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First off, please read the about me section of this site. I get tons of comments every day from morons who think I’m a girl named Priya.

1. I’M A MAN!! I’M Suhas!

2. PRIYA DOESN’T EXIST!! I need her to exist just as badly as you do, but SHE FUCKIN’ DOESN’T OKAY? IF you’re looking for a femdom session, it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! GET OUT!

So, that part was for the idiots :-). You may also use Orkut, Twitter or drop me an email, at:

I appreciate any sort of feedback about the story-lines, the literature I use, business opportunities you might want to pursue with me and this website.

Guest Stories:

If any of the characters on this site (Priya/Rahul/Slave31, etc.) triggered a domination/submission or cuckold fantasy in your head, you can have it added on this site! Just email me your story, at:

About blog comments:

I have disabled them completely on this blog. Why? For every legitimate comment I receive, I get tons of spammers, tons of “love comments” from people who still think I’m Priya, tons of ‘hate comments” from people who are pissed off about something or the other, and never leave their actual email ID. (There’s no email verification on comments you see.)

So just email me your thoughts:


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