Toilet-Training the New Recruit

(Continued from the toilet-boy episode.)

It was the first day of my job as Priya’s temporary shit eater. She kept me locked in her toilet next to her commode for several hours, giving me no specific instructions for what to do during the wait. As I gazed into the inner walls of her commode, since there was nothing else to see, I spotted a few shit stains on the porcelain. I looked around for a toilet brush but there wasn’t any. So I dipped my hands into the toilet water and began to rub the stains from her commode with my bare fingers. Soon, the little stains were floating around in the toilet water. I thought of flushing the tank to get rid of them, but that would lead to dire consequences. As an inferior being I had no right to use the same toilet she used, which meant that I would get beaten to death if I flushed. So I just watched the yellow-brown stains float in the water. Eventually, I felt thirsty and couldn’t contain my thirst any longer. I cupped my hands and began to drink the toilet water as-is, with little shit stains still floating around in it. Since I had given up my life and decided to be her shit eater, I figured I might as well get used to drinking dirty toilet water like a dog.

Several hours passed before I felt Priya’s footsteps drawing closer to the toilet. I quickly sunk my head into the commode and joined my hands together, hoping and praying for her to shoot her solid brown excrements into my mouth for dinner. She unbolted the toilet door and stepped in to find me, her aspiring shit-eater under her footsteps. “Hmm,” I could see her long, naked legs towering over my body as I stuffed myself into the commode. “That’s correct.” Priya’s foot crushed me further into the porcelain bowl. “That’s like a good shit eater. You must never show me your face when I step in. After all, supreme beings like me should never have to see ugly losers like you.”

“Thank you, Priya.” I drowned in the toilet water for a few seconds before she let her foot go.

“Now, let’s begin your toilet training.” Priya announced. “Get up, and kneel at the door.” I pulled my head out of the commode, bowed before her mighty legs and scooted towards the toilet door. Even as I did this, I noticed that she had a short but heavy leather whip in her hands. The very sight of it scared me to death, and her next words pushed me beyond mortal fear. “The first thing I always do with my slaves is punish them with a dozen lashes from my whip.”

“But what did I do, Priya?” I cried, quivering at the sight of the whip in her hand.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Priya said, wiping her feet on my face. “Not yet, that is. That’s why I like to whip my slaves before anything else, so they understand the punishment for disobeying me. This will give you an idea of what will happen if you ever disobey me.”

“Priya, please.” I screamed, profusely licking her left foot. “Please, not the whip. I promise, I will always obey you.”

“Sheesh! You don’t sound like someone who’s willing to die for me at all. You sound more like a wimp who deserves to be fired…,” Priya hinted.

“No, no. I’m sorry, Priya. Please don’t fire me.” I cried, trouble either way. “I will accept lashes from your whip, if that’s what it takes to be your shit eater.”

“That’s better.” Priya laughed. She sat on the commode and stretched her legs out front, so that they nearly touched the toilet door. “Now, I want you at my feet, waiting for my lashes. Once you are in position, you have to join your hands and beg me to hit you as hard as I can.”

“I have to beg you to whip me.” I gulped. “Got it.”

“And then of course, I will whip you hard. You are going to bleed like crazy, in fact your blood will be all over my toilet. You will get the urge to scream for help, but instead you will thank me. Each time I whip you, you have to beg me and thank me in new creative ways. I don’t want to hear the same thanks twice. Got it?”

“Yes, Priya.” I licked the slot between her big toe and index toe.

“Go ahead. Beg me to whip you.” She gestured to her feet.

“Priya,” I picked up her left foot and placed it on my head. “My only ambition in life is to die for you. Please grant your lowly slave his one true wish in life, by whipping me as hard as you can.”

“Not bad at all.” Priya said. The short leather whip flew up in the air with her hand, then landed with a hard crack into my spine. I could feel the leather sneaking past a few of my now exposed ribs, and touching the gut before it boomeranged back into her hands. A few spots of blood erupted from my welted skin, much the way tears erupted off my eyes at the same moment. I couldn’t help but scream, but I had made a plan for the situation. I was biting the interior of my lips with my teeth just to prevent bursting out with a scream of pain.

“Priya,” I eventually recovered from the first whip-lash. “I cannot believe that a supreme being like you would even consider shitting into my mouth. Thank you for being so…kind to a lowly human like me.”

“That’s right, I’m being so kind.” Priya giggled as she watched me wince in pain. “Do you give up yet?”

“No, Priya.” I cried. My exposed spine said otherwise. “I will do anything to qualify as your shit eater.”

“We’ll just have to see about that.” Priya raised the red-stained whip in the air again, and sent it smack dab in the center of my neck. I could feel my nasal tracts exposed to the open air with the impact of the lash, but still gathered myself to thank her for it.

“Priya,” I bowed to her feet. “Each turd of your shit is more valuable than my life itself. I thank you for being so gracious to a lowly human like me, and for considering me worthy of your whip lashes.”

“You might not be worthy of my whip lashes.” Priya said. “You’re crying and bleeding like a dog already.”

“I’m sorry, Priya. I will try to work harder to be your worthy shit eater.” I cried.

“Well, ten more to go.” Priya said, mercilessly raising her whip and bringing it down with such might, my ribs split into pieces on impact. I spent several minutes wincing on the floor and crying, but still gathered myself to thank her for it.

“Priya,” I nearly ran out of words, but the very sight of her naked thighs and legs as she sat on the commode inspired a few before it was too late. “It should be against the law for lowly humans like me to even look at beauty queens like yourself.”

“Exactly!” Priya raised her head, proud.

“I hope this whipping is punishment enough for the crime I’ve committed, of looking at your legs.” I finished the thought.

“Your punishment for staring at my legs,” Priya began to grind my face under her left foot, “will be delivered only once you die for me.”

“Thank you, Priya.”

Nine more nasty whip lashes followed, skilfully tearing up different parts of my skin each time. Somehow, I still had enough life left in me to thank her each time. “Hmm,” Priya giggled as she watched me bleed out my contents to the toilet floor. “This is what will happen if you ever disobey me. This beating was just in case.”

“I understand, Priya.” I rolled over to her feet, completely dizzy. “Thank you for punishing me just in case, Priya.”

“You are most welcome!” Priya laughed. “You have certainly proved to be stronger than a dog.”


“Yeah, one time I borrowed my cousin’s dog and gave it a whipping just like this. It died from twelve lashes.” Priya said.

“But why would you whip a dog?”

“Oh, I just got bored of always hiring human shit eaters.” Priya said. “I was wondering whether a dog would be less useless than a man. Apparently, both are equally useless.”

“I am truly sorry, Priya.” I wedged myself between her ankles, believing I deserved at least that bit of warmth. “But you have had shit eaters before? I thought you were using me for a biology experiment.”

“I have had hundreds.” Priya said. “The last time I shit into the commode was when I was fifteen. Since then, there has always been some guy or the other waiting for me to shit into their mouths. Anyway, that’s enough questions from you. It’s time to start the next phase of your toilet training.”

“Wow.” I sat erect, getting a burst of raw energy from thin air. “Tell me what I should do, Priya.”

“Kneel over here.” Priya pointed to the right side of her toilet seat. I crawled over to the side of her toilet seat and sat down, so that her glimmering thighs were before my very eyes. My mouth salivated like they were feasting on them already, and my hands quivered with the desire to touch them. But the very first thing Priya did was deliver a tight slap across my face. “Bastard. You can’t touch me.”

“I’m sorry, Priya.”

“What the hell were you thinking, touching a supreme being like me?” Priya patted her thighs, as if she were cleaning them from the plague of my inferior dust. “Your life is solely for my use. To me, you are a use and throw human. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Priya.”

“Your life is for wiping my bum, absorbing my farts and eating shit. Don’t ever think I will reward you for anything.” Priya paused for a minute, the disgust in her eyes easing for a few moments. “But then, I guess I have a few minutes to spare before I will shit in your mouth. Okay, I will give you ten seconds with my thighs as a reward.”

“You will?” I rose to my knees and offered my head to Priya’s hands.

“Yup. Ten full seconds. You are the luckiest probationary shit eater I’ve ever had. I don’t know why I’m being so generous to you, but here you go.” Priya said, pulling my head and allowing my cheeks to graze the surface of her moist upper thighs. “Ten seconds to enjoy my thighs. Ten, nine, eight…” As she counted down, I gathered as much of her gorgeous coastal flesh in my hands as humanly possible, and turned them into a makeshift pillow. I then sunk my nose through between the thighs and smothered myself in their exquisite smoothness, even stealing a kiss to her explosion ready panties before the countdown reached “one.” I quickly retreated, lest I get whipped for disobedience. Priya playfully kicked away my face and laughed at their state. “You look like you’ve just had thirty shots of tequila.”

“Priya, this is even better than getting drunk.” I exclaimed. “This is as close to God as I am ever going to get in my worthless life.”

“That’s true.” Priya said. “Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the second phase of your toilet training. If you’re ever going to qualify as my experimental shit-eater, you must know how to drink my pee. There’s hardly ever a time when I make shit before peeing first. So you should become good at taking a warm uric drink shafted straight into your mouth.”

“I will, Priya.”

“Hmm, get over here.” Priya rose and lifted the plastic lid of the commode, leaving just a few inches for my head to squeeze through. I twisted myself around to perch myself at the center of the toilet lid, and worshiped the bottom-up view of her smooth buttocks it provided. The lid fell over my body and soon, I had to bear the full weight of Priya crushing it down through my skin. The pain was unbearable, but her buttocks were precisely over my mouth so there was no question of screaming. All I could do was take the smooth spherical surface in my mouth and savor their sweaty taste. “Go on, kiss my bum but cover it fully. I don’t want you enjoying my bum too much.” Priya instructed.

“Yes Priya,” I muttered, groping the bottom surface of her panties with my tongue until I was able to sneak through the gap and kiss the dark center of the balls. I began to lick the gap between the hot, pressing balls from bottom to top until I found the slit through which she would pee, and kissed it like it were the sole source of oxygen in my life.

“Now drink.” Priya sat back and relaxed, allowing a hot stream of golden fluid to seep through the gap. My mouth filled up with the warm ammonia, and my throat began to instinctively gulp it all down. About thirty seconds passed in that position, and my body diverted all the energy it needed for screaming from pain, into swallowing the holy water for the Indian Goddess. She was finally done and to my pleasant surprise, she stood up and allowed me to have a few breaths of fresh air. Instead of crushing my body by sitting on the plastic rim, she simply raised her foot and covered my face with it. “How does my pee taste?”

“It was heavenly, Priya!” I mumbled, fighting her playful toes on my face.

“Now, we will have a pop quiz. If you answer this question wrong, you will not get to eat my shit today.” Priya said. “Are you ready?”

“Unggh…” I gasped from the nightmarish thought.

“Let us say that as a human being, you are good enough to be my fart slave.” Priya began. “Not that you are good enough to be my fart slave now, but let us say hypothetically that you were good enough that a supreme being like me would fart on you. What is the best way for you to absorb my farts?” Priya asked with a wicked smile on her face.

“Priya, if I ever become worthy enough to offer my face as your fart absorbing human…,” I considered all possibilities, but there was hardly any chance of getting this right, “my very objective in life would be to ensure that not even a single molecule of your gas escapes into the air that you breathe.”

“Precisely,” she nodded.

“So I guess I would give your bum hole an air-tight kiss. That way, all the holy gas would stuff into my mouth. I would suffocate to the divine gas, leaving no chance for you to smell your own farts.”

Priya’s eyes sank low, and she shook her head. “Wrong answer. I like to have my fart slaves stick out their tongue to my ass when it explodes. That way, most of the vapors get absorbed on your tongue. Of course, you would also have to cover my bum with your lips to prevent leakage.”

“” I shivered. “I got the answer partially right?”

“Well, you are a temporary shit-eater candidate who I haven’t even decided about. For you, there’s no partially correct answer. You’re either right or wrong…”

“Please, Priya…”

“And today, you are wrong!” Priya announced. “You are not going to eat my shit today.”

“Priya, please. I would do anything.” I begged at her feet. “Please have some mercy.”

“Millions of trillions of guys out there would do anything to eat my shit.” Priya said. “Today is not your day, just accept it.”

“But Priya, it’s not like you have any other shit eater alive to clean up for you today.” I attacked her with logic, but she had a ready answer.

“I might have a new shit eater tomorrow, and he will get to eat up what you don’t get to eat today.” Priya explained. “Don’t worry, most candidates starve for at least three days before I let them eat a single bite of my shit.”

“Priya,” my eyes exploded with tears, with no counter argument.

“Come on.” Priya snapped her finger. “I’m about to fart, so you get an appetizer today.”

“With no chance of main course?”

“No-chance-in-hell!” Priya proudly stood up and brought down her panties, displaying her naked beauties for me to cry over. I took a breath and decided to enjoy the appetizer she was gracious enough to provide me with. As Priya pulled my head into her buttocks to absorb her pre-dumping farts, I made sure that my nose was always constantly at the center of the impact direction. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and covered her slit with it until she moaned with satisfaction. “That’s the right spot for a fart human-being.” Her anus puckered for a brief moment before letting a gust of wind explode from between with a deafening purr. I opened up wide and absorbed every molecule of the resulting wind on my tongue, which I then swallowed down my throat like a precious treasure. “Aah,” Priya said. “Do you see my point about the tongue?” She sniffed the air. “See? It’s all in your mouth, and my supreme nose doesn’t ever have to smell it.”

“Yes, Priya.” I bowed. “I see your point, and wish I had answered your question right.”

“Yup,” she nodded. “But you got it wrong, so you don’t get to eat my shit.”

“That’s…fair.” I nodded. “Will I get to eat your shit tomorrow, Priya? Would you forgive me by then?”

“I take each day as it comes, no plans and no promises.” Priya said. “Now, I am going to increase your punishment much further with denial ropes.”

“Huh? Denial ropes?” I begged, but Priya walked out of the toilet. She returned in a minute, carrying thick brown ropes covered with stains of blood from hundreds of her ex-slaves.

“I use a denial rope when I have to take a shit but no slave in my toilet is worthy of eating it.” Priya explained. She tossed up one end of the rope and it quickly attached itself to a pulley on the ceiling. Seven hours locked in her commode, and I hadn’t noticed that pulley. Even if I did, I would never have guessed what they were for. She began to balance the ropes on either side of the pulley, leaving two circular hoops at the bottom ends. “Get up, come over here.” Priya ordered. I moved closer to her, only to have my ankles tied into one of the hoops. “Now, move back and grab the rim of my commode with your hands.”

“Priya, are you going to tie me upside-down?” I shuddered, knowing very well what her answer would be.

“Of course I’m tying you upside down. What good are you? I hired you as a potential shit-eater for my experiment, but you…you aren’t even good enough for me to fart on.” Priya said. “How much more useless can you be?”

“Priya…” I screamed, but she began to pull down one end of the rope, leaving me hovering upside-down over her commode.

“Now for the dip.” Priya released her end of the rope, sending me crashing into the toilet bowl. I screamed helplessly as my head sunk into the meagre toilet water at the bottom of the commode. “Shut up,” Priya said, and asserted the order by stuffing a stinky pair of her socks into my mouth. Bound, gagged and hung upside down over her commode, I never felt more powerless in my life. “Just in case,” Priya pulled out a strip of bandage and sealed her stinking socks into my mouth for good. “No talking and no eating for you today.” She took a deep breath, and hesitantly took the pot seat. “If only you had got that question right, I would have taught you how to eat my shit. But no! You had to go and screw it up. Alas, now you only get to watch my shit dropping out of my bum. Speaking of which, I need a rag to wipe the shit off my ass.” She looked around and pulled a hand-kerchief out of my shorts. “Hmm, this will do just fine.”

“Ungh!” Priya sat tight and grunted hard. A few purring noises emanated from the darkness above my face, followed by some heavy turds of shit dropping all over my nose and eyes. My mouth was sealed shut, so all I could do was feel the dry, stinky turds of brown gloop float down my face into the commode water, leaving thick brown path lines behind on my cheeks. Priya soon finished relieving herself on my face, then stood up and wiped her buttocks with my kerchief. She promptly threw the dirty cloth at my face, along with the rest of her shit. “Now, spend your night upside down staring at my shit instead of eating it. That’s the dinner for shit-eaters who aren’t good enough to eat shit.”

She soon left the room and turned off the lights. I couldn’t even watch my coveted dinner floating in the water below me.

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