Mistress Chandana

This is scat & anti-religious. If you’re not into it, get the fuck out of here!

Submission Point – 3

Interview with the apartment’s infamous dominatrix.

The Evil Babysitter – 2

Part 2 of The evil babysitter. (read part 1 first)

Breaking Point – 9

Part 9 of breaking point! Is extremely anti-religious and has a lot of excrements. Please use your discretion wisely.

Priya the Tuition Teacher

Priya gets an unexpected new challenge for her summer vacation- teaching kids good handwriting. But they turn out to be quite perverted, so she’s given to teach them a lesson in respect.
(an incomplete story, stopped for obvious reasons)

The Dominant Beginnings

A charismatic girl gets her feet kissed.

The Priya Salute

It was late in the evening. I was sweeping the fourth floor of Priya’s mansion, having spent the last nine hours doing the sixth and the fifth floor. Her house was vast, spacious and beautiful and she deserved every inch of it to be as clean as possible. I finally finished the floor and began … Continue reading


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