trapping my face hard between them. She smothered deep into my soft bed for two more minutes before she stood up, still maintaining my body between her legs. The bright tube-light of my room burst into my eyes for a few moments, but a few quick blinks fixed that, and I could see my Goddess properly. Priya was dressed in a blue sleeveless top and black jogging shorts, exactly like my dream. She had white socks and a dusty pair of Reeboks on her feet, with a sweat band in her left hand, also like my dream. I turned to the door my right, and was relieved to see that it was locked. “Are you ready yet?” Priya laughed, looking down at me through her naughty black spectacles.

“Y..yes.” I said, preparing myself for a second smother, but she stopped to look around the room.

“What’s this photo doing here?” Priya asked, jumping down to the ground and picking up a framed photo of the Goddess Saraswathi nailed to the sides of my study table.

“That…,” I gulped, “is the first thing I see every morning. I wake up and worship the Goddess of education…”

“It’s a ritual for you, isn’t it Suhas?” Priya giggled.

“It is for most Hindu students I know.” I said, still shaken from the nasty awakening.

“Do you feel bad,” Priya cooed, “waking up to a stinky fart from my ass instead of the Goddess of education?”

“Yes Priya,” a few tears poured out of my eyes as I conceded.

“Hey, stop crying you stupid slave.” Priya said, moving closer and slapping my cheeks hard. The hands went up over and over to deliver the hardest possible slaps. “I’m your Goddess now, so you will wake up to me everyday. Is that understood?”

“Yes Priya.”

“You get up at 6 in the morning and fill your lungs with my farts, eat my poop for breakfast. Because that’s who you are…you’re my shit-eating worm.” Priya said, slapping her hands past the very weak defense of my hands.

“That’s true, Priya.” I tried to slither away but her hard, sweaty slaps found my cheeks everywhere, every time. “I should worship a picture of you first thing in the morning.”

“Yes you should. And you need to be punished for worshiping the wrong Goddess for so many years!” Priya said, plucking the Goddess’s framed photo off the study table. She turned the frame to its back and slid the photo out into her hands, then handed it to me. “Take this,” she ordered. “Your ex-goddess’s photo.” I took the religious photo in my hand, after which Priya gestured towards a spot the floor next to her feet where I promptly knelt. She slipped her fingers into her shorts and let them drop to her feet, exposing her moist red panties that had turned a darker shade in several places from a sweaty jog. She then spun around, showing off her tremendous bust area which was almost entirely damp with a glimmering film of sweat over them. My mouth began to water at their very sight, and my gut began to heat up. Priya giggled as she watched me get hard, then tightened each of her buns in tandem, making them dance before my eyes. I grabbed her thighs and went for a kiss, only to be slapped away by her accurate hands again. “Who said you could kiss them?” Priya asked.

“I’m sorry, Priya.”

“Now,” Priya shook her waist slightly, “wipe my thighs and bums with that photo of your ex-goddess.” I turned the photo around in my hand and gazed into the eyes of the Goddess of education, who I woke up to everyday. The Goddess seemed to have a scorn in her eye, which aggravated the further I pushed her towards Priya’s upper thighs and bum.

“I…I can’t do it, Priya.” I cried. “This is the Goddess of education.”

“If you don’t do it, I’ll throw you into a garbage truck and make you eat more than your body weight of it.” Priya said. “Besides, I’m your Goddess now, she’s not.” She shook her delightful wet buttocks one more time. “Come on, my butt is waiting.”

“Yes, Priya.” I spread the religious piece of paper on Priya’s soft upper thighs. The paper quickly absorbed sweat from her thighs and smudged it in several places.

“I said wipe it, not place the paper on it.” Priya specified with a hint of a giggle in her voice. I caught the religious photo with my hands and ran it all over her left thigh. I then picked it up and ran it over the right thigh, absorbing most of the sweat there, saving the best, or worst, for the last. It was time. I picked up the picture of the Goddess and ran its dry parts all over Priya’s glimmering buttocks. I felt my heart dissolving in its place, seeing the Goddess’s photo being used this way, moreover in my own hands, but I had a job to do. I ran the piece of paper atop the two mountainous regions of her fleshy thighs, then dipped it into the valley of her inner thighs, essentially turning the photo into a toilet paper and using it on my new Goddess.

“That’s more like it.” Priya laughed, patting her buttocks and checking how dry they were. “I have really punished your wrong Goddess now, haven’t I?”

“Yes, Priya.” I cried. “I’m sorry that I worshiped her all these years.”

“We’ll see about how sorry you are. Crumple that photo now,” she ordered. “Turn it into a little moist ball.” The paper was far gone now, there was no point resisting Priya’s intentions. I crumpled the Goddess’s photo in my hands, turning it into a little uneven ball. “Now I’m going to give that fake Goddess a blessing she’ll never forget.” My heart began to pound, fearing what she would say next, and quivered when she did say it. “Put that ball of paper into my bum. Bottom center, right here,” she pointed to the dark stretches under her bare buttocks. I stuffed the little ball of religious paper at Priya’s bottom and waited for the blessing. She let out a nasty loud fart on it, while I carefully covered the crevice with the paper, making it absorb all the spewings of this crepitation. Priya paused for a few seconds, allowing the moist, steamy vapors to settle on the  paper ball. “Good. Now eat it up,” she said in a flourish, spinning around to watch me.

“You mean, eat paper?” I asked.

“You ate shit, dude.” Priya said. “Are you going to sit there and complain about paper?”

“Sorry, Priya.” I raised the stinky piece of paper into my mouth and swallowed it. It had a strong flavor of Priya’s undigested wrath on it, which seemed to subside with a few bites. The problem was that even my hardest bites to the paper did nothing to break the paper into more digestible pieces. Soon, I gave up and swallowed the little ball on the whole, letting it down my throat. After all, I was about to eat something even worse. I felt the solid parchment hitting the sides of my oesophagus as it went down, then knelt before Priya with an open mouth to show her that I had indeed swallowed it entirely.

“So much your old, useless Goddess huh?” Priya asked. “Don’t worry, I’m a topper in medical university, I am really the one you should be worshiping.”

“Yes, Priya.”

“Now go get your camera.” Priya ordered. “You will worship a new photo from today.”

“Yes, my Goddess.” I dashed to my cupboard and picked up my large digital camera from there. I took down the lens cover and saw Priya’s sweaty face and upper body from the peephole.

“Hey, loser. Who said you get to worship my face?” Priya slapped my cheek hard. “Moron.”

“What’s wrong, Priya?” I cried, attempting to recover from the nasty slap.

“Rahul has a picture of me in his wallet.” Priya said. “If you worship a picture of my face, that would mean there’s no difference between you and Rahul.”

“So…” I said, unaware of where she was getting at.

“You take a picture of my ass.” Priya said, turning back and pointing to her bums again. “This is your Goddess. Take a photo of this.”

“Yes, Priya.” I knelt down and pointed the camera at the beautiful pair of tight flesh balls, centering them perfectly in the camera’s view. I clicked the photo and showed Priya the digital preview in the camera’s LCD screen.

“Hmm, good!” Priya laughed. “Now go to the photo shop and get a printout of this, then stick it in the same frame.”

“But…,” I began, “that would be weird. Going to a store and asking for the photo of a girl’s bum.”

Priya thought about it, and began to laugh so hard that she tumbled into my bed. “That’s true. Uncle, I want a picture of this girl’s bum- haha!”

“So what do I do?” I asked, hoping for a good answer, given that I had made her laugh.

“No, you’re going there. Say it’s a picture of your girlfriend. He’ll understand.” Priya said, her lips knotted together to avoid letting them explode into a giggle.

“Uncle,” I role-played, “this is a picture of my girlfriend’s bum. I would like a laser color print-out, please.”

“Something like that,” Priya said, bursting into an uncontrollable laugh that lasted for a few minutes, as she flailed her limbs all over my bed. “It’ll give him something to masturbate over in the studio. Anyway, slave.” Priya pointed down. “It’s time for you to eat your poisonous breakfast.”

“Yes, Priya.” I said, getting into the bed and taking my position under her ass.

“How is your health, anyway?” Priya asked. “Are you starting to get symptoms of bacteria poisoning? Fever? Cough? Your pee starting to turn white?”

“No, Priya.”

“Good. Because if you get those things, you know what you’re supposed to do, right?”

“I will take a knife, jab it through my throat and die for you.” I said.

“Wow, you sound confident. Like that’s never going to happen.” Priya observed.

I grabbed her thighs and got my face under it. “I believe that this is where I belong. Living for you and obeying your every command no matter how dangerous. I want nothing more from life, Priya.”

“You are so going to die eating my crap.” Priya said. “And how does it taste, anyway?”

“It’s…very, you know..” I truckled, “shitty.” She nodded, waiting for more words. “You know, it’s putrid and strongly bitter.”

“Hmm.” Priya’s pupils blurred. “Maybe this can be a medical experiment. How long will a man live, if he eats my shit every day?”

“But,” I kissed her soft upper thighs, “it’s also a spiritual experiment. I love you more than anything in the world, and think of you as my Goddess.”

“See, this is why I don’t feel guilty making you die for me; you’re such an idiot.” Priya said. “It’s exactly what you deserve.” She got up and shifted her buttocks on my pillow. “Now, get your mouth here so I can shit into it.”

“Yes, Priya.” I said, lying down with my head next to her buttocks, which she promptly shifted over to eclipse my face in its entirety.

“Now, if you don’t do a good job there will be turds of my poo all over your pillow.” Priya chuckled. “That’s your challenge. You’re not going to wash this pillow, no matter what happens.”

“I won’t, Priya.”

“Yes, that’s more like it.” Priya mused. “People like you should live and breathe my shit, and nothing else. Maybe next weekend I’ll shit on your face and make you smell it all day. Yup, that’s the plan for Saturday so you’d better be prepared.”

“I will do that, my Goddess.”

“Now,” Priya’s buttocks became tighter, capturing my head firmly between the suffocating spheres. “Eat my shit.” I opened my mouth and made for the slit, which slowly settled into me under her weight. A hot sprinkle of urine spilled out of them, filling up my mouth with hot liquid rapidly. I gagged under their volume, but was eventually able to swallow all of it without letting any of it drop on the pillow. I felt thoroughly, being subdued under her active, wet buttocks this way and being employed on her urine. The next part, however, wouldn’t be nearly as pleasant.

A crackling noise followed, filling the air in my mouth with brown exhaust fumes. Soon, the slit opened up and a gigantic four-inch turd flowed out of it, and choked my throat so I ran my teeth through its breadth and cut it into two pieces to momentarily alleviate the overwhelm. I opened my mouth wider to gather the two split pieces in my mouth. There wasn’t much time left before the turds would continue to pour into my mouth, so I hinged my throat open and allowed the rancid mess to flow into my throat one at a time. Even as I swallowed the second piece, there was the familiar crackle announcing the arrival of new loads of dump. I opened my mouth just in time for the new turds to flow into my mouth. The second piece of her excrement was about two inches in size, and I managed to gulp it down in the same flow as its arrival. “See? I’m making it all easy for you.” Priya’s voice said from above. “I am shitting very slowly the first few times, just so it doesn’t pour out.”

She paused and let the tense muscles limp for a moment. “You know what? I’m not going to shit slowly anymore. If you’re going to work for me, you’ll have to get used to my speed.” A loud sputter emanated from between the fleshy spheres as she tightened herself for a second round. She let out a little grunt, pushing out four massive turds in rapid succession into my mouth. I could only swallow one of them, but held the other three on bay, waiting for the first one to go down. Priya grunted some more, but nothing came out on that attempt. My life was saved. I was able to slowly gobble up the remaining turds of her shit and then smooch her buttocks clean before more little pellets shot out of her butt. Although these were easy to swallow, they were so numerous that some of them got stuck between my teeth and lips. Somehow, Priya’s excretion schedule and my mouth’s capacity were a perfect match made in heaven.

Even as I chewed and swallowed like my life depended on it, Priya got a call on her cellphone. “Hi, Vidya…,” she began to converse, “oh he can’t do that…it’s okay…he’ll do other things…I’ll bring you one of my humans. Bye.” She then explained what that was. “My sister called. She says that Manu can’t eat her shit. So guess what?” Priya asked, shifting her bum slightly to release my smother.

“I’ll have to eat Vidya’s shit again?”

“Yup.” Priya said, thoughtfully. “Actually, she wanted me to bring you over so that her slave Manu can learn how to do it. But since you are ready for it, you’ll have to eat it up.” She laughed. “See how you made it worse for yourself?”

“I do see,” I said, swallowing up the last remnants of her poop in my mouth before giving her bum another thorough lick from bottom to top. “I’m done, Priya. All clean and ready.”

“Good.” Priya jumped out of my bed and brought her panties and shorts up to their place. “Let’s go to my place now.”

“But it’s getting really late, Priya.” I cried. “I have to leave for college in half an hour.”

“Slave,” Priya tutted, preparing for a long explanation.

“I got it, Goddess.” I interrupted. “Obeying you is the primary purpose of my life.”

“Exactly.” Priya said, and opened the door. My mother was just out of her room, about to walk down the stairs. “Hi, auntie,” she said confidently.

“Priya?” my mother asked, confused. “How come you’re here so early?”

“Your little son,” Priya turned to me, then back at her, “has decided to go jogging with me every day. So he’ll be missing every day from 5 to 6:30AM, auntie. Hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, it’s more than okay- it’s good for him.” My mother said. She then went down to prepare breakfast for the family.

“You know that’s not a complete lie, right?” Priya asked. “From tomorrow, you’re going to join me for my jog.”

“5 AM?” I groaned. “5?”

“Yes. You’re going to spend your life as my slave, you might as well pick up a couple of good habits from me.”

“Will do, Priya.”

We got out of my house and were walking over to her place. We played a little game where I had to guess what she had for dinner, judging solely by the taste of her morning dump. My first guess, fish kheema, was right. She then made me guess what she had for lunch, because after all the dump I ate combined her lunch too. I took a dozen guesses, but still couldn’t get it right. We reached her place before I got it right, and she didn’t tell me what it was.

Once in her house, I indulged in a bit of small-talk with her mother, telling her how I had developed the new habit of waking up at five in the morning and going on a jog with Priya. My stomach felt a little warm at the thought this time, as I finally began to see the bright side of it. I could spend a whole hour everyday with the girl of my dreams and I would develop an extra good habit.

Priya and I walked over to the corridor between the kitchen and her room, then towards the far end and turned right to reach their toilet. There, a very angry and half-naked Vidya was standing over Manu floored in the corner, kicking his face once every five seconds or so. “Bastard.” Kick. “Bloody loser.” Kick. “Useless slave.” Kick. Manu’s nose was bleeding like a river, even as Vidya’s soft toes relentlessly crash-landed into the cartilege of his nose, breaking the bridge into more pieces each time.

“Hey!” Priya interrupted the kicking. “I brought you my human.”

“Oh,” Vidya turned to me, her shoulders sagging further low. “Yeah, but I want my human to learn these things. I don’t want to keep using your human’s mouth.”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Priya said. “Different humans are good for different things. Besides, this one will come here everyday. I’ve ordered him to jog with me everyday.”

“Oh, I see.” Vidya said, still scowling at her own slave. “But my human is good for nothing, Priya. He literally can’t do anything right.”

“Is that so?” Priya asked, stepping over to Manu. “Maybe I should wear my boots and teach him a lesson again.”

Manu’s fat eyes opened up so wide, I could see my reflection in them. “No, Priya. Please. I’ll obey.”

“Yes you will.” Priya said. She turned to her sister and said, “anyway he has to spend the whole day as mom’s servant. I think he would have improved by evening.”

“I sure hope so.” Vidya said. She hooked his throat with her toe and brought him up to his knees. “Let me try just one last time now, to see if he has learned.” Vidya turned around and raised the lower back of her bright red shirt to show the man her naked buttocks completely. She then pounced backwards, landing her foot on his thighs and covering up his face entirely between her soft butt cheeks. A burst of wind sputtered out from between them, even as she smothered Manu behind her ass, but Manu turned away and got all of it on his cheeks. “See? He turns away in the last minute. I’ve explained the basics to him a million times, but he still won’t…”

“Hey, calm down.” Priya said. “We’re giving him one more day to learn this, remember?”

“Okay…” Vidya said, turning back to me. “You, come over here.”

“Yes, Vidya.” I knelt next to her fat slave on the floor and proudly offered my face for Vidya’s buttocks to explode into. In this scenario, I was a bit of a role model to the other, once-rapist, slave. Vidya turned around and brought her butt to my face, and I promptly caught her upper thighs and raised the ends of the balls with my fingers, exposing the dark blow-hole perfectly in front of my face. Even as the wind began to crack out of them, I put my lips forth and covered the spot completely, taking all of the disgusting smell into my mouth. “Ahhh…he’s such a pleasure to fart into.”

“I know.” Priya said. She raised her knee, and without any warning she jabbed it into Manu’s throat. “Stupid loser. Can’t you even get this much right?”

“I can, Priya.” Manu said. “Please give me a chance.”

“Hey Vidya, he wants you to try his mouth again.” Priya said.

“Hmm,” Vidya shifted to his mouth. “Maybe these losers can teach each other this stuff.” She let a nasty one rip and Manu absorbed all of it in his mouth. “Ahh,” Vidya heaved. “He’s learning.”

“Of course.” Priya said. “Now let’s try the harder stuff on your human.”

“Yeah. Are you ready to eat my shit, loser?” Vidya asked and readied herself for a seat on her slave’s face. She then sprayed out a lengthy, wet fart into Manu’s mouth and relieved herself somewhat but came forth confused about why there was no solid substance resulting from that push. She stepped forth to see Manu almost broken down and crying. “Oh, look at the rapist loser crying.”

“Please, Vidya. Don’t make me eat your shit, I’ll do anything else for you and your family.” Manu said.

“See, that’s the problem. I don’t want you to do something else for me. What I want is to watch you eat shit and garbage. And then I want to watch you die slowly, from the bacterial infection. Ahh, once you die I will fart once more on your face and bury you deep in hell.” Vidya daydreamed.

Manu shuddered, but remained quiet. “I think I know the way to handle him,” Priya said, strangling his neck and tossing his head into the commode. She stomped him in a few times, such that his head was deep inside the commode and hair dipping into the toilet water. “Just shit on his face and let him eat it up on his own time.”

“I suppose that’s the right way to go with this loser.” Vidya said. She took a seat on the big man’s body and pulled open her slit right above his face. “Hey loser, this is your first time so I’m letting you off easy.”

“By shitting on my face?” Manu managed to mumble.

“Yes. Next time it’s straight in your mouth.” Vidya said. Suddenly her hands pulled back and slapped hard across my face. “I don’t like to borrow one of Priya’s humans every time. You’re going to get competent at this whether you like it or not.”

“Yes, Vidya.” Manu said.

A loud crackle followed, with a gigantic brown turd sputting its way out of Vidya’s ass to a sticky landing on his face. More turds followed soon, covering up her slave’s face with the brown goo. “This is not a good way to shit into our humans,” Vidya said, brushing off the air before her nose. “I shouldn’t have to smell my shit.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll be more competent the next time.” Priya said. “Or we can kill him for being useless.”

“Yeah.” Vidya got up, fully relieved. She caught my head and pulled me into the core of her dirty buttocks. “Now you lick it clean for me.”

I saw two huge mounds of brown formed at the crevices of her upper thighs. It was quite a risky lick, in case one of them fell off during the lick, so I carefully positioned myself under them and went for a gargantuan lick with a wide open mouth and got it all off for her.

“That’s right.” Vidya said, watching over Manu eating the gloop off his own face. “Something like that. But you have to swallow six times faster if I have to keep you alive.”

The girls then turned to me and ordered me to get out of the house, which had become the routine exit for me since my enslavement. As I went home and prepared for another day of college, I couldn’t help but feel that it was time to give up my life of slavery and pursue a normal relationship with Chandrika. Chandrika, the sweet girl from my class- she didn’t deserve any part of this. I was sure to face the full force of her wrath in college today.

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