A couple of shit eaters

Priya threw a meek, fat girl into her toilet along with a male slave who was already inside, waiting to die for her. “This will be interesting,” she announced, locking up the toilet door and standing over her two slaves. “Usually, all my shit eaters are boys. So it is a nice change of pace having you in here,” she said, wiping her wet toes on the girl’s face.

The girl tried to thank her, only to receive more of her toes in her mouth.

“You both look like you are made for each other.” Priya said. “My two ugly, shit eating losers.” The slaves worshipped her as she stomped over them and sat on the commode. “In fact,” she continued, “I want the two of you to get married right here and now. That would be really interesting for me.” The slaves gazed at each other, nervous. They wondered if she was joking, but realized that Priya never joked about such things. “Let’s start off, then. Do you,” she kicked the female hard enough to make her nose bleed, “take this shit eater to be your husband?”

The girl nodded weakly.

“Of course you do.” Priya then kicked her male slave hard. “And do you take this shit eater to be your wife?”

“I do.” The slave replied.

“In that case, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Priya said. “In two minutes.”

“Two minutes?” the slaves questioned.

“I’m going to sit on her face for two minutes and fart out all the spicy food I’ve eaten today.” Priya said. She got up, laid out the girl’s face flat on the floor and took a heavy seat on her nose. Thus began an incessant eruption of stinky gas on the poor girl’s face, almost killing her with the fumes if not the accompanying hard slaps to keep her still. The ordeal continued for two full minutes before Priya got up and kicked her male slave. “You may kiss your bride.” The slave went forth to obey, and kissed the slave girl who smelled exactly like Priya’s farts. “Suck it off her tongue,” Priya ordered, pushing the slaves towards each other. “You filthy shit eaters are all married now. Look at that. Soon, you are going to make a baby shit-eater for me. Ahhh, I’ve always wanted to take a dump on a newborn baby and see how he turns out.”

The slaves exchanged nervous glances with each other, unable to fathom the cruelty of Priya’s proposition. “You want to shit on a baby?”

“Yes, I do.” Priya said. “Now you turn around, and you push your cock inside her. Fuck her hard, in front of me now. Make a tiny shit eater for me.” The slaves shivered, but realized that they had to obey. The girl quickly turned around, and the guy went forth with his hard prick to penetrate deep inside her vagina. The slaves fucked each other for a few minutes before he exploded his cum into her secure receptacle. Between the heavy heaves and moans, there was hardly any doubt that she had been impregnated.

Priya used her feet to separate the couple. “I guess she’s pregnant now. I’ll keep her alive until the baby comes out.” She pulled out a black marker pen from her pocket and wrote an expiration date on the pregnant slave’s forehead nine months from that day. “You will need a lot of nutrition now that you’re pregnant, won’t you?” Priya asked.

“Yes mistress.” The girl said. “Can I please get some proper food?”

“No, you won’t.” Priya laughed, pointing at her face. “Of course you won’t get to eat anything that’s not my shit. You are nothing but a shit eater, even if you are pregnant. And speaking of shit, I feel like taking a dump now.” Priya grabbed her male slave’s head and began to knock it against her knees, slowly penetrating his head and making him bleed out on the floor. “He is no longer useful, so I might as well kill him off.” Priya kicked hard and strangled him, and within moments she was able to toss his corpse in front of the pregnant girl. “Don’t worry about him, he just died so you can have some nutrition from me. I am going to take a shit on his face, and you eat it up.” That was exactly what Priya did; she took a huge dump on the corpse, wiped her dirty buttocks on the girl’s face and then made her eat it. “Get me the shit-eater baby soon! Bye…”

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