The Unworthy Toilet Slave

I spent eight hours drowned in the squalid darkness of Priya’s toilet, hung upside-down into her commode with thick ropes. My mouth was sealed with tapes, but the Goddess of divine perfection was kind enough to leave my nose open, so I could inhale the putrid smell of her shit all night. For over twenty years of my life, I could have only dreamed and masturbated to the thought of having my face so close to Priya’s shit. Now that I was this close, all I could wonder was when I would get to put it all in my mouth and eat it for her. The smell was all I could have, so I inhaled the fumes into the very fiber of my being.

Early in the morning Priya walked into the toilet, dripping with sweat from all over her body. She was wearing a light t-shirt along with jogging shorts and a sporty little wrist band. Her breath was heavy for a few moments as she checked my pulse and began to untie my ropes. “How was your dinner?” she laughed.

“Priya, you never let me eat your shit.” I complained, slowly gathering myself at her feet.

“That’s because you are not worthy of it yet.” Priya’s head soared high. “And until you become worthy of my shit, you would only get to smell my shit for dinner.”

“Priya!” I bowed to her feet and licked her toenail clean. “What would I have to do to qualify as your shit eater?”

“That’s precisely what I came here for.” Priya announced. My heart leapt with joy for a moment, but her next sentence shot it down to the lowest low. “You are fired!”

“Priya, please!” I shivered and cried, grabbing as much of her feet as I could. “Please let me work for you. I would do anything.”

“Millions of men out there would do anything to become my shit-eater.” Priya said. “You are far too incompetent to work for me.”

“Priya!” I wept.

“…but let us say that I had a qualified shit-eating slave working for me, you would be that slave’s shit eater.” Priya said. “You’re that low in the hierarchy. You brought all this upon yourself, anyway. I asked you one simple question about how human beings should smell my farts and you got it wrong.” I tried to lick her feet clean but she kicked me away. “I don’t want losers like you in my toilet.”

“Priya,” I took a deep breath and prepared myself for a burst of boldness. “You are just back from your morning jog. You’re sweating hard and your skin is so hot, I can feel it here. Now you walked into your toilet expecting to take a shit in a human being’s mouth, because that is the kind of respect you deserve. Priya, you want a human slave to eat your shit, and I’m telling you, I promise you that I will eat it properly.”

“Hmph.” Priya watched my desperate face begging for her shit, and was obviously moved by my approach. “No, you’re not good enough…”

“Priya, eating your shit is the only reason God sent me here.” I explained. “It’s the only purpose of my being. So please let me serve you and die in your service.”

“Yeah.” The corners of Priya’s lips rose into a subtle smile. “I guess eating my shit can be the only reason for your existence. That must be why you’re so useless at everything else.” She turned around and slowly brought her hot, sweaty balls of warmth all over my face. “Besides, that’s what people like you are for anyway. Look at my typical day- I eat like crazy, jog ten miles, have crazy hot sex all night- shitting all of that into a slave’s mouth is the most generous thing I could do in my toilet.”

“Yes, Priya. I would worship and die for your shit if you would just give me a chance to prove myself.”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do.” Priya said, pointing to her commode. “I will give you a chance to eat yesterday night’s shit.” My heart bounced over a few ribs with joy, but Priya instantly shut the lid of her commode. “But you will have to earn your way up to it.”

“How, Priya?” I begged.

“It gets even better. I am about to take a shit now. You will get to eat that too. But you’ll have to earn your way up to it.” Priya said.

“Whatever it takes, Priya.” I cried tears of joy.

“Hmm,” Priya took a step back to remove her sweaty jogging shorts and her silky black panties. Priya turned around, pointed her finger to me and snapped her finger. “Here we go.”

“Uhh,” I felt confused, hoping to kiss her naked bum. I went up to take a luscious kiss off it, only to have my face slapped away by her powerful hands.

“Bastard.” Priya breathed. “When I snap my fingers, it means I want to fart on your face.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know that, Priya.” I stuck out my tongue and went up to her buttocks to absorb her fart. I quickly managed to wrap my tongue around the dark blow zone, so Priya could fart into my throat. Even as the popping noise exploded before me, I could feel the heavy fumes spread through my tracts and charge them up with divine energy like they’d never felt before.

“Hah, look at you crying.” Priya pointed back at me and laughed.

“Priya, that was the most divine moment of my life, and I could never be able to repay you for something so beautiful.” I shivered as I swallowed the fumes into my lungs. “I cry, because I would never be able to thank you for taking that fart in my mouth.”

“Aww, that’s okay.” Priya cooed. “You’ll eat my shit and die for me. Watching my slaves die is good entertainment for me. Now…,” Priya said, “as you already know, I’m a winner and you are a loser.” She walked towards the far end of her toilet and leaned her bum against the corner. “I can shit wherever I want, and you would have to eat it.”

“That’s the very purpose of my life, Priya.”

She shook her buttocks and with a short grunt, she slowly allowed two large lumps to drop out of her ass and into the corner of the toilet. She then stepped her strong, sweaty legs on the commode to drop a few turds next to the porcelain structure. “Ahh,” she heaved, but I could tell she wasn’t done. She slowly stepped closer to me and began shaking her butt, still facing me. “I will shit wherever I want,” she said, twisting her abdomen and shaking her pelvis with mighty force. Large turds of shit shot out of her buttocks and flew all over the toilet. Most of the shit pieces dropped to the floor, but a few pieces were stuck to the toilet walls. Within minutes, her fresh dry shit was stuck to several places on the walls and the toilet floor had ample supplies of it, too. “Hmm,” Priya smiled and felt her relieved stomach with her fingers. “That was a good shit I just took.”

“Thank you for letting me watch, Priya.”

“Now here’s the game.” Priya announced. “You are going to spot every single piece of shit that I just dropped and beg me for permission to eat it. I will tell you what you need to do each time. Understood?”

“Yes, Priya.”

“Go ahead, then. What’s the first piece of shit a human being must eat just after I’ve taken a fresh dump?” Priya asked. I checked around for pieces of her shit hoping to point at the right one, only to receive the tightest ever slap from her hands. “You unworthy loser. I can’t believe I’m even considering you for a shit-eater position.”

“I’m sorry, Priya. Please tell me what I forgot.”

“This!” Priya pointed to the crack of her buttocks, which had a gigantic brown mound popping down from it. “When the Goddess takes a shit, your first concern in life is to wash her butt crack with your tongue. That way I can sit down somewhere to kick you in the gut.”

“I can’t believe I was such an idiot, Priya.” I cried. “Please tell me what I need to do to earn the right to lick your buttocks clean.”

“Hmm,” Priya mused for a while before making up her mind. “I want to slap your face so hard, that blood should pour out. Take ten hard slaps from me, and I will allow you to lick the shit off my butt crack.”

“Gladly, Priya.” I knelt before her and looked up to her face, grabbing her thighs to help myself up. “Please slap me ten times…”

Before I could finish, Priya’s left hand had risen high in the air to swing around and make a hard landing on my cheeks. I felt blood pour out into the quivering cheeks, as my ears rang the emergency siren blocking out all other sound. The only thing they could still discern was the sound of Priya giggling at my plight and counting “ten.” This time, her right hand went up and swung through my cheek, throwing me over the toilet floor very close to a piece of her shit I still hadn’t begged for. “Nine.” Priya’s hands gestured for me to rise up and take eight more devastating slaps to my cheeks before she threw my head over the lid of her commode. “One. There you go, you are now worthy of licking my bum clean.”

“Th..thank you, Priya.” I sank into the floor, my vision of the world blurred out.

Priya turned around and moved her naked buttocks right over my face and pointed to the center of the sweat-covered spheres. “Come here and lick off this shit.” Even as she said that, my heart began to pump itself back to life. I loved the way she said “shit.” I grabbed her upper thighs and stuffed my face into the darkness between the soft, glimmering balls and took the biggest lick of my life. Half a ton of shit was still stuck there, but I began to lick the consecutive layers off her buttocks and into my mouth. As a quality assurance measure, I stuck my tongue out at the bottom of her buttocks and licked my way up to the top of the butt crack. I swallowed, but there was no solid left to swallow there.

I moved before Priya, joined my hands together and bowed to her greatness. “Thank you for letting me wash your bum clean, my Goddess.”

“Are you sure it’s all clean?” Priya asked, grabbing my face and rubbing her buttocks all over them to see for herself. “Oh yes, you seem to have cleaned them up properly.”

“It’s the least I can do, Priya.”

“Now, I want all the shit in this toilet eaten up.” Priya said. “Start begging me.”

I spotted a large lump of her shit next to the commode where she had now taken a seat. “Priya, what do I have to do to become worthy of eating this piece of your divine excrement?”

“Ten kicks to your gut.” Priya stated. I knelt before her and offered my bare stomach for her to kick. Despite the meagre wiggle room, she managed to pull her legs back and swing them hard into my gut. I bent over to her feet as a defense against further kicks, but I had a job to do. Even as I pulled myself back up, I felt Priya’s sadistic laugh under my skin. “That’s why you should exercise and keep your stomach hard. See how hard mine is,” she said, tapping her perfect washboard of a belly. “Little things differentiate winners from losers.”

“True, Priya.” I offered myself to her kick again, and she grabbed the offer, sending her powerful foot barricading through my soft belly. Despite everything, I got up and begged her for eight more. She was finally done with the ten kicks to my gut before she sat back.

“You can eat that piece of shit.” Priya approved with a nod.

I bowed over to lick the very first piece of Priya’s shit I had eaten in my life. Despite the overpowering urge to devour it, I got back up and clasped her feet in my hands. “Priya, may I have your divine feet on my head as I eat this piece of your shit?”

“I guess so,” she conceded this one easily. As I bowed down to eat her shit, I felt her feet crushing me down to it. I opened up wide and swallowed as much of the brown substance as I could with one bite. It was strongly bitter and left a pungent odour as it slipped down my dry throat. I took more than a minute to swallow it, then I persistently licked the spot on the floor clean with my tongue, until there was no sign that her shit was ever there.

It was time for the next piece. I spotted the large gunk she had left at the edge of the toilet floor, and pointed to it. “Priya, I beg your divinity to allow me that piece of your shit. Please tell me what an unworthy slave like me has to do, to swallow those turds for you.”

“You have to take ten knee kicks to your face.” Priya laughed. She got up, grabbed my head at the level of her navel and sent her knee jamming into my face. I felt the bridge of my nose burst open, with drops of blood flowing down to the floor. Still, I managed to inhale and keep it all in so that Priya’s knees wouldn’t get dirty. She thrust one knee into my face after another, penetrating her knees through my skull several times. After what seemed like an eternity, the ten knee kicks were done and she threw me to the corner of her toilet. “I not entitle you to eat that piece of my shit.”

“Thank you, Priya.” With a spinning head, I groped around the room for the corner and sent my mouth foraging for the piece of her shit I had taken all the punishment for. Even as I began swallowing the stinky bitterness, I felt the warmth of her foot on my head.

“You know, at this rate I might make you my shit-eater by the end of next week.” Priya said. “You wouldn’t be a temp anymore.”

The statement was plenty reassuring, but I couldn’t help but bite further. “Priya, you haven’t actually taught me how I should eat your shit.”

“Oh yeah.” Priya said. “I guess I will do that next week if you can stay alive and keep doing a good job for me. Just twelve more days to go.”

“Thank you, Priya.” I swallowed the last piece of her shit off the floor and licked the spot fully clean. Then I found the piece of her shit stuck to the wall. “Priya, how can a lowly inferior human like me become worthy of that piece of your shit?”

“I guess I will just butt-grind you into it.” Priya said, gesturing me to go forth and attempt to swallow it from the wall. Even as my mouth made contact with her shit, Priya’s round buttocks took a horizontal seat on my face and began crushing me into the walls. By some magic I was still able to clean up her walls and report my success to her.

“How about that little piece of shit, Priya?” I pointed to a tiny pellet next to the commode. “What would make me worthy of swallowing that for you?”

“Hmm,” Priya said, stepping her foot on it. “You’ll have to lick it off my feet if you want it.” I thus began to lick her toes and the bottoms of her feet clean with my tongue, taking the shit right off them. Suddenly, she caught my face and kicked me several times with her sharp toenails. The feet came crashing in, over and over until I was bleeding out on the floor. “I now entitle you to eat yesterday night’s shit,” Priya said, pointing to the commode.

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