Forgiveness is for the meek

Abraham stirred lightly before returning to sleep. He smiled as he thought about last night, sleeping with the woman of his dreams, Priya. It had taken him six years of planned effort to get to that stage. She was incredible, worth every moment of that effort. Last night was by far the best of his life.

Abraham stirred again. His mind wouldn’t stop displaying glimpses of a horrid nightmare at the same time, one in which he was stuck between two rocks,  so securely bound that there was no question of escape. “Go back to thinking about Priya,” he’d nudge his mind, but the nightmare returned with more frequency.

Suddenly, Abraham awoke. At least, he thought he was awake, but there was no evidence outside. He felt huge weights crushing his body in all directions. Below him was, as expected, the bed and pillow under his head. Above him was a heavy object blocking his vision and his breath. He tried to move his hands, but felt cold hard metal on his wrists. He tried harder only to hear louder clinks, but no movement whatsoever. He paused and felt the surface on his face. It seemed arched, as if it was designed to smother his face. He then stuck out his tongue and felt the texture of the mass. It was so soft and firm, there was no mistaking that it was Priya’s buttocks. Why was it on his face, and why couldn’t he move his hands? He tried to get his lips away from the soft, damp surface and make words but most cases he’d just end up licking the butt cheeks more. Finally, he managed to speak. “Priya?”

“Oh you’re awake.” Priya’s voice descended from above. “That’s good.”

Abraham struggled under her weight. “Why?” He mumbled.

“Your performance yesterday was poor.” Priya said. “So I sentenced you to death. In the next ten minutes, you’ll be dead.”

“My performance was bad?” Abraham queried, lips between two warm spheres.

“You were hopeless. All night I was wondering why a girl like me would even sleep with a loser like you.” Priya said. “Today I decided that I want to erase yesterday night. If I let you out, you’ll go tell your loser friends about us. You see Abraham, I can’t allow you to do that. So I have to kill you.”

Minutes went by before Abraham could even contemplate a response. “Priya, I promise not to tell… ”

“You are a guy. You’re going to tell, I know it.” Priya said, adjusting herself to seal her captive’s mouth firmly under her ass. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I start farting in two minutes, and the gas will go directly into your lungs and you will suffocate. After that, I will take a shit in your mouth and watch you die from poisoning. If my shit doesn’t kill you, I’m just going to kick your little thing until you die. Any questions?”

Priya laughed as she exploded a few slow stink bombs on his face. Abraham gave in, intoxicated by the odor. “Thank you, Priya. I’m so inferior to you that I deserve nothing more than to die for your farts.”

“That you are.” Priya said, sealing him between her upper thighs and taking a huge shit in his mouth. Gigantic turds of excrement choked up his throat and killed him instantly, exactly as Priya said it would play out. She enjoyed every moment of killing her latest victim. She checked his pulse before getting off his corpse’s face. “Another one bites the dust,” she shrugged as she walked out of the room back to her car.

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