Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, the incredible Arnold Layne with the second part of “The past that wouldn’t die.”

The past that wouldn’t die – Part 2

(These are my darkest fantasies. I put them on paper. Hope you like it. Feel free to e-email me on:


I returned home one evening at 7.00 p.m. from my work as a lawyer. I kissed

my beloved wife on the cheek and carried my 18-month-old boy to play with

him for a while until my wife prepares me something to eat.


While I was sitting at the dining table eating, my wife told me that

someone of the name of Nelly called and asked about me. “She said she is

your long-time neighbor. She seemed so nice a woman. I invited her to visit

our house tonight at 10.00 p.m. I really can’t wait to get acquainted with

her,” my wife said.


My wife’s words hit like successive hammers on my head, but I did not wear

any expressions of concern on my face in front of my wife. “Oh, really? She

has been our neighbor for a long time. I haven’t seen her in a while, but I

think she doesn’t know our home address here,” I said.


“Yes, she didn’t know it, but I gave her the address,” my sweet wife said.


I was really shocked deep inside by this. I did not feel at ease. The

memories of what she and her friends had done to me in the past when I was

a young kid – and continued to do for nearly 10 years – still overshadow my

life and left deep incurable scars in my personality. “What does she want

from me now? I guess she is still able to destroy my life. I have nearly

forgotten about her for two years now. May be she is paying us an ordinary

visit. Could she disclose the secrets between us to my wife?” I thought to



Time was running fast. I wished the hands of the clock had frozen. I just

want to live in peace. I really needed her out of my life.


The clock struck 10.00 p.m. My heart was pounding as if the angel of death

was about to knock at my door.


We got ourselves ready to receive her. The door bell rang. I rushed to open

the door as if I were still under her spell to respond quickly to her

requests. It was she again in flesh and blood. She still had her gorgeous

look although she is now in her early 50s. She smiled to me for seconds

with her eyes sending looks that penetrated my head. She was wearing a

short violet shiny dress and a black pantyhose, high-heeled shoes and

classy hat.


“Hellllloooo, Nelly. It’s good to see you again. It’s been a long time.

Come on in. You are most welcome,” I said, avoiding of course to precede

her name with the title I have always used to address her: Mistress.


She stepped in calmly. I introduced her to my wife. She said my wife was so

pretty and that she was glad to get to know her.


She sat on the sofa and crossed her legs. I was spontaneously going to

kneel before her legs as was the usual procedure, but I shooed away the

thought from my mind.


“Alex, first of all I am going to complain you to your beautiful wife. You

know, Katie. I have always been like a mother to Alex, and he just got

married without inviting me to his wedding party. Is this acceptable,

Katie?” she asked.


“Oh. Don’t be sad, Nelly. Sometime Alex makes stupid things, but I am

really pleased to be honored with your acquaintance,” my wife replied



“You know, Katie. Alex’s mother has always been at work all day and it was

me who always used to serve him his meals and take good care of him and

watch until I make sure he received good healthy nourishment. Do you

remember my meals, Alex?” she addressed me. Of course the two of us

understood each other quite well, particularly as regards the word “meals”!


“Of course I remember, M-…Nelly about your meals. They were really

delicious and I enjoyed them much. No one could ever forget about them no

matter what. I really apologize for not inviting you to my wedding party.

It was really so reckless and stupid of me. Well, Nelly. What would you

prefer to drink?” I asked in a hail-fellow-well-met sort of way.


“Do you have beer? I would prefer beer. Ah! Do you remember, dear Alex,

about the party to which I have invited my friends. I’ll tell your wife

about it, in detail,” she said in a threatening tone.


“Oh..well. Well. I remember…I remember…but first we have to drink

something…Katie, bring us beer here,” I said, trying to switch the theme to

another thing. Katie went to bring us beer. I whispered, nearly begging, to

Nelly to “please don’t mention anything to my wife. I’m a straight man now.

I want to live in peace with my family.”


“Peace my ass! I need you. Are you coming to me or not?” she asked firmly

as if she were threatening.


“OK. OK. I’ll come, but please don’t say anything. Usually I go to my work

at 9.00 a.m. and return at 7.00 p.m. I’ll come to you after work,” I still

whispered. “OK. Come to me after work, but I’ll need in the morning. You

are to be at my house at 8.00 in the morning. I don’t know how, but you

just do it. OK?” she asked.


“OK. I’ll be at your place before 8.00 a.m.,” I said.


My wife entered with several cans of beer. We drank and talked for nearly

two hours. Nelly said she actually came to visit me on business. “I’ve

heard you are a good lawyer, Alex. I’ll be in bad need for your services.

You see, I have some inheritance-related problems with my deceased

husband’s relatives in Canada. I just wonder if you can have a leave for

one month from your work so that we may settle some accounts. Don’t worry,

I’ll pay so lavishly for this,” she said.


“It would be hard to take a one-month leave from my office, but I’ll see

what I can do,” I replied.


“Oh, Alex. It’s not that hard to take a month’s leave from office. You

never take vacations from work. Besides, this is work, too. You’ve got to

help this nice sweet lady, baby,” my wife said. Nelly smiled at her for the

compliment, and stood up to leave.


The next day I woke up a bit earlier than usual, with the priority of the

new day to go to Mistress Nelly’s house. My wife was still asleep. I went

out of my house at 7.30 a.m. and parked my car near Mistress Nelly’s house.

I arrived at her place before 8.00 a.m. and rang the bell. She answered

three minutes late. It seemed she was awaken up by my ringing.


I stepped in. The place stirred those memories in my head. It was that

place which witnessed my captivity to Mistress Nelly and at other times her

friends. I felt a little chill creeping to my body.


“Listen, Nelly! I just came here to tell you that you should go out of my

life. I am a married man now and I have a lot of responsibilities to take

care of. I think it was enough what you have been doing to me for nearly 10

years. Please, Nelly, get out of my life. I have a kid to raise,” I said



“Ooooh. Hold your horses, Alex. You are now addressing me as Nelly. Where

is the word Mistress? And why didn’t you greet me the way you used to

during all those years? I think you need some shape-up here, some

refreshing course! Don’t you know I can still have the power to ruin your

life? I still have a lot of evidence showing you sniffing my shoes, kissing

my feet and eating my shit! Of course you didn’t know that every single

thing you did in service to me has been recorded. Here! Let me show you

some,” she shouted.


Nelly went to her bedroom and returned with a videotape. She placed it in

her VCR and played it. It showed me on my back in her bathroom with my face

drenched in shit. The tape then showed a close-up at my shit-covered face

and a part of her genitals sending urine over it with my head leaning at

the back on a stainless steel bowel.


“I think this is enough. I have copies of this if you’d like to keep this

tape,” she said confidently.


“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you so pleased with my destruction?

I haven’t done anything wrong to you. I just want you to forget about me.

That was a crazy stage in my teenage life. I have put this behind my back

and looked forward to a new stable future,” I said, almost sobbing.


My entreating has not touched her heart at all. “You said you have

responsibilities. So what about your responsibilities towards me? Who

should take good care of me when you are gone? I need you, Alex. I raised

you and trained you to be my servant. It’s just not easy for me to give you

up like this,” she said.


Obviously, this was not leading us anywhere. She was adamantly insisting

that I should resume my services to her. “Listen, Alex. I have enjoyed your

devoted service to me during those years. I have taken to it like heroin. I

just can’t give you up. I became addicted to all the things you have

offered me. I became alone after my husband died and I really in need for

someone to take good care of me. No one understands what I want and need

but you, Alex. I think you are convinced now!” she said in her usual matter-



My mind drowned for seconds in awful thoughts. I thought I could confess to

my wife about my past and make a clean breast of it, which would sure bring

an end to Nelly’s captivity of me once and for all. She would not have a

reason to blackmail me.


I, however, imagined how nasty my wife would look upon me if it happened

that I confessed to her about my awful past, or that Nelly sent her one of

those tapes. I just can’t stand it. My wife would think that I have been an

outrageous pervert during my younger years.


Nelly has always had the upper hand over me. She always wins, and I always

lose. I began to reconsider the matter. I have to obey her. I had no other

choice, or else all these years’ efforts and my 10-year endurance of the

nastiest of things done to me would go down the drain.


I was brought to reality by a strong slap on my face. “Get down on your

knees, sucker! Kneel before your fine classy lady here! I’ll help you

return to your natural role in life as my personal servant,” Nelly shouted



Despair began to flutter its wings high over my head. I surrendered again

to Mistress Nelly and her gruesome orders. I knelt down in front of her

standing stature. “But when exactly do you need me, Mistress Nelly? I am

working five days a week from 9.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m.,” I exclaimed.


“Oh. That will be considered while you are licking my toes. Alex, I just

can’t wait for your tongue in between them. I really miss it!” she said,

seating herself as usual on the sofa, stretching her leg and wriggling her

toes in the air.


I did not to keep her waiting, so I went down as meekly as a sheep. I

explored her toes with my tongues as adeptly as I have always been just

like I did not stop doing this for a while.


“Oh. Oh. I really miss this! Lick. Lick,” she said in a coquettish

intonation as soft as a passionflower. She sometimes caught my tongue

strongly between two toes. “Now, suck them one by one and play your tongue

against my nails inside your mouth,” she ordered.


I pampered her toes and nails so professionally that I really began to

believe that she is sexually aroused from her toes. I bet she is cumming

now, I thought.


“OK, Alex. That’s enough. You have a work to go to. I considered the matter

and reached a good solution, dear. Don’t come here in the morning. I think

I would not need you because I am usually in deep sleep. I’ll need you in

the evening everyday for two hours. You are to prepare me my dinner and

massage my feet, and that’s it. How do you like it?” she suggested.


“It’s OK with me. I can tell my wife I would be late for two hours from now

on for some ‘extra work’. Of course my Saturday and Sunday vacations are

excluded from this,” I said.


“OK, I can understand you have to spend the vacations with your wife and

kid. One more thing, Alex. I was not kidding about that Canada affair. I

really need you with me during this month. As I promised, I will pay for

your legal services lavishly, but I am not going to pay a cent for the

other services you know. We are traveling in one week, so get yourself

prepared,” she said.


I agreed and bid her farewell when she told me that I have forgotten

something. “You did not give your Lady the proper greetings,” she said,

crossing her legs.


I took her toes of each feet and smooched them 10 times each. Her legs were

beautiful as they have always been, with the same sexy calves which gained

a little more flesh.


I took her leave and left her house, heading for my work.


(Part 24: Italy)


A week later I was packing up to fly with Mistress Nelly to Canada. We had

everything arranged days before, including the hotel reservations. We

landed at Ottawa Airport and took a limo to the five-star hotel. Mistress

Nelly was so happy.


The bellboy took the luggage to our room, where Mistress Nelly ran to the

bed and lied there, seeming so tired from the eight-hour flight.


“Come on, come on, Alex. Took off my shoes and on with the massage,” she

rushed me. I took off her sandals and started rubbing her toes with my hand

and shaking the calves gently. She left her right foot from my hand and

forced her big toe into my mouth, which I sucked and caressed with my



“Oh, what a life! Being in beautiful Canada with my special servant at my

feet pampering them. I have a huge surprise for you, Alex. Rrrrreally

huge!” she said. I did not have a clue. “Guess who came here to Canada

yesterday for a one-week tourism. Madam Adele. Do you remember her?”


The name gave my body a horrible chill. Of course I remember her. She can

never be forgotten.


“How did this merciless black beast get away with all the murders she has

committed in front of my eyes?” I asked myself.


“She insisted on have the room just beside me to be so close. She brought

her special servant, Freak, along. I guess I should call her room now to

tell her that I have just arrived,” said Mistress Nelly, still wriggling

her big right toe inside my mouth playfully.


She took up the phone and told the operator to phone Madam Adele’s room

for her. “Oh. Adele! How are you, dear friend? I have just arrived. I am in

my room now…of course I brought him with me…I can never do without him…ha,

ha. Yes he is sucking my toes now with his magical velvet tongue…You’re

coming…great, waiting for you…bye?” she said, hanging up the phone.


“Come, Alex. Undress me. I need to take a bath before Adele comes in 30

minutes,” she ordered. I took off her beige Bermuda shorts and black top,

then peeled off her white bras and panties. She then forced my head down

and jumped on my back in the sweetest agility.


I got her into the bathroom when there was knocking on the door. I went to

open and it was the room service man carrying lunch. He entered and put it

on the table and walked out.


I took off all my clothes except for my underwear and hurried to Mistress

Nelly in the bathroom. “Alex, where were you? Come rub my body with this

shower gel,” she ordered. She was already lying in the tub with soap all

over her naked body. Although she in her early 50s, Mistress Nelly is still

as attractive as Marilyn Monroe. Her body was so soft, curvy with no single

dent in her body. She was not showing her age at all.


I drew closer to the tub and went down on my knees rubbing her body all

over. She stretched out her right leg and played her toes on my lips and

nose. She then inserted her big toe inside my mouth and went back and forth

from within. The rest of her toes were resting on my left cheek. She then

took her left foot out of the tub and placed her left big toe inside my

mouth. Both her big toes are going back and forth now. She was using my

mouth to relax her feet.


“Massage my calves, Alex,” she cooed. Her calves were as beautiful as ever:

soft, curvaceous and fleshy with grace. She finished her bath and I brought

a towel to dry her up. She then rode me out of the bathroom and headed

directly to the table where her lunch was ready.


She did not get off. She ate her lunch while she was riding me. She stood

up and ordered me to bring her panties and bras from her bag. I took them

out and dressed her. She sat on the edge of the bedside. “Come, Alex. Take

my farts away!” I knelt before her and drew my head in between her open

thighs. She lied her back on the bed and rested her feet on my shoulders.

She started giving my nose farts whose odor has never been strange to me.


“Of course you missed my smell, Alex. Didn’t you, honey?” she asked. “You

bet, Madam,” I replied. “You’re going to get a lot of them during this

month,” she said.


We heard knocking on the door. “Open the door, Alex. It must be Adele,” she



I opened and it was her: the black man-killing machine in human form. “Oh,

Alex! I miss you so much, darling,” she entered, with Freak behind her

stooping to enter the room. Freak was dressed in a black suit and a jazzy

necktie and he still had his black eye patch. Adele and Nelly exchanged

kisses on the cheeks and they were so happy to meet.


Adele went in Freak’s direction and slapped him on his face strongly. “Go

quickly, kneel before Madam Nelly and kiss her feet,” she ordered firmly.

The man lowered his gigantic form and kissed Nelly’s feet with a pure

servile attitude.


“Alex, did you forget, kid? Aren’t you going to take my shoes off and

massage my feet?” asked Adele with an urge in her tone. I went immediately

on my knees before the sitting stature of Madam Adele with the same old

fear from her taking its toll on my thoughts as if I have never seen her in

a while. The tone with which she ordered me to take off her shoes was that

same old matter-of-factness in her voice as if nothing has changed.


“I miss your services so much, Alex, particularly your nostrils taking away

my bad smell down there. I had to train that shitty big man lying down

there and he was finally able to learn but that took me quite a long time

to teach that moron his duties. But he is never like you, Alex. You knew

exactly what I needed,” she said.


Freak was still kneeling before Mistress Nelly kissing and pampering her

feet most devotedly. I took off Madam Adele’s high-heeled black shoes and

pantyhose. She was wriggling her red-painted toes in relaxation. “Don’t you

miss ‘em, baby? I need your velvet tongue so badly,” she commanded.


Obviously the two ladies were missing me so much that I thought they have

addicted me. I took Adele’s right foot and raised it closer to my lips. I

kissed each toe for a minute or so, and then began to suck the big one

taking it into my mouth and playing my tongue against the long nail inside.

Madam Adele was closing her eyes and seemed to enjoy it so much.


Freak and me were rewarded for our dedicated service as the two ladies

allowed us to eat with them in the restaurant on the same table. Madam

Adele was eating like a monster. “Food is one of the great joys of life,

Alex. I love food so much. A greater thing is to have a slave ready to eat

my feces at any moment I wish. I trained Freak to adore my waste. He is now

not taking my shit as just a means of surviving. He is enjoying it and

sometimes playing with it,” she said.


Mistress Nelly was also eating avidly. “Your marriage, dear Alex, harmed me

so much. Since you were away, I had no one to serve me, so I used to go to

Adele’s once in a while to use Freak,” she said.


Freak was eating like an animal. He was not aware that we were talking

about him in the first place, I guess.


We finished lunch and went up to retire in our rooms. Madam Adele sat her

big bottom on an armchair while Mistress Nelly lied on the bed. Adele

signaled me to kneel before her. I did. She rested her two feet on my two

shoulders and then brought my body down with a little pressure and I found

my face in front of her ass. She did not waste time. She released a noisy

smelly fart in my face which I inhaled deeply.


The awful warm smell seemed so familiar to my nostrils that Madam Adele’s

gases re-invaded my lungs so easily without the least amount of resistance

on my part.


“I am crazy about garlic bread. I love it so much, but its only

disadvantage is that it gives me a lot of gas. However, I don’t have to

worry anymore as long as I have you, dear Alex, at my ass hole sniffing

those gases away. Didn’t you miss my sweet farts, Alex?” she asked.


“Of course, Madam Adele. I miss ‘em so much. I am here to rid you of

anything you may not find nice,” I answered politely, with fearsome

memories of Madam Adele’s bloody past that I witnessed myself taking their

toll on my mind.


She sent a chain of short and long noisy and soundless farts into my two

nostrils for about seven minutes that I felt a bit dizzy after she released

me. Freak was at squatting in front of Mistress Nelly. He was washing her

toes with his tongue and saliva until she fell into a nap, which I needed

myself after the good lunch we had down in the restaurant.


I was still on my knees in front of Madam Adele, who, noticing that

Mistress Nelly has fallen into sleep, signaled Freak to crawl quietly to



Freak did as was signaled and he looked like a big mantis crawling

willingly into the web of a spider that was much smaller than him.


The fact that Freak was broken into ultra-extreme submission was still a

riddle to me. Whenever I see this formidable Gulliver that strikes fear

into the hearts of many strong men, let alone myself, is acting so

sheepishly towards Madam Adele, I feel so bewildered. In fact, it only

makes me respect, and fear, Madam Adele more and more.


Madam Adele, for her part, is treating him so harshly. I reckon that

Madam Adele thought the crueler she is with Freak, the better results she

will get. Whenever Madam Adele gets bored, she vents her boredom on

Freak’s face for no reason. When feeling she has nothing to do, Adele

orders Freak to lie on the ground and gets herself a chair which she places

over his head so that when she sits she has his face right under her two

feet. She would crush and trample his face and stomp on it with both feet.


Her boredom would end only when she sees blood soaking the poor man’s face

after she scratches his facial skin with her sharp long toenails.

Unfortunately for Freak, Madam Adele was feeling bored frequently. She

managed to instill a belief inside Freak’s stupid head that he is entirely

her private property to do whatever she pleases that Freak, as time goes

by, had only one ambition: his owner’s satisfaction, which might spare him

her ruthless wrath.


He crawled and stopped at Madam Adele’s feet when she whispered to him to

go to her room, take off all his clothes and lie still in the bathroom. He

went out as commanded.


She rose her left foot to my face and in the same time rested her right

calf on my left shoulder and inserted her big toe into my mouth and played

it inside against my tongue. She then inserted the second toe and caught my

tongue inside between her two toes like a tweezers and brought it out.

“Keep it sticking out,” she ordered.


My mouth was open wide and my tongue was sticking out. Adele then rubbed

her left sole starting with the heel and ending with the toes against my

mouth from bottom to top. She kept doing this for five minutes and then

placed her left calf on my right shoulder and began to repeat the process

with her right foot. All the while I was doing nothing except keeping my

tongue sticking out for her to clean her both soles.


“There is nothing joyful in the whole world than to have slaves caring for

one’s needs for comfort and relaxation. I can never live without slaves,

Alex. And the slaves, as far as they are concerned, enjoy their devotion to

me, don’t you, Alex?” she asked, resting her right foot on my left shoulder

in an indication that she freed my tongue only to get an answer from me.


“Yes, yes Madam. Of course I enjoy being a servant for a great fine lady

like you. In fact, Madam Adele, you are an amazing woman. One of her kind;

so strong and so beautiful. You have something unique about you, Madam

Adele, that I have never seen in any other woman on the planet. You have

this magical way of convincing any man to be submissive to you. I have been

convinced of your irresistible power over me the first time I saw you at

Mistress Nelly’s place. I remember quite well the moment you stretched your

legs to me to take off your shoes directly after you learnt from Mistress

Nelly that I was there to serve you ladies in that party. I would never

forget the matter-of-factness with which you ordered me to take off your

shoes,” I answered in a lengthy praising kind of way.


“Alex, baby. You still remember this?” she asked, not giving me time to

answer as she brought my tongue out again with two toes of her right foot

and continued cleaning her sole against my offered tongue.


“You have always provided good services to me, Alex. I really liked you as

my favorite slave, but I would never take you away from your original

owner. I remember so well that devotion in service on your part was always

met with the greatest satisfaction on mine. I don’t remember that you have

summoned my anger for one single day. You have always paid the utmost

attention to my instructions and carried them out accurately as I wanted. I

really want to thank you, Alex boy, for all your dedicated service,” she

said, still having her sole up and down my tongue for cleaning.


“Anyway, I now have Freak. He is extremely willing to serve me to the

fullest, but sometimes I get mad at his stupidity. For instance, it took me

one whole week to teach him to have his nose so tight into my ass hole to

sniff my farts away. During that week I used to smell my own farts, which I

didn’t like. He is now OK, but he was never like you, Alex. You used to do

it so brilliantly that I really felt I was not farting at all. Freak has

been making progress throughout the years of his endless servitude to me.

Even if he ate normal food, he still craves for my shit and piss. I am so

generous with him sometimes to let him sleep in the bathroom lying on his

back with a huge load of my feces on his face to enjoy smelling during his

sleep until the next day. During the flight to Canada, I felt he was about

to die if he hadn’t his usual dose of my shit. Of course it would have been

so strange if we both entered one bathroom on the plane, so I instructed

him that I would leave my waste on a newspaper I had with me provided that

he enters directly after I come out and have the meal I left him there,

which he did and was so happy about it. I also had a big plastic cup and a

straw inside my handbag. I filled it up with my urine so that when he

returns to his seat beside me, he may get some refreshments during the

flight. I always care for my slaves’ needs as long as they care for mine.”


“You know, Alex, that since the moment I became the owner of slaves, I have

never used for once the porcelain toilet used by ordinary people. I always

seek the help of slaves to rid me of this load on one hand, and they get

their meals, which they find delicious, on the other. It’s a mutual

benefit. Freak is not just having shit as food as was the case with you,

Alex. He has an orientation to have his face wallowing in my shit. Come

with me to watch it, I’ll give you a demonstration,” she ordered, stopping

the sole-cleaning-against-tongue process and standing up with a signal to

follow her to her room.


We entered her room and walked to the bathroom, where Freak was lying in

wait on his back. I was behind Madam Adele holding her pair of shoes and

pantyhose as she instructed. “Put these down and come watch how my Freaky

is so freaky about my bowels’ waste,” she said.


I laid down her shoes and pantyhose and stood at the bathroom door

watching. Freak was naked save for his underwear. Adele was standing above

him with legs open and entrapping his body from both directions. She took

off her short black skirt and white blouse. She were wearing white pink

bras and underwear. She peeled the underwear slowly and sexily. Her hips

and thighs were broad and round yet strong and brawny in the way that

marked a wrestler, which she really was.


She handed me the underwear to carry for her and then looked down on Freak

in a despise with lips curled. May be that was the usual facial expression

she frequently gave to Freak. She hemmed a few times, bent her body and

dropped a big sticky phlegmatic spit on Freak’s face. She then squatted her

broad bottom one inch away from his face. Madam Adele squirmed for a while

and produced a spluttering sound that was emphasized by the spacious

ceramic bathroom.


Actually there was no fart given as I have taken care beforehand of all the

gas inside Madam Adele’s body. Shit began to appear from her ass hole. It

was coming slowly as she kept pressing. One big cohesive load started to

land on Freak’s face. It seemed to have no end. It was a thick scaly brown

load that finally departed Madam Adele’s hole to settle on the huge man’s

face. She then followed it with a shorter less solid ones. Shit was flowing

from Madam Adele’s bottoms like a brown rain. She was not pressing hard as

the first load. In four minutes or so, Freak’s face was concealed in feces.


She stood up in the same slow sexy way she had squatted on his face,

turning her back to me. “Clean me, Alex boy,” she instructed as she bent

the higher half of her body.


My attention was taken from Freak to Madam Adele’s ass by her recent

order. I went down on my knees and licked and swallowed the remains of shit

from her ass hole and its vicinity until she was spotless.


She turned to me and gave me a pat on my head. “See Alex, he likes it when

I do this,” she said. Adele raised her right foot and placed it on the shit

on Freak’s face and started to rub it all over his face. She was forcing

some pieces of her shit down Freak’s nostrils with her toes. The man’s face

was all painted brown. “Oh. My sole is dirty again. It’s good you are here,

Alex. I guess you’ll have to stick your tongue out again so that I may

clean my right sole. You are lucky, Alex. You’ll get part of this brown ice

cream in chocolate flavor,” she said.


I was already down on my knees from the ass-cleaning procedure. All I had

to do was to stick my tongue out for this ultra-powerful black lady. She

scraped her right shit-smeared sole against my welcoming tongue, giving me

seconds between each turn to swallow the fecal remains. Her sole was clean

again in a matter of minutes.


“Great. I love your tongue, boy. My sole is clean now. I think I’ll need to

sleep for two hours or so. One more thing, Alex, before you go attend to

Nelly. Pamper my toes with your tongue until I fall into sleep and then you

may go,” she said, exiting the bathroom, closing its door and headed to the

bed to lie there. Me following.


She seemed so tired. She stretched her opened legs and I knelt at the foot

of the bed like I used to do in the past and started sucking each of her

toes and licking the nails all over. I licked between the toes until Madam

Adele fell into sleep.


I then went out slowly and quietly and went to Mistress Nelly’s room. She

was still asleep. I lied down on the floor at the bedside. There was only

one bed and it never happened that the idea of sharing a bed with any of my

mistresses was raised. My place was always down on the floor at their feet.


Mistress Nelly stirred in the bed.  “Alex, boy, where are you?” she called

out. I woke up to her sound. “Yes, Madam, I am here. Is there anything I

can do?” I replied.


“Yes, baby. Come have my farts away. This meal we had in the restaurant was

too much for me. Gas is torturing my intestines,” she said.


I inserted my head in between her thighs and poked my nose right into her

ass hole under her red panties. She began to produce her farts into my nose

as if my lungs were the normal place for her to dispose of her bad anal



Mistress Nelly’s farts were sweet compared to the awful farts of Madam

Adele. Nelly’s were that of a human being that one could stand smelling,

but Adele’s were too different. I dare swear that Madam Adele’s torturing

brain-rending farts could kill a frail man. Nelly usually gives a few farts

the ordinary way, but Adele, based on my experience with her farts, gives

me the feeling that her farts are endless, especially when I crave for an

end to her torturous odor.


Of course I wouldn’t dare tell this to Madam Adele for I can never predict

what she could to me if she even suspected that I didn’t like her farts.

Killing was more than easy to her, a piece of cake. I have already seen her

wiping off a whole gang from the face of the earth.


I just thought for a while about poor Freak and imagined how he could stand

Adele’s countless farts on a daily basis for years now.


Mistress Nelly stood up ordering me to take her to the bathroom, so I went

on all fours and she rode my back and I took her to the bathroom, where I

was ordered to take off my trousers and shirt and then take her underwear

off, which I did.


I then lied on my back as usual and opened my mouth wide. She lowered her

bottom one inch over my face. Mistress Nelly did not have to adjust her ass

hole over my mouth. It was who has to adjust my mouth immediately under her

ass hole. She did not bother aiming her shit hole over my mouth for the

only thing she had to do was to defecate, and I take care of the rest.


She smoothly brought out a thin rope of brown waste that landed directly

into my welcoming mouth. I had it stored in there, postponing the chewing

lest another one comes. Another one already landed there and I began to

chew and swallow quickly in anticipation of another cargo, that actually

came 15 seconds after I already had the first one into my stomach. Mistress

Nelly was pressing hard with some words mumbled and then came another batch

of several pieces of shit, big and small.


Her defecation was all discharged into my body that she seemed to have

finished shitting. I stayed in place when I noticed that a drop of liquid

fell onto my forehead. I quickly moved my head up an inch and kept my mouth

open wide under her pissing hole. A gush of warm yellow pee flowed into my

mouth and I was swallowing like hell to keep my mouth from overflowing. Her

urine was a bit tangy and salty with a bitter taste.


Her piss gushed into my mouth for three minutes until it reduced to a thin

trickle and then drops. I used my tongue to clean her shit and piss holes

until she was spotless. She rose to her feet and still having my head

between her legs. I lifted my back from the ground and dressed her into her

red panties.


“Oh, Alex. You consumed all that I gave you, not a single trace of shit or

drop of pee. You are marvelous. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in

close contact with my waste,” she said, coquettishly.


“I am at your disposal, Mistress Nelly. I am your faithful servant at any

time you wish,” I replied, politely of course. She signaled me to take her

to the couch. I went on all fours again and she rode my back. I moved after

a hit on the nape. She was laughing and enjoying the ride. I stopped at the

couch but she told me to take her for a tour around the room until she

orders to stop.


I toured Mistress Nelly for a round and she seemed to be very happy about

it. For ten minutes I was carrying her for her enjoyment and my tiring

back. She was light in weight, but I was for some time in discomfort having

to tour the spacious room. Of course Mistress Nelly would never care about

my discomfort inasmuch as she would care about her comfort.


Finally, when I was going by the couch, I received two hits on the scruff,

so I stopped. She rose from my back and ensconced herself into the couch,

then ordered me to bring her the white manicure and nail care devices from

her bag. I stood up and went to her bag and got her what she ordered. “File

my toenails smoothly, Alex, and then paint them in white. Oh, I forgot.

First bring me a bowl of cold water to wash my feet,” she ordered. I filled

a bowl with water from the faucet and went quickly to the waiting Mistress

Nelly. I placed the bowl at her feet, took them and put them into the bowl

and started washing them neatly. I washed her soles and in between toes and

even massaged her sweet white claves with water so tenderly. The phone rang

and Mistress Nelly ordered me to answer it. “It must be Adele. Tell her to

come over,” she said.


I answered the phone and it was Adele. I told her to come over as Mistress

Nelly commanded. “Madam Adele said she is coming in three minutes,” I said

. “Go open the door and leave it open,” she told me. I opened the room door

and returned to my original place at Mistress Nelly’s feet to resume the

foot-cleaning procedure.


Later, two knocks were heard on the door and entered Adele riding Freak,

who was holding her pair of flats with his teeth. I guess she did not care

whether to be seen in the aisle riding a man this way.


“Hi, Nelly. That meal we had was too heavy. I slept like a baby,” said

Adele, still mounting the back of Freak. Adele did not prefer the all-fours

position. She always rode Freak’s back in the bending position. She had

said this position is better for her to guarantee more speed of the slave’s



She signaled her horsie to get her down, which he did. She seated herself

next to Nelly on the couch and Freak quickly assumed the kneeling position

in front of her, still holding her white flats from the heels in his mouth.

She ordered him to lay her flats and start sucking on her toes. He did as



“Ah. You’re having your feet cleaned. It’s a good idea. I need one myself.

Freak, go get a bowl from my bathroom and bring it here,” Freak ran like

hell and brought a bowl with him in less than 10 seconds.


“What took you so late, you big moron? Do you like to keep me waiting? I’ll

fuck your face with my feet!” she addressed Freak in an angry tone. He

bowed his forehead on Madam Adele’s feet asking for forgiveness. “Your

punishment would be postponed. Go fill this bowl up with water to wash my

feet, and don’t you ever be late again!” she growled.


Freak ran to the bathroom and returned with the bowl and started washing

the black monster’s killer weapons mistakenly called feet.


I started drying Mistress Nelly’s feet. She rested the dried right one on

my left shoulder while I was drying her left. Now Mistress Nelly’s toenails

were ready for manicure. Her toenails were long but in a very graceful way

that seduces anyone to kiss them for eternity. She knows she has a nice

beautiful pair of legs. Sometimes she would go out in the street wearing

short skirts for 10 minutes’ walk just to make men look and admire her

legs, to her satisfaction of course.


Mistress Nelly placed her right foot on my lap. I placed pieces of cotton

between each couple of toes to avoid staining other toes. I took up the

white nail polish and started applying it on her big toe slowly but

accurately. In 10 minutes all the toes were neatly polished in white that

added more and more beauty to Mistress Nelly’s already fine pretty toes.


Beside me was Freak still massaging Madam Adele’s legs and hell of calves.

He was washing her soles and between toes, while I was playfully rubbing

Mistress Nelly’s calves as she rested both her manicured feet on my two



That was how the underworld was going on. The upper world on the couch saw

Mistress Nelly and Madam Adele so indifferent about what was going down

there as if it were the ordinary thing to have their feet massaged, washed,

pampered, manicured, cared for and kissed by men totally enslaved by them.

They were talking and reminiscing about old memories and old mutual



Mistress Nelly brought her feet down from my shoulders and ordered me to go

fetch a bottle of wine in the fridge. I went to the small fridge and found

bottles of wine placed in order. I also brought two cups and then uncorked

the bottle and placed them all on a tray and went directly to put the tray

on a small table beside Madam Adele. I poured one cup for Madam Adele and

one for Mistress Nelly and seated myself back at Mistress Nelly’s feet.


They were talking and laughing wildly. I thought perhaps this was the first

time for Freak, and may be for me too, to see Madam Adele laughing. Sure

Freak did not see any expressions on his owner’s face except those of

anger, trivialization and contempt, usually followed by the severest

punishment mostly for no reason, or at least a strong one.


Based on my knowledge about Freak, I may positively say that he has totally

surrendered himself to Madam Adele long ago ever since she enslaved him

after a deadly beating at the deceased Robert the Shredder’s mansion, which

I learnt from Madam Adele that her sister, Madam Olga, has been

inhabiting it for a while with Josh and Frank at her disposal as her main

servants. Madam Olga hired other men to work in the small plot of farmland

attached to the mansion. Frank was serving as Olga’s pony taking her round

the mansion to check on the workers. Olga was much lighter in weight than

her big man-devouring sister and she rode Frank in the same way her sister

rode her Freak, the bent back style.


Unlike her sister, Olga was attaching a comfortable saddle on Frank’s back

and a pair of stirrups dangling from his neck so that she may rest her bare

feet while riding. Olga was so classy. She cared about the smallest

details, for she did not just wanted to ride, she as well wanted to ride

most comfortably. She is riding Frank in a pace that was even slower than

the decanter, holding in her hands a pair of reins that ended in mild clips

holding both cheeks of Frank from inside his mouth so that when Olga wants

to go right she would pull the right side of the rein.


Frank, for his part, understood after years of experience as Madam Olga’s

preferred pony that language of reins. Madam Olga never needed to speak or

give orders. The saddle was not leaving Frank’s back even when he was

around in the mansion. He had the stirrups and reins dangling from his neck

like a chain. Whenever Madam Olga snaps her fingers to him, he runs

towards her and gets down on all fours and before she mounts him he will

have attached both clips of the reins inside his mouth. He then rise up

with his back still bent down. Madam Olga then holds the rein while

inserting both feet into the dangling pair of stirrups that never leave

Frank’s neck, and then directs her pony. Right or left movements of the

rein signal Frank to go right or left as Madam Olga wishes. Frank receives

the signal to a bit faster when he finds that both his cheeks are pulled

backward, the more backward his cheeks go, the faster he runs. He of course

slows down when the pressure on his cheeks gets milder. Madam Olga of

course uses her riding crop to hit Frank’s nape when she wants him to stop.


By practice, Frank has been transformed into a human horse in all sense of

the word. If Olga kept pulling the rein in the right direction, he would

turn round and round in the right direction. He does not understand but the

signals of the rein controlled by his rider.


As for Josh, he was serving as Madam Olga’s foot masseur, footrest,

footstool, foot pamperer and foot washer. He was undertaking the

responsibility of caring for whatever is related to Madam Olga’s feet,

including her shoes, sandals or flats, which he takes good care of cleaning

with his tongue and saliva until they sparkle as ordered by Madam Olga.


She was so neat and liked classy treatment, which she totally received from

her servants entirely devoted to her needs and wishes. During the night

when she lies on her bed, Olga has Josh at her feet sucking her toes

tenderly until she falls into sleep and Frank at her ass hole just in case

she cracks up farts while she is sleeping. She always got a good night’s

sleep thanks to the smooth treatment from her slaves.


When first she went to the big mansion to stay there upon her sister’s

request to look after the place and the apple trees grown in the plot of

land, she found the slaves already broken and highly trained thanks to

Madam Adele’s constant efforts.


Madam Olga did not have to make the least of sweat instructing her slaves.

Josh was serving her already at her place from the beginning when Adele

gave him to her sister as a gift. Frank was very grateful for Madam Adele

for sparing his life during the carnage she made in the mansion to

obliterate RIP Robert’s gang, so he did not mind at all serving Olga, and

Adele when she occasionally goes to the mansion for relaxation.


Olga has always discussed with her sister the issue of giving her slaves

ordinary food but Adele rebuked her. “Slaves should eat nothing but their

mistresses’ waste, otherwise they would consider themselves equal to the

rank of their owners. Don’t you ever think about this again, otherwise you

would spoil the servants here. Besides, they have got used to this form of

meals for years. Any other different kind of nourishment would be extremely

strange to them,” Adele would tell her sis.


Josh and Frank got their meals nearly at 9.00 am, 4.00 pm and 9.00 am, of

course nearly one hour or two after Olga’s breakfast, lunch and dinner get

digested and processed in her bowels. She exceeded her eating capacity to

always have food inside for her waiting hungry servants. By time, Olga

discovered that her sister was right. Olga even enjoyed and got used to

disposing of the solid and liquid waste inside her bowels and bladder into

Josh and Frank.


Every night when she relaxes in the couch watching TV, Olga used to have

both men kneeling before her washing, kissing and massaging her feet and

calves and painting her long toenails in light pink as she liked the color.


Back to the hotel in Italy, and back to the couch carrying the two dominant

fine ladies enjoying their feet cared for by myself and Freak. “Alex, go

fetch another bottle,” Mistress Nelly ordered, with a nice laugh and a tone

of drunkenness in her voice.


I brought another bottle of wine and poured into the cups of Madam Adele

and Mistress Nelly. I laid the bottle and resumed rubbing Mistress Nelly’s

legs. Thirty minutes later, they were dead drunk and had us in front of

them to play with in their drunken state.


They suggested a bet that the first of us slaves who drinks the bowl of

water with which their feet were washed would deserve a good prize. They

started on a count of three then me and Freak began to guzzle the two bowls

of dirty water. The ladies were laughing their head off in amusement

watching us drink quickly like hell. In a minute, Freak took it all and

laid the bowl on the floor empty, while I was still had half of the bowl to



I finished the bowl, but Mistress Nelly was so angry with me. She kicked my

face with her right foot. “You pathetic loser! You embarrassed me in front

of my friend. I’ll punish you severely later,” she threatened with a growl.


“Now the winner will have the honor of having us spit into his mouth 50

times for each of us owners. Open up your mouth wide, Freak,” Madam Adele

said. Freak was on his knees and the women placed chairs from each of his

sides. Madam Adele pulled his hair back violently and shoot her first spit

into his mouth, followed by Mistress Nelly and so on. They were laughing

wildly after each spit.


Just then I thanked my good luck for losing this bet (between me and

myself, of course). Freak must have been suffering with all the goo from

the ladies’ mouths. They finished and ensconced themselves back on the

couch again, laughing in their drunken way.


“Now the second part of the prize. We’ll fill one bowl of my and Mistress

Nelly’s urine. You won’t drink it, Freak, but lick drop by a drop like a

dog so that you would have enough time to enjoy the taste,” said Adele,

taking off her dress, bras and panties and ordered Freak to hold the bowl

for her to pee in. Freak did as told and held the bowl with both hands and

then Madam Adele moved her body a few inches forward to sit on the edge of

the couch and started to piss into the bowl. Her urine was dark yellow and

a bit stinky.


Mistress Nelly was already naked during Adele’s peeing. “Clean me and then

hold the bowl to Mistress Nelly,” Adele ordered. Freak laid the bowl on the

floor and inserted her head in between Madam Adele’s huge thighs to lick

whatever drops of pee remained. He then took the bowl and moved to Mistress

Nelly who was waiting on the edge of the couch herself.


Nelly was peeing in gushes into the bowl until it was completely full to

the rims. He then laid the bowl carefully on the ground to avoid any

spilling. He then laid it and cleaned Mistress Nelly.


“Now drink some until I tell you to stop,” ordered Adele. Freak lowered his

head into the bowl and started to drink slowly for five minutes until Adele

ordered him to stop and to begin using his tongue. He started lapping into

the bowl of piss like a dog. When we used to drink their pees, we usually

did it at one go to avoid any taste, but this way Freak would taste each

and every drop of the bowl against his will.


“Now, come closer, Alex. Put both our big toes into your mouth and suck, “

Madam Adele ordered me. Freak had an all-night-long assignment to finish,

and I guess I was the only one remained to resume the service they needed.

I moved closer to the couch after I had made way for Freak to collect

Mistress Nelly’s yellow rain. I took Mistress Nelly’s right foot and Madam

Adele’s left and put their big toes together into my mouth and started to



“It’s time to tell him, Nelly,” said Adele.


“OK. Listen, Alex. Remember when I paid you a visit in your place and

talked to you about some inheritance problems with my dead husband’s

relatives? I told you then that I need to settle some accounts with them.

They refuse to give me any of the inheritance, which I consider myself more

deserving than anyone else. It turned out that those relatives are nothing

but a branch of the Italian mafia. They live in a big palace on the fringes

of Rome. The only way to get the money – estimated at 700 million dollars –

is to snatch it from the big safe in that palace. We could have some

troubles as they wouldn’t just let us get the money and leave in peace.

That’s why I brought Adele with me to deal with this matter,” said Nelly.


I was too busy sucking their toes to comment.


” The leader of this mafia branch, an old man of the name Peroni, was

arguing with me about the issue for a month. He settled for a solution that

I would bring any man I like to fight one of his men. The winner takes all

the money. I had no choice but to agree. Of course during the phone

conversation I was thinking of the only troubleshooter I know: Adele, who

has immense experience of dealing with gangs. When I asked her for this

favor, she was so much welcoming,” she said.


“It’s nothing, sweet dear Nelly. Consider your money in your hands. I

always like to fight for just causes. Besides, it’s been a while since I

last killed somebody. We’ll go kick some ass tomorrow, honey,” said Adele,

giving a wicked smile.


“The mission we came here is to attack this gang, get our money and leave

Italy with a big decent fortune. We’ll start moving in the morning,”

explained Nelly.


I was shocked to hear all this. It’s now the mafia. Who would be stupid

enough to stand against them? I know Adele is a gifted killer, but it was

just the mafia. And by the attack on one of their branches, we would be

treading on serious toes.


Freak was still working with the piss bowl with his tongue. He nearly

consumed half of it, when Madam Adele stood took her toe off my mouth,

stood up and ordered Freak to drink the rest of the pee quickly. “I want to

get a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s job. Nelly, please send Alex

after me because I need both slaves tonight rubbing and shaping up my

calves and muscles,” said Adele.


Freak was licking the last drops of the urine in the bowl and then went on

all fours for Madam Adele. She rode his back and then he rose up, waiting

for his signal to move ahead. “Good night, sweet Nelly. I really enjoyed

the wine. See you tomorrow, dear,” she said. “Alex baby, would you place my

flats my animal’s mouth,” she ordered me.


“Of course, Madam Adele. Anything,” I replied and took her flats and

placed the small heels between Freak’s teeth as if I were putting them on

their proper rack.


Adele hit Freak’s ass with her palm signaling him to take her to rest in

her room. He moved with Adele mounting his back as if he were her ordinary

confirmed means of transportation.


Nelly ordered me to take the bowl inside the bathroom and take Adele’s to

her room and attend to her orders.


I did so and reported to Madam Adele, who was lying on the bed and having

Freak rubbing her left calf with some special oil. “Alex, come baby. Take

this bottle of oil and rub my right calf well. You know something, Alex.

You have entered history, boy. The very calf, leg and foot you are now

taking care of will end the lives of several Mafiosos tomorrow.”


Adele was so sure about the results of tomorrow’s encounters exactly the

same way that she was sure killing all Robert’s gang. Here she is enslaving

the most hideous monster of this gang into making him her private foot

slave. Freak himself had never thought no one would ever be able to bring

him to this servile condition he is now inhabiting for years.


“When I fall into sleep, you Alex go to attend to your Mistress’s feet, and

you Freak lie at the foot of the bed as usual to clean my the toe-jam

between my toes,” she ordered drowsily.


We kept massaging Madam Adele’s dreadful calves until she slept like a

baby. I left to go care for my Mistress’s feet. I entered the room and she

was not yet asleep, though she was lying on the bed. “Alex! Did you take

good care of Adele’s legs? You’d better done a good job because I badly

need those legs tomorrow,” she inquired.


“Everything is in a good shape, Mistress Nelly. Madam Adele is now

sleeping and Freak is taking good care of her toes now,” I replied.


“Good! Now rub my toes until I sleep myself,” she commanded. I kept rubbing

her sweet shapely toes until she slept.


The next morning a black Jeep was waiting for us four in front of the hotel

as the ladies have arranged for renting one. We all hoped in. I was sitting

at the backseat with Freak next to me. Madam Adele was in the passenger’s

seat and Mistress Nelly driving on. We reached the highway and on the side

of the road, Nelly stopped suddenly. “Freak, come sit at the wheel. Alex,

right here at my feet. Mistress Nelly wants to rest at the backseat,” Adele



Freak went at the driving wheel and I placed myself in a squatting position

at Madam Adele’s feet in a pair of red flats. The position exchanging was

done in seconds. Only Adele remained in her seat. The trip took only one

hour’s driving, during which Madam Adele was giving me tasks of massaging

her calves and sucking her toes in preparation for the fight to the death

at Peroni’s palace.


We arrived close to the big palace. It was in an isolated spot that only a

few know about. Mistress Nelly went down and headed for the gate. She was

allowed to enter and walked a long driveway to the premises. She was absent

for about 15 minutes, after which she came to tell Adele to get ready as

the fight was to begin in 10 minutes in a huge garden at the back of the



I was instructed to follow Mistress Nelly. We entered the palace and headed

to the garden where the fight is to begin. An old man was sitting at a

chair with several bottles of booze in front of him on a table. He was

smoking a big Havana and looked like a real Mafioso the kind of Al Pacino

movies. Nelly drew closer and sat next to him. I stood behind her chair.


“Nelly! You look lovely as ever. Don’t take matters serious. I just wanted

to play for a while. But the bet is a bet. If your man did mine, I would

immediately give you your money, but if he fails, you will not get out of

this place as I intend to keep you here to join my army of prostitutes.

I’ve always wanted to sleep with you. But who is this?” the old man

inquired about me.


“Don’t bother with him. He is just my personal servant…I just want to tell

you that I’ve got a surprise for your poor wrestler. He is a dead man

walking, anyway,” said Nelly with an air of confidence.


Peroni’s walkie-talkie peeped. “What? A woman at the gate?” he said,

turning to Nelly. “Is this woman with you, Nelly?” “Yes, she is my dearest

friend. This is the surprise I told you about. She’s the killing machine on

two legs,” she replied.


“Ha, ha. Are you making fun of me, girl. You brought a woman to fight my

man? Well, it was all your choice then. Let her in,” said Peroni,

instructing the security on the gate to allow Adele in. As we were waiting,

Adele emerged from a distance riding Freak’s back and approaching us.


“What the hell is this?” Peroni wondered.


“My friend does not like walking, so she had this slave as her special

pony. By the way, this big monster was the strongest member of a gang my

friend had destroyed,” Nelly explained with a wicked smirk on her face.


Adele stood in front of Nelly and Peroni, but remained on the back of her

human horse. Peroni ordered on his machine to have his man in the garden.


“I want to tell you something before we start. You better give this fine

lady her money, otherwise you’ll have to bear the consequences. We just

want her money and we’ll leave this place in peace. You don’t know about me

yet, but I promise if you refuse, I’ll have you enslaved to serve Madam

Nelly for the rest of your pathetic life,” Adele growled, addressing



The old man laughed in derision. “I guess this means you did not agree to

my proposals, which I really hate to be turned down by filthy creatures

like yourself. Anyway, don’t say you’ve not been warned,” Adele said in an

angry tone.


Seconds later a huge man in a black trousers and white shirt emerged. He

was nearly the size of Frank, who is now enslaved to Adele’s sister, Olga.


“I’d like you to meet Tito. He’s the one who is going to end your fucking

life. Tito, get ready, boy. She is your challenger,” Peroni said with a

smile on his face.


Tito smiled and took his black sunglasses and white shirt off,

demonstrating a huge body with muscles everywhere. Adele dismounted in a

confident indifferent kind of way, ordering Freak to sit on the ground

behind Mistress Nelly, and standing in the middle facing Tito.


Adele was dressed in an orange shirt that reached only her navel and black

tight shorts, which she took off and stood with her shirt and white



Tito, like all the deceased stupid men before him who were emboldened by

the idea that she was just a woman, rushed at her to aim a kick in her

face, but she held her right leg in the air with her hands and with her

right leg swept his left off the ground, bringing him on his back: Adele’s

favorite position. Before Tito’s back touched the ground, Adele’s right

foot was already on his throat. She was standing with Tito’s right leg in

her two hands and her right sole crushing his Adam’s apple. She pressed and

pressed. Tito was clutching at her right calf, which did him no good. The

crushing was growing stronger as Adele kept pressing. In the end, Tito’s

hold on Adele’s calf started to soften. His face went purple and blood came

out of his nose. The man died in seconds.


Tito did not have much of a chance in a combat that was less than a minute

long. Adele took her right foot off Tito’s neck and rested it on his face.

“Now give the lady her money. You’ve lost!” she addressed Peroni, who was

taken aback in amazement.


“Not so soon. You’ve killed the finest of my men. You would never leave

this place alive. I still have 17 men around here. You have to kill them

all and kill me after them to take your money,” he said in an acute tone of

tension and anger. “Bring all the men here,” Peroni ordered in his walkie-



Mistress Nelly was smiling in triumph. Adele was still resting her foot on

Tito’s face. She played her toes on the dead man’s face until other

wrestlers emerge. She peeled off her white panties and held it in her right

hand and stood above Tito with his head between her legs. She opened her

legs wide and began to pee on his dead face in contempt.


Several men appeared and watched this scene, which they did not understand.

They just wondered what’s wrong with Tito or how did he allow this woman to

take a piss over his face. They were not aware yet that their elite man was

sent to the hereafter after an unfavorable contact between his neck and

Madam Adele’s right crushing sole.


“Listen, guys. This woman killed Tito, your friend. Do anything except

letting her out of this place alive!” Peroni ordered in indignation. Nelly

was smiling again.


Adele finished her pissing that meant to demonstrate humiliation against

the dead gangster. She calmly and coldly entered her legs again into her

panties and stood waiting for a challenger.


A young enthusiastic man, nearly in his early 20s, went in Adele’s

direction for the attack. She curled her despising lips at him. As the man

tried to reach her belly with a punch, Adele evaded it so easily and caught

his arm. She gave him a right kick in the balls and then a left kick in his

bending face, sending him down on the ground in pain.


She did not step in for the kill. She perhaps wanted to give the young man

another chance before she finishes him off. She was more than confident.

The man rose awkwardly and this time went slowly in her direction. This

time she initiated a punch in his face, followed by a knee in his balls. As

he lowered his head in pain, she caught it between her powerful thighs in a

reverse position. She rose his waist upward so that his body was in the air

upside down with his head still between her mighty legs. Adele sat her

buttocks violently on the ground with the man’s head still in. The zenith

of his head also landed on the ground with Adele and then fell on his back

watching stars. With the same calmness, Adele stood up and than sat on the

man’s face full weight and began to crack up her horrid farts. The man was

too dizzy to move Adele’s nestling ass off his face. After a minute of lack

of oxygen supply, the man was motionless and Adele was still enjoying the



Everyone was flabbergasted by Adele’s experienced fighting and ultra-

confident performance. Peroni began to grow more tense and worried. Two of

his men were killed in the simplest of ways before his eyes. “Peroni, the

bet was just one man of yours, we won. We must have our money and leave.

You still have a chance to save your own ass. This is the last time I’ll

tell you this. I still can convince Adele to spare the remaining men and

yourself if you just give me my money,” said Nelly in a threatening tone.


“You’re dreaming, Nelly. This woman must be killed,” replied Peroni.


“As you wish, but I want you to know that you’ll never live to see her

killed,” returned Nelly.


Another man emerged from the group of watching gangsters. Adele was still

sitting her ass on the dead man’s face. She rose slowly and stood ready for

the attacker, who was fat and heavy in movement. She stood there waiting

for his moves. He ran and held her waist in a bear hug. Adele used both her

hands and crushed his face in between two violent synchronized hits. He was

in pain that forced him to release her waist. She kicked him in his chest

and then thrust her flying heel into his face, sending him a few steps back

with a mashed bleeding nose.


He made another attempt at Adele who was concentrating on his face. When he

became within her leg’s airspace, she made a violent roundhouse kick in his

face with extremely pointed toes. The man fell on his back and Adele rose

her right leg to take away something that stuck in her big toenail: the

man’s eyeball.


The fat man was bleeding profusely from his left eye. Adele dropped the

eyeball on the ground and crushed it flat under her right heel. The man was

in indescribable pain, screaming like hell. Adele walked so calmly in his

direction and kept stomping on his chest with both bare heels until a crack

was heard. He screamed no more.


He died under the unbearable pressure of Madam Adele’s bare feet. She

stood still for a while on the dead man’s body and landed a big spit on his

face. She went down and walked a few steps back, waiting for a next man.


“Hey, come on. I haven’t got all day. Who wants to die next?” Adele was

shouting at the men. No one emerged for another fight. Obviously they were

so scared of what they have just witnessed. Peroni ordered one of them to



The man was a bit slim, but brawny. He took a few cautious steps in Adele’s

direction. He was a meter away from her. He rushed and pushed Adele back

with both hands. She fell on her back and the man moved to strangle her but

he was so stupid as to take no heed of her legs that moved instantly around

his neck. Adele had the man’s neck exactly in between her favorite spot:

her calves.


The man, skipping his strangling plans, took back his hands from Adele’s

neck to save his own. She was lying on her back smiling and leaning her

head under folded arms as if she were watching an amusing scene: the man’s

neck between her deadly python-like calves trying to escape the hold.


Adele played for a while with the man. She was easing the hold for a few

seconds and then pressing hard again. Each time she did this, the man

produced a high-pitched scream of pain. She enjoyed amusing herself for

sometime. “It’s really entertaining to play with your fucking neck, but I

have no time for a wimp like you,” she hissed at the struggling man. Adele

gradually pressed her muscled horrible black calves against the man’s

trapped neck and he started to taste death a sip by sip. His hands fell to

his sides and he grew more and more frail and began to close his eyes in

announcement that he is leaving this life. The last thing that he saw was

Madam Adele’s smile.


She released the hold and shoved the dead man’s face with her sole,

bringing his back on the ground. Another gangster seized the opportunity

and ran towards Adele who was still lying on her back on the ground, but

she stopped him with a strong kick in his stomach. The man bent his head

down and that was his ultimate mistake. Adele trapped his neck between her

calves and started to press. The man’s bending position reduced to having

his knees on the ground. Adele’s heavy legs brought the man’s body on his

back on the ground with one leg behind his neck and the right calf exactly

under his chin.


He tried to break the hold but it was not possible. Scores of men tried it

before but have never made it. Madam Adele’s calves were matchless: heavy,

strong as steel and muscles that could break a crocodile’s neck. The man,

growing more and more certain that he is dead anyway, pleaded for his life.

Adele gave him a smile and started her gradual pressing of death. The man

felt as if a pair of boas are wrapping themselves around his neck.


It was the usual expected scene: he grew weaker and weaker and surrendered

to his fate as his soul slipped from him thanks to Madam Adele’s legs. She

released the hold and stood up again.


“Go for it, Adele! Kill ‘em all,” Nelly cheered, while sipping a glass of

Martini, as if she were watching a baseball game.


Another gangster attacked Adele, but she caught his arm and broke it over

her shoulder and then gave him a back kick from her right leg. He was in

excruciating pain with a broken arm. He was not able to stand up and kept

sitting on the ground.


Adele marched towards him. She grabbed him from his hair, let his face look

up the sky and then nestled her buttocks over his face. She then lifted

both her soles from the ground and put them in the man’s back so that her

full weight becomes on his face. The man’s vertebral column could not stand

the pressure and his neck cracked. The man fell back on the ground with

Madam Adele still sitting on his face. She stood up and took a few steps



There were 11 men left. It became so obvious to them that this woman would

kill any challenger. All the men she killed by now were respected much-

feared gangsters but they were all like toys for her. “Come on, somebody

kill her for me,” shouted Peroni. “Where did you get this woman, Nelly?

From hell?” he asked Mistress Nelly.


“You bet she’s from hell. I told you but you wouldn’t listen,” she said.


A man proceeded to challenge Adele, who was waiting for him to make his

move. He bent his head and rushed like a bull aiming his head into Madam

Adele’s stomach. Adele jumped in the air and turned a complete circle up

there with legs open wide. When she landed her open legs on the ground, the

man’s head was already trapped in between her thighs, which she closed them

so tight on his neck.


He tried to escape but there was no escape from Adele’s legs. No one did it

before. He tried to lift her off the ground but she was too heavy for him

to lift. All that she did was pressing her muscular black thighs and the

man’s neck was crushed there. The last thing he saw before his soul left

his body were his killer’s feet. When she made sure he died she opened her

legs wide and the man fell facedown motionless. Adele then was pushed

strongly from her back.


She was about to fall but maintained her balance and turned around to find

another gangster taking a crazy jolt in her direction.


She made good use of his ill-calculated speed and elbowed him in the face,

followed by a kick in the stomach and then another in his bending face. The

man fell on his knees from the kicks he received. This time it was Adele’s

turn to take a jolt towards him. She gave a horrible shout and then jumped

in the air and with a roundhouse kick of her right leg, her sole hit the

man’s right cheek forcefully, breaking the man’s neck as a result of the

strong kick. Another one fell motionless.


One man proceeded. Adele did not wait for him. She ran in his direction and

flew in the air to land a kick in his face. He kept his balance though the

kick was strong. He gather himself up and marched cautiously in the killer

lady’s direction. He grabbed her two shoulders with both hands, which

offered Madam Adele a good chance to knee him in his balls. He was in pain

that he bent his body that was straightened up with another strong knee

kick in his face.


His body was all revealed for Madam Adele, who kicked him once again in

his balls, and again the man bent down and again received a knee in the

face, followed by another kick in the face. The kicking rendered the man

dizzy and unstable. He staggered backwards and fell on his back.


Adele ran the four yards to the man and made a leap with open legs to land

her ass on the man’s face forcefully. She stood up and flew herself up to

land strongly again on his face. She did it three times. The fourth time

was not on his face, but on his stomach. As soon as her ass rested

powerfully on his stomach, the man rose his upper half of body from the



“Thank you, that’s all I was waiting for,” Adele hissed at the man,

grapping his neck between her two calves and resting her hands on the

ground for support. The man was trying to undo the steely head-scissors

Madam Adele was applying but to no avail.


She laughed as she tightened the muscles in her calves around his neck. In

less than a minute, the man was dead between these two massively muscled

calves. She undid the hold and stood up, stirring the man’s dead face with

her right foot.


Dead bodies were all about the place. All the men standing did not show any

sign of involvement. The deaths caused by Madam Adele struck limitless

fear in their hearts that Peroni’s encouraging cheers have not impressed

them the least.


Adele marched in the men’s direction and all took steps back in fear. “Now

which of you should I kill?” she addressed the men.


“Any of you who wants to save his ass from a sure death must kneel here

before me. Those declining to kneel before my feet and kiss them in

recognition of my power would only bring me to understand that they are

potential challengers, and I’d love to kill challengers,” she threatened.


The words struck the men and awed them even further. She was dauntless as

to challenge a group of strong men like this. The men believed in their

hearts that Adele is not an ordinary human being. “Come on. I don’t like to

be kept waiting. Who is the first of you to kneel here before me?” she



One man began to make steps forward. He ran towards her and went down on

his knees before her, asking for forgiveness. “The only way to ask for my

forgiveness is to kiss my two feet and plead for me to spare you,” she

addressed the kneeling man, who brought his lips immediately on Madam

Adele’s standing feet and deluged it with kisses and demands to spare him.


She looked at the rest of the men. A man did as his fellow exactly did,

then another and another till there was no one left. In minutes, eight men

were hustling to kiss Madam Adele’s feet for their lives. “If I noticed

any of you who do not kiss with extreme devotion, he would die in no time,”

she hissed at the broken men who were now at the total disposal of Madam



“Someone brings me a chair!” she commanded. All eight men rose to do it but

one of them was faster than the others and went down on all fours behind

Madam Adele’s legs to introduce himself as her chair. She smiled and gave

the chair-man a pat on the head. She sat her buttocks and ordered four to

take her right leg and three to take her left and kiss till she orders to

stop. They did exactly as they were told.


She then ordered one of them to fetch her a rope, which he brought in

seconds. She commanded him to tie the men’s hands behind their backs



All the men were tied and ordered to lie facedown next one another. Eight

men were already tied and not making an inch’s movement as instructed by

Madam Adele. I was watching the whole thing from the start and I really

admired Madam Adele’s matchless power over men.


She marched in Peroni’s direction and stood smiling at him. He was so

confused and shocked. She kicked him in the chest and he fell backward with

his chair. Nelly was laughing in ultimate triumph. Peroni rushed on all

fours towards Madam Adele’s feet and begged her not to kill him. He cried

at Madam Adele’s feet that his tears have wetted her toes.


“You little shit! Your dirty tears have run through my toes. Lie on your

back, asshole!” Madam Adele shouted with a grimace on her face and a kick

of her right heel in Peroni’s head. He lied on his back and she inserted

her big right toe into his mouth. “Suck clean each one of my toes until

they shine,” she hissed. Peroni kept cleaning Madam Adele’s toes for

nearly 15 minutes to her satisfaction and all the while, Mistress Nelly was

laughing in amusement.


“What do you think, Adele? I no longer want any money. I just want to see

this moron dead,” said Nelly.


“As you wish my dear baby. I also want this man dead. I’ll kill him in

seconds,” replied Adele.


“No… don’t kill me…please spare my life. I am an old man. I

don’t have much time already.. please…I’d do anything you would ask me too…

I’ll give you all my money…but please don’t kill me,” Peroni pleaded to the

ladies while still lying on his back with Madam Adele’s toes on his face.


“Listen Peroni, you have to take it bravely like your men did. You must

die. We can’t leave you alive. You could have saved us all this if you had

just given us our money. Now we are triumphant here and we have to impose

our laws, and the first of these laws is to kill the leader of the opposing

side,” said Adele calmly.


The man cried more and more for his life. Adele and Nelly exchanged smiles.

They left him cry and plead for survival for nearly 20 minutes until they

finally ordered him to shut up. Adele took a chair and placed it next to

Mistress Nelly’s chair and whispered for a while.


“OK, come old man here. Kneel before me,” ordered Adele. Peroni rose up and

stood before Madam Adele then went down on his knees. Adele used his

shoulders as rests for her feet. “You said you would do anything or give us

all your money in return for your pathetic life to be spared. Well, you

tell us what you have and what you would offer and we evaluate whether this

would be of any good to us. After we consider the situation for nearly 10

minutes between myself and Mistress Nelly, we will decide whether to keep

you or kill you. I like to tell you that I don’t like liars, so you’d

better say the truth,” Adele told Peroni. “Freak! Come here stand behind

me. The sun began to annoy me,” she commanded Freak, who immediately stood

behind Madam Adele, acting as shade for her.


“I have 2.8 billion dollars. That is all my fortune I built throughout the

years. I have a lot of cars and small and big houses all over Italy. I can

give you all these, but I’ll need to live with you. You see, I’m an old man

now. I am not able to work anymore and this money and property offered me a

good life,” he said.


“If we are to consider taking this, of course we’ll have you with us, at

least to serve us,” said Adele, whispering with Nelly for a while. “Listen

old man, we have not yet decided on your fate, but we are still considering

your proposals. There are two security guards at the gate. Use this machine

to bring them here,” ordered Adele.


Peroni took the walkie-talkie and ordered the two guards to come quickly.

Adele stood up and took off her panties. She grabbed Peroni by the hair

backward so that his face look up the sky before Madam Adele’s genitals

came in his vision, blocking the sky. “Listen, old man. I am going to take

a leak into your mouth. If a single drop falls out of your mouth, you’re

dead,” she growled.


Adele gave a thin slow line of urine into the man’s mouth. The slow direct

urinal flow helped the man to swallow it all. “Sooooo goooood! Keep

swallowing, granny. Take all the water in my bladder…he-he-he,” Adele said

in a low tone while looking down on the old man’s face beneath her. She was

laughing and enjoying herself.


Two security men were drawing closer as commanded by Peroni before he was

subjected to act like a toilet bowl for Madam Adele. The two men were

extremely shocked. Madam Adele was still pissing into the man’s mouth

while giving them a wicked smile. The men stood watching in awe. Five

minutes later, Madam Adele’s piss came down to drops after drops until she

disposed all the water inside her bladder into Peroni’s body. She then

rubbed her pee hole on the man’s face for cleaning, put back her panties

and seated herself on the chair.


“Lower your face here, old man, and rub it on my two feet to express your

gratitude to me for giving you my precious liquid,” she said. Peroni did as

commanded and rubbed his face into Madam Adele’s two feet resting on the

ground. All the time she was looking at the facial expressions of the

security guards. Peroni rubbed his face into her feet with the utmost

dedication to prove to her that he deserves to be given a chance to live.


“Order your men to kneel before me, old man,” she told Peroni, who

immediately commanded the two security guards to kneel before Adele. One of

them automatically knelt and the other one declined, and started to run.

“Freak, go quickly get this man here, or it’s your damn ass!” she ordered.


Adele pushed the old man with her left foot strongly, ordering the security

guard to come closer and put her toes into his mouth. The man was so

lenient and did as told.


Minutes later, Freak entered with the runaway security guard on his

shoulder. Obviously the guard was unconscious. Freak laid the man on the

ground and was ordered to tie his hands from the back, which he did.


Adele was still inserting her toes one by one into the other guard’s mouth.

She took her foot off and stood up. “You entered history, boy, to suck

Madam Adele’s toes,” she said, patting him on the hair and heading towards

the captured guard lying facedown. She stirred him with her right foot and

brought him on his back to see his face. He was still unconscious. May be

Freak gave him one of his punches and the man could not stand it.


Adele stood above him and took off her panties again and started to pee on

his face. The man came back to his senses. “Sorry, moron, but that is how I

thought I should bring you back to your senses,” she told the captured man,

giving him a wicked smirk.


“No one escapes Madam Adele, you shit. If you had knelt before me, you

would have been surviving, but now you’re a dead man,” she said, dropping

her buttocks strongly on the man’s stomach, causing him to give a big

scream. When the man’s mouth was open wide to scream, Adele stuffed her

panties into his mouth, muffling his cries.


The man could not spit the panties out. Madam Adele, who was still seated

on the man’s stomach, pushed the panties further into his mouth with her

two big toes. She then had his nostrils between the big and second toes of

her left foot, blocking any oxygen to his lungs. The man died in less than

a minute. “Thank you, I don’t think you would be needing this,” said Adele,

who stood and took out her panties from the dead man’s mouth.


She went back to her chair with the surviving young guard still on his

knees before her chair. She forced her toes back into his mouth as if it

were taken for granted that he wouldn’t refuse. She placed her left calf on

his shoulder and played her toes against the man’s tongue for a while and

then had it between her big and second toes and pulled it out. “Whatever

happens keep it sticking out,” she instructed. The man was totally

surrendering himself at her disposal, hoping he would eventually keep his



Adele rubbed her sole from heel to toes against the man’s firmly sticking

mouth so that she may clean her sole as she likes for whatever duration she

wishes. Things were totally under her control around the palace and

everything ended up exactly as she planned.


I have never seen one of Madam Adele’s numerous plans ending up in

failure. All that she wanted had it done perfectly. She killed many

Mafiosos and their bodies were littering the garden, other surviving

gangsters had their hands tied and lying next to each other facedown as

captives and the leader is lying on his knees in submission with nothing in

his mind but the question whether he would be lucky enough to win Madam

Adele’s favor and be let breathing. Freak of course was standing at her

beck and call. Mistress Nelly was sitting all laughs and smiles as if she

is watching a comic series on TV.


Adele was having the guard’s welcoming tongue as her sole-cleaning tool,

not giving a tinker’s damn about whether he was pleased or not. She

exchanged legs, resting her cleaned right leg on the man’s left shoulder

and started cleaning her left sole for a while.


“Now I’ll have to use your fucking forehead to write a short message to the

people who would come here after we leave. If you moved an inch, you die,

motherfucker,” she hissed at the capitulating guard.


She rested her cleaned left sole again on the man’s right shoulder and

started to scratch some letters with her right long strong toenails on the

man’s forehead. The scratching left some blood on the man’s forehead. This

took 10 minutes to finish and I could make out the letters so clearly from

my position behind Mistress Nelly. The letters read “Fuck you!”


The guard’s face was all in blood, but could not move or express pain out

of extreme horror. “Thank you, macho guard man. You were of a great help.

I’ll always remember your appreciated assistance,” she addressed him with a

deriding tone.


She ordered him to take her right foot in his both hands and kiss it 50

times, then stretching her left for him to kiss another 50. She rested her

left on his right shoulder and started to rub her right on his face slowly

and gently. As her right sole was on his right cheek, she suddenly pushed

his face to the extreme right direction from her angle. A strong crack was

heard, followed by the man’s falling on his back dead.


Adele then calmly ordered the scared Peroni to return to his place at her

feet. “Listen, dickhead! I decided to be generous with you in an

unprecedented way and forgive you for your awful sins on conditions which

if not followed properly, you would die instantly before you know what

happened. You are of course going to get us all your money, that’s settled.

You are also to leave Rome with us to our home to assume your new post as

Mistress Nelly’s servant. A small bomb in the size of a peanut will be

shoved into your ass and would be detonated as soon as you make any attempt

to escape or report to the airport authorities here or at our home country.

Is this understood?” she said.


“Yes, Madam. It is completely understood. Everything will be done exactly

as you have just instructed. Thank you so much for letting me live,” a

cheerful Peroni lowered his face on Madam Adele’s feet and deluged them

with kisses in gratitude.


“Now go on all fours before Mistress Nelly, kiss her shoes and beg her to

ride your miserable back into the palace to give her all the money you

have,” she ordered. Peroni did as told and Mistress Nelly rode his back and

hit him on his ass to move ahead. Nelly proceeded into the premises on her

aging pony.


Adele rose from her chair and marched towards her captives and started to

take a little walk to and fro on their backs. She ordered them to turn

around and lie on backs and began her little walk again with instructions

given firmly.


“I should now finish you all, and I really planned to burn you all

together. Usually in my conquests I leave no one alive, but I just thought

I could make good use of you as my own servants at home. The problem is how

to get you out of this country and send you back home. This would never

happen if you did not cooperate. I mean you would follow my instructions

from A to Z, otherwise I swear I’ll never leave until I search and get you

crushed to death under my feet. Is this clear?” she asked.


“Yes..yes…so…so clear, Madam,” was their reply.


“Untie them, Freak. There is a tourist group leaving tomorrow morning. You

go now together and register your names in the travel agency. If you did

not fly tomorrow or anyone of you was absent, the whole group will pay the

price. I’ll be at the airport tomorrow morning watching for you. You would

not see me, but make no mistake about it that I’ll be there. You will land

at the airport in my home country and go directly to this address. It’s my

mansion. You’ll find my sister, Madam Olga, there waiting for your

arrival. You would deal with her orders and instructions in the same way

you do with mine. You will be expected to report to my sister at 2.00 pm.

I’ll be in constant contact with my sister. If you reported one minute

after 2.00 pm, you will have to stand severe torture. This is my mobile

phone number. I’ll expect a call from one of you to tell me that everything

went OK at the travel agency and that the tickets are ready and you’ll be

flying tomorrow morning. Anything but this would result in your death. Now

all of you get down on their knees and kiss my both feet passionately till

we meet again in a couple of days in my home,” she instructed.


The men crouched their bodies at Madam Adele’s feet and worshipped them

like there was no tomorrow, and were later ordered to go. They left the



In a while came Mistress Nelly mounting Peroni’s bent back and three

briefcases placed one above the other in front of her on his back. She

approached Adele. “Adele, I noticed there were some people in the kitchen

inside. Do you think we should leave them?” asked Nelly.


“Of course not, Nelly. Freak, go fetch those people to me here,” replied



In minutes, Freak was driving five men in front of him in the direction of

his sitting owner. “Well, well. What do we have here? Are you stupid or

what? Don’t you know that the palace came under occupation? Here is your

captured boss used as a pony for that fine lady mounting his back,” Adele

addressed them, crossing her legs.


The five men, one cook, his young assistant and three attendants, were

looking around the place in astonishment, finding only dead bodies

everywhere. “Tie their hands behind their backs, Freak!” Adele ordered.


The huge stature of Freak has struck fear into their hearts that they

showed no sign of resisting. In no time the five men were tied and brought

flat on the ground on their backs next to each other. “Nelly, I know you

haven’t ended lives before. It’s really a thrilling experience. You should

try it,” Adele told Nelly, who was watching still mounting Peroni’s back.

She ordered her old pony to get her down. “No, I haven’t tried this

before…but why not,” she told Adele.


“It’s nothing baby. Let me make a demonstration. Freak, bring one of them

under my chair. I want his face right under my feet,” she ordered Freak,

who dragged one of the captives from his legs on the ground right behind

Madam Adele’s chair and then pushed him from his legs too so that his head

entered between the legs of the chair from the back. In seconds Madam

Adele had a human face under her feet.


“Watch me Nelly. It’s a piece of cake. You get your panties into his mouth

like that to block air entering his mouth. Then all you have to do is to

capture his nose like this between your big and second toes and block his

nostrils. Death is sure to come in seconds. See?” Madam Adele said,

denying the man under her feet an ounce of oxygen with her toes sealing off

the air. His muffled cries faded to silence.


“See, Nelly. It’s nothing,” she said. Nelly ordered Peroni to take off her

shoes and black pantyhose and keep sniffing the shoes till he is ordered to

stop. He did just so. “Freak, fetch another one under Madam Nelly’s

chair,” she ordered Freak, who went to bring another man to meet his end

under Nelly’s feet. Nelly had her victim right under her two feet. The man

was crying and pleading for his life until his voice was muffled when

Mistress Nelly shoved her panties into his mouth.


She put her white neatly-shaped big and second toes on the man’s nose and

pinched hard. She was laughing as the man’s face turned red and later

purple until he died of lack of air to his lungs.


“Oooh! This is really fun! I haven’t thought that killing is so much

enjoyable! Another one! I need another one! Freak, take this shit away and

bring another in his place,” she ordered Freak.


Another crying one was laid under her feet and in seconds the third

attendant was dead. The remaining two men were pleading for their lives

when Adele suddenly remembered something.


“Oh, Nelly! I just remembered that my sister was complaining a lot to me

about lack of cooks. I think we’ll take those two with us to serve us

there. Do you have your passports here, idiots?” asked Adele.


“Yes, Madam. We’ll fetch them in a moment,” the older cook answered. “Then

go quickly. Escort them, Freak! Take this moron old man to bring his

passport too,” she said.


“OK, not a bad idea!” said Nelly, who ordered Peroni to get her into her

pantyhose and shoes.


“Now, let’s leave this shitty place,” said Adele, signaling Freak to take

her to the car. Adele was riding Freak and Nelly Peroni. The two captured

cooks were marched in the front and I was following in the rear with Madam

Adele’s red flats in my hands.


Five minutes later we reached our Jeep. Nelly drove the car with Peroni

placed under her seat and his face offered as rest for her left foot. Adele

was in the passenger’s seat and having me at her feet rubbing them as



The two cooks were in the back seat with Freak between them. An hour later

we reached town. Nelly went down to an international bank that sure had a

branch home. She opened an account and put 2 billion dollars there. That of

course required at least two hours of procedures and Mistress Nelly

received a VIP treatment there.


In the meantime, Adele took the wheel and drove to her country’s embassy

and ordered Freak to get three tourist visas for the two cooks and Peroni

and headed to the nearest travel agent and Freak got two tickets on the

first plane leaving for home today. In 30 minutes everything was ready.

“They are to leave on the 9.00 pm plane today,” said Freak. “Good! We still

have two hours to drive them to the airport and make sure they fly home.

Freak, I’ll count on you in this. Of course you know I don’t like

mistakes,” she said with a growl.


“Everything will go as you wish, Madam,” he replied.


“Listen you sons of bitches! You’re flying tonight to my home. Here is my

sister’s address. She’ll be waiting for you. As soon as you land there,

take a cab and head directly to this address. Is it understood?” she said

in a serious tone.


The two men have meekly received the instructions. Adele drove immediately

to the airport. Freak walked them to their hall and made sure they boarded

the right plane and went back to report to Madam Adele after the plane

took off.


All that time I was still down in my place facing her empty chair. While

she was driving she was inserting her left big toe into Peroni’s mouth for

cleaning and while stopping was having Peroni’s tongue out and rubbing her

right sole against.


She returned to the bank to pick Nelly, who was already waiting outside.

She hopped in the passenger’s seat, taking off her shoes and resting her

feet on my two shoulders. “Everything’s OK. We now have two billion dollars

in the bank. We’ve become filthy rich, Adele,” said Nelly with an air of

jubilation and victory.


While we were heading to the hotel, Madam Adele’s cell phone rang. “Oh,

yeah. Hello, moron! Great! I’ll see you tomorrow then,” she said,

disconnecting the call.


“It was one of those eight stupid captives telling me that they had

everything ready and would be flying tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.

I’ll have to phone Olga to tell her,” said Adele, dialing her sister.


“Hiiiii Olga! Yeah, sis. I miss you too….no.. no.. everything is OK

darling. Listen, sis. Two men will be reporting to you today at nearly 12

or 1 am…they are cooks whom I convinced to work for us…yes, baby…tomorrow

eight men will be reporting to you too at about 11 am….yeah….Olga is saying

hi, Nelly…yeah, baby…see you tomorrow.”


We stopped for a while. The old man was moved to the back seat. Upon

instructions, Freak took a small object out of his pocket and put into the

man’s underwear right under his balls.


“Listen, granny! You’ll go up with us in my room. Act normally. If your

fucking sick head told you to shout for help, I would press a small button

on my remote control and blast your shitty genitals. Of course you

understand,” hissed Nelly at the totally surrendering old man.


We reached our hotel and all went down except Freak, who was ordered to get

five tickets for a night flight tomorrow to our home.


We all went up to Mistress Nelly’s room and ultra-scared Peroni was showing

no smallest sign of resistance.


Dinner were served in our room. Madam Adele and Mistress Nelly were so

hungry that they ate savagely. The ladies were resting on the couch. I was

taking Mistress Nelly’s shoes and pantyhose off and massaging her feet.

Peroni was ordered to worship Madam Adele’s tired toes with his tongue.


“Lick in between the toes well, granny, or I’ll break your fucking neck in

no time. If you had been sensible enough and listened to my advice, you

wouldn’t have ended up as my servant. Now we took it all: your money, the

lives of your men and your self-esteem. You are now nothing but a worthless

being at my feet,” Madam Adele was growling at the old man, who was

devoted to her toes.


“Ooooh! My belly aches. I have eaten a lot. You’re lucky, granny! You’ll

get the honor of inhaling Madam Adele’s special odor. Poke your nose right

into my ass hole. I want to feel your fucking nose inside my ass, or I’ll

kick yours,” said Adele.


Madam Adele moved to the edge of the couch, with Peroni’s face right under

her ass hole. She cracked up a strong long fart into the old man’s nostrils

that I thought has invaded the man’s lungs. There was no chance the fart

could be smelt in the place as the man’s nose was already inside her ass

taking whatever Madam Adele’s hole is offering. She gave the man countless

farts and he was breathing from his mouth, panting, while Adele was



“Now stand up and take off all your clothes and go into the bathroom and

lie on your back. The two of us fine ladies here need to empty our bowels

on your face,” she said. Peroni stood up, took off his clothes save for his

underwear, ran to the bathroom and lied on his back.


“I guess there is no one to take us to the bathroom but you, Alex. Freak

was sent on an errand, so come here, boy, and get down on all fours,”

Madam Adele ordered me. I was a bit concerned about her weight on my back,

but there was no one else except me to transport them to the bathroom. The

idea of them walking as long as there is some slave around was entirely



I went down on all fours before Madam Adele and she rode my back with her

mighty weight. I felt I was carrying a building on my back. She did not

expect me to rise so she signaled me to move on the all-fours position. I

moved awkwardly and slowly until I reached the bathroom door. She stood up

and I went to bring Mistress Nelly, who was much lighter.


The two ladies are now in the bathroom laughing coquettishly while taking

off their clothes and panties. First Madam Adele squatted over Peroni’s

face and parted mountains of thick shit that settled on the old man’s chin,

mouth and nose and then Mistress Nelly covered his upper part of face with

her feces.


Peroni’s face was obscured by brown smelly waste. “You are to stay this way

until tomorrow morning, dickhead! Don’t you ever try to swallow this. I

want it nestled on your face so you may enjoy it!” said Adele. The poor man

must be experiencing the worst day of his life. “Alex, come clean us, kid,”

Madam Adele ordered me, offering her ass hole to me to clean with my

tongue as a routine. Mistress Nelly was also bending her body for me to

clean her. I have two asses now that needed my cleaning tongue service.


Freak knocked on the door and entered, telling Madam Adele that everything

is ready for their departure tomorrow night.


The next day came and nearly at 5.00 pm Madam Adele’s cell phone rang and

it was her sister telling her that two men reported to her yesterday night

and eight men today, and that she was complaining of abundance in slaves.


Adele rode Freak into her room, Peroni was in the bathroom with face

saturated in heaps of shit to smell all night long and I was ordered at the

foot of Mistress Nelly’s feet to suck on her toes while she sleeps.


The next day saw Freak preparing Madam Adele’s luggage and I preparing

Mistress Nelly’s. The two ladies went down the restaurant and had their

lunch and in the meantime Freak was ordered to lick all Madam Adele’s

shoes, flats and sandals and I doing Mistress Nelly’s.


Peroni, still naked in the bathroom of Mistress Nelly’s room, was ordered

to wipe of the shit on his face and eat it all. He did it until no smear of

feces was left on his face.


Mistress Nelly showed herself back in her room only to find me still

cleaning her last pair of footwear: her pink flip-flops. She gave me a pat

on my head and seated herself on the couch. She was wearing a short Jeans

skirt that showed her perfect white legs, a white top and a pair of white

flats that revealed her pretty sexy white-painted toenails.


“You still have these flats, Alex. After you finish, put all my footwear in

the separate bag and keep those white cleaned flats. I will put them on for

the flight home,” she instructed. I did all that she asked for.


“It’s now 4.00 pm. The flight is at 9.00. We’re leaving the hotel at 7.00.

So we still have three hours so you would dedicate your sweet tongue to my

toes. I need them sucked one by one so slowly,” she ordered, giving me her

right foot to carry for the cleaning routine.


I sucked all her ten toes and licked the nails until they sparkled with my

saliva. One hour has passed since my tongue started cleaning her toes, when

Adele knocked and entered the room as usual on Freak’s bent back. He was

gripping a pair of black stilettos from the heels and moving Madam Adele

into the room. Adele was wearing white calf-length stretch trousers that as

so tight and embodied the details of her shapely muscled legs and a black

loose blouse. She was still wearing her blood-red paint on her long



“Hi, Adele. Let’s take a rest on this cozy couch before our flight home,”

Nelly welcomed Adele in a cheering tone, while having her small left toe

inside my mouth taking its cleaning turn. Adele was brought down so

carefully on the ground and seated herself on the couch Next to Nelly,

instructing Freak to go finish packing her panties and make-up.


“Oh, what a very busy day we had yesterday, Adele. I really don’t know how

to thank you for your priceless service. The least I can do is to give you

half my wealth when we go back home. I just want to ask you how you did all

this. How come that you killed all these men without the least effort on

your part. The way you seemed so confident about the result really startles

me,” said Nelly.


“Nelly, baby. It was so easy. Besides, I like killing men. I like to put

them in their right place they deserve in a much lower rank than mine. When

I kill or punish men, I do it so cruelly so that they taste my strength and

power over them. How did you think I broke that monster inside my room

packing my things up? If I had back in those years beat him softly, I would

not have been able to bring him exactly in the condition I wanted him to

be. I every once in a while give him a taste of my wrath and in so doing

this, he always feels that I could end his life any time I wish if he

failed to rise to my expectations. In all those men who served me, Alex was

the one who offered dedicated service to me without the need to show him my

wrath. He knew literally what I needed and did it with much gusto. The

others needed to be straightened up to serve me well,” explained Adele.


I finished cleaning Mistress Nelly’s toes as she took her feet out of my

mouth and stood up to go to the bathroom and instruct Peroni to get dressed

for the flight. I was still in my place, when Madam Adele signaled me to

start cleaning her toes. “Alexie boy! Come to your mommy here and clean her

tired toes, baby,” she ordered. I situated myself on the knees right before

the incredible assassin’s feet. She did not wait for me to start as she

rose her right foot to my mouth and forced her big toe in and went to and

fro within as if she were fucking my mouth with her big toe.


Adele then turned her toe round and round in the inside of my mouth. Her

second toe joined the big one there and made her tweezers hold on my tongue

pulling it out.


“Yeah, baby. Yeah, keep it sticking out for mommy to clean her nice

sole…yeah…eaaasy…that’s it….keep it so, hon.…Mommy Adele’s feet are killing

her….yeah…gooooood booooy!” she hissed softly as she strongly rubbed her

right sole from heel to toes. The rubbing was so strong that I felt I was

going to fall on my back and that’s why I leaned my two hands on the ground

for support. I was not doing anything on my part, except for keeping my

tongue sticking out as she wanted.


Freak knocked and entered to tell Madam Adele her instructions were

carried out and everything was ready. She ordered him to go settle any left

accounts with the hotel, get a limo prepared to drive them to the airport

at 7.00 and come up to take all the luggage and place it into the car. He

went out again.


Mistress Nelly had Peroni massaging her legs on the bed after he got

dressed, while I was still on my knees before Madam Adele, who was busy

softening her soles against my tongue. She rested her right leg on my left

shoulder that served as a footrest.


“Don’t move, Alexie! I haven’t finished with you yet,” she told me,

starting to rub her left sole against my tongue that is still sticking out

for her. “Yeah….yeah …baby…keep it that way…Mama badly needs this

tongue…you are in the books of history, boy, for cleaning big mommy’s

feet,” she hissed in her coquettish tone as she kept rubbing. Adele had my

downward dangling tongue between her two left toes and had it pointing

forward like a small dick and then moved her two toes back and forth around

my tongue. The toes were clutching at my tongue so tightly that it began to

ache, but she seemed entirely indifferent.



“Yeah…eaaaaasy. Take all this damn toe-jam from mommy’s precious

feet…You’ve got a magical tongue, boy…clean…clean and clean…..yeah…I need

this,” she said as she still enjoyed relaxing her toes with my tongue that

started to feel numb and tired.


It was nearly 5.15 pm, and things went like this until 6.45. By the end of

the cleaning rituals, my aching tongue felt completely paralyzed. There was

some toe-jam that I of course swallowed. It was no problem for me, as I

have swallowed much worse things than this.


“Nelly, don’t you think we should get rid of our waste before we head to

the airport, at least to show appreciation for our devoted slaves?” Adele,

who was rested her two legs on my two shoulders, suggested.


“Yeah, Adele. I was about to do this right now. This granny seems so

hungry. I hate to keep my slaves hungry,” replied Nelly, who rose from her

bed and mounted kneeling Peroni’s face to send her farts down his lungs.


Adele did not have to stand up, for she used her two powerful legs that

felt like mountains on my two shoulders and pulled me down at her bottom

until she made sure my nose is nestling right in the spot she wanted. She

was still in her white tights. I waited in horror and anticipation of her

farts, and she was never late. She cracked up a nasty long fart that I felt

has given me a headache, then another and then a third.


“Eeeeeh! Yeah …. good smell for good boy…Yeah,  Alex…take this one, too,

honey…those damn gases torture mommy’s intestines…you’re here to take it

all…right baby? Yeah….a big one coming your way ….Eeeeeh… aaaah…yes.”


I kept inhaling those farts deeply as I did not want Madam Adele to smell

them, wondering when she will end and wishing she would stop to spare me

this torture. Madam Adele cared the least about what her slaves would

feel. May be she thought that her slaves, me in particular, enjoyed her

farts. I had no choice but to give her the impression that I really enjoyed

the odor of her gases that smelled like a dead animal. My sense of smelling

was badly impaired by the farts I received long ago from Nelly, Olga and

above all Madam Adele.


However, I could still smell her extremely bad farts she gave lavishly that

I though of her farts as if merciless soldiers brutally invading my

nostrils. She finally released me with her two feet on my shoulders pulling

me back and still having them there as rests.


I felt so dizzy from the brain-tearing farts that I saw two Adeles sitting

on the couch as if I were intoxicated by alcohol.


“Alexie….baby! I have never seen someone sniffing my farts like you do…you

really are of much help for me to take away those damn gases….thank you so

much, boy,” she said as if it were taken for granted that I am crazy about

her farts, which was not the real case. I had to be a hypocrite, though.

“Madam Adele, it’s always my pleasure to receive your graceful anal odor

whenever you wish…in fact I consider it as an honor that you give your

humble servant those precious gases,” I replied with a servile tone.


“Heeee…heeee! You’re a sweet talker, Alexie. I’ll now bestow more honor on

you…stay in position, but look at the ceiling and open mouth wide, my

devoted toilet. Mommy has got a biiiiiiig load inside here for you to

take,” she said, standing up and taking off her white tights and white

underwear. Lights went out in a flash as I saw her black genitals when she

had my face between her open mighty thighs under her. Her ass was only two

inches above my face. I adjusted my mouth under her shit hole and she

started those familiar spluttering sounds, as brown feces began to appear

from her hole.


My mouth was most welcoming her brown waste and I made damn sure that they

all land in there. She kept shitting for five minutes. She did not have to

push as shit slid smoothly from her ass hole right into my mouth at short

intervals, during which I was chewing and swallowing like hell.

“Yeah…baby…take it all…I keep it for you…it’s all yours…yeah…come

on…swallow ..yes, take this beautiful banana, this is your dessert…yeah,”

she said.


Meanwhile, Nelly was having Peroni lying down on his back and dropping her

small batches of shit into the man’s mouth.


“Clean mommy, Alexie,” Adele instructed. I played my tongue into her hole

to clean her, then she moved two inches back and used her two fingers to

open her pussy, when warm slowly-flowing urine started to flow into my

still open mouth.


“It’s time for refreshment, Alexie. This is mommy’s special juice…mommy

knows you like it…I keep it warm for you…see how mommy loves you?! Take all

the water inside mommy’s bladder, baby….yeah…thaaaat’s it,” she was saying

in a mellow voice, as her pee came down to a very thin trickle and then

drops until there wasn’t any liquid left. She pushed my head into her pussy

and started licking the urine hole for cleaning.


“Dress me, Alexie!” she ordered. I took the panties and held her right foot

to insert into the panties and then her left and took it all the way up.

She then sat down on the couch, raising her right leg to me to get her into

the tights.


Freak entered to lead the ladies’ way. Madam Adele would not ride him, of

course. Freak, Peroni and myself walked in front of the ladies and we all

went down the lobby into the limo, which drove on to the airport for the

flight home.


The flight nearly took three hours and we finally landed home. All the

procedures at the airport went so smoothly. Freak took care of all the

luggage and hired a limo that drove to Madam Adele’s mansion. We got there

in 30 minutes. We all went down and Freak taking all the luggage from the

limo, which then drove away.


Freak and Peroni went down on all fours for Madam Adele and Mistress Nelly

to take them inside the mansion. I followed behind. Madam Olga was waiting

at the door on Frank’s back, cheerfully welcoming us.


“Hi, sis. You’re a bit late. I was waiting here for your arrival for nearly

one hour. I missed you so much,” Olga cheered. “Hello, Olga. It’s good to

see you,” replied Madam Adele. The three ladies went on their ponies

inside exchanging laughs and talking. They all dismounted and sat in the

big hall. Freak, Frank and Josh were ordered to bring all the luggage



“I have received the deluge of slaves you had sent, sis. We have a lot of

them now. I’m afraid they are too many and much more than I need. I only

wanted cooks. Oh, by the way the two cooks who arrived in the first batch

are now preparing us a good dinner. I think we should give two or three of

them to our Thai friend Jena on her birthday as a present. It’s tomorrow.

She often asked me whether I have extra slaves,” said Olga.


“It’s a good idea, Olga. Besides, we cannot feed all these mouths,” said



“Listen guys, I’ll need two slaves in addition to the old man. So, I guess

you will have three slaves, besides the two cooks, Freak, Josh and Frank. I

think the two of you can manage with eight slaves,” said Nelly.


“I already entrusted two slaves to wash and iron my clothes, two others are

taking care of the garden and two cooks already took their place in the

kitchen. I guess we’ll have Josh, Freak and Frank as enough slaves for the

care of our feet and waste,” said Olga.


“First of all I’ll need to see the newcomers to put them in their right

place, go get them all for me, Freak,” Adele ordered as she walked in the

direction of her throne-like chair she has moved from her place.


The eight men were driven by Freak into the hall. “Yeah…hi, morons. Fall on

your knees in one line before your new owner now,” she ordered. The men

went down on their knees before Adele’s throne that had her feet resting

some half meter above the floor level, nearly in the level of the faces of

the kneeling men.


“First I want to welcome you in our world as dedicated servants for all our

needs. We would be expecting nothing but this. Anyone amongst you who would

not be willing to cooperate to the fullest, would be discharged. And you

should know that discharging is not from service, but from life. That means

death. You have of course watched how I deal in death so easily. There is

no need to remind you. So, I and the ladies here or any of our friends

expect total obedience on your part. You will be spending the rest of your

pathetic life serving us and accurately carry out whatever commands you

receive. These are the rules here. Now show your gratitude by worshipping

my two feet. Divide yourself into two groups. Each group take one of my

feet and start worshipping right now,” Adele instructed.


Four men held her right foot and four others her left and kept kissing and

licking for 15 minutes. “Now stop! Come Nelly, pick two of these slaves as

your own,” said Adele.


Nelly walked and stopped before the eight men and picked two of them,

ordering them to follow her. She signaled Peroni to assume the all-fours

position to sit on his back and then ordered her two new slaves to take off

her flats and wash her feet with their tongues.


“Olga, come pick three men to give to Jena on her birthday tomorrow,” said

Adele. Olga picked three men. “Now, the remaining three slaves of you would

stick around in this place to serve me and my sister,” Adele instructed.


“Alex, you will accompany those three slaves tomorrow to Jena to teach them

how to be good servants. I don’t want any embarrassment with Jena. She’s

one of our close friends,” she instructed. “Of course, Madam. Anything you

wish, I am at your and your friend’s disposal,” I replied. “Good! We have

spent only one week of your month’s vacation. We still have you for three

weeks. You are to spend two weeks at Jena’s and then return here to give me

a detailed report about the progress of these slaves. You’ll stay here for

one week and after this you’re free to return to your wife and kid again,”

Madam Adele commanded. “I guess Nelly would not be needing your services

anymore, since she has three now to take care of her, right Nelly?” she



“Yeah, Adele. I would not be needing him anymore. I have enough servants

now. You’ll be soon free, Alex. But I want to thank you for all that you

have offered me. You were really of great help and so cooperative. Thank

you, Alex. Drop by my place later so we go to the bank together to give you

five million dollars for all your services which I really appreciate,”

Nelly told me.


I was very happy for the news of my release from captivity, and of course

the five million dollars. I did not expect Mistress Nelly to be that

generous with me. I thought all my years of devoted service have finally

paid off beyond my imagination.


Nelly stood up to leave. She ordered her new fresh slaves to carry her own

luggage. She rode Peroni’s back and headed to the car as Freak was to give

her a lift home.


I stayed for the night at Madam Adele’s mansion. I was ordered to

demonstrate to the new slaves here how they should inhale farts deep so

that the fine ladies would not be offended by the smell, how they should

wash feet with tongue and how they should rub and massage legs and calves

as if I were an old-hand instructor showing new students how to apply the

theories in practice.


Madam Adele’s farts were endless. I would make a demonstration and then

let one of the new slaves try it. They were making good progress.


I washed Madam Adele’s feet with warm water and for 30 minutes and dried

her feet with a special towel. She ordered me to wash Madam Olga’s. Adele

spat into the bowl several times. Most of her spits were phlegmatic and

gooey. She instructed the new slaves to drink all the water in the bowl to

the last drop. The did as told. She then squatted over the bowl and filled

it with her warm yellow thick smelly urine, then ordered the three men to

lick from the bowl like dogs until the last drop.


“I want to see you licking the bowl clean,” she instructed. I was in the

meantime washing Olga’s feet in another bowl. She felt so relaxed.


The young cook was preparing the table for dinner. In 15 minutes, the old

cook went to the ladies, knelt down humbly and said “dinner is served,



Adele signaled Josh, who was waiting for orders, to carry her to the table.

I was drying Madam Olga’s feet when she ordered Frank to take her to the

table. The two ladies were seated at the table. I and Josh were ordered to

get down the table at their feet and massage the ladies’ feet while they

are eating.


The three new slaves were busy licking Madam Adele’s urine from the bowl.

From my perspective under the table I had the chance to meditate at Madam

Adele’s shapely legs. I was sitting on the floor twisting my legs. Adele

was resting her feet on the inner sides of both my knees. She had strongest

thickest calves I have ever seen. I have myself witnessed their lethal

effect on men’s necks. She used these calves to destroy the necks of her

male challengers who tried to survive her decisive holds but failed.


I also glanced at her toes and toenails that I’ve seen denying any air to

men’s lungs so easily. She sat above me at the table eating as if she has

done nothing. I thought that killing for Madam Adele was nothing but a

nice pastime she enjoys to the fullest degree.


They finished eating and signaled Josh and Frank to take them to the

bathroom to wash their hands. The cooks came out to clean the dining table

and then served the ladies orange juice, which they guzzled in a second.

The three slaves were still licking the bowl of Madam Adele’s pee. She

ordered them to finish off in less than a minute or they would be severely

punished. The men swallowed like hell.


“Now, you will have your first meal here. If I see any remains of the meal,

I’ll understand that you did not like it, which would piss me off. Usually

when I’m pissed off, I take it out on the slaves around,” said Adele,

taking off her white panties and squatted over the bowl and started to

bring out huge dollops of shit. Her feces were coherent and solid that I

thought she never had diarrhea. She filled half the bowl with shit. “Come

here, Alex. Clean me to demonstrate to the boys how it should be done,” she

commanded. I quickly knelt at her offered ass hole and licked the remaining

shit clean and gulped it. Madam Olga took off her blue underwear and

started to dispatch her brown cargo. Her shit was less solid and more

abundant than Adele that the whole bowl was filled to the full.


“Enjoy it, slaves! This is the two sisters’ special treat! Hope you like

it. And you’d better like it because from now on it will be the menu of

everyday,” Adele addressed the men, who lowered their heads and started to



Freak entered and knelt before Madam Adele telling her that he has dropped

Mistress Nelly to her house. She rode his back and ordered him to take her

up to her room and me to follow. Olga rode Frank as she yawned and went up

to her room next to Madam Adele’s. Josh was ordered to keep watching the

slaves eating and enjoying the meal until they finish it off, and to report

to her on the next morning whether any of them disliked it.


Adele entered her room on Freak’s back. I took my usual place at the foot

of her bed before she laid her body on it. After bringing his owner down to

the bed, Freak too his usual place too on the floor facedown so that when

the lady wakes up the next morning she may find something to tread on

before she touches the floor with her precious feet.


Good boy, Alexie! Always expecting my needs!” she told me with a truly

affectionate smile. Adele played her toes against my lips and tongue. I did

not make any action on my part. She folded her arms behind her head on the

pillow and was relaxing her toes inside my mouth. With her big and second

toes functioning as a pair of tweezers, she caught my tongue and took it

all out of my mouth, and started to rub her sole against my tongue then had

it between each pair of toes of her two feet to get the spaces between her

toes cleaned of any possible toe-jam.


She kept doing this until she went into deep sleep. I had a bit of forty

winks myself on the floor at the foot of the bed.


The next evening Madam Adele and her sister Olga were getting out of the

door riding Freak and neatly-saddled Frank to the car with myself and three

men hand-tied behind. Adele was dressed in a short light yellow dress,

fishnet stockings and a pair of classic black high-heeled shoes, while Olga

was wearing olive-green blouse, knee-length black skirt and a pair of black


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