The single use fart slave

The next slave showed up at Chandana’s feet and described his wish. “Priya said that she kills a man each time she farts. My ambition in life is to be one of those lucky boys.”

“Open your mouth,” Chandana said. “Let’s see whether you are worthy of it.” She turned around and pointed to her butt crack. “Now kiss this.” The slave moved up to Chandana’s buttocks and placed his mouth perfectly between the soft cheeks with his tongue out and ready for her use. He went in for an air tight kiss even as Chandana let out a thunderous stink bomb, and absorbed every drop of it like a professional fart slave. “You are quite good,” Chandana said. “You may now go to Priya and die from her fart.”

The slave turned to Priya, feeling the ultimate sense of victory that a truly dedicated slave would feel for his mistress. Priya wiped her feet on his face and congratulated him on his success. “Can you believe you’re actually going to die for me? That too as a single use fart slave?”

The slave shook his head in disbelief. “I am the luckiest man on earth.”

Priya instantly ended his celebrations by corking his mouth shut and sealing his nose between her fingers. “Now prepare to stop breathing and die.” She watched as the slave slowly suffocated in her hands. “Aren’t you happy that you’re about to smell my fart and it’s going to be your last breath?” The slave tried to nod. “So rub my feet and thank me, you ungrateful loser!” Priya barked. The slave joined his hands, and rubbed Priya’s feet with his last few breaths, thanking her for the honor of dying from her fart. “It’s time,” Priya announced, feeling her stomach. She carefully raised the slave’s head up to her crotch and prepared to release his mouth for his last breath. “Die for me!” Priya said, pulling him into her buttocks and farting into his mouth. Her timing was so precise, that she was able to gas his mouth and respiratory tracts even as she let him breathe. The slave shivered in her hands and suffocated to her stink in his mouth, and soon enough he dropped down to the floor a lifeless bag. “And that is how it’s done,” Priya announced to the group. “That is how you kill a boy each time you fart.”

The girls clapped at her enlightening demonstration, and Chandana decided to try it herself. She grabbed the next slave and sealed his mouth and nose before even giving him a chance to talk. She properly suffocated him in her hands and ripped a huge one into his mouth just after releasing him, swiftly killing him and dumping his body over the other slaves. “This is nice.”

“But we don’t have enough slaves here,” Aditi said, somewhat spoiling the festivities. “If we keep killing slaves each time we fart, whose mouth will we shit into?”

“Oh yeah, we never considered that.” Priya said. “I know. Let’s do a massacre, killing all the slaves here except one. That last one will eat everyone’s shit.” The girls agreed to those terms, so the only thing left was to begin the massacre and find out which slave remained.

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