recruit 4

Of course Priya is sitting back and laughing at me, while her boyfriend’s feet mash my face like a rotten tomato. I cannot beg him for mercy, because his socks are in my mouth. Thick socks that were designed for sports, in my mouth. I feel the very tough texture of his feet rub against my face, wiping off stinking dust and utter humiliation. I hear them both laughing at me. Other couples watch comedies to entertain themselves, they watch movies and go out to fancy restaurants. This one enjoys torturing “inferior beings” into submission and slavery.

Just before I pass out, Rahul steps back from my face and settles his feet on my chest. I look up to his majestic form even as he drops his belted pants, revealing his blue underwear. I wonder what he’s upto. “See what happens when you lie to me?” He asks.

I nod with whatever strength remains.

“If you ever lie to me again,” he begins, folding himself so his knees are on either side of my head. I’m shaking my head vigorously, but he will finish his sentence. “I will piss in your mouth and make you drink it like a gay dude in front of Priya. And she doesn’t like gay slaves.” His underwear goes down, revealing what looks like a thoroughy aroused cock ready for action. “But I do.” He seals my nose and sticks the nose of the cockpit into my mouth to take a piss. I am given to drink every drop of it without question or mercy. His socks are still in my mouth, which makes it so much worse. I just drink humiliation. Priya bursts out laughing at my plight. She’s seen this before, her powerful boyfriend conquering slaves and humiliating them. All she does is leverage the desire for her body and create evil submission rituals. But I still look at her thighs with longing. It looks like I’ll never get there. Rahul is done peeing in my mouth, so he lays out the full length of his dick across my face . I feel its entire slimy undersurface wiping itself on my face as he moves it left and right like a windshield wiper. I would not be able to bear this if not for Priya’s laughter as she enjoys herself on the couch. At least I’m making her laugh. Even if I smell like her boyfriend’s feet and urine combined, I’m making her laugh.

I feel Priya’s shoe reaching for my shorts and pulling them off. “He’s not gay. At all,” she says.

“That’s so sad,” Rahul says, retracting his cock into his underwear but he still refuses to stop sitting on my neck. He’s just watching me swallow the produce of his socks, which are still in my mouth. “It’s sad because you have 90 points now, with only ten more to go.” I consider it and nod lightly. “For the last ten points, Priya needs to be sure that she can sit on your face without suffocating you to death. She should see proof that you can smell her farts and eat her shit.” I don’t like where this is going, my eyes swell in fear. “Two minutes, my superior ass on your inferior face, doing whatever I want to kill you. If you survive, I will let Priya take over.” I hate his feet so much, but his ass is the worst. I cannot believe I have to subject myself to this. He turns around and shows me his bums. “Why am I asking you, when you should be begging me?”

I still choke from his socks and the very sight of his buttocks. “Rahul, please let me remove your socks from my throat…”

“Beg!” He orders.

I swallow my pride and kiss each of his bums. “Rahul, please grant me the chance to be smothered under your ass. I wish to prove to you that I am worthy of being used like a human cushion for your supreme buttocks.”

“That is true,” Rahul says. “Superior people should use inferior beings as human cushions.” He turns around and spits on my face. “But you’re probably not good enough to be my cushion.”

“I only wish to be tried out,” I cry, swallowing his spit. This better be the end of him, because if I don’t kiss Priya’s thighs soon enough, I’ll turn gay.

“Alright, there you go.” Rahul brings his bum over to cover my face. His upper body is so incredibly heavy, I don’t think I’m getting out alive. His bum smells really bad, and of course he prefers rubbing off all the stink on my face. That’s all I’m for anyway. He twists and smothers my nose to make sure I don’t breathe. I raise my hands to get him off me, but that would just lead to punishment so I keep it down and just suffer. A couple of minutes and it’ll all be over. I think of Priya’s ass and how smooth that would be on my face. I imagine her farting on my face, I imagine how warm that would feel coming out of her cold, wet bum. I imagine her squatting on my face and peeing into my mouth. Ultimately, I also imagine her taking a shit on my face instead of using her commode. My face, covered with Priya’s stinking shit. That’s the way life should be, buried under her shit. But for now, it’s her ugly boyfriend sitting on my face and smothering me. He suddenly stops grinding and very carefully places his bum on my nose. What follows is the stinkiest fart in the history of humanity. I suffocate, feeling fumigated. But I keep my mind on the prize. Soon, I will be smelling Priya’s farts like this. She can gas me as much as she wants, I am meant to die for her. I can hear her laughing herself to a dizzy. Or maybe I’m just deluding myself.

Rahul gets his butt off my face by a few inches to check something. “Hey slave, do you want to qualify as Priya’s shit eater?” I nod. “Priya only shits on slaves who can eat it quickly. If you don’t eat it quickly, you’re completely useless.” I nod again. “I’m going to take a shit on you. If you eat it quickly, Priya will consider you for the job. Are you ready?” It cannot get any lower than this, so I nod. I’m going to get this over with. I open my mouth. Rahul sits on my mouth and seals it from every direction between his buttocks. Huge, rock-hard turds of his shit fill my mouth. I guide it all down my throat without chewing it, because that would be pointless. I see Priya hovering over me; she’s particularly interested in how I perform this one. I eat and eat her boyfriend’s shit, gobbling up each piece like it has religious significance. He’s done quite soon, and slowly raises himself. I kiss the ugliest areas of him to make sure he’s clean.

Rahul is up and off my face, his butt is clean and his shit is all gobbled up. “Wow, that is a grade A slave you have.” He tells Priya. “You can use him for everything. Make him a permanent.”

“I guess he did qualify,” Priya says, stepping on my face with her boots. “Take off my shoes,” she barks. I am more than familiar with the layout of her zip, so I remove it quite easily. “Are you ready to eat my shit? Of course you are.” She kicks off her boots and gets herself ready to take a shit on me. Her bare feet are so cold, and they’re on my face. It’s about to happen, I’ve done everything she asked for and there’s nothing left except for her to actually use my face as her new commode. She turns around, still stamping my face and neck. Her tiny skirt drops down to my face and now she grabs her panties and pulls them down. She’s going to shit on me! Her feet move down to my chest, which is better, and she starts to squat down. But she stops and sniffs. “Hmm, you’re not clean enough to eat my shit.”

Of course I’m not. I’ve just been through her boyfriend’s evaluation. I join my hands together and beg.

“You need to go through the hot water treatment.” Priya says. “Get up. Follow me to the bathroom.” I cannot believe this is happenning. I follow her to the bathroom like a dog on all fours, constantly looking up to her panties. She had almost taken them off. She had almost taken a shit in my mouth. My mouth would have been filled with her shit instead of the after-effects of Rahul’s evaluation. She is so evil. I’m starting to think that she won’t ever take a shit in my mouth.

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