Guest story: The past that wouldn’t die – 3

Ladies and gentlemen, the awesome Arnold Layne is back with the third part of “the past that wouldn’t die”. Enjoy!

Lethal Adele is Back!

Adele is once again back, more ferocious, deadlier and crueleras she retakes an island occupied by whitemalesupremacists. Not meant for the squeamish, the story is rich in a lot of blood and gore and other extreme degradation details. Please feel free to contact the author

“Bye, darling…take care of yourself…see ya,” my wife told me as she planted a kiss on my cheek and almost running because she was so late for work.

I yawned and went tothe kitchen to make myself a cop of coffee. I took my mug and sat in front of the television to watch some old romantic movie. I enjoyed the movie somuch and was sipping my coffeeso slowly as I was feeling so cool because I’ve just won a case in the court of law yesterday that brought me a decent sum of money.

This peaceful relaxing atmosphere was disturbed by the doorbell ringing. I wondered who would comeso early in the morning. I opened the door and to my awe I saw her. It was Adele. My jaw dropped at the surprise. Yes, it was her. She changed since I last saw her two years ago. I thought she grew in shape somewhat.

“Surprise! Hahahaha….mommy won’t forget about her Alexie….hehehe,” said Adele, laughing as she detected my tension.

“Aren’t we coming in, Alexie boy?” she said with a smile on her black face.

“…ah..o..of course, Madam Adele…please c-come in,” I stammered.

If there is anything that has awoken me up then itwas definitely not my coffee. The scene of Adele standing at my doorstep was reason enough that I came to my senses from the drowsy status I was in that morning.

She stepped inside. She paced slowly to the lobby while looking tothe left and right investigating my place. I followed her in my pajamas.

She was wearing a white blouse, an orange skirt that revealed about 10 inches above her knees and a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She was also wearing her hair in a bun. She seated herself in a cozy armchair and crossed her right leg over the left with an air of confidence about her,that same old confidence I knew very well.

I just wondered what brought this woman back in my life. We had great farewell the last time we saw one another and I did my best to leave a good impression on her so that I may step out of her captivity safe and sound and return to my ordinary life.

“Bring me any kind of juice you have here, Alexie boy…don’t stand there like a statue…”

“Yes, Mme. Right away!” I said.

I brought her a glass of orange juice and sat on the opposite armchair waiting for explanations for her weird visit.

“Oh…you must have forgotten the proper way to greet me, Alexie…do you think you need a refreshing course? Where is the oldstandardgreeting to mommy, boy?” she wondered.

“Oh…Mme. I was so sorry…it’s just the surprise of seeing you after a long time that confused me a bit,” I replied, going down on my knees in front of her and planted a kiss on her right shoe.

“I’ve seen your wife driving so quick so I thought you’reallalone here,” she said. “Well…Alex…I’ll tell you some developments that have occurred to me after you went away”.

Adele’s legs and shape was very good. She gained more muscles inher calves and I thought that her shoulders grew wider. I still have the creeps about that woman, who had ended the lives of dozens of menand humiliated dozens others before my eyes sitting so cool and sipping her orange juice as if she was an innocent dove. I was still on my knees as I needed to show the utmost respect but I prayed deep inside that she leave so quickly.

Adele was my nightmare walking on a pair of legs. She forced me to accept the myriads of nasty things she has done to me. She was a strong hater of men and relished in bringing an end to theirlives or brining them to an extremelyservile condition that one would prefer death to. I had that feeling sometimes in the middle of my “services” to her, particularly when she used me as herfart-sniffing boy. When she forced me to do that particular “service” to her I sometimes prayed that I get a heart attack in order to escape that unbearable condition that screwed upmy sense of smelling.

“Actually, I came here, dear Alex, because I need you once again in another mission,” she said with words that struck my head like a sledgehammer. “This time it is a mission for the government…it’s an official but secret one…the government does not want its name to get involved in this. One month after you left, I was arrested on multiple genocidecharges. I was investigated by the top people. They have found outabout what I have done. They gave me a choice, though: Either to work for them on whatever tasks they order or enter so welcome in the gas chamber. But, that deal between me and the government people was classified. Perhaps they thought I might be of very good use for them when I am aliveand make use of my vast experience…you know.”

“Excuse me, Mme., but what does this have to do with me?” I wondered while I was still kneeling.

“Of course it has, boy…don’t you want to escort mommy?Aren’t you going to take care of me and my needs and see that you make me happy and serve me on that mission?…Alex, I began to get annoyed and you don’t want to see me get angry, I guess?” she hissed as seriousness showed on her face.

“Come on, boy…perhaps you forgot…first you didn’t give me the proper greeting, and now you’re asking questions that do not give me comfort…come here, take offmy shoes and kiss my two feet NOW,” she commanded.

I was really so scared. I started to regret my stupid question. She was right. Perhaps I forgot who she was. I just planned to set things right and acknowledge her uncontested power over me again.

I took off her shoes. She was wearing pink nail polish. Her feet is still so beautiful with no traces of wrinkles despite her age, which I think is now 52 or 53. I inspected her steel calves and they both grew and looked like a pair of handballs. I raised her right foot in front of my face and kissed it toe by toe and then sucked them all five over and again. She gave herself the liberty of placing her left foot to rest on my right shoulder.

“Enough! The other one, boy,” she commanded, resting her already-worshipped right foot on my left shoulder and giving me her left for the ritual. She was so pleased and relaxed and let me carry out her orders for nearly one hour with no single word said.

“Good, Alex. Now you began to remember. Right now I’ll give you another reminder, so dear to you. Come here,” she ordered, dragging me with both her legs behind my shouldersright to her bottom. Just as my nose touched her underwear, she released her farts which, although I smell no more, invaded my head.

“Oooooh…those were good ones…hahaha….I had many eggs for supper yesterday and believe it, I have not felt any urge to give out gases. Perhaps I get encouraged to fart every time I see your face, Alexie boy…uh-oh…I forgot one important thing…I didn’t give Freak his breakfast yet…I have to call him to get up here and take it,” she said, taking her cell phone out of her white purseafter releasing me.

I felt relieved after I was released.

“Hey…yeah, Freakie. Come up here now. I need you. Ok…Freak is also my chauffeur, Alex…he’s my minister of transport…hahaha…be it pony, car or anything…,” she quipped.

Freak was knocking on my door in less than two minutes. I opened and he entered and headed directly to kneel before Adele. She raised her right leg in the air and landed it so strongly on his left cheek. The foot slap made a noise but Freak afterwards bowed that his forehead was on the floor right between Madam Adele’s feet.

“Do you think I have all day to wait for you that long, you worthless pig! Don’t you ever be late again or else I won’t show any mercy next time. You see, Alex? I cater for my slaves’ needs and they even dawdle for their own breakfast…how ungrateful! Now, lead us, Alex, to your bathroom so I can give this moron his breakfast…you gotyourselfa lot of eggs, pig, on the menu,” she said.

Freak was on all fours for Madam Adele who rode his back and signaled him to move ahead. I was leading them to the bathroom. Madam Adele asked for a little plastic bowl which I fetched quickly and handed to her. The three of us were inside the bathroom now. She took off herskirt andyellow panties and squatted over the bowl. Semi-liquid shit gushed from her asshole into the bowl and the aroma filled the bathroom. I felt sorry for poor Freak but what consoled me is that he has already been turned into an animal long ago. It’s only the usual thing he took to for years now.

“Alex, fetch me two big mugs,” she commanded. I came back with two big mugs but didn’t have a clue.

“What do you think of the nice meals I offer my servants, Alex?” she asked.

“Uh…of course, Mme. They are so wonderful. They’ve always been my favorite,” I replied.

“So why don’t you then share Freakie his breakfast…I swear it’s so delicious and I swear you have been missing itfor quite a while, I guess. Go downnow and eat your breakfast, boy,” she gave a firm order with a tone of nonnegotiableseriousness.

Freakie was lapping at shitty juice as if he was licking ice cream. I knelt in his opposite direction and joined him in his “breakfast” and now we were both lapping at Madam Adele’s eggy feces. She laid down the toilet cover and sat on it with the two mugs in both hands.

She peed in one mug and filled it to the edge and put it next to Freak and then did the same thing with the other mug and put it next to me.

“Here you are, servants…some refreshments after your meal…mommy’s specials, remember Alexie?” she asked as she was watching us munching at her brown waste with a smile on her face.

“Of course I don’t care about your mugs…mommy’s golden nectar is so precious and I don’t care whether your wife would drink from those mugs later on…If I want, I might consider enslaving your wife too, but I don’t think she would do, Alex,” she growled.

I got her message and hidden threats and I plan to surrender to her will totally. Of course I do not wish that to happen as I am sure she’s capable of enslaving my wife too, and that I would rather die before see it happen.

Freak and I were licking the last pieces of Adele’s shit in the bowl as the two of us slaves were aware of the fact that she did not like to see one spot of her shit not being consumed. We then took our mugs full of her urine and drank it like babies forced to drink their milk.

“Ok…here are my two feet waiting for your recognition and thanks for the nourishment I just offered you,” she ordered and we both deluged her two feet with kisses for nearly seven minutes non-stop until she said “enough!”

“All right, take me out there, Freak…and you Alex wash that bowl and mugs very carefully and follow me there…you do not want your wife to see such things…” she said as she was mounting her Freak’s back and signaling him to move back to the lobby.

She was being carried on Freak’s back. He was moving ahead while she was prodding him on the sides with her feet and holding her skirt and panties in her hand. “Wish I had my spurs on right now to make you go faster. Move ahead, you shit-head or else I’ll take out your second eyeball,” she growled.

Freak moved faster to the lobby. I finished washing the bowland mugs spotlessly clean and rushed to the lobby. She was already seated and had Freak kneeling before her. I take my place next to Freak on my knees before that supreme black being.

“Ok, servant…now each one rub a leg while I’ll explain the new mission,” Madam Adele said as she lit a cigarette.

I was rubbing her left calf. It was so tough. I’ve seen those calves ending the lives of men before. Her calves were one of her most important weapons. No sane person who watches those calves would like to be in contact with them. I am now actually in contact with them but only to rub and pamper.

I thought perhaps Madam Adele wanted to accentuate her power over us by letting Freak and me feel the solidness of her legs and consequently think twice before disobeying any of her orders.

“There is an island near Benin, Western Africa. On that island there is a gang of about 350men. They call themselves theKKKPhantoms. They are a bunch of fucking whiteracist terrorists who killblack people in a raidevery now and then. Benin asked our government for help because as many as 56 people were killed by that gang in just two years. I have received instructions from the top people to clean that island of those bigots. I have been given a free licenseto kill. Of course I didn’t need that license because both of you know mommy quite well and that She is fond of practicing her beloved hobby of ending men’s lives and that I get wet and fulfill a weird sexual desire in me when I see a man killed by a kick, headscissor or punch by me. What makes my mission so easy is that I had confirmed information that this gang’s weapons do not include any kinds of firearms. Their only weapons are knives and machetes. And that I can deal with so easily. We’re goingtomorrow nightby boat to that island. I am going to make a fresh massacre there. This trip should take no more than a week at the most and perhaps may be less. After I finish with the faggots on that island I am going to hand control over it to the Beninese government. You Alex will tell your wife anything and I want you reporting at my placeat 05:00 p.m. tomorrow. Is that clear, boy?” she said.

“Y-yes…Mme. Very clear…I’ll do my best,” I replied, feeling a bit tense and scared.

“Ok then…Freak dress me!” she ordered.

Freak dressed her the yellow panties and then her skirt. She ordered me to help her with her shoes, which I did. She stood up preparing to leave. We were still on our knees.

“Come on, each one lick a shoe clean,” she commanded.

Madam Adele showed a different nature towards me this time, so different from that I used to enjoy as a favorite slave of hers. I know why: because I showed some reluctance and discussions of her orders. She did it on purpose in order to let me know that she can be so cruel to me if I questioned her orders even for a second.

It was just a thought that jumped to my mind while I was bowing to lick her left white shoe clean with my tongue. She only wanted to confirm her superiority over me and to send a message that “after those years I am still the Queen and I still rule supreme over you”.

“Enough!Go, Freak and turn on the engine. I’ll be down in a few minutes,” she ordered. Freak left while I was still on my knees before that supreme black goddess.

“Rise to my expectations, Alex. You don’t need me to teach you manners again,” she said in a serious tone.

“Sure, Mme. I’ll do whatever you order me to,” I replied meekly.

“Ok. Lie on your back, boy, and suck mommy’s white high heel clean,” she commanded.

I did as told. She stood over me with my body between her standing stature. She was like a giant from my perspective. She was looking down on my face from high above when she rose her right shoe and rested it on my face. It was like power was cut off suddenly. I didn’t see anything as the sole of her black shoe was my world now.

“Open wide, boy, and suck the heel spotless,” she said. I sucked her high heel and took it all inside my mouth and sucked it like it wasPopsicle. She took her shoe off from my mouth.

“Keep it open,” she ordered as she looked down on me. She hemmed and aimed a phlegmatic spit that landed right into my mouth. It was so slipperygooeybut I swallowed it. After all I consumed things much worse than that already.

“All right, Alex. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. Don’t be late for me or else I’ll have to punish you, son. I am going now,” she said as she took her bag, walked towards the door and departed.

My mind was racing about the best thing to say to my wife to give a convincing excuse for my absence for about a week. I sat contemplating for hours that time flew while I was not aware of my wife’s arrival from work.

“Hi hon. How was your day? Of course you missed me….hahahah.,” my wife said with a cheerful face.

“Y-yes…no question about it, darling,” I replied with a tone that hardly concealed some alarm.

“Are you ok, sweetheart?” she said.

“Oh…yeah, honey…I am ok…it’s just I received a phone call from a client who would need me for a week in Benin to finish some bank problems there,” I said as I was trying to muster courage to give a nice acceptable lie.

“Oh…that’s too long…are you sure you have to go?” she asked.

Yes, honey…I think I have to go…he’s a standard client of mine and he’s very demanding,” I said.

“All right then…when are you planning to fly?” she asked.

“Tomorrowat 5:00p.m.” was my reply.

I was not feeling ok to have to lie to my wife, but the whole thing was really out of my hand. What should I tell her? That I am ruled by some crazy black woman? That my life had been screwed up and totally governed by that woman? That I had been forced to do the nastiest things unimaginable just to give that black demon a reason to smile and be happy?

I would do anything to keep that mad history buried in a grave that is one million miles under the earth’s surface. I can never stand my wife discovering about this past. She would certainly despise me and think that I am sick although I had no hand in anything that happened to me during the time prior to seeing the woman that I loved and married.

The next day saw me preparinga handbag containing a few things that I might need during that weird trip to Africa. I left my house at nearly4:20 p.m.I arrived 10 minutes early at Madam Adele’s. I waited for five minutes and then crossed the street to her house and rang the bell. A few seconds later, the door opened and it was Freak wearing his eye patch to cover his lost eye in an incident that I had witnessed with Madam Adele. It was like Madam Adele had left her eternal mark on Freak.

Sometimes I thought I was so much luckier than Freak. At least I left Adele for years and returned to her again but all those years Freak has always been with her. I would imagine what she used to do to him. Its very obvious that she fucked his head that he did not imagine life without his Mistress. Here he is opening the door while Madam Adele is upstairs in her room perhaps taking a nap and he did not even think of escaping. She probably was sure that he would never escape.

Freak opened the door. He was dressed in only a black underwear and a pair of Red Wing shoes and was wearing all the riding gears: a pair of stirrups were dangling from his neck, a saddle was attached to his backand tied with means of suspenders on his chestwith some leather pockets containing a pair of spursand a riding crop.

He did not utter a word. I know he is not the speaking type. I stepped in and stayed in the main hall. Freak was just heading towards the kitchen when an alarm buzzed. Hechanged directions suddenly and ran the flight of stairs up.I noticed some real horse tail attached to a handle, almost all of it was shoved through a hole into his underwear right into his asshole.I was standing for nearly four minutes not doing anything but waiting when I heard a door open and a few seconds later Freak was strolling down the stairs so slowly with Madam Adele on his saddled back and her feet in a pair of stirrups hanging from Freak’s neck. Madam Adele was holding reins ending in Freak’s mouth with clips attached on both cheeks.

I figured out that this special reins were making it easier for Madam Adele to control directions to the right and left so she doesn’t have to speak instructions.

“Alexie boy…you’re on time, son…that’s very good…welcome once again to mommy Adele’s world,” she said as she was guiding Freak down the stairs so slowly. I could figure out that from the loose reins.

Shehit Freak on the nape in signal to stop. She was halfway the flight of stairs.

I did not wait for long to find out that she wants the proper greeting. I started switching my mind and my thinking back again to servitude…utter servitude to her. I climbed about six stairs running, went down on my knees at her right foot in the stirrup and kissed each toe for a few minutes.

“Thank you, son…that would be enough…I see you are still ok learning your place and who I Am. Follow me in the back,” she ordered.

Madam Adele hit Freak’s nape again with her right hand in signal to go. He went down slowly carrying the black monster on his back andwas ordered to stop at a cozy armchair that looked like a throne. Perhaps this was her favorite, I reckoned.

He fell down on his knees so gently and Madam Adele took her feet out of the stirrups, dismounted and ensconced herself in the throne-like armchair. Freak was still on his knees and hands on the floor. She stretched her legs and laid them on his back as if this was the usual thing to do. She took the remote control and turned on the cable TV and was switching channels up and down.

“Come on, Alexie. Give my toes a little massage with your tongue….you must have been missing them toes, son, I bet,” she commanded.

I rushed and went down on my knees. Freak’s kneeling position was high for me when I went down on my knees, which consequently made the levelof Madam Adele’s feet overthat of my mouth. I struggled, though, and finally managed to stretch my tongue to her toes. I sucked one by one for a while and she seemed so relaxed and careless and more focused on the TV.

She stopped at oneof the song channels and turned the volume down after her cell phone rang.

“Hi. Yeah, getting myself prepared for it right now. Yeah…thanks…I would need that…but don’t worry…everything will go even better than you imagined…what? Holy shit! Matters are apparently gettingworse there…that’s why a quick remedy to this disease must be in place…yeah…thanks…you too…have a nice evening. Bye!”

A little grimace haunted Madam Adele’s face after the phone conversation, apparently with some big shot guy.

“Those assholes are going too far. They slew the last four men on the island today and killed a woman after raping her. They don’t know what’s coming to them starting from tonight…those bastards are going to pay for their crimes. I’ll break their fucking necks and crush their damn skulls,” she accentuated nervously and angrily but I did not stop giving her toes the massage she asked for.

I know quite well when she is that angry that a massacre is going to take place. I’ve seen that scenario before. I know she’s going to be so merciless.

That night we all were taken by a car to the shore, where a yacht was waiting for us. There was no one on the yacht but an old man driving it. Inside, there was a fancy bedroom with all Madam Adele would need.

The three of us retired in that room. Our ruler, dressed in a black shirt and black panties,lied on the bed spread-eagled and seemed like she wants to get some rest.

“I am taking a rest for a while. Both of you rub my calves and feet so gently. I need to have my muscles relaxed,” she ordered and closed her eyes.

I took her right leg while Freak her left and we kept doing nothing but rub and rub for a very long time. I became very tired from sitting in the same position for hours. I guess Freak and I were both scared that she might wake up any moment and find any of us not doing what she had ordered. No one wants to be punished by Madam Adele, particularly when she is angry.

I held her left steel calf with both hands and played my fingers at it so gently. She was in deep sleep and very relaxed. My mind was at work with thoughts about the men Madam Adele is going to kill. I thought that they were not aware who was coming their way right now. Certainly, death was heading their way in that yacht and I am now rubbing the calf and foot of this death while it is taking a bit of forty winks.

I knew deep down that the leg I am now caressing and rubbing is the same tool that would end several men’s lives soon. I stole some looks with the corner of my left eye at Freak. He was so devoted to his assignment and did not even show a sign that he was bored or tired. This black beast must have broken him very cruelly during those years I was absent from her.He now knows nothing in this world but orders from Madam Adele and he does nothing but carrying out her orders.

My hands slid down from her calf to her foot and toes. The last time I saw her in my place she was wearing pink but now she has toenails painted inbright white. They were tall and strong as ever. Perhaps she wants to use them as weapons. I once had seen those toenails gouging eyes out – like the case with Freak – and decapitating others – like the case with Robert the Shredder – years back.

She was wearing a nice ring in her middle toe and a sliver anklet in her right. They added to the beauty of her feet.

One more hour has passed and we were still doing as ordered. She finally stirred in the bed and made a big yawn as we rubbed her legs.

“Enough, Freak. Go get me a couple of beer cans. There must be some here,” she ordered in a bit coarse voice. She looked at me, bent her left foot, placed the heel up at the back of my head and pulled mestrongly down in the direction of her crotch. I found my face going down quickly against my will right in front of her asshole only to crack a nasty noisy fart right into my nostrils.

“Oooh…you’re awkward…you’re not the old Alex I used to know. I smell my own gas, which is not nice. I think you need a refreshing course,” she said assheused her left sole to push my face away back up.

Freak entered carrying a tray with two cans of beer and a crystal mug.She rose and sat herself on the edge of the bed from the direction of Freak, where he was rubbing her right leg.

“I think you both did a very good job while I was sleeping. I feel my feet are so relaxed. Both of you now kneel before me here. Come on, move your asses,” she ordered.

Freak was on his knees in front of her right leg while I was on mine in front of her left.

She ordered Freak to pour one of the two cans into the big mug. He did and handed to her. She gulped half of it in one go and then lit a cigarette.

“OK. Now I want both these faces right under my two feet. I want stools to lay me feet on while I am having my beer,” she ordered with a serious tone that leaves no place for delay.

In a few seconds both our faces were under Madam Adele’s feet. From time to time she played her toes against noses, mouths, eyes and cheeks.

“Stay in place, Freak. I want to try something here,” she ordered as she scratched her big toenail into Freak’s temple. He did not even say ah from the pain.

‘Veeeerrry good. They are in good shape,” she commented as she was surveying the damage on her enslaved man’s face and guzzling the other half of the mug in another go.

“Freak. Get up and pour me the other can, and you Alex let’s see how much foot you can handle. Open your mouth wide”.

I did as told. She pointed her left foot and began inserting all of it bit by bit inside my wide open mouth. Her foot was too big for my moth I gagged just after shehad all her toes inside.

“Oh you’ve got a tiny mouth. We’ll do something about that later. After years of training, Freak can now have almost all my foot inside his mouth,” she said as she took her foot out of my mouth and drank her second mug of beer.

The phone next to her bed rang. It was the yacht captain telling Madam Adele that only one hour is left to reach our destination. She ordered Freak to go fetch another couple of beer cans.She finished one of them within ten minutes. She then had Freak on hisknees right in front of her. She foot-slapped him for ten minutes as if she was practicing and stretching her legs to keep them warm and active.

He took myriads of foot-slaps, right and left. He did not give a single sound but after Adele finished, he fell sideways on the right unconscious. I felt so scared.

“A sissy son of a bitch. He can’t even take a few slaps like a man,” she growled but there was a smile on her lips as if she was making sure her kicks are at the lethal degree she wanted.

She ordered me to get a big bowl from the kitchen or bathroom while she opened her fourth can of beer.

I found a big plastic bowl inside the bathroom and returnedon my knees before her.

“Come here, Alex. Touch and feel my calves and tell me whether they are strong,” she ordered.

I did as told. She rose her heels up from the floor and her big calves were emphasized by the pose. They were as hard as steel, there is no exaggeration about it.

“Mme.Your calves are very strong. Theyare so solid and big,” I commented.

“OK…let me give you a small test of them since this fucker is unconscious,” she said.

Her words gave me the creeps. I was dead sure that I can’t handle those calf muscles but I had no choice. I stayed in place and prayed deep down that this demonstration ends without damage to my body.

She stretched both legs up and adjusted both calves to surround my neck like inescapable trap. She laid herupper half on the bed andplaced her two hands under her head to raise it a bit over the bed so that she may survey the effects of her legs on me.

Gosh I felt so scared. She did not even press her legs and I am too weak to stand only the weight, let alone the pressure.

She squeezed so slowly. I felt as if two thick iron bars were trapping my neck. She augmented the squeeze and I said “ah”.

“Come on Alexie boy…I haven’t even started to be very serious. Take it like a man, son,” she said as she grinned.

She augmented again and the sharpness of my aaahs began to go louder. She went harder and my screams went louder and my face redder.

“Ooohhh hoo-hooooo….your face is red like a beetroot. I promise I’ll give just one more squeeze. I want to test something here,” she said and did not waste time.She increased the pressure of her deadly calves around my poor neck. This time I started not hearing my own screams and felt I am unable to breathe properly.

She relieved me of this torture at last by opening her legs and pushing my face with her right foot backwards. I fell on my back gasping for air as if someone was suffocating me.

She guzzled the remaining beer in her fourth can in one shot and threw the can away on Freak’s fainted face. He stirred back to consciousness.

She stood up and took off her black panties and squatted over the plastic bowl to release a gush of urine that nearly filled the bowl. She pissed like a horse.

“Both of you drink my beer up. I don’t want to see a single drop left. Lap at it like the dogs you are,” she hissed and then moved about the yacht.

Usually I don’t remember my name quite well after the second can of beer. She was having no problem after her fourth can.

Freak and I were lapping at her urine as we were ordered.It was all like beer flavor with an extreme tangy and salty taste.Scared of her wrath, we finished it all and remained in place.I was drinking like a real dog but Freak was savoring it and almost outdid me as if it were his favorite soup.

‘God! Who wants to have his neck in close contact with those killer legs. She was just playing with me for a few minutes and I was about to die,’ I thought to myself.

She returned to the room but this time wore her hair in a bun. Most probably she was getting herself prepared for her attack on the island after testing the power of her toenails and feet on Freak’s face and her calves on my hapless neck.

The looks in her eyes suggested nothing but total seriousness and resolve. They were like those of a real brave warrior. She grew more dangerous than the last time I’ve seen her years ago. Although she advanced in age, Madam Adele grew more muscled and lethally stronger. Her quads and calves were nothing but iron-solid muscles.

“Listen, Alex. I’ll assign you to a very critical mission. The superiors back there home want as much documentation as possible. Take this special camera and shoot the landscapes in the island, the sea, the trees and everything that meets you. They also want my encounters with those bastards documented by photos and video clips. Don’t worry about the space. It has some70 something gigabytes of space. In addition to this you’ll be carrying this small bag that contained a few things I might need,” she instructed as she handed me the camera.

“Yes, Mme. Anything you order, Mme. I’ll do my best,” I replied.

“Good,” she commented and went to answer the ringing phone.

“Yeah. OK. Very good. Thanks,” she said.

“We have a few minutes to reach the island. Get ready, boys.We’re gettingdown to brass tacks. The boat will get us down on a safe spot and vanish away in the sea until I finish my mission.Freak will be carrying me around the island and you Alex will be 10 or a little more steps in the back with camera in hand ready to take photos or record videos. Prepare the saddle, reins and stirrups, Freak,” she instructed.

Hundreds of saddles, reins and stirrups were on the boat. The yacht man was to unload them all after we get off on the island.

In a few minutes we were all on the target island. It was pitch dark save for a dim light from a full moon. There was nothing but silence. I stood in my place with Madam Adele and Freak in front of me.

“Freakie, I want you to go as slow as you can and don’t ever make the slightest of sounds. Not even a hiss as you go on that grass,” Madam Adele ordered Freak and opened her legs in signal that Freak has to carry her. Usually, she would snap her fingers and he bends his back in a straight angle and she jumps like a professional equestrienne on his back. May be she did not want to make any sound.

I was growing more concerned by this atmosphere, but my endless trust in my owner’s abilities and all the past experiences with her, from which I went home safe and sound, gave me a feeling of relief.

Freak squatted and inserted his head in between her massive thighs. She adjusted her buttocks back on the saddle and he rose up and placed his two hands on his two knees. Madame Adele, holding the reins with both hands,was looking around while her feetclad in white flip-flops were prying for the stirrups, in which she inserted her two feet without even having to look. It looked as if her feet are so familiar with where the stirrups should be.

She gave Freak a mild hit on the nape and then he moved on. I was in the back behind them.

Freak did a very good job carrying his ruthless rider without the slightest of noise made. I even hardly heard him advancing. She was riding him with adept style and in total control of him by means of her reins, guiding him right or left or at times stopping with an exceptionally mild hit on the nape (the hits are not always that mild).I had her little tour on Freak’s back on video. I thought it would be good to have the journey documented from the very beginning and also I wanted to try the new device.

We advanced for nearly 10 or 15 minutes deep into a forest, where from a distance Madam Adele spotted a big white standing object. Shestopped Freak.I also froze in my place.

Stay here! I’ll be back in a few seconds,” she ordered as she signaled Freak to go down on his knees.

She marched without a sound straight ahead. Freak and I were dead silent in waiting and anticipation.

A couple of minutes passed and Madam Adele has not appeared yet. Inthe dark I managed to make out a figure heading towards us. As it draws closer, I saw Madam Adele coming back with someone in white from head to toe on her shoulder with a machete in her hand. She put him so quietly on the ground. He was unconscious. I had not heard a sound of a hit or resistance. I just saw Madam Adele coming back with this man.

He was dressed in the typical Klan white rope and conical long hat. She sat on his chest and with his head between her feet andtook off the hat.She scratched his left cheek hard with her right toenail and left a big scar. The pain brought the man to his senses only to find out that a black beast has already given herself the liberty of sitting at ease on his chest.

His looks were nothing but shock and awe mixed with fear.

“Hi, asshole! Of course the last thing you expected was to find a black woman resting her buttocks on you nasty white chest. I won’t waste much time with a worthless fuck like you. It’s so simple: You tell me all I need to know, you live. You don’t, you die. It’s your choice.

“Get off of me you black slut….do you think you can get away with this? My Klan will tear you to pieces,” the man shouted.

She slapped his left cheek so hard with her right sole, which she then placed on his mouth to silence him.

“OK, worm…You chose already. The punishment I am going to apply to you is really beyond your imagination. Alex, get me the duct tape from the bag,” she ordered.

In a flash I was handing her the duct tape.

“Freak, I want you to wide open this moron’s mouth wide with your hand until I lay a precious thing right in there,” she commanded Freak, who exactly did as told.

Freak forced the man’s lower jaw down and his upperup with both hands. Madam Adele stood over the man’s head and squatted right over his face. In seconds a thin solid turd of shit was landing inside. She rose.

“Close his mouth tight, Freak,” she ordered as she was about to use the duct tape. She then taped his mouth several times from the back of his head.

“Enjoy my shit, stupid fuck! Your tongue is going to swim in it for a few hours until your end in the morning,” she growled.

We were ordered to remain awake to keep watch over our Owner. She tied her captive’s hands and legs so tightly that it was impossible for him to remove any of his limbs. She went into deep sleep after she placed her two feet over the man’s head from the back as he was forced to lie facedown.

A few hours passed and the light of day began to invade the darkness of night.Madam Adele stirred for a few minutes and woke up. She rose to her feet and ordered Freak to carry her captive man over his shoulders.

“It’s time to toughen a bit, Alex. I’ll shoulder ride you for a while. Come here, son,” she ordered.

I had the feeling that I am going to have ahard time. I drew closer to her and handed her the camcorderShe ordered me on my knees and then rode my shoulders. She was so heavy for me.

“Up, up, boy…easy…do anything but drop me or I swear I’ll twist your neck broken!” she growled.

The fear-striking effect of her words were more painful than a pair of spurs hitting mythighs hard. Perhaps that gave me more strength and resolve. I rose slowly with Madam Adele riding my shoulders. I was able to stand on my two feet and I was so grateful to heavens for that. Now, all I have to do is keep up with the pressure and walk until she relieves me of that torture. I was not even quarter as strong as Freak, who was very well-trained to be her horse and he, being a Gulliver-like in form and was much taller and muscled than Madam Adele, knew very well how to be her horse.

From my perspective, I could see Madam Adele’s feet in her white flip-flops. Her toenails were really so beautiful in white polish. After ten minutes’ walking with Madam Adele on my shoulder, I began to grow very tired. Freak was in the back carrying the captive Klan member, who was giving muffled shouts every now and then but of course he was so helpless.

In less than five minutes more, Madam Adele ordered me to stop and get her down on her feet, which I just did to my relief. I thought a few minutes more would see me collapse under her as I was very exhausted.

I was on my knees to get her feet on the ground. She dismounted and took a few steps forward. “Aha….woooot…all my toys are down there,” she said as she was taking afew steps back.

From my place I could see something like a large amphitheater. It was circular and I heard some shouts.

“Those worms aredown there probably exercising. Freak, hold the machete and duct tape in your hands and bring me this moron. Stand very close to me. I need you with a little thing,” she ordered.

Madam Adele carried the man on her right shoulder, walked a few steps and threw him hard on the ground. His screams of pain were muffled. She then dragged him to a certain spot where she had his back against a big rock.

“Hahaha….I think I don’t need you now. I already found my toys. Now, about that thing I told you last night. You’re going to go back to your friends but first you’ll have a little surgery. Here’s the anesthesia!” she growled as she applied a hammerhead hit on the top of his head. The man went unconscious right away.

“The machete, Freak!” she ordered.

She then used the machete and made a fine cut on the top of his head and then a second and a third.It was a shape like an incomplete rectangle on the top of the man’s head. She looked like a red Indian warrior scalping her enemy’s head. She handed Freak the machete back. She then pulled the part she cut up so slowly from the man’s hair as if she was opening a tuna can.

She opened his head and his brain could be seen so clearly. I was about to throw up or faint from the scene. Blood was trickling down on the unconscious man’s face.

She took off her black panties.

“A-ha….just like I thought…ideal brains for shitting on…heheeheheh,” she said as if she was playing a nice game. She did not waste much time. She held up the cut part with her right hand and squattedright over his exposed brains and in seconds she was sending down a thick big solid turd right inside the hole she had made in the man’s head.

She then brought the cut part down and took the duct tape from Freak and covered the hole several times from the top of the man’s head and around his chin.

He did not know what was happening to him. It was something so merciless. Cruelty would never be up to be the right word to describe what I have just seen. The man is practically dead but he was still breathing. This punishment, as Madam Adele had said last night, was really beyond anyone’s imagination. I thought it would have been much easier for the man if Madam Adele killed him right away.

“Come here, son. Clean me!” she ordered me. Her order brought me back from my contemplation about this man’s end. I rushed right away and went down on my knees behind her and licked the remains of shit inside her ass hole and its vicinity until she was spotless.

“Freak, put everything back in the bag and give to Alex to carry. Untie this fuck’s hands and legsand undo the duct tape on his mouth only. He is definitely notgoinganywhere,” she said as she was putting her panties back on.

We all did as we were told. I held the bag and Freak untied the man, who was beginning to stir back to life, or say death. I was not sure.

“Hi…you’re back, shit-head…but you’re never the same…hahahaha,” she addressed her victim as she was standing over him with her arms akimbo and a cheerful face.

The deformed man gave a naive smile, one of more like a mentally-disabled man. He uttered a few words that no one understood but could not move an inch. He was a living dead man.

“Come on, Freak, carry me. Alex, help this fuck stand and move him to me. I’ll carry him from his waist,” she ordered.

Freak went down on his knees andhad his saddled back right under Madam Adele’s buttocks and rose up to have her riding him. He helped her feet clad in the white flip-flops into the pair of stirrups dangling from his neck while I managed to help the man stand and almost carried and moved him to Madam Adele. She held him from his waist with her right hand and raised him off the ground.

“Come on, Freak. Go forward down there. Follow in the back, Alex, with the bag,” she growled.

We went down a bit sloppy hill to the amphitheater-like spot where the Klan men were training and exercising very hard. They were all in white except for their conical hats.

Madam Adele was guiding Freak right in the men’s direction while carryingher merciful-fated victim off the ground with her right arm behind his waist from the back.

The training men all saw us coming and they abruptly stopped their exercises and watchedus. We drew closer and closer and they were just standing there watching in awe.They were so many.

We stopped at about 10 meters away from them.

“What the fuck is that?” one of them shouted.

“Hi, toys…this is your friend. I recommend that two of you come here take him because he is very sick,”said Adele.

Three men rushed towards us and stopped at Adele and took their friend. “Holy fuck, man. You really smell like shit. What’s the matter with you,” one of them said.

They carried him and went away. They laid the man who was still smiling and uttering vague words on the ground and then undid the duct tape to see how sick he is.

Right after they undid the last piece of the tape they unintentionally opened the cut part of his head. To their awe and disgust, the man’s brains flooded down on the ground with the thick turd Madam Adele had put there. One of the three men fainted.

I could not hold it more than that. I puked like hell in my position at the back.

“I am so sorry,guys. I urgently needed to take a dump but could never find a better toilet than your friend’s head…now he deserves the nicknameshit-for-brains,literally…hahahahaha,” Madam Adele waslaughing in a very zealous tone on Freak’s back.

“You black shit! You’re gonna pay dearly for that. You would wish for a quick death for what you’ve done,” an angry Klan man shouted.

“Calm down, toys. He was a worthless racist fuck anyway. Listen, I don’t have much time to spend with you. I was sent here to finish you all off with a very clear license to kill. However, I gave this matter much thought. I have a proposal for you that would spare you any bloodshed. You’ve been indulgently killing innocent people here on this peaceful island just for the sick racist reasons inside your fucking heads. Now you killed all the men on this island. I am giving you a chance to repent your sins. The only way to do that is to surrender yourselves to me and the innocent widows here to be their slaves for life. You would kneel before them and kiss the dust before their feet in genuine repentance for what you’ve done. By the way, I give proposals only once. So you better think it over or else I am going to give you a verrrrry hard time you’d wish to go to hell,” Madam Adele shouted with resolve and seriousness in her tone.

“Hahahahahah….did you hear that? What a proud bitch!” one of the men shouted.

“OK…then…you’ve missed a very good chance…I hate when my proposals are turned down or scorned. Now take what’s coming your way. You’ll have to bear the consequences,” she said.

“And what is this fuck you’re riding, bitch? He’s shame to white supremacists,” another man said.

“Aaahhh….well….that’s Freak, my horse. I captured him in an attack on a bunch of morons like you. I trained him hard and convinced him that he is in this world to be under my authority and now he’s become a very good boy…right, Freakie…gooooood boy! Kiss mommy’s foot, boy…here’sa sugar lump for you,” she said as she took a sugar lump from an attachment to the saddle and put it inside Freak’s mouth.

Madam Adele was taunting them for a while. She took pleasure in challenging men, particularly conceited ones.

“Oh…God knows I didn’t want to do another massacre. But now it’s too late. You already had your choice. Even if you go back, I will not accept it. I have to kill some people now,” she challenged.

“Ok…breathe your last five minutes, bitch, because I am going to snap your fucking neck now,” one of the men shouted as he took a few steps forward.

Madam Adele remained in place on Freak’s back, giving her challenger the once-over for a few seconds.

“Verrrrry good…I’ll tell you one thing. I like to fight with my bare feet so my enemies feel the wrath of my lethal heels. I was giving thought, though, to where I should place my flip-flops. It’s really very good you volunteered, numskull, because after I crush your fucking throat under my feet like the bug you are, I am going to use your dead ears as racks for my flip-flops. Of course after you’re dead you wouldn’t mind me doing just that…hahaha,” Adele kept on taunting.

The man’s face became red with anger. He proceeded in her direction.

Madam Adele signaled Freak to get her down on the ground. She so calmly dismounted as if there were no one coming in her direction.

Emboldened by the thought that she was off-guard, the man rushed for the attack. Just as he became so close, an impossible kick from her right foot in his midsection stopped him and had him bend down in her knee’s airspace. She just moved her left knee up to hit his face so hard that he was forced back a few steps.

She stood with arms akimbo waiting for his next move with a scornful expression on her face. He stood on his feet and drew closer. Adele took a couple of steps forward and gave the man’s face a roundhouse kick with her right leg, bringing him down on his back.

The kick was so strong that the man took a few seconds to raise his head but while hewas doing just that he saw the sole of Adele’s right foot in flip-flops denying him the chance to raise his head. The foot landed powerfully on his throat, keeping him in place on the ground under her.

“Kiss your ass goodbye, roach. When you’re in hell, you’ll definitely meet a whole nation of stupid men sent by me there. They are going to laugh at you and say ‘this is yet anotherfool who thought he could kill Adele’…hehehehehe,” she was taunting him as she augmented the pressure of her right foot on his throat.

It was really a sight to see. Her formidable right calf was bulging as she pressed his throat with her foot in the flip-flops and white toenails shining beautifully over the man’s neck. He finally made a few hissing sounds, ones of a man being strangled to death, and his face was so purple in color. As she pressured his neck once again he held her leg with both hands but this could not save him; a crack was heard andthe man laydead under Adele’s right foot.

She took her foot off his neck and held his right foot in her right hand and dragged his body behind. She then had the body lean from the back againsta rock, took off her flip-flops and hung each one on an ear like the racks she wanted for her footwear.

“I am so sorry, guys but my flip-flops are precious to me and they should be dealt with in the royal way they deserve because I am royal myself. You see, my flip-flops are white and I am wearing white toenail polish. I think white is good for nothing except being worn on feet,” she taunted as she took her position in front of the men.

One man was shouting in anger and dashed like a crazy train in Adele’s direction with a machete in his hand. She also ran a couple of steps in his direction and did a full somersault forward only to land on the ground with the man’s head between her thighs and her buttocks on his upper chest. She held his right hand that held the machete with both her hands and took his weapon away from him.

“You thought you’re tough, eh? Well…tough my ass you moron,” she said as she squeezed his neckbetween herrock-solid muscledquadsthat bulged around the man’s neck like deadly weapons poised to take his life.

The man struggled but not for long as Adele stepped up her squeezing so fast that hedidnot have an ounce of chance ofsurviving between Adele’s killer legs. She stood up and laid her right foot on the dead man’s face as a sign of victory.

“Who’s next, boys? Come on…there are so many of you yet. It will take me all day this way to finish you all off…come on,” she challenged.

Two men with machetes emerged from the crowds and marched towards Adele. She was still resting her right foot over her victim’s dead face, seemingly unabated by the sight of two men planning to attack her.

Adele marched towards them too, crouching like a lioness. When she became so close to them she took hold of the men’s two arms with machetes, turned around giving them her back and broke their arms over her two shoulders. They stepped back in terrible pain. One of them took the machete with his other arm and rushed towards her but was forced to stop by an elbow hit right in his face. Adele clutched at his other arm, turned her back on him and broke his other arm.

She walked away from him while he was in severe pain on the ground and marched towards the other man, who tried to rise and escaped but she swept her legs off the ground with her left leg, causing him to fall facedown. She held his left arm above the ground, raised her right foot up and landed a grinding kick on his left elbow, breaking it too.

The two men were completely helpless and in terrible pain on the groundwith all their arms broken.She dragged the man whose armshe just brokencloser to the other man and then brought the second one next to his fellow challenger. Both are now lying on their backs next to one another and could not even move as their four arms were all broken ruthlessly.

She picked up two stones from the ground and climbed up on their exposed chests with her two feet and stood there without the slightest resistance on their part. She moved forward on their chests until her two heels were right under their chins. She placed the two stones inside their mouths and then had each of the two men’s noses between her big and second toes of each foot, completely blocking off any air supply to their lungs.

She clinched her toes hard so tight to deny their bodies any oxygenand looked down on them with curled lips in contempt as if they were worthless cockroaches under her feet.

In less than 30 seconds the men struggling for air beneath Adele were dead from lack of air to their lungs. She did not move an inch, though.

“Hahahahaha….there’s nothing funnier than watching men die under one’s feet…I am really amused…I think I’ll have a good time here,” she said as she was studying her victims’ faces.

A man smaller than the others proceeded to challenge Adele. He did not have any weapons in his hands. He marched in her direction and stopped for nothing until he was forced to by a kick in his balls that had him curl on the ground in pain. A minute later he rose to his feet and ran towards Adele who was still standing on the two dead men’s bodies under her feet but only to kick him hard in the chest.

The challenger flew in the air from the strong kick and landed facedown. It was Adele who ran this time towards him. She held his two arms in her hands, raised her left foot to place it on the man’s right shoulderfrom the frontand pressed hard until the man’s upper half of body formed a right angle. He was screaming in pain. Adele would not ease the pressure. She went on pressing her left foot against his right shoulder with his arms still in her two hands. The angle now exceeded 90 degrees and his screams grew louder. The pressure on his vertebral column was immense. A little crack was heard, followed by other louder cracks as Adele did not relieve the pressure on her victim’s backbone. The man died instantly but still she did not stop. She pressed harder and harder until the two halves of the victim’s body were nearly parallel.

The death was merciless and painful. Adele was a killing machine; once switched on,it would be hard to switch it off again until she gets satisfied and it was unfortunately not easy for Adele to feel satisfied. She seeks total mayhem and total death. She feels calmer and calmer in the silence of death she delivers to men.

The Klan men were so concerned and alarmed by the easy deaths she deliveredto the challengers who dared confront her so far.

Two more men posed to challenge the deadly black woman. One aimed a punch at her face. The other was waiting for the results. She swept her challenger’s feet off the ground with her right leg. He fell on his back and then she threw herself in the airwith wide open legsto land her black-pantied ass right on his face so forcefully. He was struggling for air beneath her broad buttocks. The other challenger ran to save his fellow but did not calculate spaces much. Adele kicked him in his balls while she was still sitting on the other man’s face. The second assailant was holding his crotch in pain and fell down on his knees right in front of Adele’s legs. She leaned her hands on the ground and had the second challenger’s neck right in between her calves.

The two challengers were actually in very bad positions. One can’t move his head an inch beneath Adele’s ass and the other was clutching at her legs with both hands tryingto undo thescissorsholdAdele applied on his neck.

My personal judgment was that the two had no escape and would die within seconds, particularly the one whose neck was trapped in betweentheanaconda-like calves of Madam Adele. I tasted them before and was about to die just in a funny experimental leg-scissor hold she was applying to my neck when she was just practicing and stretching her legs.

I said funny but was not at all for me. It was funny from Madam Adele’s perspective.

My judgment proved so right. Within a matter of seconds, two men died under her ass and between her calves almost at the same time.Her face suggested no expression as she took the lives of two men as if she was doing something that is done each day like brushing her teeth.

What really amazes me and makes my hair stand onend with fear in all the killings I have witnessed was the matter-of-factness with which she senthundreds of men to their graves, like it was the only logical thing that made sense in this world.

She undid her scissor hold, letting the deceased man between her calves fall backwards so dead, and rose to her feet. She stood on the body of the man she has suffocated under her ass with both feet. She played her toes against his dead face to the left and right without apparent reason. Perhaps she just wanted to play with her dead victims for a while until a new challenger emerges.

Three men emerged all at the same time and were dashing towards her from three directions. She stood there so dauntless surveying and calculating some spaces. The attacker from her right was the first one to arrivewithin the airspace of her legs.

She shot an awesomely strong front thrust kick to the man’s chest and did not wait to even check the results of herheelkick. She leapt on the neck of the attacker on her left with her left arm in a headlock hold while in the same time entrapping the middle attacker’s neck between her calves.

Before the fourlanded all on the ground, there was only one survivor and of course it was Adele.

It all happened so fast, even faster than two shakes of a lamb’s tail. In just a matter of six seconds or may be less the three crazy dashing attackers were lying dead on the ground.

I was trying to analyze what has exactly happened and how those three strong men died so quickly and so easy.

Adele’s thrust kickwith her right heelto the first man’s chest really damaged his rib cage so severely. I think the bones in his chest were crushed to pieces inside his body from Adele’s formidable bare heeland most probably one of those broken bones pierced his heart like a knife.

The man did not make any move that would prove any signs of life right after he received Adele’s forward thrust kick. Most probably too, the first challenger did not have much time to think what has exactly happened to him or even survey the damage from the kick. He just fell down motionless.

Even Adele herself did not even look at the man after she delivered him her lethal kick as if she was pretty sure about the effect of her kicks like she knows the back of her hand.

The second attacker’s neck snapped just one second after Adele applied her arm-lock hold on his neck while he was still standing on his feet. The third attacker’s neck-breaking death was the only one that made great sense to me. The poor fellow did not know what came his way or what situation he put himself into. He just found his neck trapped between two iron-solid balloon-likepair of calves that know zero mercy. I managed to notice a so fast twist Adele has made with the third challenger’s neck. Most probably this was the cause of his neck-snapping death.

However, I was rest assured that I am going to see these moves in slow motion mode as I got everything on the camcorder.

All the men are now growing so scary of this black death deliverer. Thatwas a scene I had happened to see in previous escapades of Adele. The Klan men started to avoid further encounters with Adele. Ithink they began to realize there was no one of them was match enough to thefear-striking power and lethal weapons of legs and that even their machetes were not much of a help for them in showdowns with this black devil who was sending them to the other world one after the other,sometimes two at the same time and other times three in one go.

The ruthless killer rose to her feet, brought the three dead men next to one another, climbed up, walked to and fro over their bodies, stopped with both feet on the chest of the one in the middle and took off her black panties.

“I don’t think you would mind me taking a leak over your dead faces, losers! Sorry but I am in urgent need to piss…hehehehehehe,” she said as a flood of urine was almost submerging the three men’s faces. She was pissing like a horse and was aiming her liquid gush on one dead face, then the secondand finally the third one.

After nearly two non-stop minutes of peeing on her victims’ faces, she put back her black panties that was in her right hand during the process on.

From behind me, I heard some noise. I looked back and found a large group of women – probably more than 60– coming in my direction from the back. Theywere cheering and laughing, perhaps for the first time in years.

As they drew closer, I could see them wearing skimpy loincloth and breast covers. They were a bit fat with huge bodies with nothing on their feet. They stopped about five meters behind me and never stopped cheering support for Madam Adele, who was looking back at them and waving her fisted hand in the air for them as a sign of victory over the “evil men”.

The appearance of these women struck more fear in the hearts of the men. They did not feel good about it, apparently.

“I’ll challenge you, bitch. I am going to kill you,” shouted a young man, probably 18 years of age.

“You’re most welcome, son. But I hate to be called bitch. Anyway, I don’t have to worry because you’re going to pay for this insult with your life,” Adele replied.

He attacked Adele with a kick to her face but she ducked it. He tried a second one but this time Adele took hold of his leg tightly with her two hands. She then swept his other leg at theshin off the ground, causing him to fall strongly on the ground facedown. She still held one of his legs. Adele then took hold of his other leg and lifted them both above the ground while he was still lying facedown.

My owner placed her right foot over his head to keep it in place and with a sudden pull of his body opposite the direction of his head snapped his neck so violently that a strong crack washeard byeveryone.

She let go of his legs but still treaded on his head which is now dead. The women at the back gave Adele louder cheers over her yet another triumph. Adele smiled back.

“Young and very handsome, yes, but very stupid and arrogant. Now he paid so dearly,” Adele said as she lifted her foot off her recent victim’s head.

“Noooo….my son!” a scream was heard from the crowds of Klan men.

Adele gave a searching look at the men.

“You killed my beloved son, bitch! I’ll revenge him,” a man in his 40s said as he was advancing out of the crowd in Adele’s direction.

“I hate to be the causeofyour stupid son’s departure from you. That’s why I promise you I’ll make it up to you. I am going to send you right away to him so you won’t miss him anymore,”Adele growled.

The man was so athletic that in a flash he grabbed Adele’s waist between his arms. She kneed him very hard in his balls, breaking free from his holdafter he held his crotch with his two hands from the excruciating pain he had. She straightened his bending posture with another knee in his face, followed by a right punch as he was just lifting his head up and then a roundhouse kick from Adele’s left leg on his left cheek,bringing him down on his back on the ground so dizzy.

Adele moved closer to him and stopped right behind his head. She sat her buttocks onthe ground, grabbed the man byhis hair with both hands, opened her legs and placed his head in between her calves.

“I’ll make jelly of your brains. Please don’t forget to say hello from mommy to your son in hell,” growled a smiling Adele as she squeezed her calves against the man’s temples. The man was struggling in horrid pain to try free himself from Adele’s legs but he could not. She augmented the pressure on the sides of his head. His face was so red with pain while her face was even redder with anger.

“Mommy is so annoyed, big man…the only remedy for her is your death between her royal calves…you’re suffering for me, huh? Suffer more and more to please mommy,” she hissed as she squeezed more and more, prompting the man’s shouts togrow louder and louder. He made another long ‘aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh’ but was abruptly silent.

His skull was smashed in between Adele’s calves after a horrible cracking sound. She kept squeezing the dead man’s already crushed skull until two or three more cracks broke the silence. Only then she undid her scissor hold and stood on her two feet and placing her left foot on her victim’s head. Cheers were louder from the local women.

Adele marched in the men’s direction until she was only a couple of meters away. Most of them were stepping back so scared.

“Listen, toys…this could go on forever until I finish the last man of you off…there is no one, amongst you at least,who can overpower me…the result of any encounter with me will always be in my favor…I think you have seen enough, or do you want me to continue?…Ok…I am offering you a chance to save your lives on my conditions…but first you have to announce clearly that you’re going to surrender…those of you who like to save their own necks have to lie facedown on the ground in their places within a count of ten…I promise that I won’t kill anyone who surrenders so willingly and then accepts my conditions…the standing men would mean to me that they refuse to surrender and accordingly I’ll deal with them as possible challengers and kill them…that’s the golden rule…now I’ll start counting,” Adele shouted.


Atthis count of three about 70 men went facedown. More than half of them did just so right after Adele said “One” as if they were waiting for something to clutch at to save their own lives.


About 150 men more opted for safety and went down on the ground where they stood.


Some thirty-five more surrendered. Only about ten men remained standing.


The ten men who pretended to be brave all surrendered and went down before she uttered the word ten.

“Ten…well…OK…all of you have taken the right decision and learned their lessons from those dead fucks under me…As I promised you, you will all stay alive but there are conditions you have to accept in order to remain alive.I am dictating my conditions so confidently because I am the triumphant one here and you are the losers.Of course you know you still have to pay for the crimes you have committed here on this island,” she said.

Adele signaled Freak, who was down on his knees all that time, to come closer to her. She jumped on his back like the professional equestrienne she is.

She guided Freak to the opposite direction heading towards the women behind me. I was shooting everything on video. After she passed me, I walked behind her to get a closer look. She was so proud while she was on Freak’s back, having an aura of a victorious fighter about her. She stopped about a meter from the female gathering.

“Listen to me very well. This island is now yours to take. There will be no submission anymore on your part to those fucks you see lying there. You will dominate them, enslave them or even kill them if they disobeyed any of you. They are totally yours to do whatever you please except killing them because I promised them that they would stay alive. However, if any of them disobeyed any order from any of you, you’re free to break their fucking necks. I want you to be so cruel and ruthless and give them a taste of what they have been giving you during the past years. Now, I want all of you to return to your houses and bring me all the ropes you can get,” Adele said.

All the women were smiling and cheering. They all went back to their dwellings, which could be seen from my place as a group of small huts.

Adele guided Freak back to the men until she was only a few centimeters from the first row of men laying facedown. I drew closer and walked amongst the dead bodies to get a better vintage point to shoot my videos.

“I want to warn you, toys. Any move on your part without my orders will be punishable by quick death. I keep my word as long as you follow the new rules here on this island. Please stay safe and don’t make me do another kill. I am going to do some small tests of loyalty here. You are a large number of men, so I am going to make a random selection amongst you for these tests,” she said as she signaled Freak to move in between the rows of surrendered men.

“You, look up to me,” she spoke to one right next to Freak’s legs.Several men who thought she was addressing them looked up to her.

“Yes, you…stand up andfollow me closely,” she ordered and went outside the rows to face them all. A Klan man was standing on his feet very close to her.

“Can you see that pair of flip-flops hanging on their racks, son? Go fetch them within seconds,” she ordered the man, who looked very young, probably 20 or so.

“Right away, Mme,” he replied so meekly with a facehaunted by fear. He ran likewind and took Madam Adele’s flip-flops which were neatly placedonand dangling fromthe ears of the second man she hadkilled on this island.

“Good boy! Put these on mommy’s feet son, kiss them both and go back to your position,” ordered Adele.

The young man took Adele’s right foot from the stirrup, put it in her flip-flop and planted a kiss so meekly on it and then did the same with her left foot and ran back to lie facedown in his previous position.

“Very good! See? It’s easy to follow mommy’s rules, for as long as you respect my rules you’ll stay alive but if not then there will be no good reason for any disobedient captive to live,” she said with a grin on her lips.

The women returned back running with all the ropes they could carry and gathered behind Adele.

“All right, ladies. Now I want you to tie all those bastards’ hands so tightly from behind their backs. I don’t want to see anyone of them able to move their hands aninch,” she said.

The women straddled the captive men’s backs and tiedtheirhands so tightly as if therewere nothing better in the world to do just that.

Adele was watching and smiling to see the members of hersexso pleased to dominate the men who turned their lives into misery for years. The procedure has taken about 30 minutes or so. Adele did not kept Freak idle. She was touring around the men and watching whether the women were doing a good job.

Everything went so perfect as Adele wished. The women were still straddling the men’s backs as if they were waiting for Madam Adele’s instructions.

“OK…so good, ladies. First of all I want to make it clear that I am not superior to any of you. We are all women and sisters. However, I would just consider myself a leader here, at least for a while until the rules I set are strongly entrenched in all those men’s minds. I know and heard about what those men did to you and I was sent particularly in this mission to kill all those bastards. The instructions I had were very clear. But, I just considered the possibility whether those men would come to be servile to you and help you rebuild this island and make it better and more developed. You do a lot of work here, cultivating the lands, shepherding the cattleand milking the cows and all these things. Why do you have to do that as long as there would be some men around to do these and be your lifetime slaves. On one hand you’ll be relieved from this arduous work and on the other hand those men would turn into good productive citizens in addition to any other tasks you see fit for them to do. So, what do you think about that?” Adele asked.

“Yeah”, “that’s better”, “agree” were most of the answers from the ladies.

“All right, ladies. I’ll figure out a system for that, but first we have to separate the wheat from the chaff among those captives. I want all of you to form a long line behind me,” Adele said.

The women got off the captive malesand the all, nearly 65, formed a long line standing behind one another right in the back of Adele who was on Freak’s back.

Adele drew closer to the men who did not made any move and just waited for their fates to be decided for them by someone else, and this one of course was Madam Adele.

“Listen boys! Here’s another test of loyalty. I will be on my Freakie’s back. I expect you one by one to stand up at my commands and kiss my two feet in their stirrups and then run until you reach the first woman in this line and crawl on the ground like a worm and plant only one kiss on their right feet one after the other. After you do that to the last woman in the line you keep crawling for about three yards and form rows like the one I see now. You’ll only start moving at my command word ‘next’. I want this procedure to take place very quickly. However, if any of you got tired of that long way of crawling and felt like he can’t go on, heshould not press himself but can step aside by standing up on his feetuntil he reaches that rock andlie facedownthere for further ordersso that he may leave space for the others to do it.I’ll begin with the first row in fine order with that fellow there. Come on, let’s do it now. Start,” Adele ordered.

The first man from Adele’s left in the first row stood up with hands behind his back and kissed her right foot and then her left and rushed to the line of women and went on the ground facedown and kissed the right foot of the first woman in the line. She laughed. He then crawled to do the same with the second and then the third.

“Next!” Adele shouted. A second man moved and did the same thing, followed by a third and then a fourth.

All the men did as told except some 17 men who could not complete the tough course. Two of them could not crawl anymore to the lasttwo or three women in the line.

“Excellent.Tonightwe’ll have a very wild celebrations of our supremacy on this island. Isn’t this wonderful. The women are taking control of the whole island and there are plenty of men at our beck and call…hahahahaha,” Adele said as he drove Freak forward closer to the women who were looking at him in awe and amusement as if they did not believe that such a huge man is so meekly broken under the authority of Madam Adele.

“I just want you to seize those machetes on the ground and exchange shifts guarding those captive males. I want two women at each line with machetes in both hands. If it happens that any of those men made a move you didn’t like, you may smash their brains out with your weapons until they move no more.It’s only about 10 hours left to our great celebration. All the rest of the women who have no duty shifts can rest inside their homes, but I need one of those homes to take a rest myself. I want to have a good time’s sleep because I am very tired,” she said.

Several women contested to win Adele’s approval to their invitations at their homes. They were so welcoming and hospitable.Adele accepted one of their invitations and signaled Freak to move ahead and me to follow at the back.

We entered a large hut with a bed made of thick wood and a mattress made of tree leaves. Everything on this island was very primitive and simple. The hut was very clean and neat, though.

Two women entered with us to welcome Adele. They were sisters and both were well-built but fat in a fine way. Their thighs were enormous and fleshy. They talked to Adele about some arrangements for the food and drinks in this celebration. They said they would offer 50 sheep and that there will be barbecued mutton and a lot of wine the women have from the vast swathes of vineyardsthey own.

“The plans seem to be so all right and excellent. I think we’re going to have a nice timetonight. We will all get drunk and play with the 17 men who failed the test of loyalty until they die. We have to kill those men but please I don’t want anyone to know about these plans. I don’t want either those losers to know about their sealed ends otherwise they’ll be desperate and might do anything stupid. I want to strike more fear in the hearts of the rest of the men in order to bring them to be more obedient, more servile and meeker. After we kill those men before the rest of the captives’ eyes, we’re going to torture the others so cruelly to straighten them up and totally break them into complete submission,” Adele said.

“Don’t worry, Queen. Everything will go as you exactly planned. Besides, I want to know how it is like to take a man’s life. I am so fortunate because one of those 17 losers was the one who slit the throat of my husband. So, I want this man reserved for me if you please,” one of the two sisters said.

“Be my guest. He’s all yours,” replied Adele.

“Okay. We’ll leave you now for some rest and we go check on those men and their female guards. Is there anything you want me to do for you?” the woman asked politely.

“Ah…yes please. I want some bowl of cold water so my servants may wash my feet. They needed a lot of washing from all that dirty blood on them,” Adele asked.

“Yes, of course, Queen. I’ll be here in within 15 minutes with all the water you need. The spring is about 10 minutes’ walking,” the woman said.

“Well…OK…since it’s so far away, I don’t want you to toil yourself for me, good lady. You can have my own servants to help, that’s Freak, my human horse. Ride him to the spring and fill whatever water you want andgive it to Alex,my other servant to carry it for you,” Adele said.

“I don’t want to cause you any embarrassment. I’ll go get the water myself,” the woman said.

“No no, dear sister. Please. There’s no embarrassment at all. This creature was made to toil for me and for whoever I want. Please ride him and guide him anywhere you want to go. Freakand Alex! I don’t want you to cause any trouble for this respected lady. She is a very fine one. Give her the royal treatment she deserves, boy!” Adele ordered.

“Yes, Mme. I’ll be like a tool for her,” Freak replied.

“We’ll do as we are ordered, Mme,” I said.

“See?They’regoing to make things easy for you,” Adele said.

“Yeah. All right, Queen. That would be great. Thank you very much for everything,” the woman said as she took hold of Freak’s reins. I followed in their trail.

The three of us went with the huge woman and left Adele lying on the bed. She must have been very tired after that long day. I was tired myself.

The woman ordered Freak go on all fours so she can ride on his back. He did just that.

She mounted his back. She took hold of the reins attached to both ends of his mouth. Freak helped her feet into the stirrups and then he rose to assume the camel position, that is bending his back so his rider would feel further up and he only walks on his feet.

“Why are you not leashed, slave?” the woman asked me from her position on Freak’s back.

“My Owner thought that there was no need to put a leash on me, Mme,” I replied so politely.

“Ok. So you’ll just follow me, right?” she asked.

“Yes, Mme. I am all yours, Mme. Totally at your disposal, Mme,” I said.

“Very good. Follow me then…oh that’s a very comfy saddle. Keep going, horse. Let’s test your speeds. Trot, horse,” the woman ordered. Freak trotted and she shook up his back. The shaking made her laugh so loud. She was having a good time with Freak.

“Now go at a canter, good horsie,” she commanded. Freak did. He was so strong as to carry a heavy woman like that on his back and still can be at a fine speed. Their advancing made me go at a faster pace too.

“Great! Now gallop, horsie,” she ordered.

Freak could never break an order as he was instructed by our Owner to observe whatever commands he receives from this woman. The same thing applied to me.

“Well…well…ok…slow down, horsie. I want to enjoy the ride,” she ordered and Freak went in a slower pace and so did I.

She looked very happy and felt so pampered as to be carried and obtaining superiority after years of fear and submission to white supremacist racists. She is going to kill at least one of themtonight. The thought of slaying those 17 mentonightgave me the creeps.

We reached the spring. The woman dismounted off Freak’s back. She sat on a rock by a tree with a bag in her hand.

“OK. I am a bit tired. I want just a couple of minutes of foot rubbing. Both of you come pamper my feet,” she ordered.

Freak and I were on our knees rubbing the woman’s feet. They were so solid and the heels were dry and cracked and needed a hell of care.

“Wow…that’s really relaxing…I am going to pick myself servants from those damned racists down there…I just wanted to enjoy the feeling that someone is taking good care of my feet. Thank you two so much. Now we have to get water for your lady to have her feet washed. She deserves it after this long busy fruitful day,” the woman said as she handed me the bag and ordered me to fill it with water from the spring.

I filled the big thick leather bag with water from the spring, which was in a very beautiful spot with trees and birds singing. The place was very quiet and magnificent that it looked like heaven on earth.

I returned to the woman, who was a typical black African but was tall and plumb. Her face was so pretty, though. Her ass was so sweet and so feminine.

She stood up and mounted the back of Freak who was on all fours. He rose up and she guided him back to the hut where Madam Adele was and I followed her at the back.

We all entered into the hut. Madam Adele was lying on her back on the bed but still awake.

“Hi. Welcome back. Did any of these two give you a hard time or break any order?” Adele asked the woman, who was dismounting from Freak’s back.

Oh no, Queen. They were doing very good. They made things easier for me. They were really so handy to use,” the woman replied.

“By the way, why do you call me queen? I think I am not a queen here. And what’s your name?” Adele asked.

My name is Keisha….and I think the least we can do is to crown you as our Queen. You saved our lives and ended our misery. There’s nothing we can express our gratitude for you more than we make you Queen on this island. I think this would be a unanimous request we make to you and we really wish you accept this,” the woman said.

“Thank you so much, Keisha, but I think I can’t accept that. I am here on a specific mission and have to go back to where I belonged,” Adele replied.

“Anyway…we’ll talk about this later…I think I should leave you to take some sleep. Have a nice time,” Keisha said as she was getting herself ready to leave.

“All right, Keisha. Thanks. And you too. Bye,” Adele replied.

Keisha walked out of the hut and Madam Adele sat on the edge of the bed and ordered me and Freak to wash her feet very devotedly. I filled a bowl with water from the bag I filled from the spring. The two servants that were me and Freak washed Madam Adele’s right and left legs respectively. I cleaned so well in between her toes.

“The calves, boys…don’t forget the calves…they need a good rubbing…after you finish, both of you dry my legs and feet with your tongues and each one of you take one of my flip-flops and shine it with your tongues until they glisten and then you can sleep right at the foot of this bed,” commanded Adele as she threw her back on the bed and closed her eyes.

We continued washing her legs though until we made sure that they were neatly cleaned in the way she preferred. We then dried her feet and legs with our tongues. Freak and I licked from the toes up all the way to her knees. We did not miss a spot.

Freak then held Adele’s left flip-flop with both hands, resigned to a corner and traveled his tongue all about it: the heels and the insteps and everything. I did just the same with her right one. After about 30 minutes of cleaning our Owner’s footwear, we both layon our backs at the foot of the bed and went into deep sleep.

I slept like dead and was awoken up by some hits on my left cheek as if someone was slapping me hard. I opened my eyesto find Madam Adele standing over me with her legs wide open and her face looking down on mine. She was frowning and seemed angry. Her facial expression was more than a cup of coffee that would refresh a sleepy man in the morning.

“Do I have to spend all fucking day waking a lazy slave like you?” she wondered and looked clearly angry.

I felt my left cheek aching a bit. She probably foot-slapped it several times. I was very tired I did not even feel her slaps. She was so huge from my perspective on my back on the floor as if she were some beast.

She actually was.

During the school days we learned about the loch ness monster, the ghosts, the succubus and incubus and other imaginary forms. They were nothing compared to Madam Adele. Madam Adele is actually the worst nightmare that could happen to any man. Sometimes I got the feeling that she was a curse on the male race.

“Oh…no…no, Mme. I am s…s…so sorry, Mme. I promise it won’t happen again,” I stuttered as I replied meekly.

“It better not happen again, son,or else I’ll apply a severe punishment on you, Alex. You know I like you as a favorite slave of minebut I can’t live with the feeling that my orders are not receiving the due attention on your part,” she growled.

“I understand, Mme. I am totally yours, Mme. I apologize again for this stupid mistake,” I said, hoping my words would calm her down because if she can’t live with the feeling that her orders were not receiving the due attention on my part,then I will not be able tolive with the feeling that my body or face are aching from torture.

“OK, boy…stay as you are. Suck my toes clean,” she said as she leaned on a bar in the bed and placed the big toe of her right foot in my mouth as if it was only the most logical place for her toe to be placed. Her facial expression suggested it because it was like the same expression a woman has when she for instance wash a dish in the kitchen.

I did not even make an effort. She did everything. Adele kept pushing her big toe down my mouth and pulling it up but never out.

“Tongue out, boy!” she commanded. I stuck out my tongue.

She had my tongue trapped so tightly in between her big and second toes. It hurt a bit.

“As much out as you can, boy! Mommy wants to have all her toes clean and shining for the party,” she commanded.

I pushed my tongue out as much as I could.

“Verrrrrrygood, son! That’s exactly what Mommy needs. Now keep your tongue as hard as a dick in place….ooooohhhh…..yeah….thaaaaaat’s it….good boy…my footboy,” she said as my tongue has been used for her toes’ advantage to the fullest degree.

Fifteen minutes have passed and she seemed not satisfied yet. My tongue was very dry as it ran out of all the saliva needed to have her toes sliding smoothly around it. She definitely realized that because she took out herfoot from my mouth andspitted hugely right into my mouth from her standing posture and brought her toes back again on my tongue.

After all this thorough toe-bath in which my tongue cleaned the spaces between all her five toes, Madam Adele passed her sole from the heel to the ball of her right foot on my mouth overand again for some five minutes, helping me damp my tongue with her saliva whenever she felt my tongue ran out of it.

She then took her foot in her right hand and examined each part of it: the toes, the heel, the nails, the instep and the sole.

“Mmmmm….excellent….very excellent results!” she said as she placed her right foot on the floor and started the same process with her left foot.

She sat on the side of the bed. Freak was already awake and on all fours waiting for orders.

“Both of you fetch me my flip-flops. I think you have cleaned them thoroughly, right?” she asked.

“Yes, Mme. They are shining in the way you prefer, Mme,” I replied.

“Very good. Now put them on,” she ordered.

Freak took the one he cleaned and I the other one. Both of us were on our knees before her and putting her feet into her flip-flops.

“Yeah…they are so nice and clean. Thank you so much, my slaves. Now, deluge mommy’s legs with kisses from knees to toenails. Pamper me and make me feel like the Superior Queen and Goddess that I am,” she ordered, sitting on the side of the bed with both her feet in her flip-flops on the floor.

Freak started kissing her right knee and I her left and we went all the way down, trying hard not to miss any spot or leave it unkissed. Madam Adele was watching both of us very carefully, not even smiling. Her facial expressions are the only thing that is driving me crazy, sending a message that we were born to do just that and that it would be very weird and unacceptable if we did not do just that.

I was going up and down her left leg and so was Freak with her right. We were looking very ridiculous as if Madam Adele was our newly-found faith and deity and as if we were very devout worshippers and followers.

Her toenails were quite sexy and very beautiful in white polish. The white flip-flops added even more beauty to the shape of her sexy feet.

We passed the next 10 minutes doing what we have been ordered until at last she began to speak.

“Thank you, boys. That’s enough. Now get ready for the party. On all fours, Freak,” she commanded.

I had some bad feelings about that “party” as I thought there was going to be more bloodshed and loss of human life. Honestly, I did not thing it was necessary to kill more men. Perhaps Madam Adele wanted to give the women of the island a chance to vent their anger on the men who had suppressed them for a long time.

“Stay in the back close to me, son, and don’t forget to have everything on video,” Adele commanded as she jumped over Freak’s back and slapped his nape in signal for him to go forward.

“Don’t worry, Mme. Everything will be as wish it to be,” I replied.

We went out of the hut. Adele was riding Freak at a slow pace. Everything looked very quiet at night. There were a lot of torches making the dark night looking like daylight. All the women looked very busy. Some of them were stretching small tables and pillows were so many on the ground for diners to sit at.

Some other women were standing guard over the captives and looked very vigilant while others were acting as foot patrollers inspecting if there were any man making any dubious moves. Others were lightening fire for barbecues and brining in huge jars of wine.

Keisha was heading our way and looked like she wanted to have a few words with Madam Adele, who slapped Freak hard on the nape in signal for him to stop. He just did.

“Hi, Queen. Everything is ready to start our long-awaited party. All the girls are in a very high morale. About 15 women have already slain a large number of sheep and preparing them for the barbecue. I have a thing to tell you. We removed the huge cages those men used to put us in and brought them here. Do you think it’s a good idea to put all the captives, save those 17 men, in those cages to watch our celebrations?” said Keisha.

“Very well, Keisha. It’s a very good idea. But do you think the cages are so tight and secure to place those prisoners in?” wondered Adele.

“Oh don’t worry about that, Queen. They are 11 cages. Each one of those can take up to 30 captives. Besides, they will remain hand-tied in those cages,” explained Keisha.

“OK, then. I would prefer their legs would be tied too. Tell the girls to place those cages around us in spots where every captive male can watch the party events very clearly. I also want the first cage to be reserved for the 17 men objects of our wild festivities…hehehehe,” said Adele.

“All right, Queen. Everything will be so neatly arranged. We’ve been waiting for this moment for years,” replied Keisha as she walked away from us. She looked very bossy herself with looks suggesting that she has natural propensity to dominate others.

Adele proceeded forward until she reached the dining tables.She got off Freak’s back and ensconced her buttocks into a very cozy pillow on the ground. The tables were empty save with some glasses and plates.Freak and I were on our knees behind our Owner. The women were like a beehive working here and there for the party.

“Would you please call Keisha for me? I need to talk with her for a second,” she politely asked one of the women.

“Of course, Queen. Right away,” the woman answered.

The girl returned in a few minutes with Keisha next to her.

“Yes, Queen. Is there anything I can do?” Keisha enquired.

“Ah…Keisha…well. I just didn’t like what I see. All the women here are working very hard while they should be seated and served in the way they deserve. We are superiors here on this island now. We all should be served because we’re the supremacists now. Just bring as many whips as you can from your village, bring out 10 of those prisoners and beat the living daylights out of them and then order them to be our attendants and servants for this lovely evening,” Adele said.

“You’re so right, Queen. I’ll do just that. It’s so perfect,” Keisha said as she was beginning to move away when Adele stopped her.

“Aaah…and Keisha…take my own servants. They might be helpful to you as they are sitting idle doing nothing now. Freak, take your Superior Being Madam Keisha anywhere she likes and you Alex carry whatever she gives to you,” she commanded.

“Yes, Mme.,” was my and Freak’s answer, almost in unison.

“Thanks, Queen. It’s very nice of you,” Keisha said, grinning and Adele blinked at her.

Freak hastened to Keisha and went on all fours right before her and I was right behind him waiting for orders.

Keisha seemed so pleasant as she was mounting Freak’s backand holding the reins in her hands so tight. I could tell that from the ear-to-ear smile on her face.Freak helped Keisha’s two feet into the stirrups dangling from his neck and then went up andmoved ahead after Keisha hit him very hard on the nape. Perhaps she has seen Adele doing that before except that Keisha exaggerated the hit a bit.

I followed in theback. Keisha seemed so jubilant as Freak marched forward for about five minutes when she again hit him very hard on his nape. He stopped in place.

“Come here boy, take out the spurs and put them on my ankles,” she ordered me.

I took the stirrups out from some pockets attached to Freak’s saddle, brought Keisha’s feet out of the stirrups and put on the spurs around her ankles and placed her feet back again into the stirrups.

I was about to return to my earlier position behind her but stopped when she spoke.

“No, no, no…not finished with you yet, boy…take my feet out of the stirrups again and wipe my dusty soles with your face,” she ordered.

I did as told; held her right foot both hands and cleaned her dusty soles by going my face up and down it. She didn’t say order me to stop. She was giggling and apparently enjoyed every second of it as my face was like a brush cleaning the dust off her sole from heel to toes.

While I was serving Keisha’s feet my mind traveled to my office back in my city where I used to sit in my air-conditioned room and ordering young male and female lawyers here and there. It was ridiculous: from my paradise in my fancy roomy office as a famed lawyer to this servile condition forsome illiterate woman on this primitive island.

After several minutes of cleaning her dirty sole with my face going up and down itwith the tip of the spurs almost scratching my face each time I reach her heel,she ordered me to stop. I remained in place. She bent her right leg up and checking the results of my service.

“Mmmm…not bad, boy…not bad at all…ok…move to the left leg,” she ordered.

I moved to the other side and face-rubbed her left dusty sole until she was spotless. All the time Keisha was watching me very carefully with a smile on her lips as felt more and more proud having a member of the white male race that until just yesterday was totally controlling her black female race.

“OK…stop! Thank you, Alex…you were really of help here…come on, boy…am I going to place my own feet into the stirrups myself? Show some respect, boy!” she said in a mellow tone of voice yet never void of seriousness.

“No. Of course not, Mme. Right away!” was my reply.

I placed her left foot into the stirrup and rushed to do the same with her right foot and remained in place for further orders.

“Very good, boy…come on, let’s get going. We have a lot to do,” she growled with more seriousness as she slapped Freak’s nape very hard like a whip to signal him to go again.

We moved ahead. Keisha would use her spurs hard on Freak’s thighsfor faster paces. The hitting continued mercilessly that I found myself running in the back. The hits were never mild and never stopped. I saw Freak’s thighs beginning to bleed and heard him moaning in pain under Keisha.

We drew nearer to a house when Keisha slapped Freak’s nape hard to signal him to stop.She dismounted and entered the house and returned in seconds with two whips. She handed them to me and climbed on Freak’s back again. We went to several houses within this neighborhood and I found myself carrying about 20 something whips. Just the look at those long hard whips gave me the creeps.

We returned to the festivities site.

“Verrry good…now get us 10 of those numskulls, Keisha, to beat to a pulp,” Adele said while she was yawning.

The girls then took 10 prisoners out of the cages. They were from the groups of prisoners doomed to turn into slaves for these black women on the island. The 17 others doomed to death (they did not know about their fate yet) were still in one cage together.

About 25 women were on the 10 men, stripping them naked and having them lie on their faces on the ground. They had their hands tied from the back. All the captive men were helpless and not able to move an inch.

“I think everything is ready, Queen,” Keisha said.

“Well, then…let me check closely,” Adele said as she stood up and snapped her fingers to Freak to come to her.

She jumped over Freak’s back, headed towards me and took one of the whip I was holding with both hands.

The 10 men were lying stark naked next to one another. Adele jumped off Freak and stood on the back of one of the captives with both feet. She checked one by one as she walked over the men’s backs up and down as if they were mats under her feet.

“Now we’ll see if you will take this as the men you claim to be,” Adele growled as she went on a frenzy of mercilessly whipping the white captives’ backs. Lashes landed so noisily here and there. Screams were growing louder and louder as the lashes caused formidable rough sounds that no one wanted to hear let alone experience. Adele beat the hell out of the menwith no ounce of mercy.

After 15minutes of non-stop whip-beating, all the captives were crying and screaming like babies. She stopped after she began to sweatfrom the effort. The men’s white backs were all marked red from the constant beating and were still crying in pain.

“Listen scumbags! I was just playing with you a little to teach you some manners.Manners, decorum and extreme respect are very essential whenyoudeal with any of the supreme beings here on this island.I could have killed you or burned you all alive but I tried to be more merciful and less violent. We are celebrating women’s supremacy here. Of course we’re not serving ourselves here in this nice evening or what goodare you then? I want to seeutmost devotion and sincere service on your part. Is it understood?” Adele asked as she continued walking on the lashed backs of her victims up and down amidst agonized weeping from the men under her.

Allof them managed to utter the words“understoodor“yes, Mme” or “understood, Mme” despite their excruciating pain.

“Good, we’ll put this to the test then. It’s very simple. Just follow the orders you receive and everything will be all right,” Adele said as sheuntied their hands,stepped off their backs and sat at her table.

All the women were sitting at their tables at ease and waiting to be served. Everything was set: barbecued mutton meat and beef, potatoes, salads, rice with pistachio and almonds, many desserts, drinks,juice and liquor.

“Ok. Stand up on your damn feet and any moron of you serve me a huuuuuuge plate of rice, another of meat and potatoes and a third of salads,” Adele hissed.

All ten men rushed to observe her orders when she stopped them in their tracks.

“No, no, no…not all of you…there are other goddesseswhoneed to be served…pay close attention to their orders…you, yes you, butthead! Go do what I said,” she ordered.

Only one served Madam Adele what she exactly ordered while the nine others ran about here and there so quickly to serve the sixty-something ladies.

The scene today must have been very different from yesterday’s. The women who used to be oppressed by white supremacist men now have the upper hand. They sit like queens and their once-oppressors are now their servants who only seek their satisfaction and want to avoid their wrath. Madam Adele has turned the tables on this island.

All the women were eating, drinking and laughing at their slaves and sometimes taunt them. One of the women slapped a servant about seven times on his cheeks for just spilling one drop of juice on her thigh.

The place was like a beehive. All white masters-turned-servants were running everywhere to do what they are ordered to do.One brought more food to that lady and another beer and liquor.

Madam Adele was gulping one big glass of beer after another. She began to have problems with speech after a large amount of beer took its toll on her head. I’ve always felt so scared of Madam Adele in two conditions: when she’s angry or when she’s drunk.

After a few hours of food and drinks served to the women, the festivities became wilder and Madam Adele tended to be more violent. Keisha, who was right next to Adele, was talking to her while a slave was ordered to rub her feet.

Oh, I feel so relaxed having a man rubbing my aching feet while I am dead drunk…hahahaha….what a beautiful life to have someone caring about your needs and seeking only your pleasure,” Keisha said as she gulped a glass of beer.

“Yeah, Keisha…nothing is more right…men should be put in their right place and made to understand very clearly that they only exist for the women’s pleasures…like that little worm rubbing your feet now…what’s your nameand how old are you, son?” Adele asked.

“J…J…Johnny, Mme…I-I am 18,” he replied, apparently so scared of Adele.

“Crawl to me, Johnny…your name is about to be registered in the annals of history,” she commanded. Johnny crawled as ordered until his head was at Adele’s feet. She grabbed him from his hair with her right hand, forcefully drew his face to touch her bottoms between her wide-open legs and cracked up a long noisy smelly fart. He fidgeted a bit but she kept him in place with both hands.

“Aaaaaaah….aah….oooh….omg! god I needed that…this is mommy’s special perfume…did you like it?”Adele asked with a firm tone that leaves no space for a “no” answer.

“Yes, Mme. I liked it a lot. I am at your service, Mme. Pleasespare my life….I-I’ll b-be your slave for life…Please, Mme. don’t k-kill me, please…” Johnny said as he was about to shit in his pants with fear.

“Hahahahah….don’t be so scared, Johnny…I might keep a handsome sonny like you as servant…wouldn’t be that an honor to you, Johnny?” Adele asked.

“O-of course, M-Mme….there’s no d-doubt about it…” he said.

“Well then…kiss mommy’s feet with devotion,” she ordered.

He kissed Adele’s feet for a couple of minutes so frantically and with emotion.

“Very good, Johnny. Your kisses on my feet tell me that you’re an honest slave. All right, since you like mommy’s perfume that much, I’ll bestow more honor on you…crawl again all by yourself this time and let mommy spray your face again,” she ordered.

He crawled again, this time voluntarily. Adele blew several farts on his face. I could smell them from my place right behind her while I was having everything on cam.

“Oooh…wow…yeah…take ‘em all,son…take mommy’s farts away,” she moaned whilespraying the young boy’s face.

All the time Keisha was laughing her head off, amazed how Adele practiced her powers so limitlessly over the white servants.

“Keisha, do you want to use Johnny?” Adele asked.

“Ah yeah…of course…I ate too much today…this mutton makes me want to fart a lot,” Keisha replied.

“Ok…Johnny, serve Mistress Keisha right away,” Adele ordered.

Johnny crawled right in between Keisha’s open legs. Shegave out louder and nastier farts than Adele’s. I sympathized with poor Johnny but in the same time though I was blessed I was not in his place. I’ve had years enough of having to sniff Adele’s intestinal gas. Her farts were the main reason why I lost my sense of smelling for good.

“All right, Johnny…as you know, mommy drank a lot of beertonightand my bladder is exploding. Do you think it’s proper that mommy’s precious pee is wasted like that on the ground or do you think you can help me with that?” Adele asked with a lot of sarcasm in her face. I think she wanted to humiliate the young man more and more. May be she was so pleased to see a white man so degraded by her.

“Of course, Mme. I am willing to helpin any way you see fit, Mme.” he replied.

“Very good, Johnny…I think you’ll have a bright future being a servant, boy. Freak, come carry me,”she ordered.

Freak was on his knees next to me so ready for any orders. Madam Adele rose on her knees and opened her legs. Freak inserted his head between her thighs and rose up little by little as she wanted everything done slowly when she’s drunk. Freak was very experienced with Adele’s preferences. She adjusted her position on Freak’s back and sat her buttocks on the saddle while Freak helped her feet into the stirrups dangling from his neck.

“Crawl after me, son!” she ordered Johnny. Adele went a few steps forward in the open so that everyone present in the wild festivities can see her. She remained on Freak’s back waiting for Johnny to come crawling. He was advancing as fast as he could.

“No, boy…you have to be faster than that if you want to win mommy’s favor. Verrrrry good. That’s close enough. Now lie on your back and face to the sky and don’t evenmove your face until I finish with you,” she instructed.

“Ok, Mme,” he replied meekly.

Adele nudged Freak’s sides with herfeet to bring her down. She stood her feet on Johnny’s bodyand chest. He was suffering underher heavy weight.

“Come on, Johnny…take it like a man, son,” she said as she took off her black panties.

Adele then stood over him, having his face between her legs and looking at her standing crotch. She opened her pussy wide and there was never a second’s waiting. She was peeing like a horse on the young man’s face. He was so scared that he could not move his face an inch.

“Hehehe…oh boy…take all mommy’s urine…she drank a lot of beer tonight…yeah…come on…open your mouth…drink some of it….yeah…that’s right…tastes good, huh?” she taunted.

Three minutes of constant peeing on Johnny’s face have passed until the yellow gush came down to a thin trickle. Those three minutes must have passed like three years for Johnny, I could tell.The poor fellow only wanted to keep his life. All the crowds of women were cheering and laughing at the scene. I thought that Johnny did not care about that. All he cared about is to stay alive and accordingly he would take whatever torture or humiliation those women are going to offer him.

Adele climbed on his chest and belly again to put her panties back on. She then went on Freak’s back and returned to her earlier place. Johnny did not move.

“Very good, Johnny…you were great…stay as you are boy…Mistress Keisha might want to use you. Keisha?” Adele asked.

“Yes…my bladder is killing me too,” she said as she rose on her feet.

She squatted over Johnny’s face and he had to take another flood of yellow rain fromthe 39-year-oldKeisha who was laughing like she has never before. “Do you remember, young handsome boy, when you used to call me bitch? Now you have to welcome this bitch’s salty urine on your damn face…hahahaha,” Keisha taunted him while she was watching the flood coming from her body on her captive male’s face.

Johnny choked while Keisha was still sending down her piss on his face but she laughed at his suffering. She has not stood up and returned to her place next to Adele until she disposed of the last drop of urine on the boy’s face.

“Ok…Johnny…get yourself washed and continue serving your goddesses here,” Adele ordered.

“R-right away, Mme,” he replied, still obviously scared.

“Woooah…what an experience! To use a man’s face as a toilet…hahaha,” Keisha told Adele.

“Yeah, Keisha…don’t just pretend it’s the natural thing to do, but believe in it deep down. This belief will be reflected on the slave you use…this is my simple theory…did you see Freak? Just look how huge he is. However, I turned him into a nice obedient pony. I think after all those years I used him he must have forgotten he is originally human. That’s mainly because I planted this idea in his fucking brains day after day and hour after hour. If you want to be a real goddess over your slave, regardless who he is, just be so cruel and give him the feeling that you might kill him at any moment for whatever mistake he makes. This way you would keep your slaveon edge and strike that beautiful fear in his heart. This fear of losing his life will force him to be more than obedient and attentive.Did you see that young boy Johnny? I never threatened to kill him but he got the impression that I take the lives of men so easily, which is true. He thought of himself and his life and reckoned that stronger men than he is were killed by me just like that. This spurred him to be more obedient as you saw,” Adele explained to Keisha.

“Wow…you’re not only dominating men physically, but you’re also dominating them psychologically,” Keisha said.

“Exactly…total psychological domination would make it easy to dominate slaves physically…You know why I kept those 17 men inside a separate cage? Those will be slaintonightto set an example for the rest…even if they had succeeded to reach the last girl in the line, I would have still found some faults to kill somebody in front of all the captive males. If they had not been deterred by the number of men I killed in combat, they will surely be deterred by what they are going to watch in a short while,” Adele said.

“God…you’re one-of-a-kind woman…I’ve never seen anyone like you…I wish to be as strong and dominant as you…I watched you when crushed the head of the bereaved Klan father between your steely calves and I didn’t believe what I’ve seen…how did you do that? And how did you develop such awesome calves?” Keisha wondered.

“Constant practice, dear Keisha, is the key…concentrate on the power of the legs…strengthen each and every particle of them…these are my real weapons…nearly all the men I killed were the victims of my lethal legs…as of tomorrow you and your girls start practicing and training and focus on the legs, particularly the calves and the thighs. Once you had a man’s neck between them, never let him slip your hold until you make sure he slipped out of this world first…don’t worry, I think you’ll learn by more and more practice. I think you got great legs too. They are fleshy and strong but just turn this flesh into deadly muscled weapons…perhaps I can show you a little demonstration. Tellsome girls to get twoof those 17 out,” Adele asked.

“Yeah…of course…girls, get us two men out of that cage,” Keisha ordered.

The girls brought two men out and forced them on their knees before the two women. Their hands were tied behind their backs. The two men have not yet known about Adele’s plans for them.

“Proceed closer the two of you,” she growled at them.

Adele and Keisha were sitting on a pile of cozy pillows that the level of the men’s hair was equal to the women’s knees.

“Very good. That’s close enough,” Adele hissed. “Now, Keisha…try to do like me exactly. You adjust the man’s head right between the sweet spots of your two calves like that,” she said as she had her victim’s two temples locked tightly between her lethal calves.

Don’t press immediately. Lock your feet or intertwine them behind his head like that. The hold must be so tight before you start squeezing. And now the last stage: augment the pressure gradually like that,” Adele demonstrated.

She was not even looking at the man’s face between her legs. She was looking at Keisha and watching what she is doing. It was like she was showing her how to play with a toy.

“In the middle of the process, you might hear your victim start to scream from the pain you applied and tremendous pressure on his head. That’s a very a good sign that you’re heading in the right direction,” Adele still demonstrated and watched Keisha.

Keisha followed Adele’s instructions and began to augmentthe pressure so gradually as ifshe was learning how to shift the first gear in a driving lesson.

“Now, enjoy the suffering of your victim and taste every second of it as if you’re dreaming. Let his screams be music to your ear and give you more power,” she continued as sheincreased the pressure and laid her head back looking at the sky in total relaxation.

Adele’s instructionswere right. Her male victim began to scream from the pain applied on his head. The screams grew louder and louder, which encouraged Adele to squeeze more and more. She derived more power to her legs from the agonized screams. The man was so helpless. His hands were tied behind his back. The only hope for him to escape a ruthless death is that Adele ease the pressure of her legs and that was not a possibility. Even Keisha stopped her squeezing on her victim’s head to watch what is going to happen. Adele was still looking at the sky with a grin of joy on her lips as she squeezed and squeezed. The man’s head looked like some ball between two steel presses.

“A..ha….if you survived what’s coming next then you’re a real man who deserves to live…oooh….ahhhh…yeah….” Adele moaned in pleasure while her victim is agonized in pain.

She squeezed again. God, her muscles were inflating most outrageously. It was a formidable sight to see. No one, even the devil himself, would wish to have their heads between those two calves.

The color of the man’s face was nearly red and he gave one last long scream and then became silent forever.The helpless victim’s skull was mashedbetween Adele’s calves. The cracking sound was horrible. The captive’s head was like a walnut between two sledgehammers. I was not amazed; I know quite well about Adele’s death-delivering python-like calves. All the women were watching in awe and admiration of Adele’s power.

She was still tightly holding her victim’s head between her calves while still looking at the sky as if she wasenjoying a nice dream. She has not even looked at the man who ended up in a very cruel death between her calves.

Two or three more cracks were heard from the dead man’s skull. His brains must have been smashed like jelly as the broken skull bones pierced his brains. Thick blood was gushing profusely from his nose.

Adele finally woke up from her dream and took a look at the man’s face, definitely the first one ofher victims in this wild festival.

Oh…my legs must have caused yet another mess here…hahaha…but this time the mess is in this loser’s brains,” she said.

“Good God! You’re an amazing woman, Queen…I’ve never seen such cruelty gathered inside one person. I am so impressed,” Keisha commented, looking with awe at the man’s face and forgetting about the man between her legs.

“Hehehehe….you have to be so cruel, Keisha, to rule those sons of bitches. Mercy should not be an option here…now, try to do the same to this shit-head between your legs,” Adele replied.

“I am trying but I think I can’t achieve the results you reached,” Keisha said.

“Ok then…try his neck…may be the skull crushing is an advanced stage for your legs for the time being,” Adele advised.

Keisha changed the position of her leg scissorshold from the head to the neck. She pulled the man between her legs further up to trap his neck between her quads. He did not show any resistance and perhaps he was reciting his last prayers. Keisha squeezed gradually. She was pretty much focused. The captive male began togive out hissing sounds, ones bysomeone who is being strangled. She was encouraged by those sounds and pressed again and again. The man’seyesopened widerin fearas he grew more certain that he was going to die. The hissing sounds started to become fainter and fainter while Keisha had his neck tightly trapped between her quads, obviously the sweet spots in her legs, which werevery thick yet very fleshy.

The victim’s face turnedpurplein colorfrom the strangling hold. There was no hissing sounds anymore on the man’s part as his eyes closed gradually and died.

“Wow….very good, Keisha…that was impressive,” Adele cheered.

“Yeah….I did it…what a wonderful feeling…it’s a very nice feeling to end a man’s life…I want to kill again,” a hilarious Keisha said, not yet releasing the dead man between her legs.

I agree…there’s nothing like it…that’s why after I kill a man I get the urge to kill another and another. I’d rather watch a man dying under my feet or betweenmy legs than watch TV…hehehehe…tell some girls to bring us another pair, Keisha,” said Adele.

“Yes, Queen…girls, get us two more from that cage,” shouted Keisha, undoing her scissor lock and shoving the face of the man she killed with her right sole down on his back as if she was disposing of some garbage.

Several girls opened the doomed cage and all the men inside were cringing back in fear. It looked like when the butcher was picking a chicken from a group of chickens inside a cage. The girls locked the cage door again after they grabbed two men by the hair. They were both young men below the age of 20. Their faces were pale with fear. Their hands were tied behind their backs and were forced to go down on their knees in front of the two women – Adele and Keisha – who were the key stars of this wild bloody evening.

The girls dragged the two dead bodies and scattered them away.

“Hey…do you feel scared, son?…hahaha…I like that expression on men’s faces…it was first absolute defiance, then total surrender and at last extreme fright…I’ve seen that before many times…and there is no reason I should believe that you’re any way different than the myriads of men I killed before…hahaha…” shouted Adele as she placed her two soles on the two shoulders of the man kneeling before her in capitulation for her uncontested power.

“P-please, Mme…p-punish me in any way you l-like…I-I know I’ve m-made m-mistakes and I d-deserve any punishment b-but please d-don’t k-kill me,” the man pleaded for his life.

“D-don’t w-worry, s-son…I’ll be so m-merciful to you and give you a very q-quick d-death. I promise you you’ll never know what h-happned…hahahahaha,” Adele replied, making fun of the man’s stammering pleads.

The man cried and pleaded more but she gave him a deaf ear as she turned to Keisha.

“Now, Keisha…I’ll teach you how to break a man’s neck like lightning,” Adele whispered to Keisha.

“Yeah…show me, Queen,” Keisha replied, stretching her legs rest on her captive’s shoulders.

“Look son, don’t be so scared…you should be rejoicing as your trip to the other world will be at the hands, or let’s say the feet, of Mommy Adele. You’ve had your chance and you failed to reach the end of the line of women’s feet to kiss and now you’ll have to take it like a man,” Adele said, slapping the man’s left cheek strongly with the sole of her right foot while her left foot was still pinning him heavily in place.The foot slap forced him to look at his right direction but Adele swung her right foot and slapped his right cheek with her sole to bring him to look at his left direction.

The man’s right and left cheeks received hard non-stop foot-slapping from Adele in a very mechanical way. Sometimes she was chatting with Keisha while foot-slapping the young white supremacist-turned-captive. About twenty minutes of incessant foot-slappinghave passed whenshe finallyrested her two feet ontheman’s two shoulders and turned to Keisha.

“Take heed, Keisha, of what I am going to do right now. I’ll show you how to break a man’s neck so easy like snapping your fingers,” Adele said.

Her words to Keisha were coupledwith sobbingand pleading from the young man. “Please spare me. Don’t kill me please…have mercy on me…I’d do anything you want…but…please don’t kill me,” he cried.

Adele turned a deaf ear to his pleads. She was speaking to Keisha as if the man was not speaking at all.

“Lay your left foot so firmly on his right shoulder like that, placeyour right on his right cheek like that and shove his head so strongly to his extreme left direction like that…eh…and…viola! You get a man with a broken neck and so dead,” Adele demonstrated with a grin on her lips.

The young man fell on his back dead. His neck snapped so easy as if nothing has happened.

“Now it’s your turn, Keisha,” Adele said.

“OK…I think I can do that,” Keisha replied.

Keisha accurately followed all the steps instructed by Adele. Her first neck-snapping experience ended in a remarkable success. Her young captive white man did not stand the pressure applied on his neck from her heavy leg.

“Wow…I didn’t know my legs had all that latent power…it feels really good…I just now regret the days that have passed in my life without kicking some men’s asses…hahaha,”Keisha commented as she undid herlegs off her victim who fell back dead.

It was like hell for the all the men on this island. They were helpless, shackled, imprisoned and facing dozens of women filled with hatred towards their former oppressors that each one of those women would be so glad if shewould take a man’s life.

The party grew so wild with echoing drunken laughs and joyful screams like a Bacchanalia in the Greek mythology except that the leader of this revel was not Bacchus but Adele, who was very drunk herself.

The women did not stop eating and drinking. A group of them grabbed one of the numerous dead bodies and were playing with it. Some of them were dancing over it while others were trampling its face under their feet in extreme jubilation.

“I think I’ll go pick one of those toys myself…I want to play more…hahahaha,” Keisha said as she stood up, staggering a bit.

She walked towards the cage of doomed men. Watching her approaching the cage, the captives were fidgeting and moving about trying to avoid being pickedup by Keisha, whograbbed oneofthem by the hair anddragged him on the groundas she was heading back to her former position.

Oh…it’s you…I remember you very well…You once slapped my little girl just because she gave you the once-over…OK…what shall I do with you now? Don’t you think what you have done was a very serious crime?” Keisha asked the man as she laid her two legs on both his shoulders and locked them behind his head.

“Yes, Mme…I have done that and I confess it…it was really a serious crime…but isn’t there anyway I can make up for that…I would seek forgiveness from you and your daughter…I can be her devoted slave for life if she agrees,”the man said with begging looks in his eyes.

“Mmmm…NO…I don’t think so…don’t worry about my daughter…she’ll find herself some toy out there…they’re plenty…besides, if I forgive you, this will definitely spoil my fun…see ya in hell, loser!” Keisha replied in a drunken tone as she locked her two calves tightly on the man’s neck from both sides, forcing him to send an agonized “aaaah”.

Adele was watching curiously on the man’s face with a smile on her lips.

“Those morons! They think they can do whatever they like and obtain forgiveness that easy!” Adele said.

“No way, Queen! I assure you that nosingle woman on that island has any feelingsof mercy towards those men…today has marked a historic transformation…today is only the beginning of their ordeal,” Keisha replied as she pushed the calves-round-neck squeezingholdfurther. The man’s agonies ascended to a higher level as his face color began to turn purple.

The hold was so tight. Keisha’s fleshy yet strong calves were wrapped around the man’s neck very much like a boa constrictor that each time her victim manages to inhale a breath in she augments the pressure. His eyes finally widened after he failed to take any more breaths and died in peace between Keisha’s legs.

Just when Keisha was about to take the life of her male victim, a group of women were pushing an old man in front of them in the direction of Adele and Keisha. He looked like sixty something in age.

“What’s up, girls?” Keisha asked as she shoved the dead man’s face backward with her right sole.

“We caught this sucker hiding in the bushes,” one of the girls replied.

“Wow….what a catch! Aren’t you the boss of these morons,butt-head?” Keisha asked.

The man was silent with his head looking down.

“Well…well…well…this is a real catch. Good job, girls! Measure how tall and wide this loser is and order three men from that cage of doomed men to dig a hole there that is fit his body like a glove. Tie his so tightly with ropes from neck down to his feet. I want only his head to come out of the ground,” Adele instructed.

“Yes, Mme. It’s very easy. Right away,” another girl replied.

Some of the girls took the old man away while others took out three men to do the digging work.

Later on, the girls came back to report to Adele that everything was ok and the old man was already down into the hold except for his head. His chin was touching the ground. He was not able to move an itch, being tied so tightly with ropes and then thrown into a hole where his body was totally buried.

“All right, girls…thanks…you can have those three men…play with them a little and end their lives in the way you see fit…they are all yours to play death with…hahaha….but one thing before you go…just bring us four losers from that cage to play with for a while,” Adele instructed.

Four men were on their knees before the two death machines.

“Freak…I want two faces under my two feet and the same thing to Mistress Keisha quickly,” Adele ordered.

In a few seconds two men were under Adele’s feet and two others under Keisha’s.

The four men were not able to move or fidget as their hands and legs were tied tightly with ropes.

“OH…helllllooo….hahahah…how do you feel down there? So scared of course…well…I like that…I like to be scary,” Adele taunted the menwhile laying each sole on a face but did not cover their eyes so she may take a look on them. Keisha covered all her victimsfaces totally under her two soles.

“Well…you might get a chance to live…you never know…it all depends on the degree of devotion I get to feel from you when you kiss my feet…start now!” Adele ordered with that wicked smirk on her lips.

The men kissed her soles and toes with utmost devotionas they felt they have no other option if they want to live. Adele was just moving her feet up and down their lips for a few minutes.

“Mmmmm….oh…I think I am not impressed enough…thanks for the effort, though…bye-bye, boys,” Adele said as she clinched each of the two men’s noses between the big and second toes ofeach ofher two feet while covering their mouths with her soles andpushing her feet strongly on the men’s faces.

No air was available to the men’s lungs. They died in less than a minute as Adele totally denied their nostrils any air supply with her toes. Even their cries for mercy and forgivenesscoming from their mouthswere muffled by Adele’s soles.

“Hahahaha….I liked that…it’s really so nice, Keisha, to learn that you’re able to deliver death sip by sip,” Adele said as she was stirring the two dead faces with her feet.

“Yeah, Queen…I think I can do that…don’t describe it…just let me enjoy the feeling myself…hahaha,” Keisha replied as she used her own toes to end the lives of the two men under her feet.

“Ho-ho…wow…look at the horror in their eyes…it’s an amazing feeling…hehehe,” Keisha said as if she was enjoying a ride for the first time in a roller coaster. She was so indifferent about the men dying under her feet. She was so selfish. She only cared about her pleasure and entertainment.Domination over the male sex existed latently deep within her but she just needed someone to seriously stir that. The one who has successfully done that was none but Adele.

Over there the girls were killing the three men so brutally by trampling them alive. The cheers there were so noisy. They were laughing so wildly and screaming so loudly in pleasure as they crushed the men’s bones under their heels and weights, hopping over their rip cages and faces like crazy as if they were playing on a trampoline.

I really got boredand disgusted over that massacrebeing perpetratedtonight.All that I’ve seen was nothing but a group ofwomen seeking pleasure in delivering death and death they delivered, abundantly.

I took a quick look at the cages other than that doomed one. All the men there showed expressions of extreme fear. Each one of them must have thought that he might be next victim. Their hearts must have been dancing with fright inside their chests. I don’t blame them. I might have felt the same way if I had been standing in their shoes, but thank God I am not.

My attention was taken away from the cages by wild laughs from Keisha as she was about to terminate the lives of the two men under her feet. I could see parts of the two male victims’ faces. I saw very purple faces and heard muffled screams. The muffled sounds did not last for long. After a few seconds, the captives of Keisha’s feet stopped making any sounds as they died so peacefully of the pressure by the black lady’s toes clinching so tightlylike two pairs of pliers on the men’s nostrils. Perhaps one of them has taken air in and could not get it out while the other has exhaled and could not inhale anymore before Keisha got to use her toes to end their lives.

Adele stood up on her feet and walked in a bit staggering steps towards the doomed cage. She grabbed two of the four men left there with each hand by the hair as she were grabbing two chicken in her two hands.

She did not return to her earlier position. She threw one of the men on his back, opened her legs a bit wide and inserted the other man’s head in between her massive black thighs. He did not show any signsof resistance. He was forced to look on Adele’s feet from his position while she was holding his neck in a standing headscissors position. She bent down from that position and reached for the head of the man lying on his back with her two hands and placed his neck right in between her calves in a reverse position. Perhaps she did that on purpose, getting the two men to look at each others’ faces while they were both dying between her powerful weapons: her legs.

Keisha has not uttered a single word. Her face was even void of any expressions save a little wicked smirk. She pressed harder and harder on the two men’s necks.She pushed frightened screams out of her two victims, which seemed to be music to her ears as her smirk grew a little wider. With arms akimbo and two men facing a certain death between her legs, Adele looked like as if she is only doing routine work she is accustomed to. With screams growing louder, Adele was augmenting the pressure on the men’s necks. It was like the behavior of a python when it augments the squeeze on its prey each time the prey movesin its hold.

The two men were looking in one another’s faces with eyes open wide in horror as they felt their lives were slipping away from them. All these calculations and thoughts of the victims were nothing Madam Adele should care about. The pressure on the men’s necks is growing harder but very slow while their screams are growing louder.

In a matter of a few minutes the two men stopped screaming and even producing any other types of voices as they met their end between Adele’s deadly legs. I am so sure she could have finished them off in seconds, not minutes, except that she wanted to hear men suffering for her. The female curse on the male sex eventually eased her calves hold and the dead man between them fell on the back of his head. She then opened her thighs, letting the other dead man fall facedown on his dead fellow and placing her right foot on his nape for a while in a token of limitless domination over her victims. I got that all on camera.

She was going back to her cozy cushion when noise from afar stopped her. We all watched in the same direction. As the noise became closer, I could see about 20 or so women driving an old man in front of them.

“Queen Lady…we caughtthat loser hiding in the bushes. He’s the chief of all those white men. We figured we better bring him to you,” one of the girls shouted.

“Hohoho….wow….this is a real catch…he has to received special treatment. Very good, girls…lemme think…mmmm…this shit-face has to get an end that would live in a memorable way on this island. He has to be an example of how women are the sole dominant race here…mmmm….shit-face…mmmm…I think I decided his fate…ok, girls…force him to dig a hole in the ground that would fit his height…after he finishes, I want to receive a report,” ordered Adele as she returned to her earlier place.

She ensconced herself on a cozy pillow and gulped a huge glass of beer although she was drunk already that anyonecan tell from her awkward steps while she was walking back to her pillow.

A few young women approached Adele and Keisha. “Everything is set as you ordered Queen Lady. The loser finished digging the hole you ordered,” one of them shouted.

“Very good…let me have a look. Freak!” Adele replied as she snapped her fingers to Freak who quickly was available for service. Adele mounted his back while he was on all fours. He had her two feet in the stirrups one at a time. Adele signaled him to go up after she held the reins tightly and drove him towards the dismantled gang chief.

The old man was lying face down next to the hole hewasjustforced to dig and was pinned in place under two feet of two womentreading on the back of his head.

“Wow…that’s perfect…nice hole and a nice spot…girls, I want this man mummified so tightly that he cannot move an inch inside thathole even if he tried,” Adele ordered.

In about seven minutes the captive was tightly tied in ropes and then about three women were at work wrapping him in duct tapes. He seemed so motionless except for his head.

“Very nice…now put him into the hole,” Adele ordered.

The zealous and grinning young women put the mummified man right into the hole that fitted him like a glove. His chin touched the surface of the ground.

“Good work, girls…now Shitface, that’s going to be his name, will be a public toilet in case any of the ladies here have no time to reach home,” Adele said with a cheerful face, hitting her legs at Freak’s body to signal him to move. She drove him back to her earlier seat. Keisha was still drinking her head off. She hardly spoke a word right.

“Come here, Alex…I have lots here for you to take,” Adele ordered as she was mildly slapping her belly.

Adele’s orders awakened my full attention that had been drawn to the manas the girls were burying his neck tightly underground with their feet.

I rushed to my owner and went down on my knees before her. She opened her legs wide in a sign that I should bury my face, or to be more specific my nose, into her crotch, which I did right away.

“Come on, Alexie baby…do what you do best, boy…hahahaha….take all of Mommy’s sweet scent right into your body….aah,” Adele said as she blew off a long noisy smelly fart that made my head spin a bit.

A approached Adele to report that everything went as she ordered about Shitface.

“Very nice, sweetie…you and the girls take the remaining two men in that cage out, mummify them with ropes and duct tapes after you force them to dig two gravesto the right and left of Shitface.

“Right away, Queen Lady,” one of the girl shouted firmly as if she had received a military order.

“What were we saying, Alex? Yeah…I remember now…take that one too, boy,” Adele said in a mellow feminine tone as she resumed her gas disposal process. She gave my poor nostrils all types of farts – long, short, smelly and noisy – for about six minutes which to me passed like six years.

“Queen Lady….may I u…hehehehe….use A…Alex after you f..f…heheheh finish?” asked Keisha, who was so drunk.

“Of course, Keisha…he’s yours now…I finished already…thank you, Alexie…serve Mistress Keisha now,” Adele ordered.

“Yes, Mme,” I replied as I took myfaceout of Adele’s crotch and moved to Keisha to stay on my knees before her.

Keisha moved a few inches towards me, grabbed my hair with both hands and pushed my head so strongly and deeply right into her crotch. She did not waste much time. She sent numerous relentless farts after othersthat I used more and more effort to sniff them all down my lungs. Her gases were awesome.

I’ve been watching her eating like she has beenin a famine, but I never thought then thatI was going to bear the brunt of all that food she gulped down.

I lost count of the farts Keisha lavishly sent down to my nostrils.

Women came to report to Adele about the two last captives.

“Queen Lady, the two last captives finished digging the graves and have now been just mummified. We’re waiting for further orders,” a woman said.

“All right, sweet one…bury them in those two graves except their heads. I want both their heads out,” Adele ordered.

She was welcomed on the island as a savior of the female race here. She was so revered as a goddess by everyone. Everyone was calling her Queen Lady although she did not seek any leadership on the island. May be she dominated the whole scene on the island for a transitional period until everything is set and arranged. I do not think Adele was planning to stay for a long time; at least that what she told me in the beginning of this mission.

“What is on your m…mind, Q…Queen Lady? Aren’t we going to f…finish off those l…last two men,” Keisha enquired.

“That’s more suffering than death for them, Keisha…they were happy, though. If that gang leader had not appeared, they would have been dead by now. Since we now have Shitface as a public toilet, then I think we would need toilet papers…what do you think?” explained Adele.

“Yeah…I think it’s a g…good idea…hehehe…we have to have toilet paper at hand whenever we need….there’s no better than having h…human …hehehhee…human toilet papers,” she said in an awkward reply.

“Besides…we have already made more than a point here…unless any fool of those wants to commit suicide…I don’t think so…I can tell by the fear haunting the eyes of the men in other cages…of course they have watched that all,” Adele elaborated.

Adele was reported again on the fate of the two captive males in the doomed cage.

“Yeah…thanks sweeties…I better take a look myself,” Adele said, snapping her fingers to Freak to carry her. She mounted his back with graceful agilityalthough she drank that night like a fish.

“What do you think, Keisha? Would you like to take a look with me at our first project on this island?” asked Adele.

“Yeah,,..hahaha…I’d that…very m..,much…carry me, Alexie.,” Keisha ordered.

I had no choice but to move so obediently for Keisha to carry her on my back. I am not as strongly-built as Freak. His stature helps him to carry heavy weights on his back for a long time. He has been Adele’s horse for years and she has been using him definitely everyday after all. However, I thought I have to do my best in order to protect myself from possible punishments or humiliations. That would be more suffering for me than to carry Keisha on my back and be her pony. Accordingly, I was planning to do a very good job carrying the black murderer on my back.

I went on all fours before Keisha. She gracefully mounted my back and fidgeted a bit in search of a comfortable position. “Up, up, up…boy!” she ordered. That was exactly the word I was afraid to hear. I went up so slowly little by little for two reasons: first she was so heavy for me and second I was so cautious to keep her so steady on my back while I was trying to stand on my feet because if she fails off my back, the consequences would not be so nice for me, I know.

Keisha was not thinking the least about those ideas in my head during the time. Definitely, she didn’t care.She only wanted to be carried and sought only her comfort. Actually she didn’t have to give it any thinking. I had to, notwithstanding.

I finally managed to stand on my feet with Keisha on my back. That was a better position for me than all fours.

Adele and Keisha signaled Freak and I to move ahead. Freak, a human pony who was trained for years to carry big loads, was ahead of me. I trailed behind. I prayed for God’s help after each step I took with the black lady on my back. After a few steps, we were ordered to stop.

“Get m…me…d-d-down, boy!” Keisha ordered. I went slowly on my knees on the ground and what a pressure. I rested my two hands on the ground and Keisha dismounted slowly. I was so relieved but still concerned when I thought I have to carry Keisha once again to the spot where I took her.

The thoughts went away when I saw many girls coming behind and gathered to watch the “new project”. I saw the leader of that group of white supremacist males. Accurately, I didn’t see all of him. I saw only his head and face. The rest of his body was buried underground. Hiseyes werelooking straight aheadwith an expression of agony haunting his face. Two men were placed to his left and right directions with each about one meter away. They were also buried underground except for their heads and faces but their eyes were looking upward at the sky.

“Girls, this is the great project I launched on this island. My objective was that whenever you use this public facility I hope you remember me. This is a public toilet I have noticed you lacked on this nice island. You can use this human toilet whenever you want. It is not going anywhere after all, right? Hahahaha…I have also takencare to offer you human toilet papers to use after you do….mmmm…the act…hahahaha…you can have one forfeces and the other for urine.Just take care to have them nourished well other than the standard item on their menu just to keep them alive and use for as long as you wish,” Adele said in her presentation to her “project” while she was still mounting Freak.

I eagerly took a look on the trapped men’s faces to see the reactions to these words and they all showed a unique mix of anguish, pain, misery and despair.

That was yet another cruel scene I have witnessed throughout my life with Madam Adele. That was, in my opinion, the epitome of male humiliation. If I had been in those men’s places, I would have wished I better be dead one time than being dead each and every minute day after day.

“Th-thank y-you so much, Queen, for your great project. We really n-needed that for a l-long time on that i-island,” Keisha replied.

“Let me make a little demonstration if you of course allow me,” Adele said as she signaled Freak to bring her down.

She went right to the captivated helpless leader of this group, stood a couple of inches away from him, took off her panties and squatted over him. His chin was only two centimeters above the ground surface. Her genitalia was a few inches from his face as if it were aiming something right to his face. A few seconds passed and a huge gush of urine fiercely attacked the man’s face.

“Woooh…girls…I must have drunka lot of beer…hahahahaha…ooooh…my bladder is relieved,” Adele said as she was still delivering her yellow flood right to the leader-turned-toilet.

All the women watching were beside themselves with laughs and cheers, showing extreme happiness with the “new project”.

“Wow…that was nice…I now announce the inauguration of the project. You can use it any time. I am sorry I can’t make another demonstration because I am keeping some nourishment for my personal slaves. Of course I am going to have some food from that feast we just had for them but there is a standard item on their menu they just can’t do without, you know. Now clean me, toilet paper!” Adele said as she stood up, headed to the captivated toilet paper and squatted over his face.

The toilet paper had no choice but to do as told. He licked Adele spotlessly clean. She was closely watching him through her open squatting thighs.His diligence was driven by fear and hope together: fear of being killed and hope of remain surviving at any condition, no matter how servile or degrading it was. Adele always played on that fine mixed feeling with the sole objective of obtaining utmost obedience on the part of her subjects. This has always been working with her; cornering a man between two options: blindly obeying her on any order no matter what or kissing his life goodbye. Of course this second choice has been strongly emphasized by her by convincing men that it was easy for her to end their lives in a flash of a moment.

She closedher eyes with a smile on her lips as if she were in a dream while this line of her “project” was cleaning all surroundings of her genitalia.

Adele stood up, put her panties back on and jumped on the waiting back of her pony Freak. “May be you’d like to try the new facility, Keisha…I think you have a lot inside your body you want to see out…hahaha,” joked Adele from her position on Freak’s back as he was helping her feet inside the stirrups.

I was still on all fours watching the whole thing. The girls were all laughing madly. Keisha was staggering forward and laughing. She stood over the once-a-leader-now-toilet man. Hisheadwas between her legs. She was looking down on him with curled lips in contempt and arms akimbo.

“Hahahaha…Who would have thought there might come a moment when you white fanatic son of a bitch lie down there waiting for my waste to drop on you? I’ve always wanted to kill you, you worthless piece of shit! You and your fuckheads will taste torture for a veeeeeery long time…you’ll pay so dearly for what you have done to us…listen, shit-face, I am going to empty my bowels and you’re going to eat each little drop of shit…if you just don’t do that, I’ll kill you before you even know what’s happened,” growled Keisha.

This is the first time I hear her speaking so angrily. She was like a mad lioness.

She squatted a little bit over the toilet man’s head and seconds later a deluge of her golden nectar was dashing like crazy over the man’s head and face. It seemed like it is not going to stop that the man gasped as if a bucket full of water was poured over him all in one go. Less than two minutes of non-stop urination finally reduced to a trickle. She stepped a couple of inches forward. A spluttering sound disrupted the quiet in the air, followed by crazy laughs from all the girls watching.

A big turd in the making started to show from her asshole. The thick turd grew longer and longer and finally landed right an inch away from the man’s face. His mouth had easy access to her brown waste. He started on it with big bites. There was much left, though. Another big turd landed on the top of his head. Just as he was getting his head back with another big chunk inside his mouth, other smaller turds rained from above in front of his face. I was about a couple of meters away but I could smell the horrible waste from Keisha.

Shit was coming out of her hole so smoothly and in big logs. She rose for a few seconds, rubbed her tummy with her right hand and squatted again. Longer spluttering sounds were heard, followed by four or five turds dropping on the man’s head and face. She stood straight again with arms akimbo.

“Wooooh…hohoho….that’s a big treat for you, fucker! Eat, eat…eat them all,” she growled as she pushed his head down to her shit with her right foot to force him to eat faster. He was fishing large batches that his mouth was more than fullas if he had pouches inside like a hamster. She was watching him as he nearly swallowed all her feces.

“Show me your mouth,” she ordered as she inspected his empty mouth. She hemmedandshot a gooey spit inside.

Keisha later headed to the toilet paper man and squatted over his face. She didn’t say a word. She just took the position. Her ass hole was right over his mouth. His tongue was so busy working so quickly.

Another woman rushed from the crowds with both hands on her tummy. “Oooooh I need to take a dump so bad,” she purred as she stood over the toilet man and after peeling off her loin cloth. Squatting over him, mushy shit streamed from her anus like a flood and seemed like it was not going to stop for eternity. The man’s head was all drenched in her nasty fecal attack that lasted for a couple of minutes.

A few seconds passed amidst laughs and cheers of approval by Madam Adele and the rest of the women until a formidable spluttering sound was made by the woman squatting on the toilet man, followed by large turds coming out of her body so smoothly to land on the man’s head, face and inches away from his mouth.

She seemed to have finished ridding her body of all that waste inside her. The amount of shit stored inside her body was unbelievable. I thought the same thing applied to nearly all the women I could tell from the lavish quantities of food and drinks in that feast.

The woman, who had a gracefully round ass and huge thighs and looked in her late 30s, did not move away. She moved inches back, held her crotch with both hands while looking down on the public toilet and aimed an equally unbelievable flood of urine on the man’s face and head. The stench was so gross. The mixture of urine and feces was definitely like hell for the man who had to take that all.

“Woooot….that was so fine. I think a public toilet was badly needed on that island.Anyway, girls, I want you now to bring out the captives so you may select your own property slaves who would serve you and your daughters for good. May I ask that Keisha, since she is going to be the leader on this island with many responsibilities, have at least three slaves and that she begins the selection process?” asked Adele, who was still mounting a meek Freak.

“Yeah…of course…right” were the cheers by all women.

Keisha was smiling and happy as she rose up and put back her loin cloth after she had her ass hole cleaned by the human toilet paper and also to leave it for the latest woman who took a dump to use it.

“I really thank you so much, Queen, for your recognition. I have a project in mind in appreciation for your efforts and I think all my fellow women on this island would agreeto it unanimously,” Keisha said, seemingly becoming a bit sober and giving herself the liberty to sit on my back while I was still on all fours as if it was settled that I was her own piece of furniture.

The women were all at work bringing out the captivated white men from their cages and putting them on their backs next to one another. They finished the whole thing in nearly five minutes.

“Come on, Alex…carry me for this tour to select my servants,” Keisha ordered as she changed her position on my back to ride me like I was her own burro.

I mustered my force and was able to rise with Keisha on my back to begin her “tour”. I was hoping she makes the selections so quick so my back can stop aching under her weight.

“Yeah…this one is nice,” she said as she ordered a man out. I was sure he was not yet 17 years old. “Remain standing here, son, until I pick two more fellows,” she ordered the young man. “I’ll just do this, Mme” was his reply.

After a long tour on my back, Keisha finally picked two more. One of them was also nearly the same age of the first one but was much more muscled and the other one was in his early 20s.

She led me back to my earlier position after ordering the three men to follow her.

“Now, ladies, each one of you take two servants of those captives. There are plenty of them there for you,” Adele shouted.

Keisha dismounted off my back and gave me a pat on my head as if I were her doggie. She was closely inspecting the three men of her choice.She ordered them on their knees and show utmost loyal devotion for their owner. The three men were around her in a second kissing and licking her feet and legs in the hope that they win her satisfaction and pleasure.

There was too much movement now as all the girls were inspecting the male captives and each one of them was seeking the best two servants to be her own property. They look as if they were in a shopping mall. In a matter of less than 30 minutes all the girls had their own human property.

“Now, ladies, it’s time for you to bring all the riding paraphernalia you would need. There are plenty of them there for each one of you,” Adele shouted.

Some girls rode on the backs of one of their servants and dragging the others behind by means of ropes, some shoulder-rode others, and some rode the backs of two servants together. They were all, including Keisha, who shoulder-rode her muscled slave and dragged the two others behind,heading to the spot where we first landed on the island to get their own saddles, stirrups, spurs and crops.

“The ladies seem to have a good time, probably the best of their lives…heheheh,” Adele said, grinning from above Freak’s back while I was on my knees next to her as there were only the three of us here now.

“OK…I think they know what do now…may be I can retire for some rest after that busy day,” she said as she hit Freak hard on the nape with her right sole to move and snapping her fingers for me to follow. She was not making for the house she is using on the island, though. I just followed her.

We drew closer to the spot of the first encounter with the men on the island.

“Alexie boy…get my flip-flops hung on those racks there,” she ordered.

I ran to the second man she killed on the island and used his ears as racks for her flip-flops. I took them and followed her as she headed for the house now. It was only a few minutes away. She entered on Freak’s back and I am behind.

Freak went down on his knees to help her dismount. She threw herself on the bed, very tired and very drunk.

“I need both of you to take good care of my two feet. Wash them with lukewarm water until I sleep, and then you may go to the feasting table to eat what you like out there and then return here. I want to wake up to find each of you lying on your backs on each side of the bed,” she commanded.

We did as she ordered. We brought two bowls of water and washed her two feet for nearly 15 minutes and she then fell asleep like a baby. Madam Adele was apparently very tired today. She used her legs and feet too much today. I was washing her left leg and foot. “Gosh! Her calf is like steel!” I thought to myself.

While I was pampering her leg for her relaxation I was thinking that I was serving the limb that ended the lives of many men on this island. Madam Adele was not the kidding type. She means business, lethal one.She has never left anything for chance. She is enforcing her ways and simply gets what she wants. If she wants to kill a man, any man, she will do it with ease and if she wants to bring him to the extremely servile condition she seeks – like the case of myself and Freak, she will do it with more ease.

As we made sure that our owner fell asleep, I and Freak headed to the feasting table and ate until we became full. We were both so hungry. The food was so delicious. There was some beer left too. We ate as if we were in a famine because simply both of us thought this is one of the rarest occasions we get real food like what humans all around the globe use.

We saw the ladies on the island coming back in a large group laughing their heads off and screaming in jubilation on their human ponies’ backs with saddles and stirrups. They saw us but did not come any closer. We just stood on our feet as they passed to show respect. Every woman went inside her own place with her two white slaves, who were all very young and strong and could stand suffering for a long time. The average age group of the women, however, was 30-40.

We returned to our owner’s place and both of us lay on our backs on each side of the bed carrying Madam Adeleas she ordered. Less than one hour has passed until we slept but we could hear high-pitched screams of pain and extreme agony all over the neighborhood. I could also hear whip lashing and smell human flesh burning followed by wild laughs. I thought the captive men were having the worst times of their lives now. I was thankful to heavens I was not in their place.

Tired myself, I went into deep sleep.

Some foot was prodding my cheeks as I woke up and found Madam Adele urging me to wake up. It was nearly noon and the weather was very sunny and hot.

“Come on, boys! I know you’re tired but I need you now. Actually, it is you who need me…hahahahaha….breakfast time….heheheheh…” she said, waking up apparently in a nice mood.

Freak was awake already. I stirred and was on my knees in a flash. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. I and Freak gave her the standard salute, though, as we both knelt and kissed her feet devotedly for ten minutes or so.

“Thank you, boys! You were of great help during this conquest yesterday. I am really so pleased with the two of you. I’ll show my gratitude within seconds. Those are the two bowls you used last night to wash my feet, right? Well…each one of you know his own bowlto get their meals in, but first drink half the water in these bowls. I am going to give you fresh water, don’t worry…hehehehehe,” she ordered.

Both of us drank the water with which we washed her feet last night. It was not much, though. Only a little amount left in the bowls. In the meantime, she was reaching out for some foot razors and nail clippers.

“Each of you take a foot and offer utmost care. I want my toenails neatly clipped and heels smoothened. Of course I expect the remains to fall into the bowls. We don’t want to mess the place here, do we? It’s not ours after all. Come on, start now!” she commanded.

I held her left foot and began with smoothening her heel.There was much dead skin falling into my bowl. I think yes she needed that so much. Freak was clipping her right toenails. A lot of mess from her feet fell into our bowls. Not a single clipped toenail was out of the bowls. She reached out for her bag again and got two shaving razors and gave them to us.

“I don’t want any hairs in my body. Shave my legs and pubic hairs and careful each get some into his own bowl. We did as she ordered. She then laid on her back, bent her legs up and gave us another order.

“Shave my ass hairs, too, boys!”

In a few minutes there was no single hair around her asshole. She then stood up.

“Shave my armpits too,” she ordered as she rose both hands up.

We stood up too and shaved her armpits spotless. Armpit hairs also landed into the bowl.

“Ok….now it’s time for breakfast,” she said as she squatted over my bowl. A huge thick turd landed in the middle, followed by some three smaller turds. A gush of urine also attacked the bowl mercilessly.

“Here’s yours, Alexie,” she said as she moved to the other bowl.

She gave all her remaining waste inside her into Freak’s bowl. It was much more than what I have got.

“Freak is larger than you, Alex. He needs to be well-fed…hehehaha,” shesaid as she was squatting over Freak’s bowl.

Freak’s bowl was filled to the edge. We both had a very weird cocktail but it was all from the same source: Madam Adele. The mix was her feces, urine, pubic hairs, dead skin from her heels, armpit hairs and toenails.

“I want you to finish your meals quickly, boys, and of course I want to see your bowls spotless, really spotless. I need to go out and check how the ladies are doing with their new life…hehehehe…I just can’t wait to see,” she said as she lay on her back on the bed singing while we were on our knees eating all types of bodily waste.

Freak was approaching the edge of his bowl very carefully. He started with slurping water in the bowl like soup. He seemed to find the mix very savory. I felt like I was going to puke but I did a very good job of not showing it on my face, I thank heavens for that.

We took a little more than 15 minutes to finish off our weird meals. Freak finished his breakfast first. He was so cool with it. He’s taken to it after years of standard nourishment on Madam Adele’s waste. I licked whatever I suspected to be any remains of hairs or shit in my bowl and stayed in place.

“Well….aaaah….mmm…very good. Now take me, Freak, outside to take a look,” she ordered as she mounted Freak’s back and I was following behind.

The whole scene seemed soinhumane. Women on slaves’ backs were going about prodding their human ponies so relentlessly with sharp spurs. All the men’s thighs and hips were bleeding from the spurs but they did not have any choice but keep going and praying their owners are pleased enough not to spur them anymore. Other groups of women were lashing working slaves with whips. The slaves were apparently building some structure I could not know about.

Madam Adele was riding a parked Freak and watching. Mistress Keisha was drawing near in our direction on her muscled young boy’s back, not forgetting to give him a taste of her spurs every now and then.

“Hello Queen…what a beautiful morning. I hope you slept well. Oh gosh…I was dead drunk last night…it was a beautiful evening…probably the best ever in my life…hehehe,” said Keisha as she stopped her pony with a crop hit on his nape.

“Hi, Keisha…it is a lovely morning…but too sunny…anyway…I just wanted to take a look how are you doing. I hope all the women are enjoying themselves here today,” Adele replied.

“Yeah…sure…they are so happy and very grateful to you. They wanted to show you their gratitude by working on a project. They want to build you a huge statue in recognition of your efforts here. They’re planning to announce you as a goddess here and bring all the slaves every morning to kneel and pray before your statue. They’re finished with the feet of the statue I guess. It’s going to be a huge one,” said Keisha.

“Oh that’s very cute of them…I think it will be lovely…thank you all for this,” said Adele.

“You’re welcome, Queen…this is the least we can do to thank you,” Keisha said as she went about. I could see the letter K branded on each of the buttocks of her human pony. This explained to me the smell of human flesh burning yesterday. The girls apparently branded their slaves on their buttocks with letters or full names.

I spent about 23 days now on this island. I have seen the worst atrocities and torture ever befalling men. It was even worst than those concentration camps of the Nazis, I may say.

I was walking about one late evening close to the statue of Madam Adele. It was complete. It was a very huge one and looked so natural; the quads in her thighs, the calves and even that serious look on the face. It was a real piece of art.

There was a nasty smell nearby. I walked a few steps and found the three men used as toilet and toilet papers dead. There were only their skulls. Oh gosh…perhaps no one cared about them. I also heard that two men died of exhaustion working on that statue. That was so brutal. Hatred of the male sex on this island was more than extreme. Being a male on this island is really a curse.

I wasrubbing Madam Adele’s foot one day when there was knocking on our door. It was Keisha. She seemed worried.

“Queen…I have news that one of those fuckers the property of a woman here had managed to escape a week ago. He’s probably bringing men to attack and re-capture the island,” she said.

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