Priya’s new toilet boy

(Bigger scat stories here and here.)

Priya was on her couch, studying a monster of an anatomy textbook and drawing a few diagrams into her notebook. That was her usual way of spending the evenings, ever since she got into the best medical college in the state. I spent much of the evening the usual way too- staring at her gorgeous long legs perched up on the couch. She seemed completely unaware of the reactions they were causing in my gut, dressed in an old white t-shirt that she’d postponed throwing out for several years. So young she was when she bought that shirt, that they looked sleeveless on her new size. I guess she probably loved that shirt as much as I did. Down below was her red mini-skirt. So tiny, it couldn’t have been more than six inches in length. A juicy pair of legs made of coastal skin flowed down below over the couch, which she used as support for her notebooks. I watched one drop of sweat drip over from her tired thighs, down the meaty backside of her thighs onto her shins. It was like the best movie I’ve ever watched in my life.

Eventually, I walked over to her side of the couch to take a peek into her notebooks. As usual, she didn’t even realize that I was there until I said something loud enough. “Wow, you’re so good at drawing those pictures.”

“Oh, thank you.” She said, allowing a moment’s distraction before bending over to draw her diagrams.

“What’s that thing you’re drawing?” I pretended to be curious.

“It’s a staphylo…well, it’s a nasty kind of bacteria that’s found mainly in human feces.”

“You mean…shit?” I wanted to hear that word from her mouth. There was a certain grace to the way she said it- she could always make it sound like a sexy thing.

“Yeah. Shit has lots of bacteria and parasites…” Priya said. She clearly couldn’t talk when she was drawing, but to my luck, she seemed to have just completed the drawing. “Speaking of unwanted shit…what are you doing in my house, again?”

“Nothing, Priya. Just wondering if you wanted to play cards.”

“Don’t you have any office work to do? Or something? You’ve been waiting for almost two hours now.”

“Uhh…it’s not like that, Priya.”

“Anyway, never mind. You know, I have always wondered something about shit. There are some questions just cannot be answered in textbooks.” Priya mused.

“What is it?”

“I wonder what would happen if someone just worked for me all the time, eating nothing but my shit. You know…just my shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Priya smiled.

“Well,” my mouth began to salivate like crazy. “That person would die of course.”

“But when?” Priya asked, getting a little restless. “How many days could this hypothetical person…live like that?”

“That…that’s a good question.” I shrugged.

“Hmm,” Priya hugged her breasts. “If only I knew a guy who is willing to eat my shit and die for me. I could find out the answers I want. Plus, it would be so much fun.” She gazed straight into my eyes.

“You…” I got so hard, my mouth had no blood left for speaking. “You want someone to die for you, just so you can answer that question?”

“Yeah, plus I have several little doubts like that.” Priya giggled. “I should probably start collecting all those guys out there who would die for me.”

“You think there are plenty?” I whispered, with no intention of interrupting her.

“…probably keep all those losers in my toilet and make each of them die for me one by one. That would be such a fun thing to do, right?”

“” I almost fell over from the tightness in my crotch. “Y…yeah, I guess it would be fun for you. You have all your biology questions answered, which is good for you…”

“So?” Priya laughed. “I guess I should start looking for guys willing to eat my shit and die for me.” She took a deep pause, watching my reactions carefully. “I think I know someone like that in this very room- right here and now.”

“Uhh..” I tried to get away but she reached over and grabbed my shirt to pull me down to her lap.

“How about you? You want to do it for me, don’t you? Eating shit and dying for me?”

“Priya,” I cried, “isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“Oh come on! It’s not like your life is going to amount to anything,” Priya said, raising her knee into my face. “What good are you?”

“I’m sorry I misspoke, Priya. I was saying that,” I gulped, “I would love to eat your shit and die for you. That would be the very purpose of my life.”

“That’s what I thought. But wait a second – did you say you would love it?” Priya mused. “Of course you would. Imagine me sitting on the commode and pooping, stinking up the whole toilet with my farts. But of course, you would be sitting right next to me on the floor ready to take it all in your stupid face. And then you’d clean up my ass with your tongue after I’m finished, which is when you get to eat a full meal from my commode. It’s the right life for people like you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Priya. I would be the right life and the right death.”

“Now, would you die for me happily or sadly?” Priya asked with a wicked smile across her face.

“I would gladly die for you, Priya.”

“In that case, you’ll have to pay me.” Priya declared. “If you’re going to be happy, I should get paid.”

“Uhh…” I felt dizzy. “I just accepted to die for you, and now you’re asking me to pay you?”

“Yes. Go sell your house, empty your bank accounts and nominate me as the beneficiary in all your life insurance policies. You’re going to die anyway, right? So why bother with all those material possessions of yours?” she asked.

“Good point.” I said, kissing her foot and stepping out of her house.


I spent much of the day finding a buyer for my house, and emptying all the money in my bank account to produce a single check for twenty lakh rupees. That evening, I went back to Priya’s house to give it to her. “Priya, this is everything.” I handed her the check and bowed over to smooch her feet. “Please let me die for you.”

“Hmm,” Priya examined the check. “Is this all you’re worth?”

“Yes, Priya.” I cried. “My house, all my money and my life. I’m giving it all up so I can eat your shit and die for you.”

“But this is just twenty lakhs.” Priya said. “It’s too less!”

“Priya, please…”

“You know, one time I charged a guy ten lakhs for a chance to sniff my ass for ten seconds. He was hoping and praying that I would fart into his nose, but I didn’t. I still made him pay me in full and he was happy to do so.”

“Wow. Each moment of smelling your ass costs one lakh…” I fell to the floor in desperation. There was no chance of paying her the fees she was expecting. “But Priya, I also offer my life for your medical experiments.”

“I suppose that’s true.” Priya said, grabbing me by my ears. “Come, let’s go into the toilet and see how good a shit eater you are.” She pulled me by my ears and led me past her living room, then her corridor leading to the toilet. I was trampled under the weight of her feet several times as I tried to crawl at her speed. Eventually, we reached her toilet. She opened the door, kicked me in and shut the door behind herself. Her toilet was a tiny room with four closely spaced walls and a little window at the top for ventilation, dominated mostly by the large white commode in the center. There was a few feet of space between the commode and the wall, barely enough for one, maybe two people to kneel down on either side while Priya was shitting into it. “Yeah, take a good look at this,” she said, slapping my head from behind. “You are going to live here and die here. I’m never ever letting you out of this toilet for the rest of your life, is that understood?”

“Yes, Priya.” I joined my hands and kissed her thigh.

“Hmph,” she said, stepping to the commode and raising her mini-skirt to take a seat on the closed toilet seat. “Now, let’s begin your interview.”

“An interview?”

“What did you think?” Priya pointed all five fingers at my face. “You think I’m just going to hire some loser like you to eat my shit and die? That too, when you’ve only paid me like twenty lakhs?”

“I’m sorry, Priya.” I said, bringing my face closer to her knees and offering to be slapped hard. She took the offer, sending a deafening slap into my skull.

“You better be sorry.” Priya’s breath simmered after a few moments. “First of all, the only way I would even consider talking to an inferior being like you, is if my foot is on your head.”

“Yes, Priya.” I reached for her right foot, only to get a hard kick into my nose.

“Left foot, you bastard.” Priya said.

“I’m so sorry.” I raised her left foot and placed it on my head.

“Now that’s better.” Priya leaned back to the commode’s tank. “Now, what makes you think you’re good enough to be my shit eater?”

“Priya, ever since I saw you I’ve been praying for a chance to die for you. And today, when you wondered how long someone can live if they were to eat nothing but your shit, I offered to die…”

“Hmm,” Priya said, considering my answer. “But you’re so useless. You could only give me twenty lakhs.”

“I’m sorry, Priya. But it’s all I had…”

“I guess I can consider hiring you on probation. If you do a good job for me this week, I’ll consider hiring you as one of my toilet slaves.” Priya said.

“Thank you, Priya.” I kissed the bottom of her left foot still placed on my head. “But are you saying you have other slaves?”

“Oh I don’t have any others right now, which is why you got so lucky.” Priya said. “But I will hire others soon, and as for you…I guess I might just have to fire you.”

“Which means?”

“Killing you off by squashing your nose between my toes.” Priya giggled. “Anyway, that might happen right now. Let’s see whether my bum thinks you’re good enough to be hired.” She stood up over the commode, brought down her little skirt and panties, and sat back with her knees on the closed commode. “Look at my bum!” she announced, presenting the gorgeous naked ass cheeks. “Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life?”

“Never, Priya.” I joined my eyes and went up to sniff it. “This is the most religious moment of my life.”

“Of course it is.” Priya said, patting her soft, moist butt cheeks. “But it could also be the last one. Since you’ve paid me twenty lakhs, I will let you kiss my ass for twenty seconds. If I fart during that time, you get to be my temporary toilet slave. If I don’t fart, you are going to be fired right away. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Priya.”

“Good,” Priya pulled my face into her ass, trapping me between her warm buttocks. “Pray for my fart, loser. Your life depends on it.”

“Certainly, my Goddess.”

“Twenty.” Priya had my face deep inside her buttocks, while I prayed for the decisive fart. “Nineteen, eighteen…” The clock was ticking away, while Priya danced her soft flesh all over my face. But there wasn’t any sign of the fart I was praying for. “Five, four, three, two,…” Just before Priya said “one,” her buttocks exploded thick brown fumes all over my face, drowning me in a cloud of pungent fumes. “Aah,” she said, fully relieved. “That was a close call. But it does look like you’ve lived through this one.”

“Thank you, Priya.” I said, savoring the vapors on my face. “This is the most delightful gas I’ve ever smelled in my life.”

“Yeah.” Priya said, preparing to leave the toilet. “So, my temporary shit-eater. It looks like you’re going to work for me, after all.”

“Priya, I would thoroughly enjoy dying for you.”

“Good.” Priya said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes to shit in your mouth. You better be ready, toilet boy.”

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