May the best shit-eater, Eat

Priya was on her couch, her buttocks fully smothering her second shit-eater’s face while I sat at her knees and watched him inhale her farts for her. It wasn’t that the other slave was more qualified to smell her farts than I was, it was just that she enjoyed farting on “fresh faces” each time. Even as I hugged her smooth naked knees, she let a huge one rip on her other slave’s face. He had penetrated his tongue past her panties and was using them to capture every molecule of her farts, just like an experienced slave should. I began to feel useless licking her thighs, but she soon had an order for me. “Hey loser! Go bring an old newspaper and spread it all over the floor.”

“Yes Mistress.” I obeyed without question.

As I spread the newspaper on the living room floor, Priya had a huge grin on her face as if she were looking forward to something. “My friend Aditi is coming over today and if you guys perform well for her, she will take one of you home with her.”

“You mean,” I shuddered, “that one of us wouldn’t get to die from eating your shit?”

“Exactly.” Priya confirmed. “One of you will become her shit-eating slave and die for her.” She saw the apprehensive looks on my face and the human-being she was smothering under her warm buttocks, and had a good laugh. “Don’t worry, you losers. She’s not that different from me. But she does have different needs. For example, she always wears those hard leather boots and kicks her slaves with them. She likes to kick humans with her boots and watch them bleed to their death. That’s why I’ve asked you to spread newspaper all over my floor.”

“Kick a toilet boy to his death…,” I repeated, already seeing red blots of blood on the newspaper sheets I was spreading out before the couch.

“Yeah.” Priya said. “But last time I had eight shit-eaters in my toilet. I didn’t mind her snuffing two or three slaves for me. Today I only have you two losers and I need one of you as my personal toilet.” A frown took over her face. “But who cares about you guys? Neither of you is good enough to eat my shit. If she wants to kill one of you with her boots, I’m not denying her the pleasure.”

“True, Mistress.” I finished the job and prayed to her bare feet, considering that this was probably the last time I would see them in my life. I was allowed a few religious moments with the dust of her feet before the doorbell rang and in walked the second most beautiful girl I’d seen in my life- she was dressed in a navy blue top with a tiny micro-skirt dangling over her upper thighs. She dressed much like Priya in that sense, but below the skirt was her big black leather boots with metallic stiletto heels that covered three quarters of her legs. Her face was a strong North-Indian one, with a sharp nose and luscious lips.

“Hiyee!” Priya greeted her into the living room. “Come on in. I had my one of my toilet boys prepare this room for the bloodbath that’s about to happen,” she said, indicating the newspaper spread across the floor.

“Oh, nice!” Aditi said, taking her seat on the other couch. “So I can kick your boys as much as I want, and your floor would still be clean.”

“Yeah.” Priya blushed. “And even if you kill one of them, we could wrap them up in newspapers and throw their dead bodies in the gutter.”

“Very thoughtful of you.” Aditi said, checking around the room. “So, how many boys do you have for me this time?”

“As of now, I’m only considering these two humans to work as my personal shit-eater.” Priya said, presenting me and her other slave with a disappointed look on her face.

“Only two?” Aditi joined in the disappointment.

“And neither of them is good enough, really.” Priya said. “I will catch some better guys to fart on the next time, so I don’t mind if you blast both of them with your boots. At least that way, we can both have a good laugh.”

“Cool, then.” Aditi caught the other slave in her hands and examined him. “Pthoot,” she spattered her saliva all over his face, unimpressed. Aditi then caught me and began to examine my body. “This one looks a little more sturdy,” she observed.

“But his stomach is softer than my cushions. Terrible shape he’s in…” Priya said.

“Yeah,” Aditi spat on my face too. She then took a breath and announced her game. “Tomorrow morning, one of you lucky boys will eat my shit in front of me. Now, the two of you have to auction for it.”

“Auction?” I whispered audibly.

“Yes. How many kicks are you willing to endure from these boots..,” Aditi tapped the rock-solid edges of her boots, “to become my personal shit eater?”

I looked at the other slave, too paralyzed to speak. So I began the bidding with the lowest possible number. “One?”

“One.” Aditi smiled. “How about you, loser?” she asked the other slave.

“Two,” he answered.

The bidding went on until we both were at “ten.” Priya stopped us at that point. “I don’t think either of these losers know what ten kicks mean,” she said. “Why don’t we start with ten kicks to both losers, so they understand what they are asking for?”

“Okay,” Aditi said, catching the other slave. “Ten kicks for you first. Get your ass here.”

“Yes, Mistress.” The slave crawled over to where Aditi was pointing, and soon her deadly boots were on his shoulders.

“Turn that way,” Aditi adjusted the slave between her ankles so that he was firmly caught in her left boot while the right boot was free for a full swing. She took the right foot away, caught it in her hand as she prepared for a massive kick to the man’s temple. She then let the boot roar through the air and land square into the slave’s nose, instantly breaking it into pieces. “One,” Aditi announced with joy as the slave began to bleed to the floor. “Oh, did I forget to tell you guys that I have killed several slaves with less than ten kicks?” I was so shocked from the impact that I began to retreat, forgetting to respond to her question. The newspaper on the floor began to gather its first drops of blood, with just one kick down and nine more to go for the other slave, then ten for me.

“Are you ready for kick two?” Priya cooed, as she sat back and watched him bleed away.

“Ready or not, here I come.” Aditi sent the right boot flying through the air, blasting her way through the slave’s temple this time. There was little blood, but we could see his consciousness fading away. “Two,” she counted. The hard boot flew back and swung in again, ripping off the slave’s cheek on impact. “Three,” she laughed as the slave’s mouth bled out to the floor. For the fourth kick, the boots penetrated the slave’s eye sockets and blinded him for life. Aditi then turned her focus to the slave’s teeth, uprooting at least four of them with her next kick. The slave swallowed his own teeth, then fell over to the floor unconscious. “Five. That’s all?”

“That’s why I never took a shit in his mouth.” Priya said. “He’s not worthy of anything, really.”

“Is he dead?” Aditi asked, getting curious but still unconcerned.

“N…nope.” Priya checked his pulse. “He’s just unconscious.”

“So, you want to bring him up for the remaining five kicks?” Aditi asked.

“I don’t think he can get up.” Priya caught his neck and pulled him up for Aditi’s boot, but he dropped back instantly. “Maybe I should revive him first,” she said with a mischievous wink. Priya laid him out on the floor and squatted her legs on either side of his head, bringing down her buttocks to the unconscious slave’s face. She let out a huge fart into his mouth causing him to stir into awakeness. “Get up, get up.” Priya ordered as she farted.


“Yes, Priya.” The slave said, still bleeding profusely.

“You said you can eat ten boot kicks to your face, and you’re only done with five.” Priya said. “Come on, get up and take five more kicks.”

“I…I can’t,” the slave declared. “I would die if I took even one more of those kicks.”

“He gives up.” Priya reported. “Looks like five is the number to beat.”

“Hmm,” Aditi’s attention turned to me. “Six kicks, and you get to be my shit eater. Come here, let’s start your batch.” She giggled as I took my place between her strong, muscular legs and prepared to meet my end at her boots. “You are shivering. What are you so afraid of?” she mocked.

“It’s nothing, I’m sorry.”

“Oh you have nothing to be afraid of. You are dying for a good cause.” Aditi said. “My personal entertainment is a good cause, isn’t it?”

“True, Aditi.”

Even as I spoke, I felt her boot crack its way into my nose causing me to bleed out to the floor just like the other slave did. Aditi had a method and precision to her assault, and had done this several times to several hundred men. “One,” she laughed as my blood sprinkled over the floor. I recovered and got back to her left ankle, only to receive the nasty kick to my temple. I felt myself becoming faint between her boots, but concentrated on breathing as much air as I could. “Two,” Aditi said. Her boots appeared and disappeared in a flash, cutting its way through my eyes. I felt blood flowing down like tears, but kept myself breathing and alive. Another kick to my eye followed, and then there were two that went into my teeth. “Five. Are you ready for one more, slave?”

My head reeled from the destruction it was subjected to, but I gathered myself to pull my half-dead body across the finish line. “Yes.”

Aditi sent the last kick flying into my cheeks, and I dropped back to the floor victorious. “Yay! I have a new shit-eater.”

“He’s not very good at it, though.” Priya pointed out.

“If he’s good enough to be my boot-kick boy, I will let him eat my shit as a reward.” Aditi said.

“That makes almost no sense,” Priya giggled.

“I know.” Aditi shared a high-five with her. She then pulled me up to kneel before her. “You are my new shit-eater. How does it feel?”

“I feel great,” I worshiped her, then turned to Priya, guilty.

“His only wish in life was to eat my shit and die for me.” Priya said. “But as my slave, I am ordering you to eat her shit instead.”

“Yes, Priya. That way, I would still be living and dying for you.” I said. “Aditi, becoming your shit-eater is the biggest accomplishment of my life.”

“Of course it is.” Aditi said. “Your life is about to become useful for a girl like me! It doesn’t get any better than this for a slave.”

“True, Aditi.”

“Now, let me inaugurate your mouth.” Aditi turned around and pulled me into her panties. An overwhelming gust of foul wind covered up my face, and I managed to catch it all on my tongue as Priya had trained me to do. “I now declare your mouth- useful!”

“Thank you, my Goddess!” I couldn’t stop lapping up her panties, but eventually descended to lick her large boots for her.

“You don’t mind me taking your shit-eater home?” Aditi asked Priya.

“Nah, he’s useless to me anyway. I’ll find a few more.” Priya said.

“Cool.” Aditi caught me and threw me out of the house, towards her little scooter. “I may not return him in condition,” she laughed. She then took out a piece of rope from the vehicle’s storage and began to tie a knot around my neck.

“Wh..why?” I asked, pointing to the rope.

“This is how I take home my new slaves.” Aditi said. “Tying their neck to the butt of my vehicle. Don’t worry, I only live five miles away.”

“I see.” My hands and neck were firmly secured to the backside of her scooter. She then took her seat and started the engine, sending exhaust fumes into my face. The vehicle then began to move, dragging my body along the gravel road to her house.

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