The Slave Network – 2

Every moment of Saturday was spent waiting for 2 PM. I was to meet the guy at the video rental store, and darn, I didn’t even know his name, to meet what he called “a supremely beautiful and dominant Mistress.” Surely, he hadn’t seen my ex-girlfriend Deepthi. I picked up the latest edition of Business Weekly magazine, which featured the most prominent business leaders in the country and Deepthi was one of them. The only female entrepreneur featured on that magazine. How could any woman possibly be more powerful than she? It was doubtful, but I was open to the possibility.

2PM, I was at the video rental store eager to find out. “You made it.” The guy said. “I knew you would.”

“Yes I did,” I said, awkwardly. “Say man, what’s your name?”

“My name? It doesn’t matter.” He sighed.

“What does that..mean?”

“Twenty-seven.” He said. “That’s what she named me.”

“27?” I asked. 

“Let’s say that it is my name now…you’ll understand soon enough.” He said. “Are you ready to meet Priya?”

Priya! It was the first time I heard the Mistress’s name, which incidentally was a Sanskrit word for ‘a beloved one.’ 

“Of course I’m ready to meet her. What should I do?”

“Nothing yet.” 27 said. “I’ve got everything in the car. Let’s drive there and then we’ll get you ready.”

I didn’t understand a word but I would rather meet the great Mistress in a hurry than ask dumb questions all day. We drove a few blocks towards the suburban areas of Bangalore city and came across a tall apartment complex, “Mystic Heights,” where he pulled in to park. We took the elevator to the twenty-fifth floor, the topmost in the building and arrived before an apartment that had the name “Priya” carved in black on white marble with the most elegant calligraphy. 27 stopped before ringing the doorbell. “There’s something we need to do now.”

“Tell me.” I said, heart thumping away from anticipation.

“You are visiting the Mistress for the first time,” 27 began, “and I am the one who is introducing you to her.”

“True,” I nodded.

“Which means that you are a gift to her, from me.” 27 explained. “I am, essentially offering you as a gift to her. Do you understand?”

“You said it twice,” I said. “Of course I understand.”

“The Mistress expects her gifts to be packaged a certain way.” 27 continued, hesitant. “So I will need to chain your hands and legs together…”


“Because you are my gift to her.” 27 said.

“Right.” I took a few moments to absorb the idea. Then I knelt down. “If that’s what it takes, go ahead and chain me.”

“Yeah.” 27 began pulling out the metallic chains for packaging me. “I would also need you to take off all your clothes and get naked…”

I truly considered putting up some resistance, as this was getting unreasonable. Why must I undress before I even meet the Mistress? But I looked around, assured myself that no one was watching and then took off all my clothes. 27 ran a handcuff across my wrists, immobilizing my hands. He then cuffed my ankles together, and finally used a chain to secure the two cuffs together. I made an attempt to move my hands and legs, only to fall over nose-first into the mat before Priya’s door. So I stopped struggling and succumbed to absolute immobility.

“Now you’re ready,” 27 said. He rang the doorbell and knelt down next to me. We sat in silence and waited. 

A minute ticked by before we felt footsteps draw closer to the door. “Who is it?” a dominant female voice asked.

“It’s me, number 27.”

“What do you want?”

“I come bearing gifts,” 27 replied.

The door unbolted and opened up, and standing behind it was the most spectacular woman I’d ever seen in person. Priya. She stood tall with her perfect, curvaceous body, dressed in bright red clothes but before I could look up to see more I felt a sharp metallic heel on my head, pinning me down. “This is just one gift,” she said.

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” 27 dived over and kissed her shoe. “But I think he will serve you well.”

“Look at him, he’s trying to see my legs.” Priya said, crushing my head under her heels and turning her attention to me. “I don’t want inferior beings like you looking at me. Is that understood?” Her tone was as fearsome as her perfume was inviting.

“Y..yes Mistress.” I replied. Calling a girl “Mistress” would take some getting used to. Deepthi always had me call her by name. Besides, Priya was a professional and Deepthi wasn’t.

“I want your nose to touch my floor at all times.” Priya said, slowly relaxing her foot off my head. “If I catch you without your nose in contact with my floor, I will kick you a hundred times and fire you.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” I submitted, getting hard at the same time. Priya was exceptional at this.

“Come in, both of you.” Priya said, walking into her house and taking a seat on her couch. I crawled over, keeping  my nose on her floor as I moved. The nose-on-the-floor was a hard rule to follow, but from the corner of my vision I could see Mr. 27 kneeling at the foot of Priya’s couch and praying to her with his hands joined. “Let’s see how much of a gift you brought for me,” she said, turning to me, nose still touching her cold floors. With a taunting intent, she placed her foot in front of my face, showing off the most perfect foot in the history of human feet. I took the cue and began to lick the parts of her toes that protruded from the leather casing of her heels. “Correct answer,” she smiled, relaxing herself. The interview had begun. “Tell me everything I need to know about you and why I should accept you as a slave.”

“I’m Suhas,” I began fearfully. Of course she wouldn’t care about my name, but most interviews I’d ever had in my life began with mention of the name. “I’m twenty-six years old, and I run a little video game company called Square Bananas.” At this point, I expected a giggle. Some people would actually recognize that as the company that has the most popular multiplayer-chess game for cellphones. Priya, of course, was nonchalant, cold as ice. “I have eight people in my company, and we do very well. Made about three million U.S. dollars in revenue last year.”

“You own this company?”

“Yes, I do ma’am. I mean, Mistress.” My heart was racing, and I couldn’t understand why. Being in the presence of this woman produced shivers in my gut.

“So you’re rich and ugly.” Priya said. “You get only one point for that…I like handsome slaves.”

“Unhh..,” No one called me ugly before, but no one called me handsome either. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Tell me other things that I might care about. Not the boring stuff.” Priya said.

I would kill to ask what interested her, but I knew from experience that only dominants ask questions, submissives answer them. I supposed that my experience would be interesting to her, since this was an interview. “I had a girlfriend, Deepthi, who I served for four years.” I began. Priya did not react, which probably meant that I was headed towards “interesting.” So I told her the story of how we reunited three years after school, how we were both entrepreneurs but still had the one important difference, she being sadistic and me masochistic. I told her how we’d get together and all the things she’d make me do as her slave.

“That’s very nice,” Priya said, carefully listening to the story. “You get another point for experience.”

“Two points! Thank you, Mistress.” I said, clueless about her point system and what it meant for me as a potential candidate.

“Tell me more.” Priya said. “Two points isn’t much.”

I drew a blank. What part of my past could I use to prove that I’d make a good slave? So I turned to the only other thing I could think of. “Mistress, ever since I heard of your beauty, I have not been able to sleep. I was hoping my eagerness to serve you would..perhaps..earn me another point?”

“You just heard about me yesterday, didn’t you?” Priya asked.


“So you spent only one sleepless night thinking about what I might be like.” Priya said. “You get no points for that.”

“Oh…” I turned to the floor and gave up. “I have nothing more to add.”

“You need five points before I can even consider you for orientation.” Priya said. “And orientation is good, you can ask this guy.”

Mr. 27 chimed in. “Yes, it’s the best orientation. During mine, Priya taught me how inferior I am, she told me where I belong and then she slapped me twelve times, so hard.” He drifted off into a little daydream. “It was just magical. She then had me lick her shoes clean and then threw me out of her house.”

“I see,” my mind raced. The very idea of being slapped by a beautiful Mistress made me gasp for breath. There was nothing I ever wanted more, but I still couldn’t think of how I could get those three more points. “Mistress, please tell me what I can do for three more points.”

“You should work out.” Priya said. “Look at this guy, he’s got good muscles.” Mr. 27 took off his clothes and for the first time I noticed how muscular he was. “He got four points just for those muscles.”

“I see.” I sneaked a peek at my own pathetic body and bowed again, nose to the floor. It had to be something other than my physique. It had to be the one thing that I had more than any other guy that could come up to her. “Mistress, I am a very rich man.”

“You already got one point for that.” Priya said.

“I will pay you for the remaining three points.” I said. “Whatever it takes. I want to prove my commitment to you with my money.”

“Alright, you may go ahead and pay me for three points.” Priya said.

“ much?” I dared to ask a question.

“How much are you willing to pay me for each point?” Priya smiled, answering questions with questions, like a true dominant should.

I thought for a minute. “Fifty thousand bucks?”

“Is that as far as you’d go,” Priya asked, “for a chance to be among my slaves?”

“A hundred thousand.” I said.

“Again, is that as far as you’d go to be my slave?” Priya smiled.

“Yes.” I said, breaking the pattern. Obviously, Priya didn’t have a set price and I wasn’t going to spend all the money I had for something that wasn’t guaranteed.

“Okay,” Priya said, dropping a card. “My bank details are on that card. Go to the computer room, open your account and transfer the money to me. When I receive the money, I will give you your orientation.”

As I prepared to stand up on my knees, I felt the bottom of her shoe on my head again. “Be careful. You don’t get to look at me, not yet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I turned around before getting on my knees and scampering to her computer room. I opened up my online banking system, added her details and sent her all the money as I’d promised. My balance was now lowered by a digit, but I felt that it would be worth it. Life is entirely pointless without unless spent in service of a powerful female like Priya. At least, that was what I explained to myself as I watched my hard earned money disappear.

During the five minutes it took for the money to transfer, I waited at the corner of her room for permission.

“You can come in. Nose on the floor.” Priya said. I crawled in, feeling more victorious than last time. I had five points now, whatever the hell that meant. Soon my nose was touching her high heels. “You may sit down now.”

Sitting up on my knees before the Mistress felt much like a beautiful warm sunrise following a spell of rain. Priya had the most shapely feminine form, with long flowing brown hair crowning a flawless round face with perfect features. Her smooth skin was the most brilliant thing in the heavily curtained room. Her long legs glimmered with unlimited pride and power as they flew out below a short black skirt, itching to kick live human beings for pleasure. She had a bright red shirt on, with a warm, black leather jacket to match her shoes.

“Now I know that you’re serious about becoming my slave.” Priya said. Watching her bright red lips move was intoxicating, as was the beautiful perfume that exuded her presence. “Welcome to your orientation.”

“Thh..ank..yu…” I couldn’t believe how extremely perfect she was, every inch of her!

“What I run here,” Priya circled her fingers, showing off her beautiful little apartment, “is essentially a slave network.”

“I…see..” I did see a couple of slaves sweeping her floor, a couple more cleaning up her large collectioin of shoes, some slaves cooking delicious North-Indian entrees for her and one very muscular man hanging upside-down from the roof in her kitchen.

“I have several candidates, working for me at different levels.” Priya said. “Those guys,” she pointed to one of her cooks, “are at level three. That guy,” she pointed to the guy hanging upside-down in her kitchen, “is one of my permanent, approved slaves. He’s at a very high level, twelve.”

“Wow,” I gathered, looking around.

“This guy here,” she pointed to Mr. 27, “is only a level two today.”

“I…see…” I nodded, although I didn’t understand everything.

“You are a level zero.” Priya declared. “The lowest of the lowest.”

“Th..thank you?” I shivered.

“So go ahead and ask me the important question.” Priya smiled.

“H,,,how do I reach the..level ..twelve..thing?”

“Good question.” Priya continued. “It’s very simple.”

“It is?”

“All you have to do,” Priya said, “is bring me gifts. Each time you bring me a worthy gift, I will promote you by one level..”

“You mean…?” I remembered how Mr. 27 had brought me in to meet Mistress Priya. “I need to bring you more slaves?”

“If you want to reach level twelve, yes.” Priya said, getting up from her couch, walking over to the man hanging upside down and trapping his head between her gorgeous thighs. “Each level has its privileges. Level twelve has the highest of them all!” She rubbed herself against her slave’s face with vigor,  simultaneously teasing him and the fact that I was far away from treatment like that. “I use this one whenever I need my ass serviced.” She rubbed her buttocks on the slave’s face even harder smothering him thoroughly, disallowing even an ounce of breath. She stopped as suddenly as she started, returning to her couch. “I also use him as an example of level 12 privileges.”

“I..see..” I bowed, turning mine and her attention to my enormous, throbbing midsection.

“That’s Level 12, you’re a zero.” Priya reminded, strapping up her shoes tight. “You’re nothing,” her leg sprung back and swung around to hit my face hard, cracking my nose bridge instantly. “Zero,” she repeated. “You are painfully useless to me right now.”

I felt thick blood pouring out from my nose but shivered with ecstasy. She wanted to motivate me, and was doing a damn good job of it. I recovered from the kick and sat back to ask, “Mistress, is it compulsory for me to bring you more slaves?”

“Nothing is compulsory.” Priya said. “Becoming my slave isn’t compulsory. But if you want it, you have to bring me twelve live human beings to play with.”

“Understood, Mistress.” I said.

“I like playing with human beings, and you like being played with. It’s a win-win situation I’m offering you.” Priya said. “If you’re ready for it.”

“Yes I am, Mistress.” I said with conviction. I could bring her twelve people. How hard could it be? This was Bangalore, a city of intelligent and submissive geeks. At least, my circle of friends was that way.

“Will you bring me twelve people?” Priya asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you committed to being my slave?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good. In that case, I will mark you. But that is later. For now, you’ll just have to sit and watch me.” Priya said. She turned to Mr. 27 and pointed to her feet. “Take off my shoes. We’ll play lick and kick today.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” 27 said, eagerly opening Priya’s shoes and placing them on the side. Priya stretched out her legs and placed them on 27’s shoulders. “Try,” she said, inviting him with a smile.

27 stuck out his tongue and attempted to lick Priya’s right foot, only to get a hard kick to his face. He then went for the left foot, only to get an even harder kick from that foot. That was the beginning of a long, painful game, where Priya got her feet a little cleaner each time, but Mr. 27 received only pain and a bleeding cheek from it. As painful as it was, I would sacrifice anything to play lick and kick with Priya. She derived supreme pleasure from inflicting pain to him, as well as giving me a preview of my life to come.

“Mistress, if I may ask you a question?” I begged, kissing her floor.

“Yes, go ahead.” Priya said. She wasn’t as uptight about questions as my ex was.

“Why do you have a slave network like this? I’m only asking because I wish to be your slave today, and if possible now.” I asked, even as she continued kicking Mr. 27 and giggling as he bled out.

“I like being powerful, surrounded by a huge team of dedicated slaves.” Priya said, ripping the underside of Mr.27’s eyes with her toenails. “But I also like living in Bangalore, close to my family. Now I can’t go around advertising the fact that I’m a Mistress. That would probably be illegal, and besides, there aren’t as many submissive men out there as you’d think.”


“That’s why I have a network. Once I recruited my first slave, the first thing I made him do was bring me twelve more. Now they do the same thing, and the new slaves they bring in will do the same thing.” Priya said. “That way, my power and influence only reaches the right people.”

“That’s exceptionally clever,” I submitted. Seriously, I couldn’t think of a better way for a dominatrix to run her business. The only problem was that I’d have to find twelve guys who were as serious about serving her as I was.

Meanwhile, 27 fainted and dropped to the floor in his attempts at licking Priya’s feet clean. She got up and fetched some papers from her cupboard, which she placed on her little table. “It’s time to recruit you. I need you to sign these papers before we can proceed.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I glanced at the papers. These were legal documents consisting of declarations such as ‘I and am willing to pay any amount of money for the services of Mistress Priya, out of my own free will.’ The documents went on to the extent of ‘I am aware of the fact that the services of Mistress Priya could lead to serious personal injury and/or my death, and I consent to it out of my own free will.’ “Do you have a lawyer working for you…”

“In my network? Yes.” Priya said. “He is number 7.”

“Wow.” I said, signing the forms and legally consenting to my own death as Priya’s “level zero” candidate.

“Those are the rules.” She said, separating a few pieces of paper from the stack. “You must go over them before you start working for me. If you break those rules, you’re disqualified.” She then pointed to a clause in the papers that described the terms of ‘disqualified.’ I would have to turn over all my money and all assets to her, and the resulting ‘punishment’ could be anything she so desired.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, nervously scanning the rules.

“And now it’s time to make it official.” Priya said. “Put your head on that table.” I obeyed. She twisted my face to the side, laying my cheeks flat on the table. Her foot went up and descended upon my neck, toenails penetrating my skin. “From today, your name will be thirty-one.” The toenails dug deeper, my blood erupting from the sides as she ran them across to my jawbone. Among all sorts of pain, I felt dizziness from the extreme loss of blood as she dug her toe out of my neck. “It doesn’t look like much now, but once you reach level two, I’m going to write my name on your chest.” Priya said. “Are you ready to be my slave, thirty-one?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Get out, and go bring me twelve people.” Priya said. “Let’s see if you’re really worth something.”

She removed my cuffs, dragged me out of her house, through to the stairway and made me turn around. She then kicked my face, making me tumble down the stairs, naked and in utter humiliation. As I regrouped, found my clothes and walked home, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Level 12, or die. Mistress Priya was worth everything.

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