Torture Room

Serial explosions set off by an organized terrorist group had rocked the very face of Devipur city. The mercenaries had planted several bombs along the shopping carts of the city market and set them off in tandem, causing over a hundred deaths and several thousand injuries. Upon a swift investigation by the newly formed Anti Terrorist squad of the police, the operating location of the terrorists was found- a dingy, broken house close to the slums. An attack team was deployed there, but by the time they reached the place all but one of the terrorists had escaped. The one man they did catch was taken into custody and locked up in a secure cell in the city’s jail.

An elite team of interrogators was brought over to the site. The team entered the cell one by one, to force Kabir to answer important questions about the attack. Who ordered the blasts? Who funded the explosives and who sourced them? Etc. During the brutal interrogation, Kabir was continually beaten up with a heavy stick, subjected to electric torture and had his tongue, plus each of his fingers pulled out with metallic plyers. No matter what the police seemed to do, Kabir wouldn’t give up the name of his employer or the source of the ammunition.

“How do we proceed, Sir?” the inspector asked his colonel. “The man religiously believes that God sent him to destroy our city and kill hundreds of us.”

“What method of torture haven’t we tried yet?” the colonel asked, growling at the prisoner in the cell.

“Sir, we’ve beaten him up, tore off most of his skin, threatened to cut off all his fingers and actually did so.” The inspector said, thoughtfully. “This man doesnot seem to have a breaking point, Sir.”

“Everyone has a breaking point.” The colonel shook his head.

“In that case, it looks like death is the only way to break him.” The inspector said.

“I think it’s time…,” the colonel announced, “to bring her in…”

“You mean?”

“Priya!” The colonel nodded.

“But sir…”

“If anyone can get answers out of Kabir, it’s Priya.” The colonel said. “I think you will agree, inspector, that we’ve exhausted all other options we have.”

“That’s true, Sir.” Inspector said. “But, Priya? Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“We have no choice, inspector.” The colonel said. “Make the call.”

“Yes Sir.”

Half an hour later, Priya arrived at the city jail dressed in her red low-cut top and a tiny black micro-skirt with large leather boots covering her lower leg. Even though she dressed like a first-class hooker, she had an elegance and class about her that made everyone bow down to her with respect. “Is everything ready?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” the inspectors, constables and officers answered in unison, watching her every move like she was the lead singer taking center-stage. With her beauty and charisma, she was accustomed to being the center of attraction everywhere she went.

“My plasma TV is ready?” Priya called out.

“Yes, mistress”

“I want some tacos, some pizza and lots of coffee-ice cream.” Priya snapped her fingers.

“It shall all be ready for you, Priya. Anything you want.” The colonel assured. “Just break that man in there, and get him to give up some information.”

Priya returned a condescending glance. “Are you telling me how to do my job?”


“Then shut up.” Priya said. “I know what I’m doing, and I never fail.”

“I…I’m sorry.” The colonel sunk to his knees, unaccustomed to the rudeness he was just subjected to. He glanced at his subordinates, who would all laugh at him when the situation eventually simmered down.

“Now get out of my way.” Priya said, cutting through the group of law enforcers and making her way into the room. She stepped in and bolted the prison door behind herself. With loud clicks of her boot, she stepped to the center of the room where the terrorist was tied to a broken wood chair. “Hi, Kabir!” Priya smiled as she watched streams of blood pouring out of the man’s face.

“You’re here to torture me?” Kabir growled. “Hah!”

“What’s so funny?” Priya asked, carefully studying his eyes.

“They sent in four men to torture me. One of them cut off my fingers, another nearly electrocuted me.” Kabir said. “After all that, they send a twenty year old girl to get answers out of that’s funny.”

“Yes, that would have been funny.” Priya said. “But you see, Kabir I’m not here to torture you.”

“You’re not?”

“Nope.” Priya moved closer to him and untied his ropes, setting him free. “I’ve already heard everything you have to say.”

“You’ve.. heard what?” Kabir asked.

“That you believe God gave you all those bombs and sent you to blow up our peaceful town.” Priya said. “Isn’t that right, Kabir?”

“Yes.” Kabir said, avoiding eye contact with the young girl. “That is the truth of the matter, and I have nothing more to say.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Priya pushed him over to an adjoining room, which had nothing but a luxurious leather couch and a plasma TV on the far end of the room. Kabir found himself powerless to resist her pushes even though his limbs were free to move. The tremendous beating he had taken all day had rendered him motionless as a foot rug before his beautiful punisher. “That’s why I’ve made a decision about you before we even begin.”

“What’s that?”

“You are worthless to me and my police force.” Priya declared, grabbing his head and placing it on the couch. “Isn’t that true?”

“Yes?” Kabir said, wondering where she was going with this.

“You know what I do with worthless non-entities like you?” Priya asked, towering herself over her prisoner. “I throw your bodies in the dustbin,” she laughed.

“You mean?”

“I’m not here to torture you. I’m here to kill you.” Priya said, turning around and pouncing backwards on the couch such that her prisoner was trapped between her thighs.


“You’re completely useless, aren’t you?” Priya asked. Kabir was about to nod, before she continued. “So what difference does it make if I killed you right here, in the next thirty minutes?”

“N..n…nothing. No difference.” Kabir felt his heart tugging him down. “H…how are you going to kill me?”

“Oh, I’m just going to sit on your face and watch my TV show.” Priya said. “I will use you as my fart breather and shit-eater. You are going to suffocate between my bums, and eat heavy mouthfuls of poisonous shit. If that doesn’t kill you, I will smother you for a few more minutes until you..drop..dead.” She laughed with an evil flourish as she described the last thirty minutes of his life.

“That’s…cruel.” Kabir muttered, eyes widened from the unforeseen situation he was now facing. He had trained several years to withstand all forms of pain and torture, but this was unexpected even for him.

“Of course it’s cruel you loser.” Priya said. “That’s what you get for being so useless. Now, close your eyes and open your mouth.” Priya carefully sat down with the full weight of her buttocks on the prisoner’s face. Kabir just sat and felt her moist ass cheeks smothering his face. His hands had completely lost their function from the torture he’d taken all day, preparing him perfectly for an air-tight smother that he could do nothing about. Priya made herself comfortable on his face, picked up the remote control and began to watch her TV show. “Die, loser!” she grunted, letting out a loud fart on his face.

“Gmph…” Kabir choked as he felt the rotten vapor in his mouth. The vibrations of the fart traveled across his being, crushing him the stench of extreme humiliation.

“Hey useless boy, you were just following your holy book, weren’t you?” Priya laughed, grinding him thoroughly between her ass cheeks. She felt him nodding between her thighs in reply. “Well, what does your religion say about eating a beautiful girl’s shit and dying for her entertainment? Haha!” Priya slowly shifted her weight, granting him space for an answer but still corking his nose between her butt.

“This is humiliating!” Kabir cried. “Please just kill me by electrocution!”

“No way.” Priya said. “My farts and my shit until you die.” She covered his face again, completely trapping him in stinking vacuum. “That was just two minutes, we still have 28 more to go…” She picked up a tray full of her favorite snacks, tacos and began to munch them as she watched her TV show. “You know, mexican food always makes me so extra-gassy. It’s a good thing I have your face to fart on, today.”


“Shut up and die.” Priya said, her stomach catapulting tight for a new blast of gaseous excretions from her snack. Kabir’s tears retreated into his eyes as a huge avalanche fart exploded from her buttocks and penetrated every sac of his lungs. This continued for a few more minutes, before a cheesy pizza arrived at her couch. “Mmm, pizza. So good when you have a human being on standby ready to eat your shit.”

“I give up!” Kabir’s mind began to scream, but his mouth was full of her ass cheeks so no comprehensible sound could come out. Soon, he caught his lucky break when Priya stood up to take off her panties. “Please, Priya. I give up, I will tell you everything.”

“Shut up.” Priya said, taking her seat on his face again. At this point, the colonel began to knock on the room’s window and signal her to let him talk, but Priya “sssshhhhussshhhh”ed him with finger on lips, making him feel smaller than her toenail. Kabir began to tap the floor, desperate to talk. But Priya was determined to use his mouth, and there was no stopping her at any cost. As she munched into her delicious pizza, solid turds began to form at the center of her buttocks and drop into Kabir’s mouth. “You will die for being useless,” Priya said, “while I get to enjoy my favorite olive-topped pizza.” She continued to drop a few more chunks into the prisoner’s mouth, and ensuring that he swallowed every drop of it. “Now,” she finally stood up with her stomach relieved. “What was it you wanted to say?”

“Shabeirra supplied the bombs, and Ugambiq ordered us to set off the bomb blasts in the city market today!” Kabir confessed, attempting to throw everything out of his mouth but to no avail.

“That’s like a good boy!” Priya said. “You police boys noted that down?” she asked the colonel through the window. The officer replied with a thumbs-up and deployed his men to further the investigation. “Where can I find these men?” Priya continued to interrogate, and Kabir replied to all her queries with utmost eagerness.

“Just please don’t shit in my mouth again…” Kabir cried.

“Aww, but I wasn’t done yet.” Priya said. “A little more is left.” She grabbed him and threw him back to his place, then sat over his face again to continue dumping into his mouth. She sat perfectly over his mouth and clasped his nose between her fingers, creating a singular opening in his throat for oxygen supply. With a mighty heave, Priya pushed a large turd down his throat and effectively choked him to death with her final piece of shit. She stood up, and watched the prisoner choke on her shit, his face turning red until there was no more breath. Priya had a good laugh, while the rest of the law enforcement officers applauded her infallible technique.

“She did it again, folks!” The colonel announced. “Once again, Priya has saved our country from certain doom.”

Amidst the applause Priya interjected. “But sir, there is one more thing left to do.”

“What is it, my dear? Anything. Just let me know.”

“Well usually when I shit on a guy and kill him,” Priya began, “I always have another man on standby to lick my bum clean. Now, I want someone to lick the shit off my bum.”

“Who?” The colonel looked around the remainder of his force.

“Since you are the highest ranking officer here, why don’t you do it?” Priya laughed. “Come on, kneel down. Stick out your tongue. There you go!”

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