The Slave Network – 1

(I truly apologize for the hiatus, I’ve been busy with work.

I would also like to thank the fans for all your wonderful emails and for constantly checking back…it is your faith alone that keeps this website of femdom stories running!

I am back, and on mission to be a much better writer. Enjoy!)

Like most Friday nights, I went straight to the video rental store after work. Watching good blockbusters on dvd was my idea of a great weekend. The man behind the counter, however, behaved in the most unusual way. He was constantly hinting towards a whole section of the store that I never visited – the adult video section. 

“I’ve got a whole new set of movies for you, man. Why don’t you go check it out?” He insisted, with a sense of subtle urgency. I tried to be polite and follow him that I wasn’t looking for that kind of movie, but he was persistent. “Man, you think internet porn is better than what I’ve got? That’s just because you haven’t seen my selection, man.” 

“Here’s the money for my movie.” I said, laying down the cash for a comedy I’d picked out. 

“Well, it’s your loss.” The guy shrugged off and shook his head, like he’d just encountered the dumbest person alive.

So I succumbed. “Show me the collection.” He took me to the back of his store and showed me all of his collection, constantly reassuring me that it was normal to watch porn, that that’s what men do and it was perfectly normal behavior. He took me through his collection of “hardcore” and “softcore” and “anal” and a bunch of other stuff that did not appeal to me one bit.

Despite his enthusiasm, he was well aware of my position. “I see you’re not interested in these.” I returned a “duh” expression. “What are you into, then?”

“I…” I stopped myself. No one is supposed to know. But this guy rents videos, so what if he found out?

“You can tell me.” He was a mind reader!

“I like s & m.” I said, trying to be least explicit.

“Ooh.” His eyes brightened up. “You love nasty women, don’t you?” He nudged me. “I know man, because I’m the same way. I love watching beautiful women wearing big black leather boots, punishing dudes and showing them their rightful place.”

“Seriously?” I felt at ease, in good company. “I’m shocked that other people are that way. It’s so abnormal, at least I think it’s abnormal of us.”

“Not at all man.” He assured. “God made women so much more beautiful, intelligent and mature than men…there’s a reason for that.”

“I know.” I said, more relieved every moment.

“So,  did you do anything about these dark desires?”

“I used to have a girlfriend one time, her name was Deepthi.” I began. “She’s got big businesses with hundreds of male employees, she’s an elder sister to three brothers. Just the most dominant and authoritative woman I’d ever laid my eyes on.”


“On the weekends, we’d get together, go to her room. She’d wear her most beautiful black top, a skimpy little skirt and thick leather boots. She’d tease me, tell me how inferior I am, and then she’d spit on my face.”

“Whoa, man!” He was excited.

“Actually, she’d make me beg for it.”

“To spit on your face?”

“Yes.” I continued. “And then she’d lay me out on her bedroom floor, make me take off all my clothes and walk all over me.”

“Best girlfriend ever!” He said.

“And then, when she got bored with that she’d make me kneel on the floor with my head on her couch.” I narrated, constantly nodding and expecting him to complete the story himself but he didn’t. “She’d sit on my face and watch a late night movie.”

“Whoa! Two whole hours of her butt on your face! Man..!” He felt weak on his knees just listening to my story.

“Those gorgeous thighbones crushing my face, especially when she crossed her legs…” I drifted into a daydream.

He returned to the bad news quickly. “You said you *had* a girlfriend? What happened?”

“Oh, she got bored with me.” I sighed. “She said she wanted a real man and I could never be one. So she found another guy, fell in love with him and got married.”

“Aww.” He said. “You miss her a lot?”

“Of course man.” I said. “All I have is her old sandals. I just…”

“I understand.” He didn’t want to hear more details. “So…” At this point, we both came back to the fact that we were in a video rental store. “I suppose there’s no movie I can offer you to bring back those feelings…”

“I don’t watch porn, man.” I submitted. “There’s no video that can replace the feeling of being smothered by a real, powerful woman…”

“What if I could give you that feeling again?” The man asked, his eyes brighter.

“I would love it more than anything.” I shrugged. “But how do you plan to do that?”

“I know the most beautiful and dominant Mistress, she lives just a few blocks away.” He said, feeling quite sure of himself.

“You … do?” I choked.

“She’s a proper Mistress too. A professional at it.”

“She does it for a living? Full time?”

“Of course, man.” He nodded. “And I can take you to her, say tomorrow afternoon if you’re interested.”

“I…” I was overjoyed, but this was too good to be true. “I don’t know, man.”

“Imagine becoming a slave once more in your life. How would that feel?” He asked. He was good at creating pictures in my mind.

“I’d love that.” I confessed.

“Don’t you think it’s worth spending one Saturday afternoon to meet the most beautiful and cruel Mistress?” He asked.

“It sure is.” I was sold. “What’s her name?”

“Mistress Priya.” He closed his eyes and spoke her name with pride, much like pastors do when they mention the name of God.

“I cannot wait.” I said, receiving a few jitters from him.

“Then meet me here tomorrow 2 PM. I will have to prepare you for her, and then we’ll drive over to her place and meet her.” He returned to his counter, knowing he’d done his job. “If you want it, you won’t miss it.”

“See you tomorrow 2 PM.” I repeated, simulatneously feeling excited, curious and confused. At the very least, I was making progress towards my dream. What if I do meet a beautiful Mistress tomorrow?  What if I could become a slave once again?

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