The evil babysitter – 7

“You must be feeling quite special now, aren’t you?” Priya asked the boy she’d just farted upon. “I never give little eight year old kids such a privilege.”

“It was wonderful, Priya.” The little boy exclaimed. “When I grow up, I will spend all my life just smelling your farts until I die for you.”

“That is cute,” Priya said, “but there are much better things you could be doing for me now.” The boys were eager to find out what it was. “When your father comes here, you could ask him if he’d let you boys die for me. Ask him for permission and then we can take it further.”

“You mean we would all get to smell your farts?” One boy asked.

“And eat your shit?”

“And die as a tribute to your beauty and greatness?”

“Maybe.” Priya said, blowing her fingernails. “But for any of that, we will need your father’s permission. And that won’t be easy to get.”

“Leave that to us, Priya. We will take care of it.” The boys replied. Minutes later, their father arrived to take them home. The boys crowded him even as he arrived. “Papa, we want to die for the babysitter. Please let us go.”

“What do you mean you want to die for her?” The professor asked.

“If you give us permission, Priya would give us the greatest blessing. She’d make each of us die for her.”

“But what’s the use of a blessing if you’re only going to die for her anyway?” The professor struggled. He understood the brainwashing power Priya had on his children, and realized that there was no way of getting them out of it.

“Papa, please just give us permission. We need the blessing from the goddess.” The boys squealed.

“No, I’ve had enough of this.” The professor said. “I’m not letting any of you die for that babysitter girl. In fact, I’m firing her right away.”

Even as he made his way into Priya’s house, he realized that he was far too late.

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