recruit 2

Take a seat. Of course Rahul will take a seat. That’s all he lives for, is taking a seat on Priya’s couch. And of course he doesn’t head straight for the couch. He heads towards Priya, waits for her to turn her breasts at him, grabs her thighs with his dark, ugly hands and lightly rubs them together. She reacts by grabbing his hair and kissing him square on the mouth. Her eyes swoop down, relaxed yet aroused and her hands slip down to the guy’s chest and then his gigantic arms. Those arms. It probably cost him six million push-ups to create that sort of muscle definition. They tighten as he gently moves into her panties and grabs her buttocks. Those buttocks are full of sweat that came from kicking my face thirty times, so mercilessly. Each one of those merciless kicks were for his enjoyment. He’s not stopping with the kiss to her mouth. He slides down, kisses her neck and makes her moan with joy. He then kisses her cleavage and pecks at each breast.
They make each other wet and they thoroughly enjoy the process. They both have a primal itch to tear off each other’s clothes, unite their genitals and mass produce babies without speaking a word. But Rahul finally backs out of the kiss as the spikes of Priya’s boots shuffle on my face, and he takes a seat on her couch. He sits down like a proud king, spreading his limbs all over and inviting her to his cock. And of course Priya catwalks over to him, turns around, raises her little skirt and takes a seat on his pants. She rubs her bums against his midsection, causing it to harden like a rock. But she won’t fuck him, not yet. This is just the build up, the foreplay.
“So,” Rahul begins, “tell me where you find all these losers each time.” With a creature like Priya sitting on his dick I wonder how he can turn his attention to me.
“Oh, this guy was the easiest one to catch.” Priya says. “I called him useless and asked him to get out of my house.”
“And he became desperate to prove that he’s not useless?” Rahul completed her story. “Wow. That’s the easiest way to capture slaves. Ever.”
“I know,” Priya says as shown turns back and kisses his mouth all over again. I am officially part of their foreplay now. I am also given to wonder how many slaves she had in the past and how each of them died for her.
“What do you feel like doing with this one?” Rahul asks.
“I haven’t yet decided on that.” Priya says. “Why don’t you start him off with the tour, like you did with the last few slaves?”
“Perfect,” Rahul says. I am afraid for my life as he moves away from her and places his boots in front of my face. “Are you ready to serve me, you loser?”
His boots smell terrible. I don’t like them at all, and the idea of serving him is beyond gross. “No, Rahul. I belong to Priya and I will only serve her.”
“That’s not cool,” Rahul says. “Don’t you know that when you are Priya’s slave, you are automatically my slave too?”
“No. I’m not gay and I won’t serve you.” I rebel. But I’m terrified for life because I know I’m just delaying the inevitable by a couple of minutes.
“Do you want to take this?” Rahul asks Priya.
“OK.” Priya says. She smiles, gets up and kicks my face. I roll over on the floor, and she conveniently takes a seat on my back. I can feel her full weight on my back, cushioned by the most luscious bums. I can’t control my midsection from getting harder, even though I know it’s just a teaser. A beautiful teaser designed to make me Rahul’s willing gay slave. Her naked thighs come closer to my head and begin to wrap around my face, constricting my breath to minimum. I feel her shins, smooth and shiny rubbing against my cheeks. “Can you repeat what you told me before? About how you would do anything for me…”
I lick the sweat off her knee joints and thoroughly enjoy the perfect shape of her bums crushing me down. “I would do anything to serve you, Priya. Anything. I would even die for you. But…”
“Do you know that I hired you as a slave just to impress Rahul?” Priya asks.
“Yes, Priya.”
“So, if I want you to die for my boyfriend, what should you do?” Priya asks, rubbing my neck harder. The texture of her thighs is so seductive, but it’s all on the back of my head. I ache to get those thighs over my face so I can kiss them and suffocate between her bums to die for her.
“I’m not gay, Priya.” I repeat myself. Maybe she will tease me some more if I put off serving her boyfriend.
“Do you want to kiss my bum?” Priya asks, ensuring that I can feel her bum on my head without kissing it.
“Yes, Priya.”
“I only allow slaves to kiss it if they have a hundred points.” Priya says.
So she has a scoring system now. “How many points did I get from that beating, Priya?”
“Four.” Priya says. “Which is the maximum you can get from me. Only Rahul has the authority to give you the remaining points.” She now does a proper thigh-wrap and yanks my head back. So arousing, yet nothing to kiss.
“But…why?” I begin to cry.
“Because I don’t want low quality slaves kissing my ass.” Priya says. “Only the best slaves can do that. And Rahul helps me filter out the good from the useless.”
“I will do it!” I scream.  “If that’s what it takes to kiss your bum, I will do it.”

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