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Hello! I’m Suhas. I’m a 25 year-old software developer by day, and I write character-driven femdom and cuckolding stories with a modern Indian setting, the stuff you see on this very site by night.

My interests in female dominance began a long while back, when I was around eight years old. I was living with my family in a big apartment in Pune, and I had an incredibly beautiful neighbor of the same age. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful she is. She’s prettier than most Hollywood actresses even today. Apart from being brilliant and beautiful, she was also selfish and domineering.

One time, my parents had bought me a pair of roller skates. We both would go to the terrace to play with each other. She would grab the roller skates away from me, wear them and skate around the open space. I would spend many hours following her around like a dog, begging for a chance to try on my own skates, but she would never let me have them back. Not until she was bored with them. And when she was bored, she’d just go back home, so there was no point playing with them at all. I would get my roller skates only when I was tired and alone, and I would soon get bored and go back home myself.

Between her and me, who do you think was happy with this arrangement? The answer- we both were! Some people understand that, but it you don’t, you need to get familiar with a concept known as ‘masochism.’ I gained pleasure from being maltreated by her. I gained pleasure from being denied my own possessions. It was no ordinary pleasure like, say, the kind you get from eating an ice-cream. It was pleasure of the highest possible magnitude, like sexual gratification. She got it from inflicting pain, being sadistic and I got it from receiving pain, being masochistic.

Here’s one more incident with the same little girl. We decided to have a pillow fight. She always wanted to do girly things like that and I enjoyed being around her. So I accepted her challenge. The little girl beat me up with her pillow and declared victory by pointing at me and laughing.

Picture that- a victorious girl, standing tall with her hands raised high and the bottom of her feet planted square on a boy’s face, laughing at how easily she had defeated me in a test of strength. Who do you think was rejoicing in that moment? Yes, we both were! She gained pleasure from showing her superiority and I gained pleasure from being down and defeated.

Since that day, my mind has always been conjuring elaborate fantasies of being defeated by a girl, being a slave to a girl. And these became especially amplified once I met the girl after whom this very website was named.

My family moved to Bangalore a few years later, and right next door I met the most beautiful and proud angel of them all, Priya! If ‘Angel’ is the word used to describe beautiful women, this girl was the supreme Goddess! And being the elder sister in the house, she had an even more authoritative attitude, the kind that most elder sisters have, the “I know you better than you know yourself so you will shut up and do as I say” attitude. She studied medicine, always topped her class and made a new boyfriend virtually every month. And oh, she was four years older than me.

I would go over to her place several times, to do whatever she wanted to do, to lose every kind of game we ever played- cards, badminton, etc. Sometimes, I would gather up the courage and tell her how beautiful she is. Her response would always be along the lines of “I know,” and “Do you think I’m prettier than Aishwarya Rai? Of course I’m prettier than Aishwarya Rai.” And then she would ignore my answer. I was much too submissive to get her attention at all.

For several years, I have been dreaming about the same girl over and over again, every day and every night. So I began to make up these stories and putting them out on this site, mainly as a way of releasing my deepest, darkest fantasies for everyone to read, especially masochists and sadists. Would you enjoy these if you aren’t a sadist/masochist? Well, you might enjoy the literature and dialog if not anything else. Might.

Anyway, Priya is long gone from my life now, she’s married, has a couple of kids and is a very successful Doctor. In my stories, however, she’s always twenty years old. I’m hoping to find someone exactly like her, someday. It might be blind faith, but I know that I’m going to.



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