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She knows I’m staring at her. Of course I’m staring at her. She’s perfect in every way from every angle. Her long legs are rested on the tea-table, fully exposed beneath her tiny red skirt. It’s so tiny, I can even see that her panties are black and intricately designed for perfect women with perfectly structured bums, just like her. Her long hair smells like fresh, expensive shampoo and the rest of her smells like the most exquisite perfume. She also wears a white tanktop that shows almost a third of her cleavage when she’s at home like this, ready to seduce some guy or the other. Different guy every time. Never me.

Her eyes move from the television to the clock. It’s a quarter to eleven. Then she turns to me. “Rahul is coming over in fifteen minutes. So you might want to make an exit,” Priya says, pointing to the door.

I bow,  mumble a soft apology and head towards the door. Somehow, words are harder to let out in her presence.

“Unless you want to stay and get beat up,” Priya says with a shrug. I shake my head in fear, and continue to walk out. “Whatever, you’re useless anyway.”

I pause, turn back and stand in front of her. She’s not comfortable looking up at anybody, so my knees automatically bend and now I’m kneeling before her for no reason. “What did you mean, Priya?”

“Now obviously, a guy like you can never amount to anything.” Priya  blows mockery off her strawed lips. “And obviously you’re desperately in love with me.”

I shake my head, but it doesn’t want to move.

“You pretty much come here just to stare at my legs.” Priya says. “Don’t you?”

I slowly nod. “Yes, Priya. I like staring at your legs.”


“I’m in love with you. I think about you all the time.”

“Now that is so sweet,” Priya encourages. “That wasn’t difficult to admit at all, was it?”

“…” Yes.

“Now sit down and tell me how much you love me.”

“I would do anything for you, Priya.” I quote from the movies.

“Would you give up your life for me?” Priya asks nicely.

“I would absolutely die for you, Priya.”

“Now,” Priya snaps her fingers, “now we might have something to work with.” She takes her legs off the little tea-table and carefully places them on my shoulders. My body gets so hot, I can feel my heart melting into a fluid state. “I think that we can be of use to each other.”

“How do you mean, Priya?” I ask.

“Here I am, waiting for a boy who is ready to die for me.” Priya begins. “And here you are, hoping to die for me.”

“I wasn’t hoping to…” I say, but Priya’s left foot goes up to my forehead and slowly trickles down and into my mouth, leaving the distinctive wet scent of her feet.

“I can give you everything you want in your life,” Priya says. “You can die for me tonight. Imagine how that will feel.” Her big toe swirls upon my tongue. She knows I’m trying to suck it. Of course I’m sucking it. It’s everything I wish to do in life. I want to grab her ankles and squeeze them into my mouth, but I’m so inferior to her. It wouldn’t be permissible. I just swallow every speck of dust in her toes and inhale every drop of their divinity with complete submission, until she decides to place her feet back on my shoulders. It is but a teaser of the life she is proposing for me. Inspite of the seductive haze, I can see her laughing. But suddenly her legs rise and shift back towards her table. “Or you can get out of my house and continue to be useless.”

I’m thoroughly awestruck. My head gravitates towards her feet, I want more. I stick out my tongue and begin to lick another toe.

“So, if you’re ready to die for me.” Priya begins, but she sees that I’m hardly listening. Her foot rises again and this time they descend hard on my face. Now she restarts. “If you’re ready to die for me, I want you to fetch my leather belt and my black boots. They’re in my dressing room,” she points behind me.

I turn around and crawl towards the room. Boots and belt. I see sixteen pairs of boots, but only one of them’s black. I see a dozen belts, only one is leather. I have both things in my hand, now I stop. I should think. Did I just agree to be killed in the next few hours? Priya had tricked me into something! Then I realize that she hasn’t. She knows exactly what I am and she is giving me everything I could possibly want.

I keep her boots before her and place the belt on the table. “Put them on me,” Priya says, raising her feet. I pick up the tall, black boots, zip them open and wrap them around her legs as she explains. “I want to show my boyfriend that I have boys willing to die for me. So I’m going to beat you up and make you bleed. After he comes, we’ll humiliate you as much as we want. He’s a dominant man, so he would enjoy beating up slaves before sex.” As I finish zipping up the second boot, her legs come up to coil around my face and suffocate me in dusty leather. “First, I want you to take off your shirt for me.” She’s using the dusty boots to hypnotize me. And it’s working. I slide my hands under my sleeves and take my shirt off. “I guess that’ll do. We don’t have time to do your legs now.”

The boots now rub more vigorously against my face. “Just focus on licking my boots clean. This is going to hurt like hell.” I hear the leather belt’s buckle dangle against the table, into her hands where they stop for a moment before piercing deep into my spine. Blood covers my eyes. I want to scream, but my mouth is full of boot. “Don’t flinch,” she says, “just thank your god that you’re going to die a humiliating death for me.” I hear the belt recoil in her hands as they prepare for the second hit. This time it hits me on my ribs, cracking a couple of them with raw steel and the awesome power of the most cruel female to ever walk the surface of the earth. “Congratulations,” she rubs my face with the boots like they’re supposed to be pain suppressants. “Just 98 more to go. You’re doing good,” she says. Her boots take off from my face and return with cutting force, making blood ooze out through my nose. Three hits, three bleeding areas on my body. “Six more minutes left for my boyfriend to show up,” she says, subtly clenching her teeth as she belts my arm. Tears and blood flow out of everywhere. “You can make it,” she says. “And you will make it.” Her belt flies out to a different direction each time, but the impact is always more blood. It’s exactly what she wants, it’s all she wants. “Because this is what you want in your life,” her boots crush my face seven times more. “Everything you’ve ever dreamed of in your life is starting to come true.”

She pauses for a moment and drops her feet down, releasing me into a puddle of my own blood and tears. She checks the time. “I think we’ve got a couple more minutes.” Priya puts out her feet again, ready to resume. “Come back and kiss my boots. I will need to beat you much harder this time.”  My limbs are shivering in pain, yet numb. But I bring myself back to the kneel, I grab Priya’s boots and lap them with my tongue. This can only lead to more pain, but deep beneath the wounds I am aware that this is everything I want. The inevitable happens. She starts to belt me again, and this time I hear her breath heave as she delivers the raw steel to my flesh. I whimper and flinch like a trapped circus animal. She is smiling, I can feel it in her breath. I am nothing but a toy in her game. I have but a few minutes left, so I still think of service. I kiss and lick her boots so she can make a better impression for her man. Pain is exploding in my chest and my spine, but that is also a service to Priya.

“This would be more fun for me if you stopped moving,” Priya says before pulling up her legs and kicking my jaw sideways, nearly knocking off my teeth.

“I am trying, Priya.” I intend to say, but know not whether words came out.

In a moment, Priya stopped the beating and watched me drop to the floor in complete submission. “You are my new slave.” She walks upon my still body with her spiked boots, and I am powerless to resist. She stands on my chest, drilling into my ribs with her boots’ high heels. She gathers up the biggest blob of saliva in her mouth, turns down and spits it all on my face. “I hope you die a horrible death in front of me.”

“Thank you, Priya.” I swallow her spit.

Within moments, I hear a man’s voice. “Hey, Priya.”

“Hey, Rahul.”

“I see you’ve got yourself a new slave.”

“Yes I have,” Priya says. “Take a seat and I will tell you all about it.”

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