New, improved toilet boy

“What is this thing here?” Anirudh asked, picking up my head and examining me like a commodity he was considering for purchase. Anirudh, as I had learned, was my new Mistress Aditi’s boyfriend. A very handsome and burly man, his very presence crippled my mouth into tacit stillness. The glamorous couple could barely keep their hands off each other as they examined me, the loser tied to the corner of her bed.

“Oh, he’s just my new shit-eater.” Aditi said. “Priya was about to fire him for not being good enough to eat her shit. I’m on the verge of doing the same myself. I mean, look how hopeless he is.”

“I see what you mean.” Anirudh observed me shivering at his feet. “But I think we should begin with our usual routine,” he said, swooping into Aditi’s hair to kiss her on the nape, then slowly moved his open lips down to her shoulders.

“You mean the tease? Ooh, I love the tease.” Aditi bubbled up with ecstasy.

“Let’s start now, then.” Anirudh firmly stomped my naked dick with his heavy boot and pointed to Aditi. “Hey loser! Look at my girlfriend. I give you permission to see her face for five seconds. Look how beautiful she is.”

“True, sir.” I said, even as his boots crushed my cock into little pieces. “She is a divine Goddess. Every inch of her face and body is so perfect, I should count myself lucky to even see her for five seconds…”

A hard slap blasted through my cheeks. “Your five seconds are up. Stop staring at my beautiful girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” I nursed my cheeks off the powerful, manly slap.

“A winner like me would get to taste her sweet lips,” Anirudh said, swooping in for a prolonged lip-lock with his beautiful partner, “while a loser like you would have to smell her farts.” He raised her little micro-skirt, pushed her luscious bum over my face and squeezed it slightly. As if on cue, Aditi let out a huge fart in my mouth even as she kissed her boyfriend. The couple giggled as they kissed and watched me choking to the burst of Aditi’s gas. Anirudh embraced her and brushed a few locks of hair off her face. “You’re so sexy when you fart on these losers’ faces.”

“Oh, thank you.” Aditi laughed, then kissed him back.

“Hey loser! Take off my girlfriend’s panties so I can fuck her in the ass.” Anirudh ordered.

“Yes Sir.” I thought of raising my hand and obeying my Master, only to receive a hard kick to my face from his heavily booted feet.

“Bastard. You’re supposed to pull it down with your tongue. Don’t you know that by now?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” I carefully mouthed the beautiful girl’s panties and tugged them down her thighs until they dropped to the floor.

“Now take off her skirt,” he said, pointing to the girl’s negligible skirt. I caught it with my mouth and tugged it down for her, exposing her perfect naked ass for him to caress with his eager hands. He squeezed it like a sponge in his hands, with a proud and sinister smile on his face indicating the privileges that only a real man like him could have. “Honey, do you feel like farting on your loser’s face?”

“Hmm, no I guess.” Aditi said.

“You want to shit in his mouth?”


Anirudh turned to me, looking over her shoulders. “Hey, loser! Did you hear what my girlfriend said?”

“Y..yes sir. She doesn’t want to shit or fart now.”

“And what’s the point of you being alive?” Anirudh asked. “Those are only two reasons, aren’t they?”

“Yes sir.”

“So get out of this room and go into her toilet. My girlfriend will call you when she wants to shit in your mouth. Go, get out.” He forcefully kicked me out of the room, sending me hurtling towards the toilet. Even as I crawled away from the couple, I remembered Aditi’s instructions before the boyfriend stepped in. She wanted me to act gay, pretend to fall in love with her boyfriend and somehow eat his shit for him. She’s warned me that if I didn’t do that, the boyfriend would cut off my legs. Now that was an unbearable proposition, given the way Aditi usually cut off her shit-eaters’ legs. Anirudh would pick up a metallic saw and cut through the slaves’ legs while Aditi would sit on their face, farting into their lungs- she considered her farts equivalent to anaesthesia.

“Sir?” I whispered, slowly approaching the girl’s boyfriend. “Isn’t there anything you could, perhaps, use me for?”

“Hmm,” Anirudh felt his stomach, considering my question. “Come to think of it, I would like to take a dump in your mouth.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I went closer to him, hugged his thighs and kissed his manly buttocks.

“But why would you want to eat my shit?” Anirudh asked, throwing me to the bed and taking a seat on my face. “You’re here to eat Aditi’s shit.”

“Sir, even though I am a straight man, I am downright seduced by your iconic stature and brilliance.” I said, gritting my teeth through the lies. “Even if I could never be half the man you are, I believe serving you would bring me closer to my true purpose in life.”

“See? I made him gay!” Anirudh laughed, high-fiving his beautiful girlfriend. “As for you down there, you can eat my shit now, loser!” he began to grunt, unloading several gallons of pungent gas into my mouth. He settled back down over my mouth and unloaded a few tons of dark matter into my willing mouth, then waited for a cleaning sweep with my tongue. “I bless you,” he said, finally getting off my face only to kick me with his heavily toenailed feet. “My shit must surely bring you closer to the true purpose of your existence.”

“It does, my lord!” I cried. “Thank you!”

Anirudh then turned to Aditi, who had a wicked smile on her face. “Wait a minute. You ate my shit because Aditi doesn’t approve of you as her shit-eater, right?”

“I…” I tried to shake my head but Aditi confirmed his suspicion. “It’s true, sir. Aditi thinks I’m too tall to be her shit-eater and wanted to cut off my legs. I asked if there was anything else I could do, and she told me to somehow eat your shit.”

“Now that is inexcusable!” Anirudh bellowed. “She thinks you’re too tall to be her shit-eater, because you are. It looks like we have to saw off your legs.”

“Sir, please!” I screamed, grabbing his shins and kissing them. “I’ll do anything to be a good toilet for your girlfriend. Please don’t chop off my legs.”

“Of course we will.” Anirudh pushed me over, laying me flat on the floor. “Aditi dear, please sit on his face for me will you?”

“Okay.” Aditi shrugged, then descended with her naked buttocks on my neck. “Can’t help it, slave. God made you all wrong, with long legs and everything when the only point of your existence is to eat my shit. My boyfriend will soon fix that for you…”

“Please…” even as I opened my mouth to protest, Aditi farted on my tongue.

“Shut up!” She blasted a few more farts to my face, grinding me into the floor as her boyfriend returned with a saw. “Once my boyfriend is done cutting off your legs, I will consider shitting in your useless mouth.”

All I could see was the heavy round buttocks covering most of my face, exploding frequently. So I began to lick the cunt clean and smell as much of it as I could, even as her boyfriend ran his saw through my legs. That was the last thing I felt that day. The next time I woke up, a few hours later, I found myself strung upside down over Aditi’s commode, missing the lower half of my body! “Now, I can finally take a shit in your mouth!” I heard the girl’s voice, before darkness took over again.

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