execution bucket

Last words. Denied.



My biggest fantasy is to wake up like this one day…

Submission Point – 4

The first night.

The Evil Babysitter – 3

Third installment of the Evil babysitter.

The Wall of Shame

A desperate man shows off pictures of himself with Priya on his Facebook wall. He gets punished aptly.

The Evil Babysitter – 2

Part 2 of The evil babysitter. (read part 1 first)

The Evil Babysitter

Babysitter, disciplinarian, facesitter

Priya’s Erection Contest

Priya’s little whip broke its way into my spine as I tried to crawl towards her couch, along with two other slaves. “Faster!” she said, raising her legs and bringing it down upon one of the other slaves who drifted too far from the herd. She was trying to control the three of us like … Continue reading

Priya’s Fatal Facesitting Contest

“One, two, three.” Priya said, pointing at me and two other slaves kneeling down before her in the living room. “Three slaves in my collection. That’s two more than I need,” she stepped closer to us and showed two fingers to each of our faces. “Two of you are extra. Disposable humans, I can say.” … Continue reading


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