May the winner win

Rajat sat at Priya’s feet, close to his suitcase consisting of all the money he’d ever made in his life, encashed. Thirty million rupees filled up the suitcase which, even Priya had to admit, was a lot of money. His life was a perfect success; he’d built one of the largest video game companies in the world and as he turned thirty, he decided to shut it down and forfeit everything to the girl of his dreams. She was sitting on her couch reading a fashion magazine, her feet on his hands. She could not even be bothered to look at his naked body after all he’d given up.

“Next!” Priya said, turning to the slaves at her door. Moments later she noticed the human being already waiting for her at her feet. “Never mind that, I have something here.” Priya squinted at Rajat and quickly got disinterested. “How much money did you pay in tribute to my beauty?”

“Thirty million, Priya.” Rajat answered, somewhat proud.

“What is your ambition in life?” Priya asked.

“Priya, I want to be your slave.”

“Details,” Priya said.

“Priya, I want to be your shit eater. I want you to hang me upside down in your toilet and take a shit in my mouth every morning. I want to suck your panties when you fart and participate in all the experiments you do on human beings… ”

“That’s very ambitious,” Priya commented. “A little too ambitious, don’t you think?”

“But I gave you so much more money than anybody else…”

“That may be true, but what about the twenty humans hanging upside down from my toilet’s ceiling? Most of them will starve to death before eating my shit even once. What about all the fart slaves waiting under my couch? Even if I kill one of them each time I fart, there would be plenty leftover slaves who wouldn’t ever smell a single fart.” Priya explained with a shrug. “You don’t have a chance, even with all your money.”

“Priya,” Rajat cried, “please tell me how I can serve you before I die and I’ll do it.”

“That’s good.” Priya encouraged, like he had said something right for the first time that evening. “Now you have a good ambition.”

“Thank you??” Rajat replied.

“My boyfriend wanted a human being he could shit on without worrying about the consequences. I’d be so happy if you went to him and died for him.” Priya said, capturing Rajat’s neck between her thighs in a soft, seductive trap. “Would you do that for me?”

“Priya,” he fought, “I thought I was giving up my possessions to be your slave.”

“But you are being a good slave to me if you die for him.” Priya said, rubbing her thighs around his chest and letting him have a whiff of her divine scent. “I want a slave to die for my boyfriend. Now you have a chance of serving my wish and being a good slave, or you can be a bad slave and walk away, without your money of course.” Priya trapped him properly under her buttocks and allowed him to feel their incredible texture. “It would be wrong for you to come to me with a list of demands and expect me to fulfill them, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s true.” Rajat conceded.

“So, you will eat my boyfriend’s shit and die for him?” Priya asked, going for the kill.

“Yes, Priya.”

Minutes later, Priya’s boyfriend arrived, a burly man named Rahul. The couple tied up Rajat’s hands behind his back and Priya announced the game as if Rajat had any chance of winning. “The two of you will fight for me, and the winner will get to kiss me and fuck me whenever he wants. The loser, on the other hand, would have to eat the winner’s shit, wipe his ass clean and be an obedient slave for the rest of his life.” Priya stood on Rajat’s thighs, kissed Rahul while farting on Rajat’s face. “May the winner win.”

Rajat enjoyed the momentary gratification of smelling Priya’s farts, but knew that it was the very last he’d ever get.

The game ended as soon as it began, and the rest of Rajat’s life was dark brownness.

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