Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 1

(Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the phenomenal writer you’re about to read now. His name is Arnold Layne, and his incredible story about adolescence and being blackmailed by his beautiful neighbor, Mistress Nelly,  is quite simply one of the greatest femdom stories I ever read! I am honored to paste Arnold’s story below, for I know that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.)

The past that wouldn’t die – Part 1

(These are my darkest fantasies. I put them on paper. Hope you like it.Feel free to e-email me on:

I am now over 30 years of age, married with one kid, but it seems I am not totally healed from a weird disease that used to keep haunting my adolescent mind.

It all began when I was 13 or 14 when I first knew our neighbor in the apartment above. She is called Nelly. She was then in her early 40s. My
working mom was in acquaintance with Nelly, who used to spend much time
alone in her house. I went up there for frequent visits, and she always
welcomed me and used to talk to me over a variety of things and issues.

Nelly was not a stunning beauty. She has brown eyes, fair-black soft long
hair she always wearing as a thick ponytail. She has a peaked Roman nose
and razor-thin lips.

It was her body that scorched my soul, tormented my senses and tickled my
fancies. Her husband, who was like an uncle to me, was working his ass
mercilessly from morning until late at night to cater for the needs of the
house. When he comes back from work and finds me in the house he was
welcoming me, thinking it was no harm to find his wife with a little boy.

Nelly, too, was not suspecting of my thoughts about her, may be because I
was too shy to tell her about my feelings for her magnificent graceful
feet. She used to go about in the house bare-feet, wearing knee-length
gown, and I just couldn’t help stealing glances of her beautiful feet and
picture-perfect, to-die-for calves.

I would do anything to just spend my lifetime kissing those feet and
calves, I thought. While she was in the bathroom, I used to take her shoes
and slippers placed neatly near the house door and sniff the aroma, knowing
Nelly’s feet were just nestled in there for some time. “Why wasn’t I just
created a pair of shoes for those lovely feet,” I wondered.

I bet Nelly was proud of her own legs and graceful thick soft calves. When
she was sitting with me talking, she was in the habit of taking her knee-
length gown up a little, showing about three centimeters above her knee.

Of course I was serious in exchanging words with her, evading looks at her
feet or legs and avoiding to raise any suspicions in her mind about my
burning love for the lower part of her body.

She used to wear no toe polish, which was even sexier if one is attracted
to natural beauty, though rarely she applied white toenail paint, which I
envied. I followed everywhere in the house, except the bathroom of course.
When she was in the kitchen cooking, I stood with her talking and talking,
which I thought boring at times, but the good thing about standing in the
kitchen was that I got the favorable opportunity of stealthily looking at
her legs, to which I was attracted like a magnet.

Sometimes she would drop some culinary utensils and bow to pick them up and
I get to see her panties, often black ones contrasting her white
complexion, which causes my prick to scream for mercy.

She was not at all suspecting of my hot emotions for her, or at least that
was what I thought, until one day when I went up she welcomed me in as
usual and brought me and herself some refreshments. “How are you spending
your school summer vacation?” she asked. Almost nothing valuable was my

“I want to talk to you about something but I don’t know how to put it. You
see, I really found it so weird that I was shocked to see you doing it,”
she said.

Her words stirred concern inside me. Was I miserably unfortunate to have
been seen sniffing her shoes? What would her reaction be like?

“I have seen you busy sniffing my shoes that you were totally unaware of my
presence having it shot by my camcorder.”

Her words struck like a sledgehammer on my head. I was flabbergasted and
speechless. “h- h- how did you know,” I stammered. She said she has
accidentally spotted my eyes ogling at her legs and that she suspected me
because every time I left her home she found her shoes not in the neat
order she used to have them.

She said she feigned going to the bathroom and shut the door, except that
she was not inside. She sneaked on tiptoe to watch me only to find me
sniffing the aroma of her shoes.

Gosh! Could have I been so careless to have misplaced the shoes after

“Now I am going to tell your mother about this strange behavior of yours.
It was totally unexpected from you to do this. And guess what, I have the
evidence live on video, so there is no way for you to deny it.”

“p- p- please Nelly! Don’t do this. I am not going to come again. I- I- am
so sorry. Please don’t get angry. I just can’t explain it.” My words fell
on deaf ears and she insisted she would tell my mom.

“Why were you sniffing my shoes? Have you sniffed anybody else’s shoes

“No, of course not”

“What was so special about them? Tell me!”

“I just couldn’t help it, Nelly. I don’t know.”

A strong slap from her hand has caught my off-guard cheek. “From now on you
won’t call me by name, you worthless worm! You would address me as Mistress
Nelly, is it OK with you? Because if it is not, I am then going to make
copies of the tape and give it to all our neighbors. Is this understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Nelly. It is completely understood.”

“You will obey all my instructions and I expect the utmost dedication on
your part. Any hesitation or delay would result in unfavorable consequences
that you are not likely to bear.” Mistress Nelly gave her instructions in a
matter-of-factness that she seemed having not expected no for an answer.

“You are to come everyday morning at 8.30 a.m. (most likely half an hour
after her husband goes to work) and wake me up and attend me on the orders
that I will give you, OK? And whenever I phone you to come up any time I
want, I should expect you in less than three minutes, no matter what you
were doing or where you have been, I don’t care!”

“OK, Mistress Nelly, I’ll do anything to please you and would be in
complete service and at your total disposal.”

“Good! Now kneel down in front of me and give my feet a good massage, I
really need this.”

I automatically knelt down and started rubbing her toes one by one. She
started to relax and was happy about it, just like my happiness to see my
dreams come true that I am in closer contact now with her magnificent legs.
She ordered me to get a bowl of water to wash her feet and get some foot
cream from the bedroom.

I did as I was told and washed her feet so meticulously between each toe.
After I dried one foot she rested it on my shoulder and rested the other
dried foot on my other shoulder. She then used one foot and rubbed my face
with her sole. “Now it is time for the tongue cleaning. I want you to use
your tongue in between my toes as a final touch for the cleaning process,”
she commanded.

I gladly worked my tongue between her toes for nearly one hour and then I
was ordered to apply the cream from the toes up to her knees and rub her
legs smoothly. That took another hour, and she seemed to be completely

She then told me to drink the bowl of water with which I washed her feet. I
winced a bit. “hesitating?” she asked. I quickly said no. “Then what are
you waiting for? Go on with it,” she ordered. I lowered my head to drink
washing water and drank as much as I could waiting for her instructions for
me to “stop”, which she never uttered.

My stomach was almost bursting like a balloon when she showed some mercy
and told me that was enough.

“That is enough for today. You may go home now, but I expect you tomorrow
in the morning to wake me up and I also expect my breakfast ready. Is it
understood?” she said. I answered in the affirmative of course. After all I
had no choice. She gave me a copy of her apartment key to avoid disturbing
her while she was asleep.

“Whenever you come here or leave from here you are to kneel in front of my
feet and give each one of my toes 10 kisses, is it OK?” I nodded and said,
“Yes, Mistress Nelly.”

I knelt and kissed her toes as ordered. “And one more thing, Alex. I expect
better service and attention from you. I want improved performance, do you
hear me?”

“Yes, Mistress. I will do whatever it takes to meet your satisfaction.”

“We shall see, now you may go. Bye, Alex.”

I went down to my place and kept thinking of the day’s events. I was
shocked when she told she has found out about my tendencies, but now I am
happy she discovered. I am now in direct touch with her feet and that what
I have always been dreaming of.

I set my alarm at 7.30 a.m. and went to sleep with reflections of her toes
invading my thoughts. I woke up the next day and took a bath and got
dressed and climbed up the stairs to Mistress Nelly’s apartment and let
myself in at 8.15 a.m. I quickly fixed her breakfast which consisted of
toast, cheese, marmalade, butter and hot Nescafe with mate, and finished at
8.25 a.m. and waited for five minutes and then entered her bedroom. She was
fast asleep and was wearing just pink bras and panties.

I laid the tray on the chest of drawers and then knelt at the foot of the
bed to give her toes 10 kisses each. “Alex, is it you?” she asked as she
stirred in her bed. “Yes, Mistress Nelly. Your breakfast is ready, Madame.
It is now 8.30,” I said.

“Good, Alex. Bring me my breakfast and suck my toes pretty well while I am
eating,” she said. I took each toe in my mouth sucking them as if they were
lollipops. The taste was sweeter than honey that I really enjoyed the

She continued eating and drinking for 10 minutes and then ordered me to
take the tray away and get on my knees at the bedside of her direction. I
did as I was told. A bit dozy, she got down from the bed and stood in front
of me, rubbing my cheeks. She then mounted my face as if it were a
hobbyhorse and stayed there for nearly two minutes when suddenly I heard a
muffled splutter, followed by an abhorrent smell.

She did not dismount and stayed for one minute, after which she gave me
fart after fart. “Inhale those deep into your lungs. I don’t want to smell
them, OK?” she said. I kept inhaling deeply this abominable smell that I
wondered what the contents of her bowels could be.

I was so hungry. I haven’t had my breakfast yet so I asked my Mistress if
she just could give me 10 minutes to eat something at my place and return
to her immediately.

“Why do you need to go down there? Your breakfast is ready,” she said. I
thought she would give me something to eat. “Listen Alex! From now on
whatever I eat you will eat. Today I ate cheese, toast, marmalade, butter
and Nescafe. You will exactly get these, but with a little processing!”

“Processing?” I wondered.

“Yup, my dear Alex. You will take those things I have eaten today into your
stomach. In other words I am going to empty my bowels and bladder into your
stomach. To make my self a bit clearer I am going to shit and piss into
your mouth and you are expected to eat my shit and drink my urine. From now
on my shit is your food and my pee is your water. Is that understood?”

I cringed at the idea and took a moment to think.

“Hesitating?” she asked that dreadful one-word question. I was helpless
anyway and there is nothing that can be done about it.

“It seems to me you are unhappy about your new menu here. You are an
ungrateful scoundrel. You should thank me for giving you your meal. OK, you
can go home and let us forget about the whole thing, but be sure that I am
going to use this tape of mine to distort your image in the neighborhood.”

“Madame, who said I was unhappy. It was just that I am really surprised of
the honor you are bestowing upon me,” I, having to find a way out of this
fix, said.

“Oh. I thought otherwise. I am so rash. I just thought you would dislike my
shit and piss,” she said in a sweet mellow tone. “OK. Let’s get on with it.
I don’t like to keep you hungry, my dear personal servant. Let me give you
your breakfast. Come on.”

She signaled me with her fingers to follow her into the bathroom, my new
restraint. She ordered me to lie on my back and then she took off her
panties and lowered asshole on my face making sure it was all contained
into my mouth.

Mistress Nelly made spluttering sounds and dispatched one big brown banana
into my mouth. “You better chew it quickly because they are coming one
after the other. Oh, here is a big one coming,” she said.

I munched and swallowed away hastily lest they should fall on my face. I
kept eating her shit until she had nothing more to give. My mouth was
filled shit like a hamsters storing their food in their inside-mouth
pouches, partly glad she seemed to have no more. The taste was awful, but I
can put up with it. At least I can never put up with a scandal she would
start if I refused to obey her.

“Now it is time for your beverage. Guess what, today it is Nescafe,” she
said, giving my open mouth a gush of warm liquid which I gulped fast to
keep my mouth from overflowing. The pee took away the awful taste and smell
of her shit inside my mouth, all down to my stomach.

She kept peeing into my mouth for three minutes until her urine reduced to
a thin trickle. “How did you like your breakfast, Alex?” she asked. “It was
lovely and delicious, Mistress Nelly,” I replied.

“Since you are that crazy about the breakfast I gave you, I promise I’ll
guarantee you a breakfast like this everyday,” she said. “That would be
great an honor and generous of you, Madame,” I thanked her.

She stood up and put back her pink panties and ordered me to wash my hands
[I haven’t used any] and mouth and follow her into the hall, where she was
I rushed to the hall and went down on my knees in front of her. “Listen,
Alex. You may go home now and return at 3.00 p.m. because I am going to run
some silly errands that would take three or four hours. I’ll be back at
2.30 p.m. so I will expect you here in 30 minutes, OK?” she said.

Mistress Nelly did not have to ask me, but anyway I nodded and answered in
the affirmative.

Three o’clock saw me reporting again to Mistress Nelly, who was ensconcing
herself in the sofa waiting for me. “Oh, Alex. I was waiting for you to
undress me. Come on, dear, take off my shoes and stockings,” she hailed my

I bent my knees down on the floor before her and took off her shoes, which
proliferated a stinky smell. I then peeled the stockings off her feet and
put them inside the shoes. “Oh, Alex. My stinky feet are killing me, give
them a good sniff to rid me of this odor,” she ordered. I inhaled the aroma
from her feet. “There are a lot of toe jam in between my toes. Take them
away, Alex, please,” she ordered again.

I worked my tongue in between the toes and ate away all the toe jam until
her feet gleamed thanks to my saliva. “Now get the bowl and wash my feet
for the massage routine, Alex dear,” she commanded. I brought the bowl of
lukewarm water to start the established process and massaged her feet and
calves and she moaned in relaxation, turning on the TV while enjoying a
good massage.

“Now Alex I am going to use you as my footstool while I am watching TV, but
first get me the popcorn in the kitchen. I fetched her the popcorn and she
ordered me get down on all fours and let my side face her but after she
told me to stuff her stockings into my mouth to clean them with my saliva.

She was in a good mood to have finally found something to kill time at
home. “Your performance seemed to have improved quite well, Alex. That is
why I brought you a good present during a shopping hour. See, I bought you
a BIG glass for occasional refreshments from my bladder,” she said. “Thank
you, Madame,” I muffled with her stockings inside my mouth.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Alex, after all the service you have been and will be
offering,” she said. She brought her legs off my back and told me to bring
out the stockings from my mouth and pinched my nose and brought it to face
her panties, the part where her shit hole was nestling. She released a big
fart and I, as an established routine between us, inhaled deep and took
away the six or seven farts [may be she ate a lot of popcorn that inflated
her stomach]. Mistress Nelly did not like the smell and since she has to
release those farts, the only way to solve this problem was me taking them
into my lungs.

“Sorry, dear, but you know in my age it is hard for me to keep control over
my body, so I wish you would not find my smell inconvenient,” she said.

“Never mind, Madame. It’s always be glad for me to be of service to you. At
least that is why I was created, to be of service and pleasure to you,” I replied.

“Speaking of old age, Alex. I just thought to use you as a means of
transport in the house. You see, I am tired of going about this spacious
house, so that why I will need to ride you as a pony about the place. Is it
OK with you?”

“Mistress Nelly, you need not ask me. You just order me to do so, and I
will be at your beck and call any time,” I replied.

“Oh, Alex. I thought you would agree and that is why I bought these
footholds for you to wear so that when I am riding you I get my feet into
them. Try them, baby,” she said.

I put on this pair of footholds and they were dangling from my neck so that
when I am on all fours getting my Mistress where she wants in the house she
could use them as supporting devices for her feet.

“Well. They seemed nice. Now Alex take me to the bedroom to help me
undress,” she said, riding me like her pony and getting her feet into those
footholds to avoid touching the ground.

“When I hit you on the nape once that means you move, twice you stop,” she
instructed. I reached her bedroom. She was not that heavy and I could put
on with the weight.

She hit me twice on the scruff, which signaled me to stop, which I did.
“Come on now, Alex, take this skirt and blouse off me and get me into my
gown.” I followed every piece of instruction, and she dismissed me saying
she needs to have a little nab.

Two hours after I entered my place the phone rang and I answered just to
hear Mistress Nelly ordering me to go up to her “in two shakes of a lamb’s
tail.” “It is so urgent. Come here at once,” she said. In exactly seven
seconds I was inside her home and rushed directly to her bedroom. “Oh,
Alex. There is a coup d’etat inside my intestines. It seems I have the
runs. I know I shouldn’t have eaten that damn ice cream. Open your mouth,
honey. Get my ass knob inside your mouth quickly.”

I knelt fast in front of the bedside, where she opened her legs wide and
rested her shit hole into my mouth. Loads of liquid shit blew inside my
mouth and I was a swallowing machine. I had no time to chew as shit came
streaming in like a flood. My Mistress seems to have been through torture
and her tummy seemed to be in excruciating pain. Her face was red.

“Aaaah…take this one too…ahh. Please, Alex. Swallow all that is inside my

I continued gulping her mushy brown load until finally she seemed to have
relaxed. My mouth overflowed a bit. She gave me a broad sweet smile and
said, “sorry, darling. I know it is not your meal time, but it’s OK. You
can consider it as a snack.”

“It’s alright, Madame. I am here to help in anyway you wish,” I said. I
took permission to wash my shit-smeared face in her bathroom, but she
refused. “Are you crazy? You want to wash shit in my basin? Wipe it with
your fingers and then suck them clean. Only then you are allowed to wash,”
she said.

I wiped the smears of her shit with my index finger and then sucked it as
instructed by an extremely dominant Mistress Nelly. “Aren’t you forgetting
something dear?” I had no clue of what she has meant. “Come on, don’t be
such a wimp! Shove your tongue in there and clean me of this mess.” I
lapped her asshole and the adjacent areas until she was spotless. “Good
boy, Alex. That’s my personal servant. I just can’t believe you made all
this progress in only a couple of days. It seems I’ve made a miracle out of
you, baby.”

She put on her panties and told me to take her to the hall to watch TV. I
took the footholds quickly out of my denims and put it on. She rode me and
signaled me to move on with a single hit on my nape. “Go slowly, Alex. I
want to enjoy every second of it,” she said, whistling a lovely tune. I
went on at a very slow pace until my nape received two successive hits, so
I stopped, ready for further instructions.

“Go fetch that footrest for me and then put your face into my soles and
lick in between my toes while I watch TV, and don’t forget to bring me some
peanuts and popcorns from the kitchen,” she ordered.

She was enjoying herself and using me to the fullest extent as if I was
born to serve her. I licked her unpainted long toenails from below and
drove my tongue in between the toes. She playfully pinched my nose with her
big and second toes and gave me mild scratching with her toenails from time
to time.

“Go get me two Budweisers from the fridge. I need to get drunk tonight,”
she said. I fetched her the beer and opened one can for her and returned to
my toe-licking activity and stole a glance at the grandfather clock hanging
above her on the wall. It was nearly 10.00 p.m.

“Oh. You must be worried about my hubby’s imminent arrival. It’s OK, baby.
He phoned me today and said that he flew to the Upper Province on a sudden
business trip for a week. So he is not coming, and that is why I am
celebrating. He is such a dickhead. Listen Alex, I’ll give you leave now,
but I need you tomorrow night for the big party. I have invited three close
friends of mine. They are coming at 7.00 p.m. The four of us ladies would
be in need of your services tomorrow night. Tell mom you are going to spend
all night long tomorrow with friends of yours so that she wouldn’t miss

Mistress Nelly then told me that this was of course apart from my morning
activities. “We’ll meet tomorrow morning, honey. Bye,” she said.

She snapped her fingers ordering me to stop licking her toes and leave, so
I went home.

I woke up the next day at 8.25 a.m. I shouted in awe and directly left my
bed and flew up there without even washing my face or cleaning my teeth. I
hurried to the kitchen to prepare my Mistress’s breakfast. That took about
10 minutes and it was all ready at 8.40 a.m. I started licking Mistress
Nelly’s toes to wake her up. She stirred lazily in her bed. “What is the
time now, Alex?” she asked.

“It’s 8.45, Madame.”

“8.45. You are 15 minutes late, you butthead. You are to be punished, Alex,
to remember keeping good track of time in the future.”

I just see nothing wrong about being 15 minutes late, considering the fact
that Mistress Nelly was not a working woman and that she has nothing urgent
as far as I know to regret being late. However, I thought, she would never
miss a chance to prove her superiority over me and strike fear into my

“On your knees. You are to be slapped on your miserable cheeks by my feet
100 times and then your face is to be mashed under my feet for 30 minutes.”
She started slapping my face with her right foot: my left cheek receiving
the front of her right foot and my right cheek her right sole. She kept
swinging her tormenting foot like hell as if she was practicing on the
punching bag in front of her: my face.

After she finished I felt extremely dizzy that ground was in the sky and I
began to see stars. She grabbed me by the hair and had me lie on my back
bringing my face up to look directly at the ceiling. Sitting on the left
side of the bed, Mistress Nelly then rested her two feet on my miserable
face and started to mash it violently under her bare heels and scratched my
cheeks with her long pointed strong toenails.

My face was on fire and my head was spinning. I screamed, but that made her
more violent. She muffled my cries with her left sole, and started kicking
my nose and forehead with her right bare weapon she calls foot.

She stopped after a while. May be she had some pity on me. Her left sole
was tightly shutting up my mouth and with her right big and second toes
pinching my nose closed and cutting off air supply. “You know, asshole, I
could end your pathetic life now. I can easily kill you,” she said. My face
grew red I could feel it and I thought I was really dying. She took her
feet off my face and I gasped desperately for air as if I was being
strangled. “Get up and apologize properly for your Mistress,” she ordered.

I got up and took both her feet and started kissing them enthusiastically.
“I’m sorry, Madame. This will never happen again, I promise,” I said.

“OK. Go bring me my breakfast quickly.” I brought the tray containing her
morning meal and she leaned her back at a bellow in the bed. I sucked her
toes while she was having her breakfast until she signaled me to dive my
head between her powerful thighs under the tray and wait for her farts to
take into my lungs. The first fart was a long soundless one with hideous
smell that could function as a toxic agent used in a chemical warfare. The
following farts had spluttering sounds but the smell was not so deadly as
the first one.

I heard fingers snapping so I got down on my knees with my head looking
downward. She put the tray away and told me she wanted to go to the
bathroom. I put on the footholds and she gave me one on the nape to move
ahead to the bathroom. “I thought of denying you your daily meal as
punishment, but I reconsidered the matter and settled for the kicking and
trampling. See Alex, I am so kind-hearted but I warn you not to take
advantage of this.”

We reached the bathroom and with two hits I stopped. She dismounted and
ordered me to lie on my back. Peeling off her panties, she said “I think
you have liked my mushy diarrheic loads yesterday, haven’t you, baby?” Yes
was my answer. “Well, I have good news for you, Alex. I still have these
damn runs, and I am thinking of covering all your face in those brown feces
to give you the generous opportunity of reveling in my sweet shitty scent.
After I finish dispatching my cargo on your face, you are to lie still like
a corpse for 30 minutes. I will then come visit you again and wash your
face with a huge torrent of my precious pee.”

She lowered her bottom directly over my face and a huge non-stop juicy
brown liquid attacked my face. No part of my exposed face was not covered
by her excrement. It went down my cheeks, neck and hair. She kept relieving
herself on my face for 15 minutes.

My vision was blurry from the shit over my face but I heard her clearly say
she would for refreshments and beer. “See you in 30 minutes, Alex baby,”
she said.

She returned to the bathroom slightly intoxicated by the beer, just to find
me like the corpse she had instructed. “Hi, Alex hon. I am back and guess
what; I have a loaded bladder that is going to explode over your face, but
first I will put this stainless bowl under your head so that my bathroom
floor remains clean,” she said.

Madame Nelly put the bowl under the back of my head so that all his piss,
and of course the shit on my face, would end up in the bowl. Suddenly I
felt a gush of warm stinky liquid flowing over my face like a shower. Pee
was flowing non-stop for five minutes over my face. As vision began to get
clearer, I looked to see a hole three centimeters over my eyes sending
uncontrollably crazy gushes of urine.

“He-he-he! Didn’t I tell you that my bladder was to explode? Enjoy it baby.
I have a surprise for you, Alex dear.” Her urine came down to small drops
and she stood up as she finished and put on her black panties. “Today,
Alex, I am going to give you Mistress Nelly’s special: the mushy-shit-beer-
urine cocktail. You will now get your meal as I promised you. Eat the
content of this bowl, honey. All of it. I want no trace of this in the
bowl, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Mistress. Right away!” I closed my eyes and started to swallow the
strange mix. The test was indescribable. It was like shit, or so to speak.
I finished it all and I felt really ill. “Good boy! Now go home and bathe
and report here at 6.30 p.m. to help me with preparations for the big
party. Listen, Alex. You better do your best in this party. I don’t want
any embarrassments in front of my friends, otherwise there is going to be a
great deal of hard time for you. I think this is crystal clear, huh?” she

“Yes, Madame. Very clear. I’ll do my best.”

“We’ll see. Since you are in awful shape and you are stinking in my
cocktail, I exempt you from the farewell greeting of kissing my toes. Go
now,” she ordered.

I went down quickly to my place and ran to the bathroom. I was so ill that
I tried to vomit but to no avail [of course it would be hell for me if my
Mistress knew about my attempt to bring out her precious waste from my

I took a bath and slept for three hours to wake up at 6.00 p.m. and before
I slept I made sure the alarm was working properly [It just did not ring
today morning and this incurred my Mistress’s punishment of foot-slapping
and face-mashing].

At exactly 6.30 p.m. I was turning the key to enter my Mistress’s place. I
helped her with the party preparations and everything was in good shape by
7.00 p.m. Mistress Nelly was getting dressed and finished her make-up and
all that jazz. She was wearing a short black dress that revealed her
graceful soft plump thighs. As I was finishing the final touches for the
party, I heard fingers snapping inside the bedroom. I hurried inside and
waited for instructions.

“Take me outside and bring this pair of black mules. Hold them in your
mouth by the heels,” she commanded as she gave me one hit to move. We
reached the hall and waited for the guests. Mistress Nelly relaxed herself
on the sofa and stretched her feet for me to suck her toes, which I did for
nearly 10 minutes.

“Mistress Nelly, could I be allowed to make a suggestion?”

“Yes, Alex. Go ahead.

“Why don’t you have your toes painted? I think they are so sexy this way,
but paints add to the beauty of women’s feet. I guess your toes would look
gorgeous if you had them painted white.”

“Mmmm, Alex. That is a nice suggestion. OK, go fetch the white paint from
the bedroom. You have only 15 minutes left to paint me before the visitors

I went quickly to get the white paint and returned to sit at my Mistress’s
feet. She rested her right foot in my lap and I started to apply the paint.
In 10 minutes it was all over. “Oh, Alex you were right, my feet look
better with this paint. Now put my feet into this pair of mules,” she said.

Madame Nelly wore no stockings. Her legs looked glamorous in her short
black dress.

The doorbell rang, so I rushed to open. The guests entered and they all
kissed Mistress Nelly on the cheeks. Adele was a black well-built woman in
her forties. She was a bit fat but seemed so strong. Her eyes were wide and
heavy with mascara. Her nose was small and wore her pale yellow hair in a
bob. Vera was also a 40-ish golden-haired woman, and the third one was
Nina, Vera’s 18-year-old daughter. They were all wearing short skirts. Only
Adele wore a black fishnet stockings.

They all had the same facial expression enquiring about my identity.
Mistress Nelly told them that I was her personal servant, and that I was
here to attend to their wishes and make them feel relaxed.

“Since you are to seek our satisfaction, young boy, come and take my shoes
and stockings off,” Adele addressed me. I was aware of the fact that I
should not let my Mistress down so I knelt before big Adele and took off
her shoes and stockings so gently and in no time.

“Oh, my toes are killing me, dear Nelly. I walked too much today,” said
Adele. I was still at Adele’s feet. Mistress Nelly said that I have foot
massaging and toe sucking experience. “Oh really? So why don’t you boy just
give me this. I need it so badly.

“Of course, dear Adele. After he just takes off the other ladies’ shoes.
Alex, quick. Take the ladies’ shoes off,” commanded my Mistress. I did as
instructed. The feet of Vera and her daughter Nina were so cute and lovely.
I seated myself back in front of Adele’s feet. I lifted her right leg,
which was so heavy, to my mouth and started sucking her toes one by one.
She gave a frolic laugh. Her voice was a bit harsh. “It just gives me a
ticklish sensation. This is the first time I had someone sucking my toes.
It feels lovely. Can I borrow Alex for some time, dear Nelly?” asked Adele.

“Of course, dear Adele. Any time you want him, just let me know, so that I
make certain preparations. You see, Adele, Alex’s presence in my life
became essential. He is indispensable for me,” I felt flattered by the
words of praise from my Mistress.

Mistress Nelly spoke about her crash course of training she provided to me
with totally no costs involved at all. “Even his food is not costing me a
dime. He just accepts my feces and urine as his main meals,” said my

I have just continued massaging Adele’s feet with my lips and tongue. My
arms ached a bit from lifting the black giant’s heavy leg, but my other
side was balanced by her resting her left sole on my right shoulder. I
could see Adele’s white panties.

“Tell us Adele about the man you killed in combat. You devil! How did you
just get away with it? Oh, Alex. I forgot to tell you that Madame Adele is
a mixed wrestling champion for seven years running,” said Mistress Nelly.

The words I have just heard gave me the creeps and that made me suck
Adele’s feet with more diligence and more respect.

“The man was really stupid. He thought he was a stud enough to defeat me. I
caught his neck between my calves and he was just expected to declare
submission like his many predecessors did. The hold was so tight of course
and he tried to escape it but that was not possible at all. He made a
sudden move in the wrong direction and broke his neck between my legs, so
his soul took the Express to heaven,” recollected Adele.

She said many referees who were at the event testified that it was not her
fault at all and finally she was acquitted.

I took Adele’s left foot from my shoulder and started to insert my tongue
in between her toes. She rested her right foot on my left shoulder as if it
were her usual footstool and she seemed very relaxed and satisfied.

“Where is the beer, boy. Go get some. I want to get dead drunk tonight,”
Adele said, playfully twitching my nose with her stumpy red-painted
toenails. I quickly ran to get a packet of beer cans, not wishing of course
to cause any annoyance to Adele, who killed a man with her gruesome pair of
calves. During the massage to Adele’s feet, I came to touch her calves,
which were as hard as steel that no man ever wishes to have his neck come
in contact with them.

I really imagined the man Adele killed struggling and struggling to get off
this boa constrictor hold, but of course – considering the powerful pair of
calves which I was just massaging – that must have been useless. “Poor man!
God bless his soul,” I thought to myself.

I opened cans of beer for everybody and Mistress Nelly ordered me to take
good care of the feet of Madame Vera and her lovely daughter Nina. I
started with the mother’s blood-red-painted long toenails. “Take good care
of the nails, Alex. Lick from below them,” instructed Vera. “Yes, Madame.
Right away,” I responded.

“While in the process of serving your precious feet, Madame Vera, I wonder
if Miss Nina likes to use my two shoulders as footstool,” I recommended.
Nina, who was sitting opposite her mother, which made my back exposed to
her, rested her both bare feet on my two shoulders.

“Now ladies let’s eat before we get too drunk. We have all kinds of meat
here,” hailed Mistress Nelly. They all sat at the dining table eating
avidly. My Mistress snapped her fingers for me and signaled me to get under
the table and dive my nose into her panty-covered ass hole to give me her
usual farts. “Anyone feels like wishing to fart? Don’t worry. Alex will
take good care of it. He usually takes farts into his lungs. This is part
of his duty,” suggested Mistress Nelly.

Adele raised her hands in approval, followed by Vera. I was afraid of
Adele’s farts. May be one fart of her huge bottoms could blow my head to
smithereens. “Go in the direction of Madame Adele, Alex. Come on boy, snap
to it. Don’t go to Madame Vera before Madame Adele snaps her fingers to
you,” instructed my Mistress.

I crawled towards Madame Adele’s asshole. She opened her legs wider and
grabbed my hair from under the table to her exact ass hole covered in the
white panties. She sent several killer farts that gave me a headache and a
little spin.

“Let me know of any of you smelt any of the farts, because this would mean
Alex had not properly taken them into his lungs, and consequently must be
punished,” said Mistress Nelly.

I heard fingers snapping from Madame Adele, so I went directly to Madame
Vera, who had her legs already open. She gave me just one fart but I swear
it was like a nice fragrance compared to Adele’s farts.

I heard fingers snapping so I withdrew from Vera’s bottom. “Hey, Nina.
Don’t tell me you don’t want to fart. All this food we’re having causes
anyone to fart. I think you are a bit shy. Please don’t be shy at all.
Consider Alex as nothing. You can think of him as a chair or a toilet bowl.
Come out, Alex. On your knees beside Miss Nina’s chair and point your face
up the ceiling….see Nina, all you have to do is mount his face like it was
a saddle of a bicycle and start doing it,” said Madame Nelly.

Nina did exactly as recommended by my Mistress and gave my mouth a long
noisy fart, which I inhaled deeply. She returned to her chair.

“Did anyone smell anything?” Mistress Nelly asked proudly. No was the

“This is really magic. You don’t know how I can find someone like him,
Nelly?” asked Adele. “I’m in bad need for a thing like this.”

“OK, Adele. You are so persistent. I’ll send him to you tomorrow at five
o’clock because I need him to re-arrange things after the party will be
over. You may keep him for three days, no more,” said Madam Nelly. Adele
was happy to get me for her personal use for a few days.

“Now let’s get on a drinking spree,” said my Mistress hilariously. They
really went on a drinking spree that I later saw the ruins of four packs of
Heineken cans lying everywhere on the ground. They also went on an
uncontrollable laughing spree that my heart kept pounding in fear.

“You know boy why we are laughing? It is because all our bladders are
filled with a lot of urine for you to drink. See that huge black lady
there? She has Mr. Heineken himself inside her bladder,” said my Mistress.
They all burst out laughing that I thought someone of them is going to die
laughing tonight.

The thought of them four emptying their bladders into my mouth gave me
goose pimples. “It is really unnecessary, ladies, to do it in the bathroom.
I can hardly move a leg,” said my Mistress, laughing. “Alex, honey. Go get
the big funnel from the kitchen cupboard.”

I fetched the funnel and knelt before Mistress Nelly’s feet. “Put that
narrow tube into your mouth, Alex and swallow my pee quickly, dear, because
you are going to get a flood,” said Madame Nelly. They all laughed and
laughed, while I swallowed and swallowed and if there is anything fair, I
am entitled to join the Guinness Book of World Records in the speed of

My Mistress kept gushing gold nectar from her pussy until I felt her flow
reducing to a thin trickle and then drops by drops. She snapped her fingers
to me and pointed at Madame Adele, who told me to keep the funnel in my
mouth and move in her direction.

“A moving toilet bowl! That’s the newest invention. Are we in Wonderland?”
Adele said with a coarse laugh. I was on my knees in the middle of the
setting and Adele instructed me to rest my hands behind my back and look at
the ceiling. She took off her white panties and nested her pee hole over
the funnel ending inside my mouth, bending her knees a little.

Adele never stopped laughing during the gushy flood of piss she was sending
to the inside of my body. I had no choice but to swallow her urine down to
the last drop. She took a longer piss than my Mistress gave me. She peed
for about eight minutes and all along laughing her head off above me.

She then ordered me to take the funnel off and clean her piss hole, which I
licked with gusto. She was so happy.

The dreadful night ended and I climbed up to attend to Mistress’s needs in
the morning. I was on time and prepared her breakfast and went as usual
down the foot of the bed to wake her up by rubbing her sweet toes with my
tongue. She took one hour until she made the first stir in bed. Obviously
she suffered the hangover from the previous wild night.

“Alex. Keep licking my toes for two hours. I don’t want to wake up now. You
may leave after you have finished and at five o’clock go to that address of
Madame Adele. You better serve her well and be most attentive to her
instructions. Believe me, you don’t want to upset her. She has taken a
man’s life just like that,” said Mistress Nelly, handing me a piece of
paper with Madame Adele’s address written on it.

I reported at Madame Adele’s place at 4.55 p.m. It was a spacious two-
storey villa with a wide hall leading through a wooden staircase to about
four bedrooms above. Madame Adele seems to be so rich, being a world
champion for years has earned her good money and good name in the world of
sports, apart from the man she had taken in the ring.

I planned to offer honest devoted service to Madame Adele, with whom I had
no intentions of messing around. She took the life of a big man nearly her
size with her deadly cast-iron calves, so she could do my tiny body with
much less effort with her toes. “You are five minutes earlier, but that is
great. Come in,” she greeted me at the door. I entered and directly fell on
my knees in front of her bare feet kissing both of them in a bid to impress
her and send a message that I am only willing to serve.

“Come on, good boy Alex. Follow me,” she said. She lied in a big chair that
seemed like a throne. “There is the bathroom in that direction. Get a bowl
of warm water to wash and massage my feet.” I went quickly as ordered and
brought all the foot-massaging paraphernalia, being aware of the procedure
from my experience with my original Mistress.

She rested her left foot on my shoulder and gave me the other to start
working on. I rubbed her toes in water so gently and she began to relax and
close her eyes as if she was in a dream. I dried one foot and started
working on the other and then rubbed both legs up to the knees, which were
so strong that I thought could crush a human skull easily if they pressed
together in one quick strong move.

“Lie on your back under my chair and keep your face exactly under my
feet….goooood boy! Now stick your tongue out and stay still.” She placed
her left foot on my right part of the chest and put her right heel under my
chin so that her big and second toes encircled my tongue and then moved her
toes up and down my tongue for 10 minutes. She then did it with her second
and middle toes and then the middle and fourth toes and finally the forth
and small toes. She did the same with her left foot, and all along my
tongue kept still as she ordered.

“My feet are shining thanks to your velvet tongue,” she said. “I am here to
serve you in anyway you wish me, Madame Adele. I am at your total
disposal,” I replied. She seemed satisfied and showed her shining white
teeth in a smile. “You haven’t had your lunch of course, Alex. Have you?”
“No, Madame. I was in a hurry to arrive here on time,” I said. “Well, this
dedication deserves a good meal. You know, today I ate pork, Cole Slaw and
rice and finished off a bottle of wine, so your meal is going to be a
really good nurturing one. Follow me to the bathroom, Alex,” she ordered.

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I lied on my back and opened my mouth
for my lunch. I just started to love shit as a favorite meal and really
savored the taste of urine.

Madame Adele took off her white panties and lowered herself over my face,
making sure that she had her shit hole exactly over my open mouth.

She first gave several farts over my inhaling nose until I saw her first
piece of shit starting to arrive where it belongs: my mouth. Madame Adele
was pushing hard and hard. The shit seemed solid and fat and a very long
coherent one, contrary to that diarrheic shit of Mistress Nelly. The first
batch of the brown cargo started to land into my welcoming mouth, but it
seemed to have no end. Madame Adele was still pushing.

The shit seemed endless and now it looked like a small snake coming out of
her ass hole. I had to support it with hands behind her ass, and she
finally gave it. I took it all into my mouth. The later parts were easier,
but smaller cargos with same fat solidness. Madame Adele kept shitting into
my mouth for about 20 minutes and she finally emptied all the content of
her bowels into me. “You want your wine now, Alex?” she asked. “Yes, please

She stretched out her hand and brought a big plastic funnel. “You know
Alex, funnels guarantee that no drop of urine would be wasted away. All the
content of my bladder will move in seconds into your body.” She placed the
funnel into my mouth and started emptying all the wine she had today into
me. Although I was that swallowing machine, her pee stung my palate. It was
strong and the taste was a bit painful, but I had no choice.

Madame Adele was smiling above me while the piss was still gushing from her
hole. “Enjoying my wine, Alex?” she asked. I nodded in response. Her pee
seemed to be over I can tell from the last drops falling into my mouth. She
took off the funnel and signaled me out after her. “How was your meal,
Alex? Nelly insisted that I should give you good nourishment.” I replied
that it was more than OK.

“Of course I would not use you as my pony boy, because if I did I would
crush you under me,” she said. I was glad she has reached that conclusion.
“A larger stronger pony boy would take care of that. Come here, Josh.” An
all-muscle leg-shackled man appeared from a room in the hall. His body was
perfect. He must be a bodybuilder or something.

He stood before Madame Adele’s throne and knelt at her feet kissing her
toes one by one and then kept his kneeling position.

“A strange thing happened this morning, Alex. You see, this man was the
brother of the man I killed in the sports combat. Instead of having a
sports spirit and congratulate me over my win, he came here to attack and
kill me in revenge. However, I had to convince him that he was wrong but
this took hours of beating and face-sitting that he finally admitted he was
dead wrong. He told me his brother was a scumbag anyway.
I told him I must finish him off and send him to his brother with special
greetings from me, but he pleaded for his life and offered me that he would
do anything in return. As you see, Alex, this house is too big for me and I
really get tired of going up and down that staircase all day, so I thought
of using Josh as my means of transportation indoors. Before you have just
arrived, I took him for a round outdoors to check on my garden, and he
seemed to have enjoyed my riding him like my horsie, haven’t you, Josh?”

“You bet, Madame. My life has just begun today.” The man was so meek.

“Come kiss my feet again and take me up to my room. I need to rest. Follow
me up there, Alex. I need your services up there,” Madame Adele ordered me
in a very nice way. She treated me well. After all I was just a servant
willing so much to respond to her every wish.

Josh came closer to the throne and Madame Adele mounted his back. He was
just carrying her on his back and walked using his two feet, not the all
fours style I offer Mistress Nelly. I followed Madame Adele, who seemed to
have fun overpowering men, strong ones in particular.

Josh stood at the bedside without being told to. I found it rather strange,
and my thoughts came as I expected. “Did I ever tell you to stop, you
wimp?” Madame Adele hit him several times on his nape. “Get me down on my
feet and get ready for your punishment. Lie on your back.”

Madame Adele tortured his face by mashing it with her feet, sliding her
soles violently at his exposed face. “Please, Madame. Forgive me. It won’t
happen again,” Josh pleaded for mercy, but she wouldn’t have any. She went
on with what she was doing until he was unconscious. I was so scared.

She lied on her bed and snapped her fingers at me to give her toes another
massage with my tongue, which I did with the utmost dedication. That
continued for 30 minutes. Josh stirred and began to restore his
consciousness when Madame Adele ordered him strictly to rush to her, which
he did so quick. She signaled me to stop and get closer to her.

“While I am sleeping, you filthy worm Josh lick between my toes. If I ever
wake up any time and found you doing anything else, that would mean your
final demise. I’ll kill you and have you buried in my garden that no one
would ever know or hear a thing about you. After all your decayed body
would offer good manure for my garden. You Alex, lie directly beneath my
asshole from the bedside direction. Sometimes I fart while sleeping. I
don’t want to smell this, of course. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Madame,” both me and Josh said in the same timing. “Good,” she said,
“now let me have a good time’s sleep without any disturbances.”

She slept for about four hours during which she gave one fart nearly each
six minutes and of course I took them all into my respiratory system. I
would never let one single fart escape my two nostrils and I really thought
that I just lost the sense of smelling due to the myriads of farts I have
received during the past few days.

I could occasionally notice Josh at the foot of the bed licking and sucking
Madame Adele’s toes and her long red-painted sharp nails from the back and
front. He was working his tongue in between the toes to rid the black beast
of any possible toe jam that might have appeared. He was doing his job with
perseverance and he really seemed so scared like a rat. Well, I was scared
myself, considering my tiny body compared to Josh’s, but what struck me the
most was that Josh had a body that would kill any opponent easily and
notwithstanding Madame Adele has just overpowered him and he was finally so
convinced of her superiority over him.

I just wondered what she has possibly done to him to bring this muscled
huge man into this servile condition.

Finally, Madame Adele stirred in her bed just to find both of us attending
to her as she has exactly instructed before she sank in her forty winks.
“Good boys. That is so good. Keep doing your jobs,” she said.

We heard the door bell ringing and I was ordered by Madame Adele to answer
it. I ran quickly and opened the door and it was the postman with a letter
to Madame Adele. I ran up again and handed the letter to her and returned
to my previous position at her ass hole as I was not instructed otherwise.

“Well.. Well! It is a letter from an anonymous sender threatening to kill
me in revenge for the man I had killed in competition. Come here Josh, do
you know this handwriting, and you better not lie about it or else I’ll
break your damn neck just like I did to your brother,” she said.

Josh read the letter and his facial expressions showed familiarity with the
handwriting. “I- it is f- from my f- father,” he stuttered. “Are you sure
Josh?” She asked. He replied he was so damn sure.

“Well! You are to do something for me, Josh. You would help me trap your
father here, or else I’ll put an end to your wretched life. If you play
games, you die. If anything wrong happens, even if you were not responsible
for it, you die. If eventually the plan did not result in your father’s
arrival here, you die. Is this clear, big muscled worm?” she shouted.

“Yes, Madame, I’ll do my best.”

“You better do your best because it’s your life that is at stake now, not
mine of course. I am not planning to die now, anyway,” said Madame Adele,
sporting a wicked grin.

Brrrrr! That was the sound of a big smelly fart she gave my nose before
revealing her plan to Josh.

“Listen Josh. You speak to your father over the phone here. You tell him
that you have killed me and sliced my body to pieces by a chopper. I don’t
mind for this emergency situation that you call me names like whore! Bitch!
Say whatever you like about me, though you are not to get away with it
unpunished afterwards. You tell him that you have received the anonymous
letter he had sent and convince him of coming here to witness the carnage
you have made. Are you following, butthead?”

“Yes, Madame. Completely understood,” the tamed big man replied firmly as
if he were a soldier reporting to the supreme commander.

“Start now and bring yourself together while talking to your filthy dad. I
need complete success here or your life will be the price of any failure,”
Madame Adele warned.

Josh successfully made his phone call to his dad, who was stupid enough to
believe his miserable son. His father said he is coming right away.

“Good boy, Josh. You were fighting for your life, eh? Just an idea about
what I have in mind for your father. I am not going to waste him of course.
He is going to be mummified by a dozen duck tapes all over his body except
the head. I will now call a plumber to make a new toilet installation in
the bathroom. The plumber is to dig the tiles in the size of your mummified
dad and then install the toilet bowl over his head. Your father is going to
be my toilet bowl until his final seconds on this planet. Afterwards I will
kill the plumber to bury that secret with him in my backyard,” Madame Adele
explained the merciless scheme to Josh, who was attentive to every syllable
uttered by her. He was still tonguing the spaces between her toes while

“When is your dad going to arrive?” she asked. “At 8.00 p.m., Madame,” he

“Well. It’s now 7.30. We have 30 minutes. You will welcome your father in
and lead him to this room. I am going to be in the garden hut and follow
you both up there two minutes later. When I enter the room you stay away
and lie facedown on the floor until I finish giving your dad some beating
till he is unconscious. Is it understood, moron?” she said. “Yes, Madame.
It’s all clear,” he replied.

“You Alex, enter the room next to this and stay there until I call you. Sit
still and make no noise at all, OK?” she instructed me. “Yes, Madame. It’s
OK,” I answered.

The plan went on so accurately. Josh’s father was led by his son up here
and then a minute later entered Madame Adele to dad’s astonishment. He
looked at his son, who was already lying facedown, and he had to face the
tough black male-devouring woman.

She first slapped him violently on the cheek. She then kicked him hard in
his groin. He of course fell on his knees, and she gave him a roundhouse
kick. He crumpled to pieces on the floor and she stood with one foot over
the side of his face and began to mash it like a potato under her deadly
heels. The man was in terrible pain and he screamed like a sissy but no one
would ever come to his rescue. Even if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was
there, he would reconsider intervening in this massacre.

Madame Adele brought a small chair that encircled the front part of dad’s
body so that her feet are literally above his face. She used her toenails
as knives cutting the flesh that used to be called face in the past. She
scratched him mercilessly with her killer toenails all over his face. He
was bleeding from various parts of his cheeks, forehead, nose, lips and

“You know why I haven’t gouged out your eyeballs with my deadly toenails?
Huh? Because I want you to watch what I am having in store for you. You
want to kill me, huh? Well, why don’t you try it, old man. How dare you
think of this. Your life has just ended the moment you stepped into my
realm,” she said, mashing his blood-soaked face. The relationship between
her feet and his face was exactly like that between a mill and wheat.
Eventually, the man could not stand it any longer and he just fainted.

The door of the next room was opened. I was on my knees in two shakes of a
cat’s whiskers before the feet of her huge stature. “Didn’t you hear the
door bell ringing? Why didn’t you answer it?” she asked me.

“Madame! I really heard the bell ringing but I wouldn’t dare go answer it
because I was not instructed to do so by your most honorable person,” I
replied politely.

She came to me and gave me a pat on my head and praised my attentive
diligence and keenness to act only upon her orders.

“You are so good a boy, Alex. Now go answer the bell. It must be the
plumber. I called him 15 minutes ago,” she said.

I opened the door and it was really a plumber [I can tell by the way he was
dressed]. Madame Adele climbed down the staircase and welcomed the plumber
and instructed him about what he would do. He told her this would take an
hour and would charge her 500 dollars. She said she would give him 5,000
dollars if he made good work of it.

“Poor plumber! He is not going to get a dime. He was a dead man walking
anyway,” I thought to myself, reflecting on the plan I have heard Madame
Adele explaining.

She told me one hour is all she needed to mummify the father’s unconscious
body with the use of several duck tapes. “Bring those duck tapes, Alex, and
follow me up there,” she said, climbing up the staircase. I brought the
duck tapes and entered the room and watched Madame Adele adjusting the
almost-dead old man in a favorable position.

Josh looked pitifully from his facedown lying position at his dad, but only
to get a strong kick in the face from Madame Adele’s right foot to
straighten him up. “Who give you permission to lift your head from the
floor. You are to be punished later for this. Face down, bitch,” shouted
Madame Adele.

“Come Alex. Give me one of those. I’ll start with the feet, but first take
off his shoes. He wouldn’t need them anymore. He is not going anywhere,
after all,” she said. I handed her one of many duck tapes I held in my
hands and she started wrapping it around dad’s feet, keeping them in
position. The first one ended just below his knees. In one hour, all the
duck tapes were wrapped around his body and he was really mummified and
could not move an inch. His head was left free with the purpose of Madame
Adele’s plans to use it for her special needs.

“Now, moron. Get up and carry your daddy and follow me down to the hall,”
she addressed Josh. He did as was told and followed Madame Adele’s down the
staircase. I was ordered to follow them down the hall. She entered the
bathroom and the plumber was sitting at the edge of the bathtub as he
finished digging. “Listen, I want you to put this mummy into this and then
place the toilet bowl over his head and start fixing it. I want my bathroom
literally back to its previous condition except for this little change,”
she told the plumber. Josh was still carrying his mummified father waiting
for further instructions.

The plumber was perplexed and bewildered. “I think this is a crime. You did
not tell me this from the beginning. I will have to report this to the
police,” the plumber said.

“Why are you so concerned. It’s just that we’re playing for a while, that’s
all. And moreover, I would give you 5,000 dollars for just a little job,”
explained Madame Adele.

“In that case, I think we should have a new bargain. I will take 10,000 for
this, but I promise I would restore your previous status of bathroom,” the
plumber said.

“No. No. 10,000 is just not worth the job you are going to make. Listen,
I’ll give you 25,000 dollars in cash right now if you fulfilled your
promise to me. Do we have a deal or not?” asked Madame Adele.

The man’s head was just spinning around at the figure he just heard. “Of
course we have a deal. You’ll get exactly what you want, Madame. You are
too generous. Nobody is appreciating the good work of plumbers these days,”
the man said.

Madame Adele was not going to pay him a thing anyway. Perhaps this is why
she was ultra-generous with the plumber.

In less than one hour everything was in place as wished by Madame Adele,
who checked at the work of art and perfection made by the plumber. She was
in the bathroom alone examining everything around. She looked at the
father’s face inside the toilet bowl and dropped a big spit down there and
then went out.

“It’s just exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for your efforts. You
really deserve what I’m going to give you,” Madame Adele told the plumber.
With a sudden movement of her right leg she kicked him in his stomach. The
man, taken off-guard, bent down but straightened up quickly with another
kick in his face, and then a third in his stomach, bringing him to bend
down again. She raised her formidable right leg high and landed her strong
sole on his scruff, sending him facedown. He was so dizzy, I believe, and
in terrible pain from the four kicks he received.

She re-positioned the man’s body with her foot to let him face the ceiling.
“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked. Madame Adele ignored his question
with an expression of disdain on her face. She rested her bare black strong
right foot on the man’s neck and began to press hard. He struggled for air
and tried to move her leg, but it was useless. She kept pressing and
pressing. The poor man’s face has turned red and then blue, and suddenly we
heard a crack and the man’s two hands that held her leg fell down on the

The crack we heard was just the unfortunate man’s larynx. Although both me
and Josh knew in advance about his fate, no one of us could have the balls
to warn him or do something about it. The man’s fate was sealed already
even before he entered Madame Adele’s house.

I and Josh were just awed by the simplicity with which she took the man’s
life. I was really scared that I was about to pee in my pants. It’s the
first time for me to watch a live murder in front of my eyes.

“He was just a pathetic worm. No one would miss him, I guess,” said Madame
Adele, who was still placing her right foot on the plumber’s dead neck.

She took away her right foot and began to walk away in the direction of her
throne, telling Josh to get a big blanket from the cupboard. “Come here,
Alex. Give my toes a good massage with your magical tongue. Oh, I need this
badly,” she ordered. I knelt before the throne in the blink of an eye. My
respect to, and perhaps scare from, Madame Adele was growing each minute,
but she was good to me and treated me nice.

I started tonguing in between the toes, which I knew she loved. “Suck
deeper boy. Try to take all my five toes at a time into your little mouth.
Come, Josh. Put the blanket beside the body and go dig a deep grave in the
backyard, where you’ll find the shovel and all this. Come on, move your
ass,” she said.

I opened my mouth at its full width to take her five toes at a time, in
which I succeeded. “Oh. Good toe servant. You are great,” she praised me.
She moved her toes to and fro inside my mouth. “I know I have to let you
go, Alex. I was planning to offer you lunch, but this wretch in my toilet
bowl destroyed those plans. You see, I am now saving my precious content
inside me for my new toilet bowl. He has to eat and drink or he’ll die,”
she told me, taking out her five toes to let me speak.

“It’s OK, Madame. I understand. But it’s now 9.30 p.m. and I am afraid my
mother would be worried about me. So I think I’ll have to go home,” I said.

Placing her left big toe inside my mouth and going to and fro in there,
Madame Adele instructed me to come wake her up at 10.00 a.m. of course by
licking her toes and toenails. She, too, gave me a copy of her villa door

“I need to have my breakfast at 10.00 a.m. So you are to prepare my
breakfast for me. Mmmmm. Let me think. I would take cheese, a lot of hot
mashed potatoes, two big glasses of warm milk, 10 soft-boiled eggs, a lot
of toast, jam, two omelets, five pancakes, muffins and five cans of
Budweiser. You might think this is too much, but I have many mouths to feed
now, including you, Alex,” she said.

She was still placing her big toe inside my fitting mouth and she stopped
her to-and-fro activity telling me to play my tongue inside against her
toenail when Josh entered to report finishing the instructions he had from
Madame Adele. “Wrap this body in this blanket neatly and place it beside
the grave, and then return here to take me there,” she ordered, still
enjoying my tonguing services. Josh lifted the wrapped body and went out to
the backyard.

“Of course Alex, I need not tell you to hush-hush about what you have
witnessed today. I am so proud of you, so don’t let me down, kid,” she told
me, taking out her toe to let me speak.

“Don’t worry, Madame Adele. My lips are sealed. As a matter of fact, I saw
nothing. You just can trust me as you trust your slippers,” I assured her.
Josh entered and knelt before the throne waiting for orders. Madame Adele
stood up and mounted his bent back and snapped her fingers signaling him to
move. “Follow me, Alex. It would be fun for you to attend this burying
event,” she instructed me.

“Fun! What a hellish way to have fun,” I thought to myself, of course. I
followed her anyway. She signaled Josh to move faster, striking his sides
with both legs, he went faster and passed by the grave to continue until
Madame Adele signaled him to stop.

“You know, Josh. If you had stopped at the grave without my permission, I
would have crushed your neck and sent you in the same grave with this
filthy plumber. It’s really good you are just beginning to learn,” she
said, giving him a pat on the head.

She ordered him to get her feet on the ground. She dismounted and walked
towards the plumber’s body and dropped it inside the grave with her right
foot as she was disposing of garbage in the dustbin. She then instructed
Josh to cover the grave with dust, which he did quickly. “Now take me to
the bathroom to give your father-turned-toilet bowl his meal and then take
me up to my bedroom. I want to get a good night’s sleep after this busy
day. Alex, you may go now. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. Bye, honey,”
she said, mounting her pony Josh and went inside the villa.

I went home quickly. My house was just 10 minutes’ away. I entered my place
and found mom there. “Oh, Alex. Where were you, baby? I was just beginning
to get worried about you,” my mom addressed me.

“Never worry about me, mom. I was just introduced to some guys who are so
interesting to know. We conduct some interesting scientific experiments
that take most of our day’s time. So, if ever I am going to be late in the
future, don’t worry. I’ll phone you,” I said, thinking of a good excuse for
any possible late activities on the part of my demoniacal Mistresses.

I was planning to be at Madame Adele’s villa at 9.00 a.m. to have enough
time to prepare her incredible breakfast, so I set the alarm at 8.30 a.m.
and went into a deep sleep.

Nine o’clock a.m. the next day saw me turning the key into Madame Adele’s
place. I went directly into the kitchen and had everything ready by 9.50. I
double-checked again on the items of her breakfast. Madame Adele’s wrath
was the last thing I, or anyone else, should wish. After all she destroyed
a whole family: taking a man’s life in her python-like inescapable calves,
bringing his brother to serve as a human horse and just recently having
their father serving as a human toilet for life.

The breakfast was too much for one tray, so I had served on two. I took
them both and entered into Madame Adele’s bedroom. She was in deep slumber.
Josh was also sleeping facedown at the bedside so his back would serve as a
mat for Madame Adele’s feet when she decides to get off from her bed. I
laid down the two trays. It was 9.57 a.m. I knelt at the foot of the bed to
provide my tongue services to Madame Adele’s toes and toenails as

My tongue traveled vehemently in between the toes of both feet until she
started to move in the bed. She opened her eyes to find me doing exactly as
she had ordered the previous night. “Hi, Alex. Is my breakfast ready,
dear?” she asked. “Of course, Madame. Everything is neatly prepared as you
have instructed me. Should I serve it now?”

“Yes, please. I wake up so hungry I could eat a camel,” she said, rising
from her pillow and resting her back at the top of the bed. She was wearing
hot blue bras and panties. She snapped her fingers to me to serve the
breakfast and I brought her the two trays, hoping I had not forgotten a
thing. She laid one tray beside her and started with the first one.

“Hey, Alex. Did you forget? Nestle your nose where it belongs, baby. Crawl
under the tray,” she ordered. I crept from under the tray in between her
wide-open thighs and nestled my nose to face her ass hole and just waited
for her farts. Madame Adele was so generous beyond belief about her farts.
She gave me a lot of them while munching her meal.

“Alex, you love my farts, baby? I think you are so proud when I give you
the opportunity to take my special fine scent, or do you think otherwise?”
she asked. I did not stop my fart-sniffing job until she ordered me to
stand up and answer her.

“Madame Adele. Your farts are the most honorable thing I receive from you.
Of course I find your farts a really fine scent that I wish I could
discover some way of making a special perfume for me made of your ultra-
precious odor from your ultra-precious bottom,” I answered.

“Oh. Alex! You are saying poetry about my farts. You are one good boy
servant who knows exactly how to please a fine lady like myself. Come,
baby. Continue with what you were doing,” she ordered. I crawled back to
her ass hole and began to sniff farts, which she was lavishly giving each
few minutes. I have mentioned before that I have already lost the sense of
smelling due to the unbelievable amount of farts that really impaired one
of my five senses at so early an age.

She took nearly 45 minutes to finish off the whole menu of her unbelievable
breakfast, and all the while she was giving a countless number of farts to
my nose dipped in that dark cave called ass. My nose was nearly inside her
panty-covered ass hole. When she finished, she signaled me to stop
sniffing. She ordered me to kneel at the foot of the bed, which I did. “You
are a good devoted fart-sniffing machine. I have not smelt a thing of all
that I have given. I don’t know what I am going to do without you when you
return to Nelly. I guess I will have to train that shit lying here [meaning
Josh]. Now, go to the bathroom, Alex, and wait for me there. I am coming in

I stood to leave while she was getting ready to get off the bed. She sat at
the bedside and rested her legs on Josh’s mat-like back. She stomped her
feet on the poor fellow’s back to wake him up. She would never walk around
the house as long as there is a pony available. “Wake up, butthead! You got
yourself a very good night’s sleep. I haven’t got all day,” she said. Josh
rose to his feet in seconds and immediately went on his knees, lowering his
head so humbly at Madame Adele’s feet. “Take me to the bathroom. I haven’t
given anyone of you his meal yet. Come on, your daddy’s mouth is waiting
for my shit.”

He went on all fours to give Madame Adele a comfortable position to ride
him easily. Mounting, she signaled him to rise but still his back was bent.
She signaled to move and ordered his hands to function as stirrups for her
feet. She was resting her broad buttocks on the middle of his back and
catching at his hair with both hands.

She entered the bathroom and found me kneeling a meter away at the right
end of the toilet bowl. As soon as I ran to the bathroom, I sneaked a
glance at the inside of the bowl and saw the face of Josh’s father lying
there with expressions of bitter agony clear on his all-wounded face. No
wonder his face has reached such a wretched condition. Madame Adele’s
toenails were so strong. They were in fact daggers disguised as nails. I am
sure about this from my experience tonguing her toenails that I was so
cautious during licking rituals lest one of those sharp pointed knives
scratch or even cut my tongue.

“So. Everybody is waiting for their meals now? I’ve got classy food and
beverage for you here,” she said, patting her own stomach three times with
the palm of her right hand. Josh lowered himself down as ordered so that
she would dismount.

“Go kneel beside Alex, Josh. Your father has a priority today. It’s his
first acquaintance with my waste. Don’t worry, guys. I have plenty here. I
am not going to give daddy all that I have got inside me. I’ll make sure
nothing of my precious meal to daddy is going anywhere but his mouth. Of
course I will seek the help of that large funnel there,” she said.

I looked at the funnel. It was the biggest I have ever seen. It was white
stainless steel one with a wide tube whose end hole was a bit wider than
the open mouth of Josh’s father.

“See guys? I just bought this a few days ago to use on my own before I even
knew any of you. I am crazy about funnels. This one is stainless steel so
that shit would slide down smoothly. Your daddy is so fortunate, Josh. This
way he is going to guarantee nothing of his meal would be wasted away. His
life now depends on my feces and urine. After all he has to survive and
this is the only way for him now to do this. He doesn’t have much choices,
does he?”

She went in the bowl’s direction. “Hi, daddy. Look at your face. It’s
awful. You have cuts and bruises all over. Well, you need to have it washed
since you can not do it yourself.” She hemmed and released a big spit that
traveled all the way form her mouth to land on the man’s face. She then
flushed the toilet and water submerged his face, which was saturated in
flush-tank water. The water went down. The water level in the bowl was a
bit below his chin.

She then forced the wide tube into his open mouth and bended her knees to
position her ass one centimeter over the funnel. She made an immense
spluttering sound and started dispatching her brown cargo into the funnel
and then on into the old man’s mouth. “That’s enough a meal for you today,
toilet man. I have to share this fairly among the three of you. There are
others waiting for their meals, but I’ll give you something to drink,” she
said, looking down on his face. She adjusted her pee hole over the funnel
and sent a flood of golden nectar into it.

She took off the funnel and put it away. Heading towards Josh, she ordered
him to stretch both hands under her ass. She bent her knees and let down a
thick solid lump of shit that totally filled Josh’s hands. He was ordered
to eat it all and leave no trace in his palms. In two minutes, Josh
finished it off and swallowed his meal and started licking his palms and
fingers clean until they sparkled.

“Oh dear little Alex. I saved a very good meal for your tiny body. You are
still young, kid. You need a lot of nourishment. Lie on your back, sweetie,
and open your mouth wide,” she ordered me in the sweetest of tones.

She squatted over my face and told me to move my mouth directly under her
shit hole. I did as ordered and she began to send down all the content of
her bowels into my mouth. Her shit was so fat. She gave it to me in short
units to give me a chance to chew and enjoy it. In the mean time, she could
not control her pee and the yellow streams flowed over my eyes and even
entered into my nostrils. I chocked a bit but closed my lips, being so
careful to avoid getting a particle of shit out of my mouth, which could
annoy Madame Adele.

“Oh. That was so comfortable. I have three mouths ready any time to help me
get rid of all the waste inside me. Sorry Alex, but I have no more water in
my bladder to give you your favorite beverage, but it’s OK. Get up and get
me two big bottles of water from the fridge. I wouldn’t deny you a thing
you crave for, especially after all your services to me,” she commanded me.
I ran and returned to the bathroom with a couple of bottles of water in
both hands and gave them to Madame Adele, who was sitting on the back Josh
positioning himself on all fours to serve as a small sofa for her.

I knelt before her feet while she gulped the two bottles into her bladder
and then ordered me to rest my hands on the floor behind my back and look
up at the ceiling. It was easy for me, knowing about this position before
during the party at Mistress Nelly’s.

She inserted her piss hole into my mouth. “My bladder is so full again for
you, Alex. Swallow quickly dear. You have no time to taste my delicious
nectar, I tell you,” she said. It was really a flood that I kept swallowing
for four minutes until the yellow warm liquid reduced to little drops.

She got off my face and stood in the middle of the bathroom putting on her
blue panties. “Since you all got your meals, I think you should show
heartfelt gratitude for your lady-in-command here. Come kneel before my
standing stature and kiss my feet,” she commanded firmly.

I and Josh hurried to her and knelt before her feet. Josh bent to kiss her
left foot while I kissed her right. She signaled us to stop and moved to
the toilet bowl. “Hey daddy, since you are unable to express your
appreciation, I will help you express it,” she said, placing her right foot
into the bowl over daddy’s mouth and he obediently kissed her soles a
hundred times. She took her foot away and signaled Josh to bend down for
her to ride. “Take me up to my room. Follow me, Alex,” she ordered.

She lied on the bed with both of us servants licking the toes of each of
her feet. She seemed to be so comfortable and enjoying herself. “Alex,
since you are the feet expert here [Josh of course the pony expert. I think
Madame Adele preferred specialization!], what do you think about changing
my toenail polish. I got bored of red.,” she said. I told her that I would
paint her white and she seemed to like it. “Go get the nail polish remover
and white nail polish and make a good job of it, boy,” she ordered. “Josh,
in the meantime you may fill in for Alex on his fart-sniffing duties. Creep
in there and insert your nose into my ass hole,” she told Josh, taking off
her panties.

Josh and I did as we were told: he dipping his nostrils into Madame Adele’s
ass hole to rid her of the awful smell she is lavishly sending into his
lungs and I removing the red nail polish from her knife-like toenails to
paint her white and placing pieces of cotton between each two toes to avoid
any errors on my part.

In 15 minutes, the white polish was shining on her toenails, perfectly
going along with her dark skin. I blew air at the nail polish to make it
dry there quickly so that I could resume the toe-licking services. She
praised my “devoted” work and spread and wriggled her toes in front of my
face, so happy with her toes’ new look.

Josh was so preoccupied with his new task. Apparently, Madame Adele was
starting to train him to undertake other tasks so that when I return to
Mistress Nelly he would provide her the services she wishes. Her farts were
loud and probably she took off her panties to give a better chance to Josh
to dip his sniffing device deeper into the shit hole and so she would make
sure all the farts go directly into his lungs and would not go anywhere

“Enough! You two massage my calves. Josh, take the left one, and you Alex,
the right. Just focus on the calves,” she ordered. We started working. I
felt her strong right calf.

“How ironical! One man was killed by those calves and his brother is just
massaging them and is eager to please me. Express how you admire my calves,
Josh. Say something good about them just like sweet little Alex said some
about my farts,” Madame Adele ordered Josh.

Obviously she has been so cruel with Josh. May be she wanted to break and
tame him and perhaps she thought the only way to tame this huge muscled man
is to go so tough with him to take away any thoughts of rebellion from his
mind. The man, however, seemed to me so tamed and broken. He completely
showed no will to defend his own father, and he even helped her captivating
him like a fly falling into a deadly spider’s cobweb. Josh seemed to have
surrendered to his fate. He can’t escape with the cast-iron shackles around
his ankles and besides he was afraid that any failure in some planned
escape could result in his death as Madame Adele pledged earlier to him.

“Madame Adele. Your pair of calves are the strongest I have ever seen that
I believe my brother was most honored to breathe his last between them. In
his grave he must now be grateful to your sweet calves that sent him to his
final rest. I, of course, would be most honored to get such a happy death,
but for the urge inside me to stay alive so that I may serve you well and
please you, my Queen,” Josh said with true sentimental feelings that left
no place for doubt about his intentions.

“Oh. I now have a pair of good poets heaping praise on my farts and calves.
What a delightful life I am leading!” she said.

The phone beside her rang and she answered. “Oh. Hi, Olga. How are you
doing?…no…doing nothing important to tell you the truth….what???? Are you
serious???? This just can’t be…You know the address, right?…they killed
him, are you sure?? OK. I’ll talk to you later, Olga. Bye.”

She hung up the phone. She seemed a bit nervous. We have not stopped
massaging her round fleshy calves, though. “Some gang has killed my
sister’s husband in retaliation for your worthless brother I finished off
in wrestling. You seem to be causing me a lot of problems. I’ll beat the
living daylights out of you, scumbag,” she addressed Josh, ordering me to
stop massaging her calf and step aside in the room.

She rose to her feet. Josh was still on the bed. With a sudden kick in the
face from her left leg, he was screaming in terrible pain and was forced to
lie on his back on the ground. She kept trampling his face under her right
foot and when she got tired, she used her left and so on. I thought Josh’s
skull was going to explode under the pressure when she climbed his face
with both feet and marched in her place there for 10 minutes, leaning her
right hand on the wall for balance.

She got off his mashed face and sat on a chair and then ordered him to
crawl and rise on his knees in front of her. He did as told and she started
slapping his face with her right foot like a machine. During the process,
she, from time to time, swung her pointed toes and aimed at his cheeks as
if she was using a knife to wound his face. Josh’s identity of face became
known to me no more. I hardly knew now the Josh I used to know. His face
was all bleeding.

“Tell me about this gang or I’ll send you to your brother,” she asked and
stopped hitting him to give him a chance to speak.

“I-it m- m- must be my cousin. He was so involved with some gang and used
to be so close to my deceased brother. But I swear I have nothing to do
with this. I even dislike the man,” Josh answered immediately. He was
panting from the severe punishment.

“What’s his name and where can I find this fuckhead?” she answered.

“He is known as Robert the Shredder. He lives in a big four-storey mansion
in the north. He has a lot of strong men there. I can lead you to him if
you like. Please, Madame, have mercy on me. I am your faithful servant and
I will spend my whole lifetime like this,” poor Josh said from his kneeling
position in front of the black beast sitting there.

“OK. Of course he has many men there. I am going to revenge and take my
wrath on all of them. I will take all of their lives. Prepare to travel
with me now in my Dodge. We’re going up north for vendetta. I am going to
occupy this mansion and kill all people there. The death of the husband of
my dear sister will cost so much,” said Madame Adele. She seemed so angry.

“Alex. I need you with me on this trip. My toes and feet need a lot of
shaping up and massaging all over to prepare them for the kill. Phone your
mom from here and tell her you are spending the night with some friends and
would return tomorrow night,” she commanded. I would not refuse come hell
or high water. I was so scared, but I phoned mom and told her I am going to
be late and she said it was OK.

Madame Adele put on a black T-shirt, a tight stretch violet shorts with no
underwear and a pair of white flip-flops. “Madame, do you think you should
go there all by yourself? Of course it is up to you, but I just have my
concerns about you,” I told Madame Adele.

“Oh, Alex. Don’t worry, kid. I’ll kill ‘em all, I promise you,” she said.
Josh was wearing a yellow T-shirt and white shorts and a pair of sneakers.
She signaled Josh to come carry her to her Dodge. “Follow me Alex. Oh,
Alex, do you know how to drive? You see, you and Josh would exchange
driving on the highway while either of you will stay at my legs while I am
sitting at the passenger’s seat for massage. I need my muscles in shape to
crush the brains of those bastards,” she said, mounting Josh’s back,
resting her soles on his open palms and ordering him to move on. I followed
of course.

Madame dismounted, sat at the passenger’s seat of her roomy Dodge truck and
order me to stay down at her feet and Josh to drive.

The three of us were inside the powerful vehicle going about the city to
reach the highway and then on to a northward trip that would take about
three hours. I was sitting in a squatting position and she placed her feet
on my two legs. “Start massaging my calves, Alex,” she ordered and took a
cigarette nervously and lit it. I have not seen her smoking before. Perhaps
she was so angry and considering some plans of death and destruction in her
own mind. I was really scared and tried to avoid being an extra burden on
her wracked nerves, so I just concentrated on the immense pain of calves in
front of me.

While I was massaging Madame Adele’s death-delivering weapons she calls
calves, I reflected for a while on how I got into all this in the first
place. I felt so humiliated. I had a life and it was a good one. My mother
was caring for me. I used to go to the club from time to time and play
football and swim with my friends.

Now I am a servant for some merciless ladies, preparing their breakfasts
[remembering how I used to be served breakfast by mom], inhaling their
farts, which impaired my sense of smelling, sucking their toes, eating
their shit, drinking their urine, forced to show gratitude for this, and
witnessing a murder of a harmless plumber whose larynx was crushed under
the foot of Madame Adele, and it all began with just an innocent crush on a
sexy lady’s legs. I just wondered what else I am going to witness and see.

I woke up from my reveries with orders from Madame Adele to take off her
flip-flops to make her feel more comfortable. I continued with the calves.

The car was air-conditioned. Madame Adele felt so lazy to stretch her arm
to use the ash-tray. “Keep your mouth open and point it upward, Alex. I
need to drop ashes from my cigarette,” she ordered and I obeyed. I kept my
mouth open for the ashes from her cigarette. When she finished her
cigarette, she ordered Josh to stick out his tongue to snuff out the
cigarette butt. He did as ordered without a second’s hesitation. He was in
agony, I bet. He then swallowed it. “May be he does not want to be a burden
on her nerves, too,” I thought to myself.

Two hours have passed when Madame Adele ordered Josh to stop at a
McDonald’s on the highway. “Gosh! I am so hungry. You are going to get
McDonald’s both of you today. Go get me five Big Macs, two big French fries
and three big Cole Slaws,” she told me and gave me 30 bucks. May be she
avoided telling Josh to go because he could not enter the shop with his
shackled legs. While I was walking towards McDonald’s, I thought why she
did not ask me or Josh about what we should eat. May be she decided for us
that we would like Big Macs. Perhaps she wanted three for herself, one for
me and another for Josh.

I ran back to the car to avoid keeping her waiting. She opened the door,
received the package and ordered me back where I was.

Night was almost descending. We were parking in clear spot away from any
eyes. No one would notice me in my position at Madame Adele’s feet. Passers-
by would see a man in the driver’s seat and a woman beside him and they
could think they were lovers, but no one would have the slightest idea of
what was happening here or the nature of relationship between Madame Adele
and Josh.

Josh and I sat silently in our places while Madame Adele kept eating a Big
Mac after the other with no intention of giving us any. “Could she shit in
our mouths here? But how?” I asked myself.

She finished the meal. Actually, in my past life I used to live, I could
not breathe after eating one Big Mac, and she is here finishing off five,
in addition to a huge amount of Cole Slaw and fries. This lady is abnormal.
There is something mighty about her.

She signaled Josh to drive on. We moved back to the highway and Josh was
going at a high speed when instructed by Madame Adele not to exceed 100.

She signaled me to come closer to rid her of the excessive gas in her
intestines. “Damn! This Cole Slaw gives me a lot of gas here, but what can
I do? I like it so much. Anyway, since I have somebody to help me with the
gas problem, then I guess I’ll have no problem.” I moved closer to her ass
hole and routinely dipped my nose in there and she started giving me a
countless number of farts that sounded like someone giving the Bronx cheer.
The odor was horrible though my smelling was damaged, but I inhaled all of
them until she said “enough!”

“Of course you are wondering about the Big Macs I promised you and thinking
I can not give you your meals here the way I used to give you in my house,
but don’t worry, my dear servants, I had bought two big stainless steel
funnels and I placed one here in the car for any emergencies like this,”
she said, ordering me to open the big glove compartment behind my back and
get her the funnel. She took off her tight stretch shorts in the meantime.

She took the funnel and placed its wide top under her ass and moved inches
forward to install its end into my mouth. “Dear servants, I would never
forget on this trip to feed you well. Did you think I am that reckless
inconsiderate person?”

Shit flowed like hell from that funnel. I gulped huge lumps of these brown
devils. She was pushing shit hard with ooohs and aaaahs. Suddenly she
stopped and ordered Josh to stop driving and park at the side of the road.
“Don’t you want your meal, Joshy boy. I know you are hungry. Come here in
Alex’s place. Alex, sit at the wheel and drive on. Come on the two of you,
quickly. I don’t have all day. I’ve got several people to kill,” she

In a moment, Josh and I switched places. He sat at the feet of our owner,
who was still resting her buttocks at the top of the funnel. She ordered
Josh to insert the funnel’s end deep into his mouth. As soon as he did, I
heard those Bronx cheers again, but this time it was not my mouth receiving
the content of her bowels. It was Josh’s. She kept pushing lumps of shit
and ooohed and aaaahed again as if she was giving birth. In fact, the size
of her shit was nearly the size of newly-born babies, or that was what I

She emptied all that she has eaten into our digestive systems, and she
finally felt comfortable. Madame Adele then ordered me to stop and switch
places again with Josh. I sat back at her legs and Josh went on with the
driving, still chewing Madame’s shit as if it were candy.

Madame Adele did not move the funnel away. She grabbed my hair and placed
the end again into my mouth. “Time for refreshments, babies. My bladder
will explode. I promise I’ll piss like a horse into your mouth, Alex dear,”
she said, sending pee in a gush as if a water pipe was broken. I swallowed
and swallowed and no way a drop was going outside my mouth. The end of the
funnel was already hitting my palate.

She stopped and moved the funnel away. “Now the funnel is clean from
inside. Put it back in the compartment, Alex. You will find a large one-
liter glass, hand it to me,” she commanded. She took it and placed it under
her pee hole and nearly filled it and handed it to Josh. “Your
refreshments, Josh. Drink it in one go. It’s still warm,” she addressed
him. He took the pee-filled glass and took it in one big gulp with eyes
still on the road. “Ah-ah-ah-ahh. There are still few drops, Joshy. I want
to place it dry in the compartment,” she told him.

He took the glass again and swallowed it all until there were no drops
coming from the upside down glass hanging over his open mouth. She took the
glass and told me to place it back in the compartment, which I did.

She ordered me to massage her calves again and snap her toes gently.

“We’re almost reaching the mansion, Madame. There is a guard sitting inside
a sentry box directly at the gate from within,” Josh said.

“OK. Listen. Here is the plan. You Josh will hide in the trunk. Alex, you
go at the gate and shout for help for your sick mother. I will be lying at
the backseat and when that moron in the sentry box comes with you and looks
at me I will catch his neck in between my calves and break it in a second.
You Josh take the body and hide it away outside the gate and return to me
quickly to get me in, which is all I need. Don’t make any mistakes or I’ll
kill both of you,” she explained her plan so simply. She even supposed that
a man in the sentry box, whom she doesn’t know, is going to be a dead body.

I was driving slowly while Josh hid inside the trunk. I was ordered to stop
about five meters away from the mansion walls. I then ran at the gate
feigning concern and shouted “help! Help!”

A man hurried from a small box he was inside. “What’s wrong, son? What
happened?” he asked. I told him my mother was so sick inside the car and I
didn’t know what to do. “Is there any hospital nearby?” I asked with
genuine expressions of anxiety on my face that left the man in no ounce of

“Where is your mom, boy? Is she a beauty anyway? We suffer lack of the
fairer sex here? She’d better be a good woman or I’ll break your neck,” the
guard threatened, starting to walk with me to the car.

“Wait and you’ll see whose neck is going to be broken anyway,” I thought to

“Where is she?” “Lying at the backseat,” I shouted.

He stood there and watched Madame Adele opening her thighs wide. “Ooooh! I
love black women’s legs so much,” the guard said, inserting his head

“And black women’s legs adore your stupid neck, honey,” Madame Adele got
his neck exactly in between the calves and I stood there watching. She
pressed hard and the man began to shout when she stuffed some greasy piece
of cloth inside his mouth, and his cries were just muffled. He struggled
but it was useless. Suddenly I heard a crack and the man fell forward on
her body, only to be shoved by her legs outside as if he were some garbage.

“Go, Alex. Open the trunk and get me Josh,” she commanded. I brought Josh
out from the trunk and he went directly to Madame Adele, who ordered him to
hid the body away and return here in a minute.

Josh carried the body and went out of sight and then came back running and
bent at all fours to let Madame Adele ride him. She rode him and he was
signaled to rise and move.

Even during those critical moments, Josh would never dare do something on
his own without commands, I thought.

“Alex, bring my flip-flops and carry them in your hands, and keep licking
them,” she commanded.

He transported her into the mansion’s open gate. I followed. We proceeded
towards the open door of the building. “Whenever someone appears, Josh, put
my feet on the ground automatically. Don’t wait for my signal. This is
emergency. The two of you will step behind me and just watch. Don’t
interfere. This is my revenge,” she instructed. Of course I had no plans to
interfere, but it was good she has asserted it.

She rode Josh into a spacious hall the size of a tennis court. Four men
clad in karate attire emerged from two directions in front of us. They
looked Japanese. Josh bent down and Madame Adele dismounted and walked
slowly in their direction. Josh and I stepped back.

The first man shouted those Kung Fu cries and ran towards Madame Adele for
the attack. He flew in the air to aim a kick in her face, but he was really
underestimating her. Before he could reach her, she side-kicked him in
between his open legs in the balls. The kick was so strong, aided by the
man’s fast bolt forward. He fell on his back in terrible pain. His face was
red. Blood flowed from his nose and he then lied there motionless.
Obviously the man’s balls were strongly crushed.

Another one proceeded but was more cautious. It seems they started to take
her very serious. He aimed a punch at her face but she held his hand and
kicked him with her right foot in his tummy. He bent only to find another
right kick in the face that straightened him up. She freed his hand and
rested her both hands on the floor and swept his legs off the ground. The
man fell violently on his back. She stood up and marched towards his still-
surviving pain-afflicted corpse. She lifted her right leg high and landed
her heel so strongly on his chest. We heard a crack and then the man lied

Her heel kick, which I could swear it was tantamount to some concrete block
in strength, seems to have smashed the man’s left part of rib cage and
probably one of those broken bones has pierced his heart.

The other two began to grow very concerned. One of them bent his body and
wanted to aim his head into her stomach. She jumped in the air opening her
legs wide and while she was up she turned around the opposite direction and
by the time she was landing on the ground the man’s head was in between her
thighs, which locked his neck so tightly. She held his body with her hands
and fixed it in place and then swung both her thighs in the extreme left
direction. A crack was heard, she opened her legs to release him and the
karate man fell facedown motionless.

The fourth moved quickly in her direction and aimed a punch in her face.
His hand was caught. She took it and turned her back on the man, fracturing
his arm over her shoulder with a quick movement. The man was in pain,
stepping back. He attacked with his left but she just did the same thing.
He couldn’t move any of his arms. He was stepping back in fear. She marched
slowly towards him as if she were the Grim Reaper bound to take his soul.
She kicked him in the stomach and then hit him on his bent back. He fell
facedown with arms nearly paralyzed. Stirring his body, she placed her
right sole on his open mouth and then sealed off his nose between two toes,
blocking any air supply to his lungs. She stayed so for one minute, during
which the man’s face turned so pale and died in peace.

Four bodies were around us in less than 10 minutes. This woman is sure a
gifted life-taker. She signaled Josh to come. He hurried and she jumped
over his back as if she was a professional equestrienne and ordered him to
move up the stairs and me to follow.

We were now on the first storey. It was a long corridor with several rooms.
Madame Adele took a moment to look around. There was no one. Three tough
men showed themselves out of the blue from one room. Josh let her down and
stepped back and so did I.

One of them attacked with a baseball bat. She caught the bat with her left
hand and gave him a right-hand punch directly in the face and then swung
the bat both of them were holding to hit his head with. The man lied on the
floor, his face bleeding profusely. He stood up to attack again but Madame
Adele kicked him strongly in the balls. He went down on his knees with the
bat still in his right hand. She gave a horrible shout and produced a
roundhouse kick with her right sole
on the man’s right cheek. We heard another crack and the man lied still.
His neck was broken by the violent thrust leftward.

Usually, after the cracks everything becomes so dreadfully quiet. It is the
tranquility of death, which she enjoyed delivering easily as if she were
filing her nails.

The other two attacked together from two directions. May be they thought
one man is not enough to do her. One of them rushed and held her both hands
in his behind her back. She seemed to have given her hands to him
voluntarily. The man in the front rushed to punch her in the stomach but
she kicked him first in his stomach and then in the face when he bent down.

She made a few steps backwards and the man behind her hit the wall with his
back. He was still holding her arms. The man in the front rose to his feet
and took another jolt at her, only to be stopped by a kick in the balls,
falling to his knees in front of her. Leaning back on the man and the wall
behind her, she jumped her left foot on the front man’s right shoulder. Her
right leg was free in the air now. She placed her right sole on the man’s
right cheek and then produced another violent thrust and broke the man’s
neck in a second.

The man in the back watched the carnage his temporary captive made from her
same angle. He was so scared. Madame Adele stomped her heel on his foot. He
was in pain. She then elbowed him in the face and stomach several times. He
had to free her hands, but she did not move an inch. She kept kicking and
stomping until the man behind collapsed and crumpled to pieces. She let his
body slide down behind her until she caught his downward sliding face in
between her broad ass cheeks. She pressed hard and the man’s cries were
muffled. He struggled for air and tried to remove Madame Adele away with
his hands, but was not able to save himself. His cries fainted gradually
and he lied still. She moved an inch forward, still opening her legs wide
and the man fell facedown.

“You are really pathetic creatures! They call themselves men!” she derided,
“death is here to stay you punch of faggots. I’ll kill all of you here.”
She ran all along the corridor, opening all doors in search of more victims
as if she were a lioness feverishly pouncing in quest of a prey. She found
no one. She snapped her fingers to Josh, who rushed to her immediately and
she jumped on his back and ordered him to move to the next floor and me to

We climbed up the stairs to the second floor and stepped back when a group
of seven ninjas emerged from two rooms in the long corridor. We stepped
back to let Madame Adele practice her favorite hobby of life-taking. In 20
minutes, five corpses were trashing the long corridor. The sixth ninja
advanced towards Madame Adele in acrobatic moves. She stood still and when
he entered the airspace of her lethal legs she kicked him in the chest and
then gave him a roundhouse in the side of his face. She ran towards his
body lying on the ground and started stomping her right heel on his
forehead for about five minutes non-stop until his skull cracked from the
relentless heel trampling that turned him into yet another peaceful corpse.

The seventh ninja was standing in amazement. When she ran towards him, he
knelt pleading for his life. She stopped in front of him and gave him a
wicked smile that interpreted no mercy. She rested her right foot on his
face and shoved him backward on the ground. She walked over his body slowly
and he was shouting in pain from the pressure. She reached his shoulder and
placed her open legs on the ground with the ninja’s head between them.

“You are a disgrace to ninjas! All your colleagues fought bravely and sent
by me to their hereafter in honor,” she addressed the lying fear-stricken
ninja and started to lower her buttocks slowly and sat on his face. The man
struggled and muffled for two minutes, during which she was rubbing her
fingernails with her hands nonchalantly as if she was doing a normal thing.

The man stopped struggling and in no time left our world to join his ninja
mates in their graves.

She did not move her buttocks from the man’s face. She stayed there for
several minutes and then signaled Josh to come. We then moved to the third
floor, where there were two bodybuilders awaiting. We again stepped back
and stood there watching.

“You’ll really wish you hadn’t come up here,” one man told Madame Adele,
who was so indifferent. She assumed the combat position and one of the men
approached her with a punch at her face but in a second he stepped back
with a broken arm and cried in pain. “You, bitch! I’ll smash your fucking
neck!” the man shouted angrily. He gave it another attempt but this time
his right hand was at his side unable to move it. He was so stupid as to
approach this femme fatale without knowing in advance what he would do with
her. He proceeded with totally exposed body and he received a kick in the
groin. Bending down from the fierce kick in his family jewels, he found his
head locked in massively strong thighs in a reverse headscissor position.
He could see Madame Adele’s bulging black calves.

Madame Adele elbowed him several times on his exposed back forcing his body
to slide down from her thighs. She released her lock a bit so that his head
may smoothly slide down to the area she prefers: her calves. The man’s head
was trapped in between those pair of anacondas. All that Madame Adele had
to do was press, and she did it so hard that the huge man was screaming in
pain like a kid. Like his deceased predecessors, he struggled but it was
all over. His fate was already sealed by her calves. He choked for a couple
of minutes and then surrendered to his destiny and died instantly.

She released his head, which fell facedown on the ground. Resting her right
sole over the back of the dead man’s head, she, addressing the other awe-
stricken man, said “you’ll end up like this moron: a corpse under my feet.”

He ran in her direction but was forced to stop by a heel kick directly into
the face. He cringed back with a bleeding nose. He wiped it off and made a
second attempt but found himself flying in the air when Madame Adele swept
his feet off the ground and ended on his back on the floor. She made an
acrobatic somersault in his direction and both her feet landed on the man’s
abdomen. He raised his head up in pain but only to find Madame Adele’s knee
bent in the direction of his rising face, forcing him to lie on his back

She moved away from him and waited for his next move in case he makes any.
The man did not get up. “Is that all you got. You don’t want to get up,
huh? This means your end is near,” she addressed the pain-inflicted lump of
muscles lying on the ground. He was really helpless to make any attempt to

She proceeded slowly and kicked him in the stomach again. She then went to
his head and crushed his face under her right sole with successive kicks.
She moved her foot up and down the poor fellow’s face. He seemed so
helpless. “OK. It’s over now. I haven’t got all day for a worthless shit
like you. Kiss your life goodbye, sweetie,” she shouted at him.

She placed her right foot on his stomach and then her left on his neck and
kept pressing. The man choked and died from the concrete-like sole pressure
on his neck.

“Take me to the last floor, Josh. It all seems like a picnic here. So far I
haven’t found a match enough for me, but I am enjoying myself anyway.”

We were about to go up to the last floor, where Robert the Shredder was
expected, when another huge man appeared and knelt before Madame Adele
before she mounted Josh. He was crying like a child and bowed his head from
his kneeling position to deluge Madame Adele’s feet with kisses, asking her
to spare him.

“P-p-p- please my Lady. S- s- spare me and I promise I’ll do anything you
ask me to. I’ll be your servant for life, but please don’t k- k- kill me,”
the man said. His cries for survival really touched my heart.

“I have seen you from a hole in the door slaughtering my two fellow
bodybuilders so easily. I thought of keeping myself in my hiding place but
I was so scared if I could be found you would put an end to my life. I
hesitated but finally I decided to capitulate and surrender myself to you
as an honest servant of yours in return for sparing my life,” the man said
with a tone of honesty in his voice.

“What’s your name, big man?” Madame Adele asked. “Frank, Madame,” he

“Listen, Frank. I really appreciate your surrender to me, but you see I
already have servants attending me. Besides, I pledged to myself to kill
all people here in this building in revenge for my sister’s husband who was
killed by your boss, whom I am going to capture in minutes from now. So, I
don’t think I will be in need for your services, Frank,” she said.

The man was so frustrated that tears flowed endlessly from his eyes like a
girl in front of Madame Adele. He kept begging, though. “P-p-please Madame,
spare me. Please don’t kill me. I swear I am faithful and will always be if
you granted me the honor of being a servant of yours. I only worked for
Robert for the need of money to send to my ill mother,” the man said.

“OK. OK, Frank. I’ll spare your life and trust you, but if you ever
betrayed this trust or disobeyed any command on my part to you, I will have
no mercy on you. Now tell me information about the last floor up there,”
she said.

The man thanked Madame Adele for her generosity and kissed her feet for two
minutes, when she stopped him. “From now on you would never do anything
unless ordered to. Don’t you ever dare kiss my feet or do anything that you
think would please me without commands on my part. Do you understand?”
Madame Adele addressed him.

“Yes, Madame. I’m sorry. I am all yours to give me instructions. Well, the
last floor has only one guard. He is a huge three-meter Chinese monster
with muscles like steel. He doesn’t talk. He is a live killing machine, and
I am sure it was this man who killed your sister’s husband. But you must be
cautious. This man is dangerous and you would discover that no punches or
kicks have much effect on his grotesque body. He stands at the door of a
room where a young frail secretary is sitting at a desk. That room leads to
another one where Robert the Shredder is there. It is a big room with
everything a man needs. He seldom gets out of it,” the man said.

“OK, Frank. I don’t need you for the moment. Go inside this room and wait
for me there till you receive further orders,” she commanded the man, who
went as told.

Madame Adele rode Josh, who was still bending his body for her. “Madame, I
want to tell you that I know the secretary, but I don’t know how we should
use this. You just say it and I’ll do it,” Josh told Madame Adele.

“After I’ll do this yeti, I’ll see how to make good use of this
acquaintance. I am now planning to capture this giant for my personal use.
I like this size. I’ll then capture your shitty cousin for everlasting
torture, but I don’t need the secretary. He’s a dead man,” Madame Adele
said as she mounted Josh and signaled him to move. We climbed one staircase
and she instructed us to stay where we are. She got off Josh’s back and
climbed the final staircase by herself.

She found the Gulliver-like monster sitting at a steel chair at a door. He
growled like a dog as soon as he saw her and stood and walked slowly in her
direction. He moved awkwardly. His steps were heavy. He was more like an
animal than a human being.

Madame Adele smiled cynically at him. He began to attack with a strong
punch from his hand. Madame Adele easily ducked it and then kicked him with
her heel strongly in his back. He seemed really unaffected by the kick,
which could have finished me off if I was in his place, but thank God I was

He turned around and rushed towards her again with a growl. She lied on her
back quickly on the ground and took his tummy on her two soles and pushed
him backward and sent him flying in the air to land on his back forcefully.
The man finally gave an “aaah”. She stood up and waited for his next move,
but he did not stand up so she thought she could take advantage of this.
She ran towards his lying body and flew in the air with open legs and
landed on his face powerfully with her buttocks while he was just raising
his head to stand up.

The man’s head hit the floor strongly from the back. She stood up quickly
and stepped back. He looked a bit dizzy. It was clear to me that Madame
Adele was concentrating on his head to cause him to lose balance and then
she would have an easier job to do.

He rose to his feet and started moving toward her. She ran in his direction
and flew high with open legs and got his face under her broad buttocks with
her legs dangling behind his back and started pushing him down. The man
could not keep up with the weight and he lost balance and fell backward on
the ground. Madame Adele was still mounting his face and his head hit the
ground again from the back with Madame Adele sitting on his face.

As soon as his head hit the ground under her buttocks, she stood up in her
place and jumped with her ass again flying and landing powerfully back on
his face. She did not waste much time. She rose to her feet and did it
again but this time jumped in the air with both heels landing on his face.
She stepped back again to see the effects of her assault.

The man could not move. He gave high-pitched cries of pain, and a smiling
Madame Adele was so happy about the results. She ran and jumped again
aiming her ass to land once more on his crushed face. He was helpless.

I was really flabbergasted by her assaults on the largest creature I have
ever seen in my life.

She stood both feet on the man’s face and marched so violently that I
thought his facial skin must be tearing apart. He caught her left leg with
both hands but her right was free. She rose it in the air exactly above his
face, pointed her toenails and dipped her big toenail speedily into the
man’s left eye. She rose her right leg again and used her hand to pluck the
man’s eyeball from her big toenail and threw it off.

The man of course released her left leg and screamed in agony. She walked
back. The man was crying in pain and holding his bleeding hollow after his
eye was gone. Madame Adele gave him her back and marched towards the
eyeball on the ground and crushed it between her big and second toes of her
left leg.

The man stood but fell facedown on the ground as he was too dizzy to keep
his balance. Madame Adele wasted no time. She mounted his back with her
right foot on his head from the back pinning his face in place and ordered
me to go to Frank and get ropes. I hurried to Frank, who showed a great
deal of cooperation. I returned with the ropes and handed them to Madame
Adele. She tied the monster’s two hands from the back and then moved to his
legs and tied them so tight.

She then signaled us to climb up the staircase. Josh was told to enter to
the secretary and ask him to meet Robert and tell the latter that he killed
me and brought my body here. “I just want him out of the room. After you
enter Robert’s room I will enter behind you to the secretary’s room and
finish him off. Is it clear?” she asked, signaling Josh to move.

We waited for five minutes and then Madame Adele entered the secretary’s
room, telling me beforehand to watch if that animal made a move I’ll go
there and tell her. The man lied still in front of me. Blood was all over
his face. She plucked away his eyeball in a second as if she was using a
fork to pick a piece of hamburger. May be she thought she would need him
with just one eye. The door opened and Madame Adele came out holding the
slim bespectacled secretary from his hair and marching him in front of her.

She pushed him on the ground. He fell facedown. She moved towards him and
tied his hands behind his back and then stirred him with her right foot to
let him face her. She took off her shorts, kicked him in his stomach to
make him open his mouth so she could stuff her shorts in there. She did all
this in a minute. She then placed her toes on the secretary’s face and
closed his nostrils between two toes. The man could not stand it. His face
turned red, pale and he just died, a scene I had witnessed before.

Suddenly, the door opened and a man went out with Josh behind him. “So, you
are Robert the Shredder! You don’t seem like a shredder to me, fuckhead!
I’ll shred your damn face to pieces with my toenails,” said Madame Adele.

Robert was a handsome young man in his early 30s. He was the leader of this
gang which Madame Adele has just devastated. He was surprised to see her
alive. He looked at Josh behind him as if he wanted to spit in his face. He
tried to push Josh away and go inside, but Josh has just blocked his way.

“Did you think I could take your side against my own Lady? You are my
cousin, but she is my benefactor. She spared my life and turned all my bad
ideas upside down. She turned me from a detestable assassin into a loving
caring servant. I owe her a lot,” Josh told his amazed cousin.

“You see, gangster! I have destroyed your whole gang. You thought as long
as you have that animal tied below my foot at your door, no one could touch
you. You were dead wrong, mister. I beat the shit out of him and gouged out
one of his eyeballs and crushed it between my toes. He is now lying
helpless and I am going to tear his flesh apart with torture until he is
convinced of my superiority over him, but after I tear your facial skin
under my toes here. Alex, go get Frank here,” she ordered.

I went and returned with Frank in three seconds. Frank climbed up the
stairs in a hurry and knelt before Madame Adele’s feet and kissed them.
“Good boy, Frank. Frank is one of my faithful servants like Josh and Alex
and soon this shit I am resting my foot on. Frank, can you get me a whip? I
need it so badly for the beast under my foot here. Don’t come back and tell
me there are no whips around here,” she commanded.

Frank returned in five minutes with a cat-o’-nine-tails in his hand, knelt
before Madame Adele and handed it to her. “Alex, get me a chair from inside
the room,” she ordered me. I returned with a chair. She marched towards the
Shredder and kneed him in the groin. He went down on his knees in front of
her. She slapped him hard and shoved his face with her left foot, sending
him back on the ground. She took the chair and placed it over Robert and
sat down. She rested her feet on his both shoulders and started trampling
his face. She rubbed her heels violently on his eyes and cheeks.

His screams were so loud. The louder he screamed, the severer torment he
received. “Your screams would only prolong your suffering. Scream again. I
like it,” she addressed the man trapped under the matchless power of her

All the deaths I witnessed were caused by the lower part of her body: her
thighs, calves and feet.

“How dare you killed my dear sister’s husband? I’ll just crush you here.
All of this because I did a man in the ring? Now you are going to say hello
to him in his fucking grave,” she hissed, still trampling and hitting his
face hard. He suppressed his screams but his face was so red.

Madame Adele started using her toenails. She left a long deep scar on his
left cheek. She was trying to draw shapes with her toenails on his face. “I
want to make a swastika here to brand you like cattle,” she told the poor
thing. She pointed her big toenails of both feet and started drawing a
circle beginning from the forehead and sliding down to make her big toes
meet again at his chin. Blood was gushing from his face like a fountain.
She then put the blades of each of her big toenails on his two earlobes and
started pressing strongly. The man could not stand it and he burst into
scream. She kept pressing until she completely chopped off both earlobes.

A pool of blood was under the man’s head. “Please, stop! I’ll do anything
you want, but just stop. I am going to die from this unbearable pain,” the
man sobbed. “Don’t worry. You’ll die, but not now. I will give you as an
offering to my sister, who will sure decapitate you and use your head as
her pissing potty,” she said.

The words were taken seriously by the man and his eyes just gleamed with
fear. “No, please. Don’t do this. Don’t introduce me to your sister. She’ll
sure kill me in revenge for her husband,” Robert pleaded.

“I’ll leave you soaked in your stinking fucking blood to go teach this
animal a lesson of respect and obedience, which I believe you have just
learned, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, Madame. Yes. I really learned a horrible lesson. I am at your
complete disposal. I’ll just do whatever you say,” the once-Shredder Robert

She gave him a look of disdain and ordered Frank and Josh to raise the
giant Chinese captive to his feet and rip away the shirt he was wearing.
The animal-like creature stood on his own feet with the help of Josh and
Frank. His upper part was totally naked. She took the cat-o’-nine-tails and
kept flogging him hard and violently. Marks and scars on his body were
awful. He seemed to take it strong but after the 10th lash he burst into
screams. Madame Adele wanted to hear sharper screams to make sure he is
completely broken.

She went on with the flogging. She seemed to have grown tired but she
wouldn’t show it. The pitch of the man’s screams grew louder and I really
felt some pity for him. He mumbled things as if he wanted to speak, perhaps
for the first time in his life.

“Please! Please! St- stop. I s- s- slave. Mer- mercy. Stop, please,” the
poor creature stuttered.

“Well! You want me to stop! It’s up to me to say when I should stop, you
big moron! I have not finished yet with the lesson I should be giving you.
Besides, I don’t need a new slave. I have plenty already. So why should I
have a stupid carcass like yours” she said, resuming the flogging.

It was obvious to all who were witnessing the extreme torture that the
giant was unable to take anymore flogging, which was indicated by his too
loud screams. After another 30 minutes of bloody flogging [parts of the
man’s flesh scattered the floor in front of him], the man, all soaked in
blood, was on the verge of dying. He mumbled other words like “please,
Madame, mercy”.

Madame Adele stopped and threw away her whip. “Why should I be tying a
sissy like you? I just wanted you to know that I have tied you to prevent
you from escaping when I enter this dead sissy secretary’s room. Untie him,
Frank,” she commanded.

The man was freed and he went down on his knees. “Crawl here to kiss my
feet,” she instructed the beast. The man lied on the floor and started to
crawl and was about to kiss Madame Adele’s feet when she suddenly stopped

“How are you going to kiss my feet while your face and body are drenched in
blood. You must wash first,” she said. The man had no clue of what he
should do.

“OK. Do I have to do everything myself? Lie on your back, you piece of
shit!” she commanded. The Chinese giant did as told. Madame Adele took off
her shorts and stood over the man’s face with his head between her open

“Listen, you son of a bitch! I’ll give you my precious yellow nectar and
you use your hands to wash your face. Got it, butthead?” she instructed and
then started to pee on his face. He used his hands to wipe his face until
it became clean. The bleeding from his eye had stopped. She then moved back
over his body with piss still flowing from her pee hole. The pee stung his
wounded body all over. He was in some pain.

She stopped pissing and put on her shorts and stepped back. “Now you are
clean enough to kiss my feet. Crawl up here and get the honor you don’t
deserve, bitch,” she commanded.

The man crawled and kissed both feet of Madame Adele, who gleamed with a
grin of victory on her face that she succeeded in breaking an animal in
human form like this. He kept kissing and stopped suddenly. “Who told you
to stop, you fucking buffalo? Get me the whip, Alex,” she commanded. I
handed her the whip and she ordered the giant to lie still until she
finishes with her second lesson on his back.

She flogged his back several times and he returned to his screams of pain
again. “I- I- I sorry. Aaaahhhh. It won’t ha- ha- happen again. Sorry,” the
man shouted.

She stopped, ordering him to crawl to the end of the corridor and lie still
and wait for further orders. The man crawled in awkward agony. The crawling
further tormented his wounded body beyond imagination.

The beast was metamorphosed from a fearsome giant into a toy of Madame
Adele’s, just like all of us: toys she plays with and uses for her own
pleasure and needs.

The broken monster reached the end of the corridor and lied still. “Now
crawl here and kiss my feet,” she commanded him from her place, nearly in
the middle of the corridor. The man did as told and reached at her feet and
kept kissing them, this time marking her exact order to avoid further
punishment. He stopped kissing them upon an order from her.

“Good freak! Oh. It’s a good name. I’ll call you Freak. Do you think it’s
nice, Freak?” she asked. “Yes, Madame. Of course it’s nice as long as you
suggested it,” the man spoke eloquently with a bit of poetic touch.

It seemed to me that Madame Adele’s ways have turned us servants into poets
who say words of praise only to her.

“Good! You seem to be making quick progress, Freak!” she said triumphantly.
“Now lie still as you are and wait for further orders,” she commanded.

She moved back towards Robert, who was lying still with a sabotaged face
that is drenched in blood. She removed away the chair. “Now it’s your turn
to do exactly the same, crawl and kiss my feet till I order you to stop,
but first you have to have a clean face to do this. Use your hands to wash
your fucking face with my piss,” she said, taking off her shorts again and
bending her knees a little to have her pee hole closer to his face. She
gave him a gush of warm urine and he washed his terrible face. “You are
clean enough now to kiss my adorable feet. Now stir facedown and crawl to
the end of the corridor and stop there. Frank, come here and lie on all
fours to be my sofa,” she ordered. Robert did, a bit faster than Freak. He
stopped but was soon ordered to crawl to Madame Adele’s feet and kiss them.
He did exactly as told, learning the lesson of Freak while he was lying on
his back under the chair.

He kept kissing her feet passionately for 10 minutes until ordered to stop.
She stood up and walked a few steps away and turned their back. “Well. Is
there anyone of you five servants of mine willing to disobey me or defy me?
Is there anyone of you man enough to refuse providing me his services?” she
addressed the five of us – myself, Josh, Robert, Frank and Freak, the only
survivors here in this house of dead people.

We all shouted “No, Madame.”

“Then the five of you crawl up here and all kiss my feet,” she commanded.
We were just racing to reserve a place to kiss her feet. No one was willing
to delay. “OK. OK. That’s enough! Listen all to my instructions. We’re
going to leave this place and return to my house, except you Frank. You
will stay here and dig a big mass grave for all the bodies here. That is
going to take a lot of effort and work. I want so big long wide hole to
throw all those bodies into. I am returning in a matter of days. I want
everything in order, Frank. Of course, I am making myself very clear here,
ain’t I?” she asked.

“Crystal clear, Madame,” Frank replied.

“In the meantime I’ll leave with the four of you with me of course. Freak
and Robert in the trunk, Josh will drive and Alex sitting at my feet in the
place under the passenger’s seat. The trunk is big and could be enough for
Freak and Robert. Anyone has questions, of course not. You are not to ask.
Just obey,” she said.

“First there is something pending that needs to be settled. You Robert get
a contract and sell me this mansion for a sum of 500,000 dollars. Of course
you are not receiving a dime, but that is what should be written in the
contract. Is it OK with you, or do you want more money?” she asked Robert
in a tone of bitter derision. “I think you don’t mind, Robert, selling me
your mansion, unless you have a different opinion,” she addressed Robert.

“Of course not, Madame. A worthless jackass like myself should not own, but
should rather be owned by a fine lady like yourself,” Robert replied, with
another poetic tone.

“Come here, Freak. Bend down so that I ride your back. You Robert walk in
front of me. Everybody else lie facedown on the floor until I return,” she

She returned five minutes later on Freak’s back with Robert marching in
front of her.

“Well, Frank. I guess it’s a temporary farewell. I am coming back in a few
days and I really expect you to do a good job. I know you are going to miss
your owner’s feet. Come kiss them,” she ordered Frank, who bent to kiss her
left foot several times. “The other one,” she commanded. He went to the
other direction in front of bending Freak and kissed Madame’s right foot
with the utmost faithfulness and dedication.

“OK, servants. Let’s go. It’s time to leave. Get me those flip-flops in
your hands, Alex,” she shouted. I rushed to her riding stature and placed
the flip-flops neatly and gently into her feet. Josh, myself and Robert
were walking in front of our riding Lady, driving us like cattle in front
of her. We finally reached the gate and kept walking to the vehicle, when
we were ordered all to stop.

She instructed Freak to get her down. She opened the trunk and ordered
Freak and Robert inside. They both fitted in there comfortably. She closed
the trunk and sat herself on the passenger’s seat, signaled me to sit
beneath her and Josh to sit at the wheel and drive back home.

During the trip home I was instructed by Madame Adele to massage in between
the toes. “My feet are killing me after this busy day’s efforts. Massage
them, dear Alex,” she ordered.

After one hour I was told to stop. “I think my toes and feet need washing.
Wash them, Alex, with your saliva, but first lick my flip-flops clean so
that when you are finished with my feet I may wear them clean,” she ordered

I took off the flip-flops and started licking them at the area where she
places her feet. That took 15 minutes. I was then instructed to move to the
next task: washing her feet and toes with my saliva. She rose her right
foot and rested it on my waiting two hands. I licked in between the toes
and sucked them one by one, which brought her relish and feelings of
relaxation. She gave me a sweet pat on the head as if I were her doggy.

I contemplated those feet in my hands, knowing that they were just the same
feet that brought an end to many lives and functioned as instruments of
torture to others, like those two persons inside the trunk of this car.

Madame Adele took several lives so easy. None of the men she killed has
managed to deliver her a single punch or kick. I don’t know whether any of
us has thought about reporting to the police about this carnage. As far as
I am concerned, I flushed away this idea from my mind, even though if
something happened and the police learnt about it, I could be arrested on
charges of aiding and abetting this assassin sitting in front of me and
giving me her feet to pamper.

I don’t think Frank would have the guts to do this. He was so scared of her
and was faithfully willing to serve her. Besides, he could be involved
himself in a number of crimes, including the killing of the husband of
Madame Adele’s sister, Olga [I knew her name from the phone call at Madame

I guess the killings committed by Madame Adele would never be known to the
police. She takes good care of providing good burial for her victims, like
the poor bargaining plumber at her villa and that whole gang in Robert’s
mansion, whose possession was just transferred to Madame Adele.

She ordered me to stop cleaning her right foot, withdrawing it to give me
her left to work on. She took her cell phone and found one missed call from
her sister Olga. She dialed her number. “Oh, Olga. How are you, dear sis?
Everything is OK, honey. I took care of the whole thing. I am returning
home now with…with good news. I’ll be expecting you at my place in two
hours. OK, babe. Bye.”

I cleaned her right foot and she ordered me to put her feet into the flip-
flops. She then hanged them up on the dashboard and ordered me to get my
nose closer to her ass hole because she felt like farting. She gave me
soundless farts but with abhorrent smell, but I had to take ‘em all as
usual into my lungs. She kept doing this for one hour. She then lowered her
legs and rested them on my shoulders and took a cigarette and lighted it.
She signaled me to open my mouth wide to throw in the ash from her
cigarette, and of course after finishing it, she signaled Josh to stick his
tongue out and she snuffed the butt on his tongue. Josh then swallowed it.

“I want to thank you, Josh for helping me against your own family. I hope
you have been convinced of what you have done. You just stood up for the
good cause and the right side. In fact, your family is a shitty worthless
one hell of a family that needed shaping up to mingle the right way into
society, but this cost us my sister’s husband,” she said.

No one of Josh’s family was left to mingle into society, I thought to

Josh said he renounced his family since the moment he was introduced to
Madame Adele and knew her well. “Madame, you are my family. You are my
everything in life now. All I want to get is your satisfaction with me. I
am doing my best to avoid your wrath, which I could not stand. You have
changed me into a good citizen with a cause to live for. Before you I had
nothing valuable in my wretched life. All I want now is to be your
everlasting servant who knows nothing but obedience to your honorable
commands,” Josh said.

“Oh, Josh. You have changed a great deal. I am really satisfied with you.
All I need is a good obeying servant who carries out my orders. Is this
much to ask for? Faithful servants are rare these days. I am really glad to
have a group of attendants willing to serve me good and devoting themselves
to please me,” she said.

We finally reached Madame Adele’s house. She ordered Josh to open the trunk
and get her Freak to take her inside. In a second, Freak was kneeling at
the side of the car. Madame Adele stepped out and jumped over Freak’s back,
ordering him to stretch his two hands as supporters for her feet in flip-

Josh was waiting at the trunk. He was ordered to let Robert out, and then
all of us ordered to march in front of her. “Josh, close the car well and
park it, and then follow inside,” she commanded.

We entered the house, followed by Madame Adele’s on her new pony Freak’s
back. Josh entered three minutes later. We all knelt down waiting for
orders. She told Freak to get her feet on the ground, which he did and then
assumed the kneeling position. She sat on her throne-like big chair and
ordered Josh to get two shackles like those he is wearing from the attic.
He returned and was then told to put them on the ankles of Freak and
Part 19: Olga’s arrival

Fifteen minutes later, entered Olga, the younger sister of Madame Adele.
She was nearly in her mid-30s with the same short black hair and body of
Halle Berry. She seemed much smoother than Madame Adele. She was clad in a
black dress slightly above the knee and a pair of shiny black stilettos.

“Who are these losers, sis?” she asked.

“Those, my dear sister, are my servants. Let me introduce you to them. This
is Alex, Nelly’s special servant. She lent him to me for a few days. He
showed diligence and good work of service to me. This is Josh, the brother
of the asshole I killed in the ring. This is Robert, his cousin, whom I
just captivated. This is a monster I managed to break. I gave him the name
Freak. He showed obedience and was finally convinced of my need to use him
as my pony. Oh, I forgot to introduce you to another one here. Come here,
Freak and take me to the bathroom, and Josh take Madame Olga behind me.”

Josh bent down for Madame Olga to ride him. She mounted him and followed
her sister into the bathroom. They both stopped at the toilet bowl.

“What the hell is that?” Olga exclaimed.

“This is the father of the man I did in the ring. He wanted to avenge the
death of his son. Josh, his second son, helped me to drag him here. I had
to convince daddy too that this was not possible – the avenging thing. He
was eventually convinced and showed an inclination to serve as my toilet
bowl. Isn’t it so, daddy?” Madame Adele asked, ordering him to open his
mouth wide, which he did instantly. She sent a lump of sticky mucous spit
from her riding position high over Freak’s back to land right into his
mouth. He swallowed it.

“Oh, Olga. I left him all day without a meal. Do you feel the urge to take
a shit?” asked Madame Adele.

“Oh, yeah. You bet. I have just eaten sushi in some Japanese restaurant,”
answered Madame Olga.

“Hooray! You’re going to get sushi, daddy, for dinner,” shouted Madame
Adele jubilantly.

Madame Olga went down from Josh’s back. She started taking off her dress
when Madame Adele told her to stop.

“All these willing servants around us and you’re going to do something
yourself? Josh, undress your lady here. Take off her dress gently, then her
shoes and fishnet stockings,” Madame Adele ordered.

Josh got her out of her dress and bent down to take her shoes off. Madame
Olga leaned on his back for support. He then took off the fishnet
stockings. Madame Olga had green bras and underwear, which she ordered Josh
to take off for she needed a bath after taking her cargo off from her

Olga seated herself on the bowl in the ordinary position. She moved her ass
inches back on the seat so that her ass hole would be exactly over daddy’s
mouth and also to watch him as he takes it. She spluttered and started to
push hard the sushi she ate into the mouth of Josh’s father.

The old man in the bowl saw everything above his head thanks to a strip of
light that sneaked into the bowl and also thanks to Madame Olga’s moving
inches back with legs widely open. He saw a hole giving lumps of shit the
size of small bananas falling into his mouth. He chewed every unit of shit
quickly to prepare himself for the next ones. Madame Olga seemed to be
happy over the relief.

“Oh, sis. I really needed that. I gave a lot of farts while I was driving
from the restaurant up here. That sushi was great. You must try it, but it
causes smelly farts. I was about to choke while I was driving,” said Madame

“Part of the duties of the slaves around here is to take away those smelly
farts from my precious ass hole into their lungs. They just do this
adeptly,” explained Madame Adele.

“Oh, really. I need this. Give me one of those,” demanded Madame Olga.

“OK, sis. You got yourself a servant for a whole day. Alex, come here…. I
still have you for one day, that is tomorrow. You go early in the morning
at 8.00 to my dear sister Olga’s house. I expect you would provide top-of-
the-line service to my sister, just like the top-quality service you have
offered me during the past couple of days,” she ordered me and told me she
would give me her address before I leave tonight.

“Of course, Madame. I am at your disposal and at Madame Olga’s disposal
too. At eight o’clock I will be knocking on her door,” I said.

“No, no. I will be sleeping. Just take a copy of my key. I’ll give it to
you after I finish my bath,” Madame Olga said, holding her crotch with both
hands and seemed to be aiming her piss hole over the old man’s mouth. She
started to pee. The splash and falling of water into a hollow place could
be heard.

We all went out at Madame Adele’s orders so that her sister could take a
bath, except for Josh, whom Madame Adele ordered to stay with Madame Olga
to help her bathe or massage her body. Ten minutes later, Madame Olga came
out wearing a bathrobe mounting Josh’s back. Josh was supporting her feet
with both hands. She had feet that were more feminine than her sister’s
although they looked quite similar. Her toenails were a bit longer. They
were polished neatly in blood red.

“Olga, I forgot to introduce you quite well to Robert. He was formerly
known as Robert the Shredder, before I shredded his fucking face to pieces
with my toenails. I just want you to be cool and not to get angry. He is
now in our hands and we’ll do whatever you think he deserves. This man was
the one who ordered the assassination of your husband. I captured him

At this, Madame Olga growled and rushed towards Robert and kicked him in
the face, then pinned him to the ground when she sat on his chest and kept
punching his face. Madame Adele rushed and carried her off Robert.

“Calm down, Olga dear. If you want to have him killed, we’ll do it easily,
I could have done there in his fucking mansion, which, by the way, belongs
to me now. I just thought you might like to have him tortured for some time
before you kill him, and that is why I brought him here with me,” Madame
Adele addressed her sister.

Madame Olga was quite angry. “I’ll kill this son of a bitch! I’ll revenge
the death of dear husband, who had nothing to do with all this. Listen,
sis. This man should not breathe while my husband is in his grave. This man
must be eliminated,” she said.

“OK. How do you want to kill him? I could easily crush his neck under my
feet,” said Madame Adele.

“No, no. I want him to taste death sip by sip,” said Olga.

“I have cut his face in pieces already with my toenails. I was just trying
to make some piece of surrealist art like those of Salvador Dali. I don’t
know whether I accomplished something here. Anyway, we’ll take him now to
the bathroom and spend the whole night cutting his flesh piece by piece
until he escapes us to the grave. Josh, drag this piece of shit into the
bathroom, take off all his clothes and put two small chairs at each side of
his face,” Madame Adele ordered, inviting all of us into the bathroom to
witness the massacre.

In a few minutes everything was in place as Madame Adele ordered. She and
her sister stepped into the bathroom and sat on the two chairs facing one
another, with Robert’s face between their feet. They just rested their feet
on his face discussing how they should begin.

Robert was screaming for mercy. He was all tears as he thought he was at
death’s door. “There is no mercy for a wimp like you,” shouted Madame Olga
with a strong trampling hit on his face.

“Listen, Olga sis. The art of tearing a man’s face apart by means of a
lady’s toenails requires concentration. First of all the victim must lie
still to avoid damaging your attempts at his face. The big toe of course
would be the main weapon here because it is the strongest, though I had
experimented other toes on Robert’s face to keep them in shape and they
worked well. You start by trying to stab in your big toenail into the flesh
like that, and after you make sure that part of your toenail is already
inside the man’s facial skin, you move it strongly like that,” said Madame
Olga, demonstrating on Robert’s face and he screamed like a child from pain
and he held his face with both hands.

“Josh, come here tie his hands to our chairs. I don’t want his hands to
interfere in what we are doing. Now it’s your turn, sis. Make a good work
of it,” said Madame Adele.

Madame Olga rested her left foot on his forehead and began to dip her long
red big toenail into Robert’s right cheek and then moved it downward slowly
and he was in terrible pain. His face was all blood.

“See, Olga how I am taking pieces out of his face with my toenail. Watch
this,” Madame Adele said, plucking out a piece of flesh from Robert’s
cheeks, raising her big toe to her right hand to take out the piece from
under her toenail and throwing it away, which was followed by a loud scream
from Robert.

“This shit-head’s screams are really disturbing me. Josh, get me one of my
pair of stilettos,” Madame Olga ordered. Josh handed it to her and then she
stuffed the front part into Robert’s mouth.

“Now, dear sis. I want you to focus on this and do exactly like me,” Madame
Adele said, lifting her right pointed big toenail over Robert’s face, aimed
directly at his left eye, stabbed it strongly, returned her foot up again
to take his eyeball stuck in the tip of her toenail and placed it on the
bathroom floor and crushed it with her right heel.

Blood gushed like a fountain from the hollow that once held his left eye.

“Oh, sis. You are amazing. How did you do this? I’ll give it a try,” said

Madame Olga tried to do as her sister did, aiming her left pointed big
toenail and landed it like a guided missile strongly on Robert’s right eye,
but she just missed it by an inch. She wounded him under his eyebrow.

“I don’t think I’ll make it, but I’ll just do it the easy way,” said Olga,
placing her left big toenail on Robert’s right eye and pressed until his
eyeball popped outside and slid on his face to end on the floor at Olga’s
feet. She then crushed the ball under her left heel.

Madame Adele then dipped her five strong toenails of her right foot into
the flesh of Robert’s neck. She kept pressing hard for three minutes until
all her toes disappeared inside his neck, then moving her leg strongly in
her direction and left a big wide cut that hot red blood saturated the
bathroom floor.

Madame Olga placed her five left toenails into the cut her sister has just
made and pressed hard till half of her foot was inside Robert’s neck and
then moved her foot hard in her direction. The two blood-thirsty sister
kept doing this until the poor man was decapitated.

Olga took away her shoe from beheaded Robert’s mouth and handed it to Josh.
“Take this, Josh. He is not going to scream anymore,” she ordered Josh.

“Alex, get me my scalpel from the room quickly. You’ll find it inside one
of the drawers,” she commanded me. I returned with it in seconds. I was so
scared of what I have just seen.

Taking it from me, Madame Adele took the decapitated head by its hair,
placed it under her left foot and started making a circular deep cut in the
zenith of Robert’s head. In seconds, she pulled away the top part of the
head and threw it away. She took the head between her two hands.

“See, sis. This is the bullshit inside his head mistaken for brains. I’ll
just clean this and get everything back to normal. Shit is just what should
be inside this head. Josh, get me a big plastic black bag,” she commanded
and Josh returned with the bag, ordered again to carry it open for her.

She held the head upside down and emptied all its contents into the bag
until it was clean.

“Josh. Hold this head while I and my sister dispose of our brown loads into
it,” she ordered Josh, who showed expressions of entrenched genuine scare.

Josh was kneeling with arms stretching the empty head from its back. Madame
Adele made spluttering sounds and then sent big thick brown bananas into
the head and then took a piss. Madame Olga did the same.

“Put the head inside the bag, Josh. Go dig another grave in the backyard
and bury this dickhead like you just did with the plumber. After you
finished providing a good burial for your cousin and his brains and fucking
head, return to the bathroom and clean this mess here. Understood?” Madame
Adele commanded. “Yes, right away Madame,” Josh replied with a stress.
Madame Adele then told me I may go home now, but I should be expected at
Madame Olga’s house, which was nearly 20 minutes’ walking from here.

Madame Olga then took a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Here’s my
address and house key, Alex. Enter and wake me up at 8.00 in the morning.
Don’t prepare my breakfast. I usually have it at 10.00. I’ll have many
tasks for you tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you. Goodbye, Alex,” Madame
Olga greeted me nicely with a smile that showed glittering white beautiful
teeth. In fact Madame Olga was more beautiful than her sister and more sexy

I woke up the next day at 7.00, left my home at 7.30 and reached Madame
Olga’s house at 7.50. I entered and waited on the sofa for 10 minutes. I
opened several rooms but there was no one in there until. I opened the last
room and there lied Madame Olga sleeping. To my surprise, I found Josh
sleeping on the floor facedown at the bedside in Madame Olga’s direction.

I went as usual at the foot of the bed and knelt. I started licking Madame
Olga’s toes to wake her up. Her toes were so nice, more of a woman compared
to her sister’s ruthless toes and toenails, except that they were longer
and less stronger. I licked in between the toes for 30 minutes until she
moved in the bed. “Oh, Alex. Welcome dear. Keep pampering my toes for a
while,” she commanded and went back to sleep.

I licked for one hour more, taking good care of her toenails and licking
all of them from all directions. She woke up and told me to go prepare her
breakfast. “I usually take two sandwiches of yellow cheese and strawberry
jam and a big glass of warm milk. Oh, I was so tired yesterday that I was
not in the mood to drive, and that is why Josh is here. He took me at
nearly 1.00 a.m. from my sister’s house to my place here. My sister told me
that I would have him sleep at the bedside facedown so that when I move
from bed I could find some mat to step on with my precious two lovely
feet,” she said, signaling me to go.

I returned with the breakfast as she ordered. She was sitting with her back
leaning at the top of the bed stark naked. “I was informed by my sister
that you are one hell of a fart-sniffing machine. I’d like to try this,
because I don’t really like the smell of my farts thought you might find
them very precious to you. Come here, Alex. Put your nose in there and help
me with these farts while I am having my breakfast,” she ordered.

Throughout the whole day I was commanded by Madame Olga to inhale her
farts, which annoyed her and were supposedly precious to me. “Alex. I have
to go out and buy some things, I’ll be back in one hour,” she told me.

She stepped on Josh’s back and gave him a few hits to wake him up. “Take me
to the bathroom, Josh. Follow me, Alex, for your morning meal. I was
entrusted by my sister to feed you well,” she said.

She jumped on Josh’s back and moved to the bathroom. I followed. She
ordered Josh to get her down and stood in the middle of the bathroom,
instructing me to kneel beneath her standing form and turn my face up to
look at her genitals from below. “Open your mouth, dear. Your menu today is
yellow cheese and strawberry jam,” she said voluptuously. She bent her
knees forward and dispatched shit into my open mouth in batches. I chewed
fast and swallowed. She then aimed her pee into my mouth, which took away
all the shit down to my stomach.

For nearly one week now, I survived on feces and urine from ladies who
believed unarguably that I was their possession to do whatever they want
with me.

She went out and returned nearly after one hour. Josh and I were ready to
receive her at the hall. She sat on the big sofa. “Oh, my feet are so
tired. Alex, take off my shoes and stockings and give my feet a good
massage after you sniff away all the odor in my toes and eat the toe jam in
between,” she commanded.

I did as I was told. Her foot odor was stinky. I sniffed deep to take the
smell away and then embarked on the massage. My tongue worked so
professionally in between her lovely toes that she was so relaxed. She took
the remote control and turned on the TV and watched her favorite series
“Friends”. She was laughing joyfully while I fondled her toes with my
tongue. “Ha, ha, ha. Nice. Matthew Perry is just a nice man. Lick my soles,
Alex,” she commanded. I kept licking her sole for about 30 minutes while
she was watching TV.

“Alex, I am going to take my afternoon nab now. Come up with me and
continue massaging my toes until I fall asleep. Afterwards, you may return
directly to Nelly, she wants you at her place before you go home. That was
what my sister told me to tell you. You, Josh come here to take me to my
bed,” she commanded.

Josh carried her to the bedroom and got her down and then lied facedown at
the bedside on the floor, while I went to kneel at the foot of the bed,
waiting for Madame Olga’s feet to caress with my tongue gently until she

She climbed Josh’s back on to her bed and lied there, stretching her toes
to me. She playfully wriggled her toes at my nose and mouth, giving me a
jolly grin. “Madame Olga. I just wanted to ask you who is now attending
Madame Adele. You see, she needs a lot of services to be provided to her
during the day and I just want to check whether she is alright and
pleased,” I said.

“Oh, Alex. You are concerned about my sister’s needs. Don’t worry, good
boy. She’s OK. She gave me Josh as a gift pony for me. She told me she has
now got Freak, whom she bought an eye patch today. She told me she was
training him to do all your responsibilities and he seems to be making a
progress. She uses him to sniff her farts away, clean her feet and take
good care of her toes and to move around her house carrying her on his back
as her new pony. I think she’s alright,” Madame Olga answered.

“Now start with your job, Alex. I’ll really miss your devoted services. I
don’t know if I’ll see you again, but sure I will see you when I visit
Nelly. So, I guess it’s not farewell,” she said, signaling me to start
licking her toes. I went on with the process until she went in deep sleep.
That took about 30 minutes. I then stood up and left her house, heading
immediately to Mistress Nelly’s. I learnt she wants me before I go to my

While I was on my way to my original Mistress’s house, I meditated all that
I have experienced during the past three days and all this blood I have
seen shed with my own two eyes. Those two sisters have used me to the
fullest for their own personal advantages and needs. They were acting so
naturally. Madame Adele killed in cold blood several men while I was
watching. She did it in such a way as if those men were created to have
their lives ended by her lethal lower part of body.

I guess I’ll never meet a woman like Madame Adele. She is one of a kind.
She thinks that it is so easy to crush a man under her feet. She tamed a
monster, who if I had seen walking 50 miles away from me I would have run
away. She did it with a matter-of-factness and convinced that beast – in
her own ways of course – that his only duty in life since the moment he was
introduced to her was to serve her in many ways and make her proud of him,
regardless of his size compared to hers. She was so strong and mighty, yes,
but that man was nearly one meter taller than her.

She did Robert’s gang in the blink of an eye, took his mansion away from
him and finally decapitated him and sent her feces and urine down his brain-
emptied head. “It was now about 5.00 p.m. Madame Adele must be sending her
farts now into Freak’s lungs after her lunch,” I thought to myself as I was
perfectly introduced to her schedule.

I climbed up the stairs in a hurry and rang the bell of Mistress Nelly’s
door. She opened the door and gave me a nice broad smile. “Ooooh, Alex. I
missed you so much, baby. I was in a total mess without you during the past
three days. I’ll never give you up again for anyone. You are my personal
servant, without whom my life is lost. Come, Alex. Don’t waste time. I have
a lot of things for you to do. First, I have just entered my house. I was
out running some stupid errands. Undress me and massage and wash my feet.
You must be missing them, huh?” she asked.

“Of course, Madame. I miss everything about you. You know how much I adore
to be of service to you. You just relax here on the sofa and I’ll do
whatever you want me,” I answered.

She was wearing a short red skirt, a black top, a black pantyhose and a red
high-heeled pair of shoes. I brought a bowl of warm water, put it in front
of her and started undressing her top, then skirt, shoes and pantyhose. I
placed the pantyhose into my mouth to give them a good cleaning as I was
well aware of her inclinations.

I took her shoes and kept sniffing from inside to drive away the stinky
odor. She seemed pleased with me. I took her right foot and sniffed it,
traveling my tongue in between the toes and swallowed any toe jam from
them. I took the left one and put the right into the bowl sniffed her left
while I was caressing her right in the bowl.

“Alex! You are one hell of a cleaning machine! I love you. Madame Adele
phone me today morning and was extremely pleased with your dedication. I
really felt so proud of you. My efforts of training you have paid off,” she
said hilariously.

I continued with the cleaning ritual and washed Mistress Nelly’s feet that
she was really happy with me. Without a signal from her, I bent my head at
the bowl and started to drink the water with which I washed her gorgeous
feet. I finished all of it and even licked the sediments with my tongue.

“Oh, you have never forgotten a thing, Alex. You are one good servant of
mine. I adore you,” she said, giving me a nice pat on my hair. “Alex, I was
about to prepare my lunch, but as you have arrived, I will step aside for
you to take it from here. Go to the kitchen now and serve me my lunch,” she
commanded. She rose to sit at the dining table. I rushed and adjusted her
chair for her, and ran immediately to the kitchen.

I served her lunch and sat beneath the table in front of her black panties
and stretched my nose to wait for whatever farts she might give. She
finished and ordered me out to take her to the bathroom. She rode on my
back and gave me one hit on the nape and I moved on. She entered the
bathroom and headed towards the basin on my back and washed her hands and
mouth. She got off my back and ordered me to lie on my back for my lunch
meal. I did and opened my mouth, while she was taking off her black panties
and lowered her ass hole over my face and defecated for five minutes into
my mouth. She then opened her piss hole wide with both hands and gave me
her delicious urine, which I missed for a long time.

She then ordered to take her to bed and suck her toes until she sleeps. I
did. “When you are finished, you may go home, Alex. I’ll be waiting for you
tomorrow morning as usual. We have a long day ahead. Adele and her sister
Olga are visiting me tomorrow, so I need you badly to clean the house and
make the necessary preparations. They both insisted you should be here when
they arrive. See you later, my dear servant. Bye.”

I kept my position as Mistress Nelly’s personal servant for about 10 years,
when I grew up to be 23. I got married and stayed in a remote area away
from her. Nobody has ever known about this. It was strictly a secret that
has never been divulged, but from time to time when I sit alone with
myself, I reflect on those experiences but drive away the memories in
seconds. I now have a wife and a kid to support and I was working my ass
out to sustain my family.

One day the telephone rang and it was my mother. We talked a lot and told
me that Nelly was asking about me and how I was doing. “I gave her your
phone number and she told me she would sure give you a call in a matter of
days,” mom said.

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