Priya’s second toilet boy

Even though Priya had sentenced me to live and die within the confines of her toilet, she had let me out today. It was a weekend, and she had no homework to do so she planned to watch TV the whole day. When she did, she enjoyed chewing peanuts and other snacks, and I was to remain on high alert at her legs, ready to smell her farts. It was the best possible job in the world. In fact, I had my hands full that morning serving Priya as her “kick-eater boy” whenever her feet itched to kick a human being square in the face. I even served as her human foot stool and her waiter. Being her waiter sounded like one of the easiest among the jobs, but it was the hardest. For example, I had to unpeel a banana and feed it to her as she watched TV, holding up the fruit to her mouth. She took a long time to bite into it, and I couldn’t dare bring down my hand. Soon, my hands began to shiver and burn as they waited for her to bite the last half of the banana. Even as Priya finished the banana, she laughed as she noticed me shivering on the floor holding up her banana for her. “Aww, poor you. I give you such difficult jobs, don’t I?”

“No, Priya. It’s just that my hands started to ache from holding up that banana for you…”

“Who cares? God created lowly, inferior human beings like you to serve supreme beings like me.” Priya said.

“That’s so very true, Priya.” I dived for her feet and profusely kissed every inch of them to subvert any punishment that may be on the way. “Serving you is the highest privilege I’ve had in my life, and I should be eternally grateful!”

“You should be.” Priya’s head soared high with pride. If she didn’t want to kick me for my last complaint, she must have been in the best mood of her life. “In fact, I am going to make you even more grateful. Where is the peel of that banana I just ate?”

“It’s here, my supreme Queen.”

“Now, stuff that here into my panties.” Priya bent over her body and separated the panties from her moist buttocks. I felt my mouth salivate a bit, as I saw the yellow-green banana peel sliding smoothly into the gap between the Goddess’s bum and panties. Priya giggled a bit from the tickle it produced in her delicates, but stopped soon enough. Taking a deep breath, she relieved herself with a huge long fart on the banana peel. “Aah. Now take it out and eat it.”

“The banana peel?” I asked dumb questions to delay the inevitable.

“Yes. That’s your lunch right there in my panties. A fart-flavored banana peel.” Priya laughed, inviting me to take my lunch off from between her ass cheeks. “Go on, eat it.” I carefully slid the banana peel back out and stuffed it into my mouth. It had a sort of fibrous, sweetish taste to it but was covered with the strong smell of Priya’s fart. “How is it? It’s almost as good as eating my shit, right?”

“Yes, Priya.” I rubbed my cheeks against her knee to thank her for my lunch, “but not quite as pure.”

“Of course it cannot be the same as eating my shit.” Priya said. “Nothing can. But only privileged slaves get to eat…” Even before she finished the sentence, her house gate sounded. A man walked up to the door and gave it a slight knock. “Yeah Suraj, come on in.”

“Hi Priya. Hope I’m not intruding.” Suraj said as he stepped inside and took a seat on the couch at the opposite side of the living room.

“Not at all!” Priya dismissed.

“Wow.” Suraj took a glance at her glorious thighs and began to drool. “I wish you dressed like this for college.”

“But then all the boys would fail their exams now, wouldn’t they?” Priya laughed.

“Umm..who is that guy massaging your legs?” he asked, finally noticing my tiny presence in the room.

“Oh, he’s just a slave. Don’t mind him at all.” Priya said. “Tell me, what brings you all the way here?”

“It’s nothing at all, Priya.” Suraj said nervously. “Just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I’m doing well.” Priya stated. “So, will that be all?”

“N…no.” Suraj giggled in weakness. “I was wondering if you were free tonight. There is a great new Italian restaurant quite close to my place…”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” Priya asked with a wide grin on her face.

“I…I guess I am asking you out.” Suraj said, reassuring himself that he was speaking the truth.

“Hmm…,” Priya half-closed her eyes and conjured a devious smile. “We’ll have dinner and talk about ourselves and then we’ll hold each other’s hands in college so everyone finds out. A few days later, we’ll share our very first kiss…”

“Wow.” Suraj’s sweat glands began to churn. “I can’t believe you’re so open…”

“So, why don’t we skip all the formalities and just tell each other what we want?” Priya said.

“I would love to kiss you…”

“And wouldn’t you want to fuck me?” Priya asked. “Say, doggie style?”

“That would be…umm…spectacular.” Suraj began to cry.

“So let’s do that right now.” Priya rose from her couch and stepped towards the other end of the room. “If you close your eyes, you will get to kiss me right now.”

“Oh my Lord!” Suraj shut his eyes tight. “I will seal them close if that’s what it takes!”

“Good.” Priya planted her knees on either side of her wishful male guest and turned around, so that her skirt was perfectly in front of his face. “Just keep your eyes closed, okay?”

“Yes, Priya.” Suraj went further away from Priya’s buttocks, unbeknownst to him.

“Now, I want you to say how you feel about me.” Priya said, bringing her panties up to his nose.

“Priya, from the moment I saw you, you were all I could ever think of. Your beauty assures me that God exists, and creates objects of divine beauty such as yourself.” He took a pause. “Priya, I love you more than anything in the world.”

Even as he finished, Priya raised her skirt so that her panties were exposed to his face. She then threw herself back, grinding his nose between her moist ass-cheeks and soon let out a long fart into his mouth. The brown explosion sent the gas rushing into his tracts, preventing any possibility of breathing air. “And I hate you because you are useless shit! You are a worthless human that deserves nothing more than to die in my toilet.” Before Suraj realized what he was kissing, Priya’s naked buttocks were all over him- grinding his nose into the upper surface of the couch.

“Ahh!” Suraj’s face ground thoroughly into the velvet, he could hardly find his nose to breathe. “Priya, you could have just said ‘no’, you didn’t have to fart on my face.”

“That’s my way of making a point.” Priya said, slowly lowering her butt and allowing the reject a fresh gasp of air. “How can losers like you even think of asking me out?”

“I’m sorry, Priya. But you farted…”

“Think of how disgusted I feel.” Priya said, sinking back to her couch and kicking my head indicating that she wanted me to resume massaging them. “Some loser comes and asks me out on a Sunday. Grrr…I feel like throwing you from my terrace into the gutter and killing you off once for all. Yuck!”

Suraj began to cry like before, but these were tears of extreme defeat and humiliation. “I’m sorry I asked, Priya. I won’t bother you anymore…”

“Of course you won’t.” Priya watched as he stood up to walk out of the house in shame. “The only way I would even consider keeping low-class beings like you near me is if you were one of my shit eaters.”

Suraj paused and considered for a moment before walking out. “I would have to eat your shit? But why?”

“So I can conduct experiments on how long humans can live off my shit.” Priya said. “Also, it’s really good to have humans like these, ready to smell my farts all the time,” she pointed to me.

“But then…,” Suraj considered, “I would at least get to see your face and be around you.”

“Very rarely, but yes.” Priya said. “As my shit-eater, you would earn those rights. Although you do lose your rights to proper food.”

“Priya,” Suraj got down on his knees. “I have decided that I will be your shit-eater.”

“Of course you did.” Priya smiled. “But it’s not that easy. First, you have to go sell your house, empty your bank accounts and hand me over every penny that you are worth.”

“But why?”

“Because you’ll die for me anyway. I should get paid for that, shouldn’t I?” Priya began to polish her sharp fingernails.

“Of course you should.” Suraj said before leaving the house to figure out how much he was worth, financially.

During the one hour that he was out of Priya’s house, dangerous doubts began to creep into my mind. “Priya,” I asked, “what if he pays you more than twenty lakhs?”

“He will get to eat all my shit, smell all my farts while you would only get to watch him work.” Priya said. “Money is everything, you see.”

“But you have trained me to smell your farts for you, using my tongue.” I argued. “Priya, please let me be your shit-eater.”

“Why? Why would I?” Priya laughed.

“I’m sure I can do a far better job than him.”

“What? How do you figure?”

“Priya, he only wants to be your shit-eater so he can see your face more.” I said. “All my life, the only dream I ever had is eating your shit and dying for you. I never ever asked you out, and never considered myself worthy of doing so either.”

“That’s true.” Priya mused. “But let’s see how much money he brings. I will make my decision based on that, plus a few days of probation from him too.”

“Yes, Priya.” Tears of despair flew out of my eyes as I massaged her milky thighs.

Suraj returned and handed over the cheque. “Fifty lakhs,” he declared. “Priya, please tell me that qualifies me to be your shit-eater.”

“Of course it does.” Priya looked at the cheque gleefully as my heart sank below my ribs. “It’s not nearly enough, but it’s better than what this other loser paid me,” she pointed to me, “only twenty lakhs.”

“That…” Suraj turned to me, ready to seize his moment. “That is an abomination to your divine beauty and the chance to serve you until death.”

“It is.” Priya said. “But then, he never had to pay forgiveness charges. You have to.”

“Huh?” Suraj questioned. My heart began to work again, although I was still unaware of where this was going.

“This loser,” Priya pointed at me, “begged me for a chance to become my toilet slave. And I eventually accepted him. But you asked me out. You considered yourself worthy of being my boyfriend.”


“Which of course you aren’t.” Priya said. “Forgiving you will cost you approximately….” she had a sinister smile as she announced the amount, “thirty lakhs.”

“Priya,” Suraj hugged her ankles and began to wail.

“Now that makes both of you equals in my toilet, where you’re both going to spend your lives and die for me.” Priya said. I touched my forehead to her thighs, worshiping her divine brilliance. “When I want to fart, I could either blow on your face or your face,” she pointed her fingers to us in tandem. “It doesn’t make any difference, because neither of you is more qualified than the other.”

Priya got up and turned around, displaying her panty-clad buttocks for the two of us to lust over. “In fact, I want to go right now. Let’s play a little game, shall we?” she announced, bringing down her panties. “The two of you will lick the center of my ass, right here,” she pointed across her butt crack. “I will fart whenever I want. Whoever gets my gas on their face is the winner!” She began to shake the luscious spheres, luring both of us to take a lick. “Let’s go. Both of you, start licking me and pray for me to fart in your mouth.”

“Yes, Priya.” I went up first, eagerly licking the dark gap between the ass cheeks from bottom to top, but to no avail. Suraj went next, licking the gorgeous butt-crack all along its length but he had no luck either. We took turns licking the Goddess’s bum for a couple of minutes, until Priya suddenly caught my head and blew a loud one into my mouth.

“Ahh, you’re the winner,” she announced, kicking my head.

“Thank you, Priya.”

“But since both of you are equals,” Priya caught the other slave by the ear, only to hurl his body over mine, “the loser has to kiss the winner’s mouth and enjoy some of the smell.”

“But…,” Suraj wondered where to begin his protest, “I’m not gay.”

“Of course you’re not. Now suck his lips because it smells exactly like my fart.” Priya ordered, crushing his face into mine with her feet. There was no choice. I had to open my mouth and allow her reject to suck the scent of her fresh fart right from my lips. Priya watched us and began to applaud with joy. “Yay! My two gay fartboys!”

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