The pizza party

Chandana’s pizza party was beginning to fill up with her beautiful classmates, and each of them were utterly displeased with me, their lone shit eater. “Just this one?” A girl named Sharada was asking. “We all have to use just one shit eater? In my toilet, I hang four losers like this from the ceiling just to smell my farts. And then a couple more losers to drink my pee. Above my toilet, I keep four more slaves to eat my shit and lick my ass clean. Plus a few more random slaves for massaging my feet and my legs… “

“Alright, we get it.” Chandana said. “You have a dozen boys waiting to die for you everyday.”

“Approximately,” Sharada said, smiling proud.

“I like to kill a new boy each time I fart,” Priya said. “And these days I have been maintaining that record.”

“So we are running short of shit eaters,” Chandana said. “Does anyone want to bring a few fresh shit eaters here?”

“I have some four boys in the trunk of my car,” Sharada said. “And they’re all extras.. ”

“I want to kick one of them with my left boot,” Aditi said.

“I want to show off my neck breaker move with one of them,” Richa, another attendee of the party, said.

“And I want to give one of them a fart blast,” Chandana announced.

“It looks like we’re killing a lot of boys in this party,” Sharada said, leaving to fetch the humans locked in her trunk.

“I brought four slaves of my own,” Priya remembered. She went downstairs to bring her extra humans upstairs.

“Now this,” Chandana said, looking over the nine slaves in front of her and the girls, “is a pizza party!”

The girls applauded their slave collection and began munching into their pizzas. Soon, the girls were armed with explosive stomachs, ready to kill slaves. Sharada went center stage, caught one of Priya’s slaves and a tissue paper from her pizza box. “Allow me to demonstrate the life cycle of a boy.” She shook her waists in a seductive manner, stood over the man she’d chosen to kill and pulled out the tissue paper. “Look at this piece of paper,” she said, dangling the tissue in her hands. “In the beginning, it’s just a useless looking object that has potential. And then it comes into my hands, becomes useful.” Sharada playfully wiped her fingers with the tissue. “Now, after I’ve used it, it’s become useless.” She asserted the last word, almost spitting in the slave’s face. “You know what I do with useless objects, don’t you?” Sharada glowered. “I throw them in the dust bin.” She tossed the tissue into a dustbin behind her perfectly, giving her a fearsome finish to her demonstration.

The slave gulped as Sharada drew closer. “Useless looking thing,” she said, pointing all five fingers at the slave’s face. She turned around and housed her buttocks perfectly on his face, then farted in his mouth. “Now you’re looking useful,” she said, smothering him in the scent of her farts. She had such expertise in the act that the slave had no chance of pleading for mercy. It was like she knew exactly how the slave’s mouth would move, and she always kept her buttocks one step ahead of his mouth. What followed was the inevitable burst of shit from her ass, and each turd was skillfully penetrated into the slave’s throat, thus replacing a working wind pipe with pure and dry lumps of Sharada’s shit. The slave fell to her feet, choking on her shit and trying hard to swallow the beautiful girl’s excrements perfectly lodged in his throat. The slave gasped for one last breath of fresh air, but Sharada’s foot descended upon his mouth and nose, denying him of that too. What followed was the inevitable -he choked until he turned red, then blue and finally an ugly black devoid of life.

The girls applauded Sharada’s incredible grace and the smooth effects with which she’d made the slave die for her shit. Sharada took a bow, and as a finishing touch she squatted down on the dead slave’s face, pulled open his eyelids and farted on his eyeballs. “Ahhhh, I like farting on eyeballs.” she said, relieving herself fully. “You girls should try it too.”

The girls did, each taking turns on the corpse’s eyeballs. “Now you,” Sharada turned her attention to me, “will eat the rest of my shit.” I crawled over to her, opened my mouth and offered my life to the task of eating her shit, but this time she wasn’t interested in taking a human life for her shit, she was just focused on dumping it all into my mouth. And dump she did, flowing several gallons of hot, fresh shit in my mouth.

“What about these eight other slaves?” Chandana announced. “Who wants to kill the next one?” All the girls eagerly raised their hands, only to be dismissed by her. “Sharada was quite good, but I can be even more stylish when I’m killing my slaves,” she said. She grabbed one of Sharada’s slaves, and asked the girls to watch how she killed him.

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