recruit 3

“Good boy.” Priya gets off my back and gestures Rahul to take over.

I need those 96 points, and I am willing to do anything. Rahul’s ugly voice began to order me around. “Stick out your hands,” he says. I turn my palms up and place my hands on the floor for my punishment. He steps on my hands with his boots, crushing my fingers under the full weight of his body. I struggle like a caged animal being electrocuted. “Stop!” He growls. I cannot stop struggling. “As long as my shoelaces are tied, I’ll continue standing on your fingers,” he says. So I have to unlace his shoes. I try to hold my body still despite the pain and open my mouth, which still shivers. I decide to do the right shoe first, and dive towards it, grabbing the open end of his lace with my mouth. I tug it to the left and it opens up. Success!

Even as I dive for the left shoelace, I feel the spikes of Priya’s boots on my thigh. She is bored of watching me struggle under Rahul’s feet and wants to participate in the torture. She walks over my butt, my spine and finally stops at my back. I can feel her twisting her boots to poke holes into my back. Pain erupts from my back, but I have to finish what I began. I dive for Rahul’s left boot and bite his shoelace. As I tug it over to the right for the win, Priya steps on my neck and kisses him on the mouth again. These people need to stop kissing and give me my points. I just struggle between their boots as they embrace and kiss and moan and drool over each other, getting heavier on me each moment. I look up to see Priya’s buttocks, so juicy and wet. But I also end up seeing Rahul’s hands slide down them, grabbing her upper thighs and scooping up her ass flesh. The soft sponges fill up in his hands as he massages them in the background, whilst devouring her tongue in the foreground.

Rahul gets heavier, his boots  crush deeper into my hands even though I’ve undone his shoelaces. I start to hiss in pain, then I begin to squeal in silent agony. Priya doesn’t get how deep her metallic shoe-spikes are piercing through my skin. I cry out loud, and the couple steps off me. Of course they had forgotten about me as they kissed and embraced.

“That was worth,” Rahul considered for a moment, “one point.”

“Just one point?” I protest.

“Yes. So you have a total of five points.” Rahul says. “Just 95 more points to go. After that you will be smooching Priya’s ass like a dog.”

My hands can barely move, my brain seems to have lost control of them. The guy tore off my nerves while kissing her. My fingers are bleeding between every falange and every knuckle. Tears flooding my eyes, I look up to him and show him my pitiful state. “Surely, that was worth more than one measly point.”

“If you continue protesting, you will lose your five points.” Rahul says. I succumbed at this moment, dropping my head to the floor. There’s no way he’s giving me 95 more points, or me being alive through this torture. Life is over, I am never going to kiss Priya’s butt. “But you don’t have to worry, earning the rest of the points will not be as painful,” he continues. I breathe again. “You will earn the remaining points by utter humiliation.”

Humiliation sounds alright. At least it won’t hurt physically. “I am ready, Rahul.”

“Good.” Rahul says. “You will now take off all my clothes so I can satisfy this beautiful girl here. Before taking off each item of my clothing, you are going to beg me for permission. Remember to edify me and degrade yourself when you beg me, that way I will approve. If your begging does not impress me, I will kick your face five times and subtract points. Simple enough, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir.” I reply. It does sound simple.

“Start off then,” Rahul says, stretching his legs out to me.

His boots are still on, so I assume that’s what I should start with. “Rahul, please give me permission to take off your boots for you. I am just a lowly slave hoping to worship your girlfriend’s bum, whereas you are a man of substance she has chosen among millions as a boyfriend. Please permit me if you will.”

“Nice,” Rahul says, nodding with Priya. “Go ahead slave. Take off my shoes with your mouth. You have four seconds,” he quickly brings up his foot. I jump at his feet like a dog and mouth the soles of his shoes to take them off. His socks stink worse than garbage truck, but in any case this is better than getting beaten up. I sneak up to his other leg and undo that shoe also. Now the entire house smells like his feet, which smell like rotting vegetables. I wonder how Priya stands this guy. At this point, I realize that I took much more than four seconds to take off his shoes, so I look back at him. He’s just rubbing Priya’s thighs, smooth like a lump of butter and his face is busy digging into and kissing her breasts. I would kill just to peck those beautiful thighs once in my life. How does this smelly guy have so much luck in his life?

The couple, now cojoined at each other’s lips slowly drift off each other and turn to me. More punishment is sure to follow. “My socks smell bad, don’t they?” Rahul jokes. For some reason, Priya laughs with him. “I was busy kicking the last batch of slaves Priya sent me for my birthday,” he says. A batch of slaves. Gifted to him. I don’t like where this is going. “That’s how it usually works. Kick slaves for two days, make my feet stink and torture a  new slave with the smell.” I am new slave. “I want you to suck my socks off my feet,” he orders, “and beg me for it.”

“Rahul,” I swallow, “please grant me the pleasure of sucking on your dirty socks. I am but a lowly inferior being that deserves nothing more than the stink of your superior feet.” I bow down and worship his feet like he’s God. “If I die while sucking your socks, it will be a worthwhile death as I would have died serving at the feet of a supreme man like you who has Priya for a girlfriend.”

“I bless you.” Rahul lightly kicks my face. “And I hope you suffocate from the smell of my socks and die,” he says. Priya nods in agreement and kisses his ear.

“Thank you, Rahul.” I gulp. It’s time to suck those socks, even if it kills me. I open my mouth and kiss the toe area of his socks. It isn’t that bad when you confront the smell head on. I suck on it like a straw, choking myself with their dusty, rotten scent. Then I bite the tip of the sock and pull it down, slowly getting it off his feet. This was cheating, because I didn’t suck off their stench. Meanwhile, Priya’s shirt is gone and he undoes her bra to kiss her nipples. He won’t notice that I cheated. I just stuffed the stinking sock in his shoe and removed the other sock similarly. He sucks and sucks at her breasts, sliding his arms up her backside for a sensual tickle. She is so aroused, I’ve never seen her looking like that before in her life. But she stops herself and sits back at her end of the couch. She will soon take off her skirt and panties too.

“Are you done?” Rahul asks, coming back to me.

“Yes, sir. I sucked on your socks and removed them.” I fib.

“No you didn’t,” Rahul smells his own feet stink. “If you had sucked them properly, the smell would have subsided.”

“But I did suck on your socks Rahul,” I cried, fearing the worst.

Rahul gets up, picks up his socks and barks at me. “Open your mouth.” I fall back and open my mouth. He takes one sock and stuffs it into my mouth. Then he takes the other and stuffs that one into my mouth as well. I am choking and gasping for air. His foot rises, stomps my neck to pin me to the floor and then steps over my face. I am now stuck in a vacuum under his feet with his socks in my mouth. I feel his rough feet wipe dust off on my face like I’m his foot rug. I think I’ll die from his socks before I ever get to kiss Priya’s thighs.

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